Crash-strewn race (Sauber race review)

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Each Sauber was involved in two separate crashes during the Singapore Grand Prix and both collided with Michael Schumacher.

Nick HeidfeldKamui Kobayashi
Qualifying position1410
Qualifying time comparison (Q2)1’48.557 (+0.958)1’47.599
Race position
Average race lap2’00.934 (+2.534)1’58.401
Pit stops20

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Nick Heidfeld

Matched his team mate’s pace in final practice but couldn’t repeat the feat in qualifying, lapping almost a second slower than Kobayashi.

He started 15th and collided with Vitantonio Liuzzi in the first lap, requiring a pit stop for a new front wing.

His second, terminal collision was with former Mercedes team mate Michael Schumacher, who Heidfeld blamed for the crash:

In my view, Michael was braking a bit too late and knocked me out of the race.
Nick Heidfeld

Kamui Kobayashi

Started in the top ten for the first time since Istanbul and ran ninth after staying out during the first safety car period.

He made a mistake at turn three on lap seven, which allowed Mark Webber to pass him.

After that he caught Schumacher and sprang a surprise attack on the Mercedes driver, knocking him off the track as he passed.

The stewards were unconcerned about the move but Kobayashi’s race didn’t last much longer as he crashed into the barrier at turn 18 shortly afterwards.

Compare Kamui Kobayashi’s form against his team mate in 2010

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    9 comments on “Crash-strewn race (Sauber race review)”

    1. Schumacher was so annoyed at Kobayashi punting him off the track, he decided to take it out on the other Sauber driver ;)

    2. I kinda wonder if Koby damaged his car in the pass attempt and that’s what caused him to go off a bit later.

    3. Indeed Schumacher had quite a deal with the Saubers this weekend.He should keep away from them haha.

    4. Kobi’s hip-check on Schumacher was fantastic! I had to run it back and watch a second time.

    5. I appreciate the flawless driving of the likes of Alonso, Raikkonnen, and (at times) Button, but there is something so alluring about how Kobayashi attacks circuits and drivers.

      He is still young, and he makes mistakes as we have seen, but there is something to love about this guy!

      1. When Mark Webber was stuck behind Kobiyashi he mentioned to Lee McKenzie that he had “an interesting way of driving” I believe.

        I’ll go check it out on BBC.


          There you go, I got it wrong, “very entertaining to watch!”

    6. Between them it was the case that who can crash harder, feel bad for Nick that he was just a victim.

    7. Quick Nick or Mediocre Nick?

      I expect one decent result from him and that will be gifted by circumstance. Kobayashi is still my rookie of the year so far, I am allowing any of the rookies a few mistakes but I just think he has potential that sets him apart from the others.

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