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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Singapore, 2010

One of the most dramatic dry-weather qualifying sessions of the year took place under the lights at Singapore and Fernando Alonso took a surprise pole position from Sebastian Vettel.

Look back at the action from qualifying and final practice with the selection of pictures below.

2010 Singapore Grand Prix

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    Images ?? Ferrari spa,, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Singapore GP, BMW Sauber F1 Team, Daimler

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    10 comments on “Singapore GP qualifying in pictures”

    1. As pretty as F1 cars look under daylight, they look absolutely stunning under floodlights. I wouldnt complain if there was one more night race added to the Canada, and wouldnt been all that bothered if it was Manhatten, London, Paris, Rome or Moscow!

      1. Britain has 2 world champions, Bernie should be doing all he can (as a Brit) to get a night race through London over tower bridge ect.!!

        1. Brenie’s nationality is money :)

          1. United Bank Accounts of Ecclestone.

    2. The best place to have a night race would be in the far east so that the it’s at lunchtime for eveyone in europe.

      1. off course and its easier cause that eastern goverments are very enthusiastic

      2. How much I wished there was a night race in Hong Kong… Driving along the harbourfront would be equally if not more spectacular than in Singapore!

        But I’m sure the environmentalists would be complaining about it. Those moaners…

      3. No, the best place to have a night race is in Europe so it’s at lunch time for the US. :-)

    3. Anyone seen any pictures with a glowing hot wheels from the heavy braking into a corner so far?

      Just like the sparks, the wheels glow would make excellent pictures!

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