Gutierrez to be Sauber test driver in 2011

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Esteban Gutierrez will be Sauber’s test and reserve driver in 2011.

The Mexican driver has already worked with the team this year as an “affiliated” driver. He will also drive for the team in the end-of season rookie driver test at Abu Dbahi.

He won the inaugural GP3 championship at Monza last week and claimed the Formula BMW Europe crown in 2008. Both series are F1 support events.

He also participated in last year’s rookie test for BMW (now Sauber) as part of his prize for winning the Formula BMW Europe championship.

Gutierrez said:

I learnt a great deal about the professionalism and practical procedures in the Formula One team. Plus, in early September I had an opportunity to attend the team’s fitness camp with the two team drivers.

Formula One is my ambition, and I’m really grateful to Peter Sauber for his confidence in me and my ability.
Esteban Gutierrez

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13 comments on “Gutierrez to be Sauber test driver in 2011”

  1. No surprises there. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see him in a GP2 car full-time in 2011 with a view to racing in 2012.

    1. That sounds like the logical route to take. So maybe Nick will get a full year drive next year before Gutierrez takes over in 2012!

      1. Actually, I’d bank on Perez or Maldonado alongside Kobayashi next year. Nick’s time is over.

        1. My guess would be Maldonado and Kobayashi.

          1. I’d say Perez, because of Carlos Slim who also sponsors Gutierrez.

        2. That probably depends on how he compares to Kamui…

  2. It’s interesting to see such an influx of Latin American and South American drivers into the sport all of a sudden. This, by no means, is a bad thing, I’m just quite suprised! Has there been improvements to people graduating through the motorsport ladder in Mexico or are (some) Mexicans more affluent than before and able to afford to splash out with a view to F1?

    1. I lived in Mexico specifically for a number of years and there is and pretty much always has been an outwardly looking, very afluent upper-middle class for whom regular shopping trips to the US, international private schools and body guards are a way of life. Motorsport is big over there – Monterrey in the north hosted a race for couple of seasons of CART a few years back and Mexican drivers like Adrian Hernandez have had some success in the US. That said my take is that the sponsorship money is more about the expanding economy (look at companies like Cemex, for example). Carlos Slim, owner of Telmex (sponsor of Perez, Gutierrez and others) is currently considered the richest man on earth on some lists.

  3. I love his helmet!

  4. Maldonado has government backing I think. Perez and Gutierrez have TELMEX backing, which is owned by the worlds richest man. I agree though, there are more south americans coming in than usual. It used to be just Brazilians getting to F1 thinking they are the next Senna.

  5. viva mexicooooo

  6. Viva Mexico Indeed

  7. I think there is a Mexican millionaire, if Esteban Gutierrez have his backing then that’s good. I hope that he is bringing some good sponsor with him.

    I also Heidfeld get to drive in the team for 2011.

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