Vettel adds sparkle to Singapore helmet

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Sebastian Vettel has indulged his fondness for swapping helmet designs again.

For Singapore he’s brought a sparkling, reflective design which looks particularly impressive under the lights at the night race:

2010 Singapore Grand Prix

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    20 comments on “Vettel adds sparkle to Singapore helmet”

    1. One of his best yet. Works so well in the Singapore night lights. Shiny!

    2. I hope he doesn’t get pole, don’t think I’d be able to handle the wag and the sparkle at the same time

    3. Very nice. Although I much prefer it when drivers stick with the same design their whole career I suppose if you’re going to keep changing it then you might as well go the whole hog and do it as often as Seb does!

      1. I like him trying to do something new this often. As long as it’s a bit of his specialty to have about 5-6 designs during the year.

        Often these are pretty good, although this one only looks good under the floodlights to me.

        Otherwise i like drivers keeping with their designs only changing small things when they grow.
        Heidfeld coming back with a new helmet is good, it makes him look mean and bussinesslike.

      2. I’ve been thinking about Vettel’s designs this season and it occurred to me that he’s probably never had any input into it before because the colour palette and design of his normal crash helmet was probably dictated to him by Red Bull as he made his way up the ranks of their driver programme. It’s always just looked to me like the design of the canned drink was painted on to his crash helmet.

        Agree with you though Dan, would be great if after all this chopping and changing he found something he liked and just stuck to it.

      3. Why do you care? Is it your helmet?

    4. See I like this a lot. It is an interesting design.

      I wonder what all the Heidfeld helmet lovers think of this.

    5. Heidfeld’s helemt looks much cooler, especially in combination with the Sauber he’s driving

    6. Glock has a gold, sparkly helmet

      1. Jraybay-HamiltonMclarenfan
        8th November 2010, 7:12

        That is true : D

    7. I heard that Liuzzi wears a Green Bay Packers helmet.

        1. Looks a bit like the Lotus livery the other way around.

      1. No he doesnt lol.

    8. Why can’t he keep it the same?! For goodness sake Vettel!

    9. That helmet looks even more glittery in person, especially under the lights! Distinctive.. I like it.

    10. Most of Vettel’s helmet designs look nice, but this one made me just a little sick. Ugh.

      1. This is probably his best one to date you dont know what you’re talking about.

    11. Veery cool helmet. When I grow up I wanna have one of these.

    12. Why are some of you bitching about his helmet is it really that difficult to spot him out each week on the track if he has a different helmet? Webber doesnt change his, Vettel does… they both pilot a red bull car there are only two of them in case you didnt notice… em its not that hard -_-

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