Saturday washout at Suzuka in pictures

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Saturday’s running was almost entirely washed-out at Suzuka. We saw just a handful of laps in final practice and more rain forced qualifying to be postponed until tomorrow.

The teams entertained themselves by building model boats to sail down the flooded pit lane and the Virgin drivers played poker with each other.

See below for pictures of the cars in action on a very wet track – plus a few of the boats!

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    Images © Ferrari spa, Renault/LAT,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Lotus F1, Virgin Racing

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    18 comments on “Saturday washout at Suzuka in pictures”

    1. It was an interesting morning… I wasn’t bored for a minute. There was enough humor and rumor on the live blog, in the pits and tweets to make it time well spent. Great pics and thanks for having the live blog for the sit around and wait Q.

      1. Glad to be of service!

    2. Why didnt they just have a race with the boats for Pole? :P

      1. Nathan Bradley
        9th October 2010, 10:24

        Good idea, but of course if Adrian Newey designed it, it would have sailed to pole a full second quicker than anyone else, then it would have developed some technical problems in the race (a big hole would have mysteriously appeared in the hull) and sank, thus throwing away the ISAF Formula 1 Boat Racing Championship.


        1. If there’s anyone who knows how to design a boat, it’ll be Adrian Newey (remember his attempts at designing America Cup yachts?)…

          I’m surprised Martin Whitmarsh didn’t raise any questions of legality on the twin outrigger design!!! :D

          1. His trimaran looked pretty good this morning. It was fast, and Horner hinted it had some flexible parts as well :-)

            1. Yep, he said it had a flexible hull for extra speed.

    3. I like how the Sauber boat looks like the Titanic, I’m sure there is a joke there.

    4. I was hoping there would be boats!

    5. There’s some great shots there – espeically of Alguersuari going sideways.

    6. brilliant @ the boats, we could have had an awesome race if all the teams chipped in!

    7. Red Bull’s boat is arguably the best one!

      1. Which one though? There are three different Red Bull designs.

    8. Qualifying could’ve been with drivers racing boats down the pitlane…now THAT would have been fun!

    9. The Newey-designed RBR Boat had the most downforce and generally headed the rate of development throughout the session.

    10. I like Sauber’s the best, it deserves a Blue Peter badge!

    11. That is hilarious, I wish we got to see more of this sort of thing from the drivers & teams.

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