Alonso up to second behind Webber – points in full

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Drivers’ championship

Position Driver Points
1 Mark Webber 202
2 Fernando Alonso 191
3 Lewis Hamilton 182
4 Sebastian Vettel 181
5 Jenson Button 177
6 Felipe Massa 128
7 Nico Rosberg 122
8 Robert Kubica 114
9 Adrian Sutil 47
10 Michael Schumacher 46
11 Rubens Barrichello 39
12 Kamui Kobayashi 21
13 Vitaly Petrov 19
14 Nico Hulkenberg 17
15 Vitantonio Liuzzi 13
16 Sebastien Buemi 7
17 Pedro de la Rosa 6
18 Jaime Alguersuari 3
19 Heikki Kovalainen 0
20 Karun Chandhok 0
21 Lucas di Grassi 0
22 Jarno Trulli 0
23 Bruno Senna 0
24 Timo Glock 0
25 Sakon Yamamoto 0
26 Nick Heidfeld 0
27 Christian Klien 0

Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 Red Bull 383
2 McLaren 359
3 Ferrari 319
4 Mercedes 168
5 Renault 133
6 Force India 60
7 Williams 56
8 Sauber 27
9 Toro Rosso 10
10 Lotus 0
11 HRT 0
12 Virgin 0

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    58 comments on “Alonso up to second behind Webber – points in full”

    1. I think it will be very tough for McLaren now, they haven’t quite got the speed of Red Bull and Ferrari.

      Also, a pity for Massa to lose the small break he had over Rosberg and Kubica he gained in Monza.

      1. Agree, McLaren hasn’t quite development enough to compete to the end. It is Ferrari and RBR from now on.

        1. But look at how close the McLarens are to each other!

      2. Button was saying in the interview after the race that they had upgrades that they didnt put on for this race due to reliability questions.

        He seemed pretty confident that those updates would put them ahead when they use them in the next race…

    2. Well, what a great race. Miffed for Hamilton, but what a great great race by ALO, KUB and VET. And hell, why did BUT just never even trie to attack?

      1. I think Webber was running at Button’s lap time because of older tires. Had they been fresh he would have been faster. So Button couldn’t close the gap because the McLaren was simply not fast enough.

        1. And Button did not need to risk overtaking webber.

          1. Why not ?
            And besides, Button had a much better getaway than Hamilton and still he let him by at the first turn. Why ????????
            As much as I like him, one has to admit that he is much too “soft”.

    3. It’s not over for Lewis, he is less than a win away. I’s so unpredictable and he is the second best driver in contention.

      1. Exactly, he is still close. Look at where Alonso came from 2 races ago.

        That said, it does look like McLaren is a bit behind with development now and are not really catching the RBR and Ferrari.

        Button is still 24 points behind. It is starting to get pretty tough for his as well.

    4. Enjoyed that, worth staying up till 12:15am for :)

    5. Lewis’s pass looked like the famed Silverstone swindle in ’06. Shame Webber didnt yield a bit, like Adrian did to Kubica.
      Lost a bit of respect for the Aussie for that one.

      1. He did the exact same thing back in melbourne. n then to vettel as well when they both crashed in the end.

        1. “then to vettel as well when they both crashed in the end.”

          Why should he give up? They’re racing drivers. If he’s going to let people pass he should go home.

          1. 100% agreed. Its the attacking drivers responsibility to get past cleanly. The defending driver had to stick to his path, which is exactly what Webber did. The only alternative for Webber was to either brake early (HAM had the same option, but like Webber, he did not take it) or skip the track and receive a penalty. So obviously Webber stuck to his line, as is his right.

          2. Agree! Sammy is a huge fan of Hamilton that’s he cried big time. It’s pretty normal to do the thing, stick to his path and fight for the championship. He’s not Yamamoto or Chandruk that will give way to Hamilton.

      2. Lewis should have done wat Kubica did to Sutil. HE should have taken more ground and the move was done.

        1. Sutil gave in so much right before the corner…..Its why Kubica was able to take the apex.

          1. Webber is doing the right thing dude, Brittney’s on the wall, lol. GO Aussie! Win the championship!!

        2. i dont think lewis realised mark webber wud continue driving into him.

          1. Yes, Webber is really hard to overtake. He didn’t surrender any cm. ask Vettel!

        3. Nah. Webber would have just him him harder, a la Australia.

          1. just like senna prost and schumy before – that punt might well have just won webber the championship

    6. The matador is in the arena on a stalion if I were a bull I’d be very scared.

      1. Looks like Alonso is up for a nice Bull fight there Rampante. Still Webbers lead hs not been this big before, if he gets on the podium all the races it is still his to lose.

    7. It’s not over for Hamilton. But it’s now Alonso’s title to lose. The Ferrari is now likely as good as the RBR, at least in Alonso’s hands, and Webber just cannot go toe to toe with Alonso.

    8. Kubica was epic at the end wasn’t he? I know he had new tyres but a lesser driver wouldn’t have got close to doing what he did… Pass after pass on a course not known for its ease to pass.

      I feel absolutely gutted for Hamilton, you could see it in his body language… I’m surprise he didn’t do a Hakkinen. I think his championship hopes just took a very large dent.

      1. There are no bushes at Singapore to hide behind and cry, Hamilton had to hold it until he got back to his room and closed the door.

      2. Not to mention that the drivers Kubica was flying past are none too shabby either.

    9. Remember the much talked about Singapore McLaren update was NOT used and it should appear at Suzuka, and this was a high downforce track where McLaren were always going to be weakest of the 3 so perhaps next time, a med downforce track, McLaren can compete :D

      1. fingers crossed or it will be curtains for ham and but in two weeks time

      2. The Suzuka S-es and the following turns 6-7-8-9 look like they were made for the RB6. The part before and after ‘spoon’ might be good for the Macca’s.

        Anyhow, the season is really building up to a climax!

    10. Alonso is looking absolutely brilliant. 3 wins, 1 2nd place and a DNF from the last 5 races, as opposed to Lewis with 1 win and 3 DNFs in the last 4 races. Can Alonso keep this momentum going?

      1. The pattern this season seems to be a driver has a good few races then has a messy few races so who knows what will happen :P

        1. That does seem to be the pattern, indeed. Let’s just take it one race at the time and hope for more exciting races with various winners who had to fight for it.

    11. Is there any doubt that Alonso is much better than Massa, and the cars get developed in his hands?.
      I still think he is the best pilot, and the fastest driver in the championship.

      1. Well he’s proven that today didn’t he? Absolutely amazing race by Fernando Alonso! 2 hours of perfect driving, absolutely flawless! If he keeps this form going, there’s no one who can compete with him. Hamilton has the speed but he’s a little too reckless at times, Webber and Vettel have the car but not that sheer pace Alonso has. It’s going to be an interesting finish of the season!

    12. What a race! It shows one thing – its the driver and the car that make good races, don’t blame the circuit. There’s no incident over the notorious turn 10, nor the damp turn 5, nor the bumps . . . its all about the driver and the car.

    13. Still a long way to go, all 5 drivers have hopes to take the championship.
      Still the Red bull is the best car out their, but ferrari is all over them and the next races should suit better the mclaren.
      The only thing that can take away the championship from red bull is that they have, as mclaren, both drivers fighting so they can take away crutial points to each other and alonso be the one who really benefits from that.

    14. Fantastic finish by Alonso!!! very intense championship run now the last couple of races but great win for Ferrari

    15. Alonso has the impetus to challenge till the very end.

      Red bull has a fight on their hands

    16. Eh, Keith, I think you forgot to put Klien in the championship standings (would that be in front or behind Nick Heidfeld?).

      1. You know, also doesn’t list him in their points table. Maybe Sakon assumed his hidden identity to finally go fast!

    17. Very happy for Alonso. He spent a torturous two years at Reno in a pig of a car. These wins are well overdue and I hope he nails the championship.

      What an absolutely amazing driver!

    18. Fantastic win by Alonso!!!
      What a faultless drive keeping a fast red bull behind him.
      The usual Hamilton..esche Sunday afternoon..lunge lunge and crash!!! He should have took a very hard look at himself after that. Kubica showed him a few laps l8ter how its done when overtaking Sutil. As EJ was saying, surely Hamilton was not expecting Webber to suddenly just dissapear? I was glad for webber that the stewards didnt penalise him, and put it down to a racing incident….which it was

    19. Totally agree with Steve..what an amazing driver

    20. ANd what about Heifield? Delarosa was fired from Sauber because he had to be half second faster than his mate, and I think Heifield has the same condition to stay.

      Kobayashi is very fast and he’s going to finish many drivers careers with that Peter Sauber’s way of managing.

      1. You can’t really compare the pace of someone who has been in the team since testing day 1 and someone who just hopped into the car and had a go at it. Just look at last year and how the ‘new’ drivers struggled. (and yes, Kobayashi struggled too, his race pace was quite off and even though entertaining, his beaviour in the race wasn’t reay F1 worthy).

    21. Many things are now on Alonso’s side; experience, momentum and the full support of his team. The confidence he has ganined from the last couple of races may well give him a massive boost that will overcome some of the silly moments we have seen from him earlier this season. My money was on webber previously, now all bets on Mr Alonso.

      1. It is a beatiful racing story with Alonso for this part of the season. He’s no more a complaining primaballerina without results – now he is a very hard working hero supported by equally dedicated team in joint effort to do the best possible. No smallest gain is ommitted to help bring the resutls. It’s very impressive how quickly they have bounced back from the edge to the top.

    22. It is just weird seeing a driver with over 200 points.

    23. 28 points over the Top 5. I still think Webber is the favourite with the tracks coming up but if he doesn’t put in the right performances Alonso’s right there, as is Hamilton if Korea’s ad Abu Dhabi’s straights play into McLaren’s hands.

      Another way of looking at it is converting to old style: with 50 points up for grabs, there’s 11 points in it. The thing I dislike most about the new system is it does tend to over-amplify the scale of things. In fact if you look at how it would be under the previous system you can see how very close it is:

      Mark Webber – 69
      Fernando Alonso – 66
      Lewis Hamilton – 63
      Sebastian Vettel – 60
      Jenson Button – 58

      It’s damn close!

      1. D’oh, 40 points available under the old system…

        1. Thanks for taking the time to work that out Icthyes :) It’s stunning to see just how close it is under both points systems.

    24. Who would have guessed that Rosberg would have more than double Schumacher’s points at this stage in the season? Is Schumacher that bad or Rosberg that good?

    25. Wow, out of the last races, even three race wins and a second won’t automatically win Hamiltomn the championship, he would be relying on Webber not coming 2nd / the others taking points of each other. The only way it is in Hamiltons, Vettels or Buttons hands is to win every race.

    26. If only Button could win Suzuka, followed by Vettel, Hamilton, Massa (or any other points grabber), and Alonso, with a DNF for Webber. That would put the points like this:

      Webber – 202
      Button – 202
      Alonso – 201
      Vettel – 199
      Hamilton – 197

      5 point spread? Yes please. At Singapore the points spread was 25 from Webber to Vettel going in, and it’s 25 from Webber to Hamilton post race. I think this shows it’s possible (however unlikely) that we could still see the battle tighten up even further. At least I hope so.

      1. Yes, it needs a DNF from Webber. I think it will be won in Brazil, however, you never know with this exciting Championship

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