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Sergio Perez, who will make his F1 debut for Sauber in 2011, has joined Ferrari’s young driver development programme.

Perez will drive a Ferrari-powered Sauber on his arrival in F1 next year.

He is the sixth member of the Ferrari Driver Academy, joining former GP2 rival Jules Bianchi along with Lance Stroll, Raffaele Marciello, Brandon Maisano, Daniel Zampieri and Mirko Bortolotti.

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21 comments on “Perez joins Ferrari Driver Academy”

  1. Lance Stroll, Raffaele Marciello, Brandon Maisano, Daniel Zampieri and Mirko Bortolotti.

    Who, who, who, who and who, exactly? I know Bortolotti lost Red Bull funding, but other than that, these guys are total non-entities.

    1. Heard of the last two, and they have some potential although I doubt they’ll ever drive for Ferrari in F1, although that’s not to say they wont have a go in other Ferrari powered cars in other series.

      Quite a big signing in Perez though, I’d say he has a chance of being promoted to Ferrari one day, following in the track of Raikkonen and Massa who graduated from Sauber to eventually join Ferrari

      1. Surely looks like Perez may be on the road Massa took years ago. Good for Sauber and Ferrari.

        Apart from Bianchi the list really does not sound that impressive as you note, PM.

        On the other hand, this initiative by Ferrari was started only last year after they found out they had none on the book to replace Massa, so there might be some names worth looking at in a few years.

      2. and i’m sure someday Kobayashi would drive Ferrari :)

        1. miguelF1O (@)
          9th October 2010, 0:03

          no kobayashi isnt driving Ferrari.If Perez proves to be f1 material is going to ferrari in 2011 mexican money would be a good boost and who knows if fiat is going to sell their stake to the same mexicans who are paying perez this sauber and ferrari connection is all about the mexicans and their sponsorship

    2. Cunning Stunt 8
      8th October 2010, 9:24

      Isn’t Lance Stroll that 11 year old kid that joined a few months back?

      1. What age was Hamilton when he got picked up by Mclaren?

        Anyone else think there should be a limit on this? like 14 years old or something? otherwise it’s kinda unfair for the other 11 year olds…

        1. “Anyone else think there should be a limit on this?”

          Personally no. I think anyone who gets picked to be part of a programme like this is brilliant. The more the better and if they can pick up kids who really lack funding too whatever the age then I’m all for it.

        2. I think they should be picking racing drivers at an embryonic stage. ;-)

        3. Some kids win scholarship in schools others don’t what is the reason for that?

    3. I think Bortolotti had a test with Ferrari before and broke the lap record, not sure though.

    4. Stroll is 12 year old karter from Quebec, Canada. He is signed basically because his dad has connections with Ferrari and owns the Mount Tremblant track. But he was Jr. Rotax National Champion this year, if that means much

  2. That is a good step forward as this will help him to become a better driver for 2011.

  3. When I think of every series of auto racing that I can remember, NASCAR at it’s inception has the most interesting ummmm… driver training recruitment program. Moonshine runners.

    Indeed, if you had the stones and were fast enough to get away from the coppers chasing you and could deliver the goods without breaking a bottle, then you had a good chance of doing well at say maybe… Darlington.

    1. Yeah, NASCAR definitely has the most interesting beginnings.

  4. Lance Stroll is the son of Lawrence Stroll. Lawrence has the rights to Tommy Hilfiger in North America. I think he might have some ownership of the dealership here in Montreal.

    Lance was announced as part of the academy here during our Canadian GP.

    1. I think at the time i read his father is holding the Canadian Ferrari imports bussiness.

  5. “Felipe, Sergio is younger than you. Please confirm you understand.”

    I’m telling you, don’t be surprised if Perez is #2 at Ferrari in two years.

    1. Sorry, after two years, i.e. 2013.

      1. Maybe #2 to Kubica?

  6. i want join in ferrai academy

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