Hulkenberg eighth after Sutil penalty

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Adrian Sutil has been given a 20-second penalty by the stewards of the Singapore Grand Prix for going off the track and gaining an advantage during the race.

Although the stewards said Sutil cut turn seven on the first lap of the race, the penalty wasn’t given until after the race had finished.

The penalty drops Sutil from eighth to tenth and promotes Nico Hulkenberg and Felipe Massa one place each in the final standings.

It means Force India fall behind Williams in the constructors’ championship.

It also means Sutil fails to overtake Michael Schumacher in the drivers’ championship.

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    15 comments on “Hulkenberg eighth after Sutil penalty”

    1. It also means stewards are still pretty slow with these decisions…

    2. This is ridiculous. How does it take this long to give a penalty for something that happened on lap 1?

    3. That is rediculous. Was there so much to do all race long they could not make a desicion until after the race, or did they have to talk tot the drivers involved to get good view of the situation? NO and NO again.

      Very slow to decide, FI are right to appeal this one.

      1. Sound_Of_Madness
        26th September 2010, 18:40

        Worked. 20sec pen for Hulkenberg.

    4. Another decision that has taken far too long.

      Another incident we did not see.

      1. Agreed, both those things annoy me.

    5. WHAT THE…???

      Hulk with 20 sec penalty?

      what’s wrong with the stewards?

      1. Sutil got the penalty. Calm down.

    6. This is just ridiculously slow. The stewards need some lessons in speed from the drivers!

    7. This is just Absurd

    8. race after penalty for opening lap mistake? slowest decision I’ve ever seen!

    9. So he gets done for it for doing it once in this race, but not the 3 times he did it in Monza? Consistency much.

    10. turn 7 of the first lap!? did they see the carnage in the backfield? It’s ridicous to hear it AFTER the race that you drop outside the points… what the hell are they thinking?

    11. Explain this one. Why did sutil get a penalty in Singapore for cutting the chicane ONCE and Nico did not get a penalty for cutting the chicane in Italy THREE times? Nico was clearly holding up another car and he clearly gained an advantage by braking far too late and blowing through the chicane THREE times. The stewards clearly still need some sort of consistency and speed in their rulings.

      1. Because Hülkenberg didn’t gain an advantage when he cut the chicane in Monza.

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