Fourth win of 2010 is Alonso’s best yet (Ferrari race review)

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Ferrari were stronger at Singapore than the headline times after practice made them look.

Even so, Fernando Alonso’s fourth win of the year was easily his best of the season so far and means he has momentum behind him in the championship battle.

Felipe MassaFernando Alonso
Qualifying position241
Qualifying time comparison (None)No time
Race position81
Average race lap1’57.818 (+1.857)1’55.960
Pit stops11

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Felipe Massa

At Singapore in 2008 Fernando Alonso’s car failed in qualifying, condemning to start from 15th place. The same misfortune struck close to home again this year – but hit his team mate, leaving Massa last on the grid after failing to set a time in Q1.

Ferrari seized the opportunity to move Massa onto his ninth race engine, accepting a ten-place grid penalty that had no effect on his starting position.

He mimicked Alonso’s Monaco strategy of pitting after the first lap to get his mandatory tyre change out of the way.

Unfortunately the arrival of the safety car shortly afterwards meant it brought him little benefit. He spent most of the race in traffic and finished tenth on the road before being promoted to eighth place by penalties for other drivers.

Compare Felipe Massa’s form against his team mate in 2010

Fernando Alonso

No-one could argue Alonso’s second win in the Singapore Grand Prix was anything less than fully deserved.

It was clear on Friday that Ferrari had a car to challenge Red Bull with – even if Alonso’s potential was disguised by a mistake on his first super-soft tyre lap in second practice.

He snatched an excellent pole position as Sebastian Vettel stumbled in qualifying, and held his lead at the start even as Vettel made a slighlty better getaway.

Alonso was more or less untroubled during the first stint by Vettel came on stronger after they both switched to medium tyres. At the second safety car restart Alonso ran wide at turn 20 but Vettel wasn’t quite close enough to gain an advantage.

There were a couple of worrying moments towards the end of the race as they picked off a few lapped cars. The chequered flag spared him from tackling a string of backmarkers with Vettel right on his tail – and secured his fourth victory of 2010,

Compare Fernando Alonso’s form against his team mate in 2010

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    34 comments on “Fourth win of 2010 is Alonso’s best yet (Ferrari race review)”

    1. A fully deserved Singapore win for Alonso this time.

      Keep going this way and you’ll win a lot of fans back.

      But judging from the form of the leading drivers this year, it will be a tough race in Suzuka and the standings will be upturned once again!

      1. He may just have been the driver of the weekend. While Webber, and even Vettel, weren’t able to make full use of their advantage, Alonso really seamed to milk every last drop of performance out of his car.

    2. In a straight fight, with very little to chose between the leading team’s cars, it comes down to who is the best all-round driver and who believes in their ability to win.

      On all counts, my vote goes to Alonso every time – he is already an all time great.

      His desire to win his 3 x WDC is clear to see. Webber and Vettle in particular do no the the innate skill or mental fortitude that Alonso does, whilst Hamilton is not quite as precise when under extreme pressure.

      It really is very impressive to watch.

    3. What a drive from Alonso. He is one of my favorite drivers along with Hamilton and Button, and this was an awesome display. It was something that this season was missing, such a dominating record breaking drive (even if in such a new course). Good going Alonso! and bring on Japan! I want to see everyone fighting it out!

      1. “What a drive from Alonso. He is one of my favorite drivers along with Hamilton…”

        It’s rare that someone supports both Alonso and Hamilton! :P

        1. Very rare indeed.

          1. yeah I know! I just like the competition as a whole you know? I mean, it´s awesome to see these guys fighting it out, I think it´s good for F-1. I think of them as characters in a story, and they are very interesting ones in an awesome story that is this season.

            1. I really love that Lacerm :)

            2. Beer for you mate :)

            3. I know what you mean. There are things I like about all the top drivers, and things I dislike as well.

            4. yeah, can’t agree with your more on this. F1 needs such drama.

        2. Well you know in Spain Hamilton is de Evil of the film. Vodaphone made and TV add that said, showing Hamilton, “the worst is the evil, the best is the film” and I think it’s true. F1 needs Hamilton and Alonso fighting allways. Every Alonso victory is more if he wins vs. Hamilton and viceversa.

          I have to say that Hamilton is really fast and he has that something that makes you win if necesary without the best car. Just wait him to grow.

          Of course, Alonso is much better IMO. ;)

          1. Vodafone made and TV add that said, showing Hamilton, “the worst is the evil, the best is the film”

            McLaren’s title sponsor made an advert slagging off their lead driver?

            1. Not really, when I traduce Worst I mean the most evil (In spanish is the same word for both meanings). Nothing to do with his quality.

              But yes, Vodaphone understood that people in Spain doesn’t like Ham and I think it’s the only way to “use” him here. I think that they play with the idea that Ham is the evil because he is as fast as our “local hero” Alonso.

              You know, advertising is very simple. You are selling to no-real-fans and I think it’s the only chance they have.

            2. When was this? Got a video?

            3. Here it is.

              I have to say that it’s never said that hamilton is bad. My translation wasn’t perfect. They say he’s good but it can be understood that he’s the most evil and that he’s a hard evil.

              Anyway, they assume Hamilton is the evil one in spain. I think it’s great because now, apart of thinking that he’s “evil” , we all know that he’s the one to beat. And he really is the one to beat.

              thay also have a web called “blessed evils”

        3. It’s easy to admire them both, actually supporting is nigh-on doublethink in this day and age!

      2. It’s not rare, as such – both are brilliant drivers, and are great to watch. It’s more the fans that are irritating :D

        1. The correct traduction is: “When the foe is skilled, the better the movie”

          1. And after that “Somebody had to give exitement to Formula 1 this year”

      3. That makes two of us, Larcem.

    4. Alonso has always been strong towards a season finish (remember 2008) where he won more points than both Massa and Hamilton

      Clearly championship worthy as he has peaked at the right time .. fingers crossed for the remaining races

    5. “You are as good as your last race” How true…

    6. It was for sure a great race from Alonso, how could anyone imagine this after 3º practise.
      Massa was allways far off Alonso´s pace.
      Red bull has the best car out there but if ferrari isn´t too far off their pace, Alonso will make, as Hamilton, their life miserable.

    7. His triumph at Hockenheim is my favourite

    8. That was a good fight between Fast Fred and Vettel.
      I think that Sebastian Vetel looks like Al “Blind Owl” Wilson from the group Canned Heat

    9. Great drive from Alonso ! I wish him best of luck Forza Ferrari.

      Again Hamilton at the end of season making mistakes!?

      and Kubica last 11 laps superb driving.

      1. Hmm. Hamilton was strong the end of last season. He was strong in the start of this season..
        but whats happening? :O

    10. Alonso would be my Favourite for the championship now but only just, I assuming RBR can’t deliver the full potential of their car consistently.

    11. Hi Keith, regarding the secont safety car, I thought Vettel could not take advantage of Alonso’s error because they hadn’t passed the start/finish line. Could Vettel really have overtaken when Alonso went wide? I thought you weren’t allowed.
      That was his only mistake this weekend!
      What an amazing qualifying session, impressive. And then the race! Not boring at all.
      Great blog, quite impartial

      1. You’re right about the position of the safety car line. But looking at the video I don’t think it was the case that Vettel was in a position to pass but had to back off because they were approaching it. He followed Alonso through the last corner and was pretty close behind at the line – about six-tenths, I think – but not close enough to make a pass.

    12. I find it hard to believe Alonso is the favorite moving forward. I always thought that McLaren had a great car, great drivers and , above all, great energy this year. We can debate about the first two points but the third I believe everyone will agree with. Ham and But are doing much better than their rival couples in Ferrari and RBR. It breaks my heart to see both drivers lagging Webber and Alonso but I still hope they can get their blood back in the next two races and give it all at the last two for a a marginal win. Grab your popcorn cause **** got out of control in the last races of previous championships :)

    13. when i picked webber for the title, people were quick to point out that hamilton was in the lead. ha! although i am pleasantly surprised to see fernando claw his way back into contention, as promised, i expect red bull’s raw pace to to seal the deal for webber. i’m not sure i believe ferrari’s claim of no major updates for the rest of the year, either.

      as for massa, he was finished the day fernando signed his contact. forget the german race – give massa another 30 or 40 points for free and he’s still out of the running this year. i’m sure he’s a nice guy, a good person and a good driver, but he is not a team captain and lacks the killer instinct needed to win.

    14. Alonso can win the championship as his car & he is looking very motivated he just needs the support of two things, 1. Massa to help him 2. His engine holds on.

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