Massa changes engine after qualifying last

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Felipe Massa will change his engine after qualifying last on the grid for the Singapore Grand Prix.

Massa’s gearbox seized during his out-lap in Q1, meaning he failed to set a time:

I had a problem with the gearbox which seized unexpectedly, without giving any warning and so I had to stop out on the track: now we have to understand exactly what happened.

We will change the engine as a precaution, also taking into account the fact I am last on the grid.

I’m expecting to have a very complicated race, especially as we are at a track where overtaking is very difficult, but it’s true that anything can always happen: rain, safety car, who knows.

I am very disappointed of course because today we had a very competitive car, as Fernando proved. I like this track but it seems that it does not bring me much luck.
Felipe Massa

Massa’s ten-place grid penalty for using his ninth engine of the season will have no effect on his starting position.

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    22 comments on “Massa changes engine after qualifying last”

    1. As much as Alonso likes this track, Massa hates it. It think though:D

    2. Exactly what I thought would happen, and a logical thing to do at that.

    3. Is that a new engine, his 9th? Might help him for upcoming races, especially if today’s engine is still in good shape for a later race.

      If Massa changes tyres after lap 1 and there’s a safety car early, Massa might well get in the points. Could be fun to watch.

      1. He can’t use engine no8 again. He can use any other but not a replacement. I argee about the tyres though.

        1. The regulations state:
          “28.4 e) If an engine is changed in accordance with Article 34.1 the engine which was replaced may not be used during any future qualifying session or race with the exception of the last Event of the Championship.”

          From that I assume that engine 8 can be used in FP1 & 2 on Fridays, and if necessary for the last race of the season.

        2. I think it was a logical desicion, as he was at the back of the field anyway. Now Massa can change engines with far less limitations for the next races, which might prove to be an advantage somewhere.

          And he could have a shot at mirroring Alonso in Monaco, i agree with that.

          Not sure about what W-K says, about the engine being available for the last race. I also thought he could not use it anymore. Then again, why should he, he can now easily take a 10th or 11th engine if desired without any further penalty.

          1. No he can’t. If he puts a 10th or 11th engine in he takes another 10 place penalty each time…it’s not just for the 9th engine otherwise everyone would use a new engine for the first 8 races, put a new one in for the 9th, taking the grid drop and then use a new engine for each remaining race…

      2. It would be very ironic but not at all displeasing!

    4. That is surely one of the Big 3 out of the Constructor’s race, one would assume.

    5. If this happened next year with the 107% rule would it mean he wouldn’t race? Bet he wouldn’t be so calm then!

      1. well, when i read the rules about the 107%, it was stated that the stewards can allow a car to race even if it didn’t made a lap in qualy, if it had shown pace that would justify that.(in practices)

        It would be bad for the sport not to have a driver race, because of a mistake in qualy or before that.

      2. What xplr says is right. And Massa has shown enough speed in FP1-3 to be allowed such a place.

    6. This race is going to be a total mess with all the high chances of thunderstorms and heavy rains. I just hope he keeps himself safe and not worry about engines.

    7. Good for Ferrari.

      Now that they have a 9th engine, expect Massa to do all the running in practice sessions in the following races and Alonso showing up only for qualifying and race.

    8. they changed engine no.8 which had made only monza?
      so they still have to use no.7 which has done two races.

      Still one engine will have to do four grand prix.

      1. Thats not right. He now has engine 9 also available and can use further engines without any further penalty if changed before qualifying. Thats the reason why he changed now, so he is free to use engines. Only the engine now replaced cannot be used anymore.

    9. So 10 place grid penalty, where will he start the race? 34th or from the pit lane.

    10. so,

      massa will pit on lap 1, then alonso will put his car into the wall on lap 2 to return the favour from Germany?

      1. yes it is quite likely to happen…in fantasy land :D

      2. ” into the wall on lap 2 to return the favour from Germany?”

        Or return it from Singapore 08? :P Just kidding! God, I’m rubbish at being a Ferrari fan :)

        1. But i bet you are looking forward to seeing Massa storm to the front after taking on new tyres in lap 1 with the SC coming out for Petrov or Sennas (or Hamilton/Vettel?) crash on lap 2.

          1. Well I wouldn’t ask for a crash but I am looking forward to seeing him move through the field :)

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