Who was the best driver of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend? (Poll)

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Which driver did the best job during the Singapore Grand Prix weekend?

See below for my pick of the best drivers in the Singapore Grand Prix.

Review each driver’s race weekend in detail below and vote for who you thought was the most impressive driver.

For your consideration

Here are some of the drivers who impressed me during the Singapore Grand Prix weekend:

Fernando Alonso – Took an unexpected pole position and soaked up two hours of pressure from Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel – Unrelenting in his pursuit of Alonso and by far the quicker of the two Red Bulls.

Mark Webber – Aggressive strategy looked like a mistake at first but he made the crucial passes that made it work.

Robert Kubica – Bounced back magnificently after a puncture with some perfectly-judged passes (albeit executed with a considerable tyre advantage).

Timo Glock – Quick all weekend and somehow kept Adrian Sutil’s Force India behind for the best part of ten laps. Race ruined by appalling luck with the safety car.

Compare all the drivers

You can review what happened to each driver in the race and compare their race data with their team mates using the links below:

McLaren: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes: Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher
Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber
Ferrari: Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa
Williams: Rubens Barrichello and Nico Hulkenberg
Renault: Robert Kubica and Vitaly Petrov
Force India: Adrian Sutil and Vitantonio Liuzzi
Toro Rosso: Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari
Lotus: Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen
HRT: Christian Klien and Bruno Senna
Sauber: Kamui Kobayashi and Nick Heidfeld
Virgin: Timo Glock and Lucas di Grassi

Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver impressed you the most in the Singapore Grand Prix weekend? Cast your vote below and have your say in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend?

  • Lucas di Grassi (0%)
  • Timo Glock (2%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi (0%)
  • Nick Heidfeld (0%)
  • Bruno Senna (0%)
  • Christian Klien (0%)
  • Heikki Kovalainen (2%)
  • Jarno Trulli (0%)
  • Jaime Alguersuari (0%)
  • Sebastien Buemi (0%)
  • Vitantonio Liuzzi (0%)
  • Adrian Sutil (0%)
  • Vitaly Petrov (0%)
  • Robert Kubica (31%)
  • Nico H???lkenberg (0%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (1%)
  • Fernando Alonso (43%)
  • Felipe Massa (1%)
  • Mark Webber (10%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (3%)
  • Nico Rosberg (0%)
  • Michael Schumacher (0%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (3%)
  • Jenson Button (1%)

Total Voters: 2,951

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    120 comments on “Who was the best driver of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend? (Poll)”

    1. I have to give this one to Fernando, his pole position was unexpected, and he didn’t make any big mistakes in the race.

      1. Alonsos the man! although people dont like it, when he has to put his foot down he knows how to make it stick! this is what you would expect from a 2 time F1 champ!!!! lets hope he makes it 3

        1. dissapointed with the lack of kovalainen votes :(

          he bossed that fire.

          1. I voted Kovalainen, how many drivers would have run away from their cars like little girls, He dealt to that fire like a disobedient stepchild, go Heikki!!!

      2. i hope he doenst win the champ for me it would be
        1st Web best car
        2nd Alo 2nd best car
        3rd Vet unlucky
        4th Ham fastest on straight and fearless driver
        5th But lucky

        1. Haha “Vet Lucky, But unlucky”
          Just like in Spa ?

          1. Vettel could have already win the championship at first half if it werent all problems he had button hasnt had any problem the only one was the collision on the spa gp

            1. And IF a some of the drivers accidentally drive of a cliff, next year Sakon might end up world champion…

              If If If…

        2. what about Webber very lucky???

          1. He could have shattered his wheel when he went in to Hamilton. Lucky he didn’t end up like Hamilton in Monza.

          2. i want web to win cause he is there since 2002 and yes he is lucky

          3. Champion’s luck. See Hamilton Monaco 2008…

            1. We are speaking about Singapore 10, but very very true!!!

      3. Yeah, Alonso was very solid, but I believe that Kubica would do the same if he was in the red car. When it comes to the quality of racing, I think they were pretty much at the same level, and since I feel less sympathy for Fernando – my vote goes to Robert.

        1. Kubica without a shadow of a doubt. Awesome to watch and enjoyable for any F1 fan.

          1. Kubica should go to Ferrari. It would be great watching Alonso and Kubica fighting with the same car.

            He’s as good as handsome ;)

            1. I think it is impossible to have two good drivers at Ferrari. Even with Kimi and Felipe, one of the two clearly took the lead early in the year and the second becomes second fiddle.

          2. Ditto!

            Simply awesome to watch him pick them off!

            As dull as it was up front, watching the timings on the app for the last 10 laps or so was interesting. Classic stuff from Vettel and Alonso.

    2. I would go for either Kubica or Rosberg, but Kubica was the main entertainer and proved that pitting later in the race is feasible

      1. I agree. I voted for Robert. I think it is difficult to tell how fast Kubica is this year. Either Petrov is struggling badly, which is making Robert look good, or Robert really is wrestling his car to positions that exceed its desired capabilities. I think it would be interesting to put someone like Vettel in the other Renault, just to test how fast Kubica is!

        1. Or both…………..

      2. I’m not surprised that so many people voted for Kubica. Human memory is great but short. So late race performance affect people votes.

        Like for me Alonso did just what you expect from 2 times champion. Perfect weekend, not only few laps. Don’t take me wrong, I’m impressed with Kubica’s late recovery, but the driver of the race was Alonso.

        Just imagine if Lewis pits after his “tyre was blown” to fix it and fight back for some points for half of the race. This guy has this heart, courage, skill and madness, which could make him the driver of the race.

        1. Late memory? Wait, did he make any mistake before his recovery? As far as I remember Robert had very good race from start to finish, despite his bad luck with the puncture.

          1. Yep.. Did Alonso make any mistake? No. Robert drove great, but even that, more difficult and crucial where two Webbers moves at the beginning of the race. Yes, he had one mistake approaching slower car, and this put him in the situation where many blames him for Hamiltons DNF, but overall he finished third, fighting for that place with competitive cars.

            Alonso, Webber, than Kubica in my opinion.

    3. I was originally going to vote for Alonso because he milked every last ounce of performance from the F10, but I voted Glock, because when I started thinking about it he had actually managed to do milk more performance than anyone thought possible out of the Virgin, and on top of that had a slew of better equipped drivers behind him for quite a while. Hope to see him in a Renault next year.

    4. Alonso did the job from the front and Webber did it from the back.

      Kubica was the most entertaining though, fresh tyres he may have had but it’s still a narrow street circuit…brilliant!

    5. Kubica had fresh tyres overtaking people who had done about 90% of the race on the same set of tyres, hardly a candidate for best driver of the entire weekend when Alonso completes a Grand Chelem. Kubica shouldn’t have even had to overtake them as he was already in front of them until he punctured his tyre and had to pit.

      Sometimes people just don’t make sense.

      1. Tiffiamo Insieme
        27th September 2010, 23:38

        Tyres, schmyres… The move on Sutil on the outside was truly awesome, reminded me of the legendary move of Alonso on Schuey in the 130R at Suzuka. Kubica went wide enough to let room inside for Sutil to go on apace. In contrast, Webber had only two choices: brake hard and yield, or harpoon Hamilton.

      2. How does that not make sense? If he was behind them because he’d spun it wouldn’t have made sense. But since it wasn’t his fault it shows how he drove well to get back. Its about who drove well not who did best.

      3. Yeah I don’t get it either. So he passed Passing a couple of cars on seriously old tyres and who didn’t look like they were going to put up a fight either.

        Entertaining surely, but “driver of the weekend”? Pfft

    6. Harsh on the lad I think.

    7. Eh, I have to give it to Alonso. Not the best all weekend but the best over the parts that mattered.

      1. You mean quali and the race? :) Definatley the parts that matter.

        Agree with you though, a grand chlem on a track that suits your competitors faster car down to the ground, thats damn impressive. Thats incredible infact, wish it had been a Webber or a Hamiltion/Kubica etc in that Redbull though, then we’d have had a race as well.

        Alonso was mighty but Vettle was highly disapointing, he was so quick around the track but so poor at applying preassure in his faster car.

      2. Not the best all weekend??? What weekend are you talking about. He was absolutely flawless all weekend, and put that Ferrari in a spot ahead of the quickest cars on the grid.

        An absolutely stellar performance! I was hoping to see the 2005-06 Alonso make a return… and after the last couple of races.. we know hes back!

        1. He was absolutely flawless all weekend

          I don’t want to get into hair-splitting, but he did go off in FP2 and missed part of the session. And he fluffed the second restart a bit.

          But make no mistake, he was very impressive this weekend.

          1. How do you expect him to test the 100% limit of the car without a spin or two? Better to push the car in FP sessions than quali.

            1. Flawless is a strong word, Wouldn’t it mean testing the limits of the car 100% and staying on the track the whole time?

          2. I agree with Todfod above, a mistake in FP2 is much better than in qualifying.

            And looking at Ferrari’s engine situation, don’t you think it is good that they reduce their running in practice sessions down to a bare minimum?

            BTW Keith, which of the 5 did you pick?

    8. Kubica. It was like playstation how he was mowing down those cars at the end.

      1. Yes, Kubica is like a play station but it’s because the Renault is not very stable. It makes us see how good he is.

        If you see the Alonso’s saturday fast lap you can see the difference between the Ferrari and the Renault. Alonso didn’t have to move the wheel to correct at any time.

        I think Kubica is making the Renault better than it is.

        1. Still, the Renault this year is a much better machine than last year’s Renault. Remember who won a race in that Renault???

    9. For me. Kovalainen. Just because of his fireman antics at the end. Really livened up the long race for me

    10. Tiffiamo Insieme
      27th September 2010, 23:23

      Mark Webber, my hero! He’s done it again!!

    11. Fernando Alonso all the way!!!

    12. Alonso. You don’t see a grand chelem every weekend.Kubica comes second this time, as much as I like him.

    13. Kubica, then Alonso. If it wasn’t for Kubica’s overtaking the race would be quite boring.

    14. Alonso, by miles! he was flawless this weekend.

      By the way, what a job by Ferrari. After their struggles before Valencia, they really catched Mclaren and Red Bull!

      And pretty quickly!. Wonder how well they’ll cope with the limited amount of engines they have available.

    15. Can’t go past Alonso – Grand Chelem, need I say more!!

      Honourable mention to Kubica, as DaveW said, it was like playstation the way he was zipping past them!!

    16. It’s gotta be Hamilton, hasn’t it? :)

      Alonso was flawless. The man is now showing (took his time about it this season, true) exactly why he’s a 2 time WDC. Funnily enough, the past two races it’s been his first hotlap in Q3 which has secured him pole, something that doesn’t happen too often considering that each bit of rubber that goes down on track can change times by hundreths or even tenths. As good as his quali was though, his race was something else, he had to be precise with a very fast Vettel (who also drove superbly) always within striking distance.

      Webber seems to be riding his luck at the moment (about damn time his fortunes changed) but he also drove the wheels off that car (almost literally in the end) to keep the frontrunners in calculation when the hard tyres were underperforming. Again, pulled out some awesome passes, which he had to, to make the strategy work.

      1. Hehe agree with your comment.

        Wish I could say Hamilton *sob*, but I went with Alonso after trying to decide between him and Webber. As you said Alonso drove flawlessly and managed to give 100% all weekend. While Webber’s overtaking was impressive, Alonso accomplished more on the weekend as a whole from pole to FLAPs to P1. “Grande 1” as his team wrote on his pitboard as he took the checkered flag.

    17. MouseNightshirt
      28th September 2010, 0:47

      Although the guy makes me sick to the pit of my stomach every time I see him on TV, you gotta hand it to him. Alonso simply had an uninterrupted, faultless, sublime weekend.

      He has skills behind the wheel that man.

    18. MouseNightshirt
      28th September 2010, 0:49

      Also, I feel I should point out that I’m surprised Alguesuari didn’t get more votes – he was super unlucky with that water leak pre-race, he had been phenomenal before that point – he got lumped in traffic yet finished with Buemi at the end of the race.

      Reliability woes here could have damaged his career big time.

    19. I don’t know that a Grand Chelem is what it used to be…these days the quickest time list has many mid-pack guys up there, because they are the ones still fighting to the line while usually the front runners have toned it down to save the car.

      I think we could have easily seen more Grand Chalem’s this season had the leading driver pushed to the line on the final lap instead of backing off. Alonso just didn’t have that luxury here as Vettel was right behind him.

    20. Kubica, hands down for me.

    21. I say Webber for overtaking two aggressive driver Kobayashi & Schumacher is grand style when he needed to clinch his third position. Kubica’s provided us with the entertainment that was missing in the tail end of the race & I want to see more teams trying that two stop strategy which should help them to run faster in the latter part of the race.

    22. Kubica for all the entertaining passes, Alonso for showing nerves of steel under pressure, Vettel for not letting the pressure down for a second….

    23. My vote was for Alonso… I suppose he did everything he needed to do to win the race. Sadly I was on the phone for a good bit of the race so I missed some of Kubica’s moves.

    24. My vote will have to be for Alonso. He was inch-perfect all weekend (apart from that stall in FP2) and showed why he is a true contender for the title this season.

      Consolation prize goes to Kubica for showing that you CAN overtake on a street circuit like Singapore, albeit with the advantage of a fresh set of tires.

    25. A vote for Alonso, with an honorable mention to Kubica.

      Where does the term “Grand Chelem” come from? In the States we call it a Grand Slam, a bases-loaded home run, the most you can score in one play.

    26. How can anyone who claims that Lewis Hamilton was the best driver of the weekend be taken seriously. He lacked speed all weekend and made a hash of his one and only overtaking opportunity, potentially taking out both leaders of the championship. Perhaps he was trying to make some sort of statement but it was a crass passing manoeuvre. Vettel’s drive was unremarkable. He was probably in the fastest car and feeling comfortable. While it kills me to say it, Alonso’s drive was probably the drive of the meet. He got pole against the odds and kept Vettel behind him for the full race.

    27. Alonso really didn’t make any mistakes this weekend, did he? Even with that gearbox software scare, he would still have been guaranteed of a front row start, if Vettel didn’t brush the barriers during Q3.

      I would consider this his first proper win at Singapore and hope that the five way title battle goes into South Korea…

    28. Christian Briddon
      28th September 2010, 8:10

      As much as I hate to do it I have to give this one to Alonso, even though I can’t stand the childish petulant twonk!

      Fingers crosed that he fails to win the championship.

      1. “childish petulant twonk” – writting about Alonso but thinking about Hammilton?

        I hope FA wins the tittle with less than 7 points difference, jeje

        1. Me too mate!!….people will be spitting if that happens!! :-)

          1. oh yes, and we’ll enjoy chats as never before!

    29. Alonso got my vote.He qualified on pole and drove a near flawless race.
      Kubica impressed me as well with his overtaking in the latter parts of the race.

    30. Has to be Alonso. A Grand Chelem with the second fastest car was a mighty effort.

      1. Or third, if you count Vettel AND Webber

    31. Rosberg yet again showing that not only is he better than Schumi in a car they both don’t like but scoring many more points than him. You have to say that along with Kubica, he has been one of the most consistent drivers of 2010.

      I bet if you had Rosberg and Kubica at Red Bull this year, one of them would have had the drivers championship sewn up by now.

      1. I think Rosberg is doing a good job but also that Mercedes is a better car than what is being said. Its just continously being compared to Schumi’s underperformance

    32. Webber had a car that could of had pole, same with Vettel. Alonso took pole. So that’s plus to him. Race wise, Alonso didn’t put a foot wrong and kept it clean. Great drive.

      Webber pulled off some great passes – yes.
      Alonso didn’t need to, as he led from pole.
      So you can’t plus Webber over that one for me.

      1. Agree with you Chalky. Webber had to make those passes (and great passes they were) because of his poor qualifying. It’s like when Alonso had to make his recovery in Monaco and Aus and Ham, Alo, Jense and Mas in Malaysia because they all got the Saturday wrong (or their teams did) and it’s about the full weekend not just the Sunday.

    33. mark webber he overtake 5 drivers

    34. Fernando Alonso. The quickest Ferrari all weekend, was cool under pressure with the engine scare and led his team by staying out to complete the lap rather than going straight in and risking not getting past that stage at all, got the pole in an inferior car and did everything right in the race despite a nervy 2 saftey cars. It wasn’t an easy weekend for him with Felipe’s scare and then the mini drama with him in practice yet he got Grand Chelem in a car that wasn’t the fastest.

      Glock gets an honourable nod and really shwoed his worth.

      Massa made a greta recovery from last to eighth. Not the most exciting way to do it but I didn’t think he’d get any points.

      Hamilton was great in qualifying.

      Vettel so easily could have been the best this weekend but he cracked under pressure. I’m not surprised he didn’t overtake Alonso because of the nature of the track but he really fluffed it in pole and made that little mistake in the pits too.

      I don’t understand why Mark has more votes than Seb mind. Mark made a good recovery drive after quali and took a gamble but he really shouldn’t have been that far back anyway. The car clearly had the ptoential for pole and when Seb made the mistake he should have been there to pick up the pieces not Seb. Mark was perhaps one of the best on the Sunday but not the entire race weekend as he was right off Seb’s blistering pace and he got lucky on Saturday to some extent as if Felipe’s Ferrari hadn’t have packed in on the Saturday he could have started another position lower.

    35. For the race I’d say Webber, although clearly off the pace, he was calm, composed and effective on the same tyres virtually all race but for the whole weekend with a stunning qualifying and flawless race I voted Alonso.

    36. I voted for Klien, after being away for so long he smashed his teammate by over a second. Deserves an F1 seat I reckon

    37. Alonso performed brilliantly on Saturday, he was exceptional, but on Sunday he had the best car, he didn’t put a foot wrong, but then he wasn’t really challenged. Other drivers impressed me more in the race.

      Vettel might have been on the radio telling his team how much quicker he was than Alonso, but he was also forced to slow down frequently to look after his brakes, was he really quicker? The decision to pit him at the same time as Alonso was crazy, unless the team had already concluded that he didn’t have the pace. A good drive from Vettel, but he didn’t trouble Alonso.

      It has to be Mark Webber for me, I don’t really understand why the team put him on such a difficult strategy, but against the odds he pulled it off, overtaking lots of cars on a circuit where overtaking is notoriously difficult. What were Red Bull playing at with that strategy call? Saturday might count against him, but you could also say that his earlier struggles made his Sunday effort even more extraordinary.

    38. I dont understand the ppl who say Alonso for best driver! Ok so he drove well in Singapore but lets not forget that he is where he is in the championship because he was gifted a race win in Germany at the expense of Massa and if he wins the championship, i think it will be a disgrace.

      All the top 3/4 teams give both their drivers as equal a chance at winning as they can, yet Ferrari have a all their resources focused on Alonso. I think if he wins the championship, it will hurt the integrity of F1 and make a mockery of the efforts of the other contenders who have had to fight their team mates as well everyone else to be where they are! :(

      1. ? The vote is for the ‘Best Driver of the Singapore Weekend’. This is not related to any other part of this years season.

        So if it’s just this weekend, which part of it did Alonso not perform, compared to another driver for you?

      2. Nonsense. You know what a Grand Chelem is? Also known as perfect weekend? You don´t understand that people vote for the one that did the perfect weekend? How can another driver be better than the one that did the perfect weekend?

        Let’s swap positions in Germany: OMG, Alonso would still be second in the WDC, 18 instead of 11 points behind Webber but still 2nd!

        Ferrari all resources focused on Alonso? Is that your conclussion because swaping positions in Hockenheim? Do you think Massa’s car is not being developed? FYI, Alonso and Ferrari need Massa to score points not only for the WMC but also to take points off the other tittle contenders.

        We’ll be surely witness a big media uproar if Alonso wins the tittle with less than 7 points difference but Ferrari did the right thing: FA proves every GP weekend who is the better Ferrari driver and the WDC tittle is by far more important to a team (and their sponsors) than the manufacture’s.
        In my opinion, MacLaren and Redbull would have done exactly the same thing (and have done but not making it so obvious) if there would have been such a clear team mates difference as the existing in Ferrari

        1. How can another driver be better than the one that did the perfect weekend?

          You do realise the cars aren’t all the same?

          1. Oh yes, I do. Redbull is a superior car to Ferrari, especially on downforce tracks like Singapore, still Grand Chelem

            No comment to ExParots post, or do you agree with him?

            1. Right, and there were ten cars that weren’t as good as the Ferrari, so maybe some people think one of the drivers in one of those cars did as good a job as Alonso – or better.

              I hope you don’t think I reply to every comment by the way – much as I’d like to I’m afraid I long ago passed the point where that was practical.

            2. But Keith, if we start taking into account all variables it wouldn’t be possible to vote! All driver performances are to be evaluated alongside their car performances, as a unit.
              I could also say that Alonso with a RedBull would have won the race with 30 s difference.
              If you have time, what was your vote?

              I understand that you cant reply all comments, you’d need days of 72 hours. When I signed up I clicked the box “Notify me of foll..” my mailbox collapsed (signed off immediatelly). By the way, is there a way to get mail notifications only to replies on my posts?

        2. All I’m saying lets take things in perspective, sure drove well in Singapore, but at who’s expense! Ferrari has improved its car since the beginning of the season, but it seems to me, given the difference between the cars, that that was possible because they focused on one car.

          And I’ll say it again, I think Alonso this season is tainted. You can win the WDC by a single point, Alonso in Hockenheim got 7 he didn’t deserve, while the other drivers had to work hard all the way.

          And given his track record in Singapore, 2008 and all that, I dont think we should rush to his praise so quickly.

          1. the difference between the cars is because alonso is a better driver than massa. Get over it.

    39. Sound_Of_Madness
      28th September 2010, 11:40

      Vettel, for showing some unexpected maturity.

    40. This poll proves that every driver has some fan following that is good coz people still love their drivers even if they win or lose.

      Thats why all the drivers have atleast 1 vote to their name. Bravo indeed.
      Thats called true F1 Fanatism.

    41. Has to be Alonso for me.

    42. How Lewis have more votes than Heikki “the firefighter of the race” is beyond me…

    43. How often are we enthralled by the spectacle of a driver hunting down a train of five F1 cars, specially on a track notorious for its lack of overtaking possibilities?

      “Mr Kubica, there is a call from Ferrari on line 1…”

    44. Has to be Alonso, No errors, quick and deserved win

      Vettel could have pushed more
      Webber did a good race and got lucky
      Hamilton did a OK race until he got unlucky (or cocky, as you which)
      Button was non existant.
      Rosberg I really can’t get how this guy always scores while seemingly doing nothing impressive
      Kubica was great, but the circumstances were on his side.

    45. I went with Alonso. The perfect result for a race weekend.

      A lot of guys had very good moments. All the guys Keith mentions, and Klien did well for jumping in the HRT and driving like he did and Rosberg got to the front again, and Rubens and … .
      But not on the level of what Alonso had going for him on Sunday.

    46. Alonso did brilliantly, He shouldn’t have won that race, but he did, if he keeps this up, He’ll have his championship. And Ferrari theirs…

      Kubica was awesome, I know people mitigate what he did by saying he had new tyres, but I think the chances of a lesser driver pulling that off?

      I almost gave it to Glock, for him to be racing with the older teams, not just getting in the way as his team mate did, but competing, is almost as good as a point, it’s a demonstration that they are in the same race, And that makes him for me, one of the best drivers off the race.

      Heikki’s bit at the end was very entertaining, And it’s something the FIA should encourage, rather then discourage. Which in other similar situations, they tend to do.

      In the end I chose Kubica, Alonso made no errors, but Kubica made several overtakes on a track that doesn’t assist him in that.

    47. ALONSO no doubt. Grand Chelem = perfect weekend. How can another driver be better than the one who did the perfect weekend?

      And that in a circuit that was supposed to suit RedBull, controlling the Revs of a 2 races old engine.

      2. Vettel: he seems to have gained some maturity in a race without errors

      3. Webber: strategy worked, great fight with Hammilton

    48. My vote is for Fernando. No mistake under incredible pressure from Vettel, resisted two hours marking fastest laps continuously. Keep it up!!

    49. Alonso had the easiest task. He had the best starting position, the fastest car, and no one in front of him. Only a retard wouldn’t deliver what Alonso did.
      This makes Alonso also the least good driver. H He didn’t have any competition at all and all did was justs drive to finish. This makes Alonso the least good driver of the weekend.
      It’s not a sport to win in a fast/good car. The competition lies within driving fast/good with a car far off the pace. How good was Alonso in a less good Renault the years before Ferriri? Hardly good at all. Well that says it all. Alonso isn’t necessarily more than a mediocre driver in a very fast car. Credit should all go to Ferraris’ engineers.
      Same story with Schumi and his years in Ferrari. Look at him now! And give him a better car next year and look then.

      1. Yes but it is about the weekend. He had that starting position because he did the job when Seb couldn’t. He had a few scares don’t forget and the red bull was the quickest. I agree that as soon as he had pole it would be tough to lose though.

        Alonso delivered in 09 and 08 with one of the worst cars and in a Minardi in 01 esp at Japan. The idea that Alonso is mediocre isn’t accurate in my opinion :p but yes the car is crucial.

      2. All he had to do was “drive to finish”?

        You clearly know nothing about F1.

      3. @semirossi – what a lot of….. newcomer to F1 apart from Ferrari-hater???
        Some questions for you:
        – do you think Button 09 and Ham 08 got the tittle with a Golf GTI??? Wasn’t f.e. Brawn GP the best car by far last season? You seem to be focused only on Ferrari
        – is the first time a driver achieves the Grand Chelem since 04. If Alonso is a retard, what a the Redbull or Brawn GP drivers with far superior cars, and that just in the last 2 seasons?
        – Alonso was 2 times WDC with Renault. A driver is required not only to drive but also to be able to develop the car. And Alonso is a master on that
        – This season a pol between drivers voted the best F1 driver. Can you guess who was the most voted? Come on, I’m sure you can answer this one.

        If you think it’s an easy task to beat in Q3 a superior car (RB), drive flawless a complete race with a faster car/ young driver pressuring, controlling a 2 race old engine and delivering the fastest lap, well that says all about your F1 knowledge.

        F1 is a team sport: driver+car. Get that?? Is no other way to evaluate drivers than as a unit of the 2. You want to evaluate drivers without taking into account the manufacturer, switch to GP2.

    50. I gave Timo my vote since I figured he would be overlooked, he was brilliant all weekend.

    51. I wonder… “the driver who overtakes most and doesn’t crash thereafter” should be the best in that specific race. Driving fast is one thing, and it is as we all know partly dependent on the car. Overtaking might also be dependent on the car, but even more so, on the driver. Correct me if I am wrong but I guess overtaking is one of the biggest attributes a racedriver can have. Am I wrong there? :)

      1. Overtaking people that are miles slower than you doesn’t take that much skill, driving at the limit consistently is harder.

        1. I’d say they both take skill. I think it’s a combination of both that creates the best drivers.

      2. NO, the most important thing is the points. Alonso made incredible races last year finishing 12 but noone is going to think that he was the best driver in any race in 2009.

        When you are behind you cannot show your potential so we cannot vote for your real performance.

        And, please, forget overtakings. The important thing is to win points. If you think overtakings is the only thing then go to USA. Or watch GP2.

    52. Last race it was kinda funny to vote for Lewis but two DNFs in a row = not too great. Gotta vote Alonso for making it look easy.

    53. I honestly can’t stand Alonso and his whining and cheating (OK – it was the team that cheated both times, not him), but have to give it to him this time unfortunately.

      Anyway, when’s the next race – too much about Fernando and red cars for my liking!!!

      1. Sorry for you, that’s all youll be seeing til the end of the season… red, horses and the Spanish flag in the middle

    54. Has to be Alonso. Perfect in Qualifying and during the race. Kubica put on quite a show towards the end of the race, but overtaking people struggling with 50+ lap old tyres is far from being an impossible feat. But it was still impressive and highly enjoyable though.

    55. somehow i hate alonso less after this weekend, in my book that makes him the best driver

    56. What’s with everyone calling it a Grand Chelem all of a sudden? It’s been called a Grand Slam for years….

      1. I’ve never heard it called a Grand Slam – as far as I’m concerned, that a tennis thing.

        1. I think they called Grand Slam in the US as well as in tenis.

        2. weird! having been a Motorsport geek for years I’d never heard it called a Chelem….

          1. Same! I had to google it…

            1. Well that explains that, then!

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    58. Without a doubt I have to give Alonso his due props.The man was perfect all weekend.

    59. vote for Kubica…epic mechanic: “Massa’s tires are 50 laps old, so you can… Nevermind… 2 seconds to Niko now”..

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