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Nick Heidfeld has revealed the helmet design he will use for his F1 comeback at Singapore this weekend.

He last used a design with green colouring at the end of 2010. He’s now switched to a black helmet with gold colouring with his name written across the top.

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    35 comments on “Nick Heidfeld reveals Singapore helmet”

    1. Best helmet on the grid ahead of Button, Petrov and Glock. I’d glagly wear it.

      1. Yea well beggars can’t be choosers can they?

      2. Interesting how most on here like it and Prisoner thinks it’s the best on the grid.

        Just very grey, drab and boring to me as a racing helmet. I like the subtleties but they are pretty much a waste of time on something that will be travelling very fast and not be seen up close for the entire race.

        When we go racing you can all wear the mono helmets and I can have my pick of the colours.

        1. I must say I like it quite a lot as well. It shows some kind of determination in Nick, not mr. niceguy anymore, he’s here to do bussiness on track!

          1. Let’s see if his driving reflects that. I hope it does.

    2. Disappointing – His green one last year was one of the best on the grid.

      1. Agreed, his green lid was really distinctive, and he should have kept that since the colour scheme for Sauber didn’t change that much from last year…

        1. Loved the green one as well. No one has just a normal black helmet on the grid though, and should be a simple and raw combination with the white Sauber.

          God I hope he does well this weekend.

    3. Looks nice, but its ruined by the “mad croc” sticker.

      1. Agreed, it looks like a 4 year stuck it on afterwards when he wasn’t looking.

    4. There’s something about black that i just love with helmets. The gold is pretty awesome too. how cool would that look alongside kubica at renault?

    5. Beautiful helmet.

    6. Black and gold, a very good combination. *mumbles something about lotus and a certain tobacco company*

      1. More like black, red and gold *mumbles sth about a country’s national colours*

        1. I’ve always found it funny how it’s only the Germans that believe it’s gold. I’ve never met anyone from outside Germany that didn’t think it was yellow.

          1. It sometimes looks a bit orangey to me.

          2. Interesting reason for that if Wikipedia is to be believed:

            1. Don’t suppose you could summarise, could you?

            2. Well it’s only the small section “Gold or Yellow?” that is relevant so there’s not much to summarise.

              Basically when the Weimar Republic started using the tricolour as the national flag the far right didn’t like it and referred to it as “black red yellow”, “black red mustard” and “black red s**t”.
              Then when the Nazis came to power they obviously re-introduced the red, black and white flag. And they continued to discredit the black, red and gold one.

              So basically calling it black, red and yellow had been used as a slander on democracy in the past.
              As the wikipedia entry says: “the usage of ‘black-red-yellow’ and the like had “through years of Nazi agitation, attained the significance of a malicious slander against the democratic symbols of the state””.

              That’s the worst “summary” I’ve ever seen, it really would have been quicker to read wikipedia :P

            3. Nah good job! I started reading it, then I scrolled down… and down… and down some more… :)

            4. I know the German word for Yellow is Gelb, similar to the English word Gold. Could it be that it was simply lost in translation because the flag clearly looks as though one of the ccoloured bands is Yellow.

              Perhaps when colouring the flag in in years gone by, they wanted gold but had no gold coloured pencils so they had to compromise by using their yellow pencil and just said it was gold?

            5. My god! A wiki article! This must be serious business!

    7. Is it me or is this article full of innuendo? Plus, even though I like the personalisation a driver can bring to a very corporate car, isn’t it a bit sad that we all spend so much time admiring or critising them?

    8. Have to admit, I had some misgivings when I read the title of this post, however, I’m relieved and pleased to find out Nick’s actually going to need a helmet this weekend!

    9. Very nice, I’m loving it! Maybe Nick should now be reffered to as “Slick Nick” rather than “Quick Nick”!

    10. It’s unique and not bad at all.

      I think Kubica’s yellow/black helmet is the coolest on the grid this year.
      And I think his red/blue was a close 2nd behind Button’s yellow/white/black last year, with Heidfeld’s green 3rd.

    11. For me it’s prettiest helmet of all in this season.

    12. Slightly off topic (and probably covered in the “Nick joins Sauber article”) but does he start off with a clean sheet of engines or does he carry de la Rosa’s tally?

      1. I think the number of engines is related to the car. Car number 22 (driven by de la Rosa upto Monza) has used nine engines so Heidfeld will inherit this. It was the same for HRT car 21 after $akon Yamamoto replaced Super Karun, wasn’t it?

    13. sorry for the typo, that is $akon ¥amamoto. Forgot to put the Yen sign on his surname!

    14. I rather like it. It’s quite understated, much like the man himself. The Mad Croc sticker does look like an after-thought, though!

      1. The way the clear aero piece of the back is just taped on with packing tape is a bit odd looking too.

    15. He has used a black helmet all of this year (Merc GP)
      The three German drivers each had one of the colour’s of their nations flag.
      Black, Heidfeld.
      Red, Schumacher.
      Yellow, Rosberg.

    16. Langweilig. It’s classy and understated but those are not key virtues for an object passing by at 300kph. I still like Nakajima’s. What’s wrong wing putting your name in big red letters right around the back?

    17. This is great!I get to root for Nick again this weekend.I thought that would never happen again.

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