Who was the best driver of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend? (Poll)

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Which driver did the best job during the Japanese Grand Prix weekend?

See below for my pick of the best drivers in the Japanese Grand Prix.

Review each driver’s race weekend in detail below and vote for who you thought was the most impressive driver.

For your consideration

Here are some of the drivers who impressed me during the Japanese Grand Prix weekend:

Sebastian Vettel, 1st – Second win in two races at Suzuka, dominated the whole weekend.

Fernando Alonso, 3rd – Third was the best on offer and he took it.

Lewis Hamilton, 5th – Impressively quick in qualifying despite few practice laps, showed pace in the race too but had some dreadful luck.

Kamui Kobayashi, 7th – Gutsy overtaking moves on hard and soft tyres.

Robert Kubica, DNF – Showed great pace by out-qualifying Fernando Alonso and launched himself into second in the start. Pity they didn’t bolt his wheels on properly.

Compare all the drivers

You can review what happened to each driver in the race and compare their race data with their team mates using the links below:

McLaren: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes: Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher
Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber
Ferrari: Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa
Williams: Rubens Barrichello and Nico Hulkenberg
Renault: Robert Kubica and Vitaly Petrov
Force India: Adrian Sutil and Vitantonio Liuzzi
Toro Rosso: Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari
Lotus: Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen
HRT: Sakon Yamamoto and Bruno Senna
Sauber: Kamui Kobayashi and Nick Heidfeld
Virgin: Timo Glock and Lucas di Grassi

Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver impressed you the most in the Japanese Grand Prix weekend? Cast your vote below and have your say in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend?

  • Lucas di Grassi (0%)
  • Timo Glock (0%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi (59%)
  • Nick Heidfeld (1%)
  • Bruno Senna (0%)
  • Sakon Yamamoto (0%)
  • Heikki Kovalainen (0%)
  • Jarno Trulli (0%)
  • Jaime Alguersuari (0%)
  • Sebastien Buemi (0%)
  • Vitantonio Liuzzi (0%)
  • Adrian Sutil (0%)
  • Vitaly Petrov (1%)
  • Robert Kubica (7%)
  • Nico H???lkenberg (0%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (7%)
  • Felipe Massa (0%)
  • Mark Webber (1%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (9%)
  • Nico Rosberg (0%)
  • Michael Schumacher (5%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (7%)
  • Jenson Button (1%)

Total Voters: 2,743

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Singapore Grand Prix result

Fernando Alonso was voted the best driver of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend. Here are the top three drivers as voted for by you:

1. Fernando Alonso, 43%
2. Robert Kubica, 31%
3. Mark Webber, 10%

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    108 comments on “Who was the best driver of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend? (Poll)”

    1. Well, my vote goes to Kubica.

      OK, he may have only done a few laps, but that Renault, which isn’t recieving as many updates as the title challengers; for it to be in front of half of them, it a great achievement.

      He could have finished 3rd, and could have elevated himself to 6th in the DC. A shame that he had the wheel issue, but then again, other drivers have had their fair share of bad luck, too.

      1. I think Kubica should be exempt from race form, he had the potential to be good yes, but having potential is only good when your 12 years old.

        As an adult, only results matter.

        1. There’s so much wrong with that, I don’t know where to start. How about: how is that even relevant? Going by your logic, I take it that everyone outside of the race winner should be exempt from the vote.

        2. I agree with Maciek, and also, the question is ‘ Who was the best driver of the Japanese Grand Prix WEEKEND’, which, includes the Practice sessions, as well as Qualifying.

        3. Sush, you speak nonsense.
          In this poll we judge THE DRIVER’S performance, not the performance of the team or the outcome of the race, which is due to many other factors than the driver’s performance.
          Kubica’s performance was definately one of the best.

      2. I almost voted Kubica. He out-qualified both Ferraris and one McLaren in an inferior car. Hope to see great things from him in Korea.

        1. Great things for him in Korea, hmmm, 8th, 7th place… That Renault is a crap load shurely, don’t think anyone could possibly chalange Korean track in R30 higher than 7th. Even KUB.
          He only gets it high when other drivers balls shrink dramaticly due to wall, or grass closeness…and Korea is a “pussy” like , wide track where everyone can push to the limit, couse there is no limit…you jus go off the track, loose couple of tenths, and get back.

      3. As do mine. I would otherwise have voted for Kobayashi. It really is a shame that he missed the race. As you said, he would have easily beaten both Merc drivers in the championship (I’m hoping he does by the end of this season).

        Also, I’m sure he would’ve given Webber a very hard time for second place. Had Webber failed to gain a place, the championship would be even more interesting.

      4. 100% Kobayashi. Hilarious that Button managed to get 9 votes and Di Grassi got 8 :P

      5. why not Heidfeld his second race he beat kobayashi on qually of course kob wasted his last lap but anyway he is adapting faster than schumi after some stoppage time

    2. Critics are quick to liken a current driver to a former great or champion, such as;
      Lewis Hamilton having a driving style similar to Ayrton Senna
      Jenson Button being the Allain Prost of this generation and Sebestien Vettel having a very Villeneuve vibe to how he dominates a track.

      Well if people are going to compare them to former champions then I want to add Kamui Kobayashi to that pantheon, his swashbuckling style and swagger on the race track reminds me of Keke Rosberg, was he and is Koby one of the true greats?, thats debatable.

      But I don’t care when they are that exciting to watch, the crazy mentalists.

      1. He certainly has potential to be one of the greats, but only time will tell if he really is.

        1. Indeed US Peter, time will tell, but in the mean time, lets enjoy that absolutely mentalist race craft this kid uses.

          1. Koby drives like Montoya. Not afraid to make outlandish overtaking moves and make it stick. He crashed once in a while, but that what make his a real racing driver.

            I guess you can drive like this when you aren’t fighting for a championship, if you’re a front runner in the running for a WDC, you probably need to find the fine line between making risky moves and playing safe…not many have found that.

            Koba will need some refining if he were to drive for a top team, it all depends on which team he eventually gets to. He will need somebody like Ross Brawn to manage his talent on the Sunday afternoon if he is realize his full potential.

            Hopefully he keeps this up, he could be the next big thing in F1 alongside the Hulk

            1. Sulkenberg’s got a bit of maturing to do, but he’s still much younger than Kobayashi. He’s been outdriven by Kobayashi in an inferior car. Kobayashi’s got 27 points to Hulk’s 17 and has had 8 retirements to Hulk’s 4.

            2. … If I were Kamui I’m not sure I’d like to be compared to Montoya…

            3. Besides refining his driving style, he has to find more on consistency in pace. This season he looked really quick, partially due to Pedro in the second Sauber seat. He did make a lot of Q3 exits and crashes, but he definitely has the potential to improve and mature.

    3. I say Vettel. Pretty much untouchable throughout the weekend.

    4. If we speak about all the weekend I vote for Robert Kubica. He greatly delivered in both practice, quali and race before his unlucky retirement (not his fault). It was one more time shining example what could be done with less capable car driven by more capable driver (Suzuka is a demanding track).
      For the race it is Kobayashi hands down.
      Vettel was quick – this is his real virtue, but he had the quickest car, so it’s not enough for my vote.

      1. Agree both on Robert as well as on Kamui, although i voted for the latter. In the end, he is the one that got solid points from it.

    5. Get that Kabiyoshi fella in a top car asap I say

      1. The sri lankan
        12th October 2010, 23:34

        thats what i want too! Hes ready for a Top Car. Despite the Rumored Panasonic sponsorship that sauber will be fighting for the midfeild again next year. i hope Kobayashis talent doesn’t go wasted!

        1. 100% agree with you,imagine if he gets a faster car such as a Renault,that will be nice.
          I did remark this Kamui from last year when
          he replaced Timo in the Toyota F1 for few last races,it was phenomenal.

    6. My head said Vettel, since he truly dominated the track throughout the weekend, but my heart prevailed and I had to vote Kobayashi because he made MY weekend. Kubica was a close second as well. Here’s hoping Kobayashi can learn how to qualify, it would be great to see a race with him starting in the top 5!!

      1. Kobayahi’s quali results are not so much his fault in my opinion. The midfield has some pretty strong machines this year (with Renault almost replacing Mercedes in the top 4, though with Kubica’s help of course) and Sauber are definitely at the back amongst them.

        1. He’s been outqualified by his team mate more often than not, and most of the season that was De La Rosa, who’s not one of the top drivers. I think in time though he will get some consistency which will help him in qualifying.

          1. But i think De la Rosa is pretty good at quallifying, where it is just about getting 3 good sectors in one lap. He lacked mainly in race craft (and suffered from the mechanics of their car).

        2. I’d rank the mid-teams like this:

          1. Williams
          2. Renault (if Petrov was as good as Kubica they’d be number 1)
          3. Force India
          4. Sauber
          5. Toro Rosso

          And even though they’re considered a top 4 team I’d put Mercedes in between Renault and FI.

          1. Where is Mercedes then? Because they are definitely not among the top teams.

          2. If you call MErcedes a top team then Renault is even more so.

            Renault is actually ahead of Mercedes (only Petrov is holding them back) and they are miles clear of Williams.

          3. its more mclaren renault williams sauber force india and than toro rosso

    7. Kobayashi. Watch this guy. Given half a chance and he could dominate F1 for the next decade. He has a steeliness
      and sense of timing which are nothing short of remarkable.
      For comparrison, you only have to look at the career of his team-mate.

      I’ve always been a fan of Heidfeld, but to be ruthlessly honest, in an F1 career spanning ten times that of Kobayashi, he has never pulled of anything remotely approaching the things his team mate seems to do every race day.

      1. I’ve always been a fan of Heidfeld, but to be ruthlessly honest, in an F1 career spanning ten times that of Kobayashi, he has never pulled of anything remotely approaching the things his team mate seems to do every race day.

        I remember him doing several brilliant moves on his way to second place in the British Grand Prix two years ago.

        1. While I am not a fan of Heidfeld, he does pull off excellent overtakes from time to time (more often than most other F1 drivers). As far as I remember, he made double passes on two different tracks a couple of years back.

          1. In fact didn’t he make two double overtakes during the same race David mentioned, and round the outside too if I remember correctly?

            In my opinion Heidfeld has his moments where he really shines, but I agree with Leon that with generally solid and steady drives Nick is the antithesis of Kamui with his all or nothing approach. I can’t help but think of the late great Colin McRae as perfect analogy to his driving style. Like McRae, I think Kamui’s style and approach could gain him either admiration or notoriety.

            A Kobayashi dominated F1 though, I’m not so sure about!

      2. at bahrain 06 or 07 he made some double overtakes and he beat kubica lots of times last year and he should have won the 08 canadian gp

      3. Despite not pulling off anything remotely approaching what his team-mate did, Heidfeld still finished only 5 seconds behind him. Not bad for his first race in almost a year.

    8. It’s a weekend poll so I’ll say Vettel closely followed by Alonso. Both got the maximum out of their cars this weekend and no mistakes but Vettel had a much stronger team mate this weekend so I voted for him.

      Kubica had a good weekend but never really got a chance for the vote given his race got cut short.

      Hamilton was good in the race and quali but his error in practice means he wasn’t quite good enough this weekend for me.

      1. Spot on…

        Also, Kobayashi worth a mention of course.

        1. well i love KOB, but he did screw up his Q2 lap…

          1. If it was driver of the race then Kobayashi would probably get my vote but, as Sato points out, he did mess up in quali a bit I feel.

      2. Really? I wasnt that impressed by Alonso. He was out-qualified by hamilton and kubica, and in the race he gained a place thanks to Kubica’s retirement but never had to overtake. Thanks to Hamilton’s gearbox woes and Button’s poor tire strategy, Alonso never threatened those in front and was never threatened by those behind him. He certainly didnt make any mistakes (as far as I could tell), but for me that’s far from driver-of-the-weekend material.

        1. With the Ferrari’s characteristics and Mclaren’s plus their upgrade and Renault I was seriously scared for Ferrari this weekend. 3rd was the maximum. Everything went right while all the others fell apart.

    9. Kobayashi of course, if we had more drivers like him in F1, this sport would be even more interesting, hopefuly the others after this race can watch what he did and start to say that actually it´s possible to overtake just need to try harder.

      1. I didn’t finally vote for Kobayashi becasue he cracked under pressure during Qualifing and his race result was only to level to his team mate, technically speaking.
        So despite his brilliant passes, he passed slower cars, and was elevated to 7th only because Kubica, Massa and Rosberg did not finish.

        1. Kobayashi did pass his teammate.

          1. nah, HEI let him through, obviously, coz he recognised theyh were on different strategies.

          2. Heidfeld is know to be a good employee he let kubica on canada kubica one and only win he said that he couldnt confirm but if kubica won that race he would reach championship liderance

        2. Give him a better car then you’ll see he will fight for the top,this guy didn’t affraid nothing,the way he drives let me think about a Montoya,Gilles Villeneuve,F1 needs driver like him to make the race more excited

    10. Kobayashi 60% !!

      He did really really well but I didn’t think it would be that high to be honest!

      Well done to him though. Very gutsy performance!

    11. Has to be Vettel really, doesn’t it? Hamilton pulled out an amazing Q3 and nearly capped off an impressive recovery drive, but missing most of two practice sessions can’t be discounted. Vettel had the pace and the beating of his team-mate all weekend and that’s why he gets my vote.

    12. Vettel only won because he’s an average driver in the fastest car on the grid, right?
      Foolish opinion, if that is the case of anyone who has it – he could (and will continue to do so) tear up Suzuka in any frontrunning car. I don’t hate him nearly as much as I did a few months ago, but I am getting increasingly nervous that he’s found that untouchable pace again and Webber isn’t going to be able to hold him off.
      He gets my vote, marginally ahead of Kamui, because the Japanese ace left a little to be desired in qualifying. His braking power seems incredible though!

      1. its like running a 100m sprint, except the red bulss only have to run 90m, they were always goning to win here and we knew it from the start of the weekend

    13. So, how come Schumacher doesn’t get a mention?

      Made up places on the start, made a pass on Barrichello in a difficult spot, had good pace all race and was on the tail of Rosberg* when his team mate crashed, meaning he finished only behind the 5 championship challengers.

      He could have been closer to the front runners if not for the daft strategy move of his team. It’s widely acknowledged that the Mercedes hasn’t been a good car for a while. It was his driving and not a crafty strategy that got him to 6th. I can’t help but feel that if Rosberg had had this drive he’s have been on the short list.

      Schumi was also quick in practice, it was only Q2 and Q3 where his pace seemed down, and Brawn later said that his car had a ‘minor technical problem,’ during that part of qualifying.

      *As I posted elsewhere the gap between Rosberg and Schumacher the lap before Rosberg retired was only 0.2 seconds, indicating that Schumacher was having a run on his team mate.

      1. As you know I share your bemusement at the strategy. I didn’t put him in my five picks because those other five drivers impressed me more.

    14. Kobayashi, I would love to see him in a better car. But my crystal ball has a huge defect, it only shows the past, and there I found a lot of drivers who did better than their team mates and cars but failed to delivery the equivalent perfomance in bigger teams. But I sincerely would love to watch a fair duel between him and Hamilton.

      1. That would be a team with a lot of overworked mechanics rebuilt crashed cars! That would be great though to have the two most aggressive overtakers on one team!

    15. My vote goes to Schumacher. Kobayashi is the obvious choice, but after the Old Master’s disappointing and frankly embarrassing showing at Singapore, for him to come home sixth was a major revival of form and shows that he’s still got the X factor.

      1. I actually forgot about Schumacher but I was really impressed with him and you’re right that he really needed it after Singapore. I was willing him on to pass Rosberg.

    16. Put Kobayashi in the Red Bull and Vettel in the Sauber and then compare. Vettel is a fast DRIVER when out front and not under pressure; Kobayashi is a RACER who has the knack for pulling off passes.

      Koby deserves the vote.

      1. See, it’s this kind of thinking that irritates me – and that’s amazing, because I’m no Vettel fan. When Vettel was outperforming that STR the same sentiments were being thrown around. If Kamui was driving so brilliantly, he should have outqualified Nick, shouldn’t he?

        1. Some people are better qualifiers than racers, i.e Trulli, some people are better racers than qualifiers, i.e. Brundle. Points are awarded for your position at the end of the race, not the start, so while qualifying well is an advantage, where you finish is all that counts in the end. In this case Kobyashi finished ahead of Heidfeld.

    17. 62% of the vote for Kobayashi is ridiculous. He’s gutsy but simply too slow. Heidfeld’s just jumped into the Sauber and has out-qualified him already. I’ll cut Koba some slack because he was on hard tires but that’s still not enough of an excuse. He wouldn’t last half a season in a top team.

      1. Comparing a driver with ten-year of experience to a rookie that way isn’t very fair though.

      2. I’d call Renault a top team and Petrov is looking to stay another year…

        So I don’t see why Kamui couldn’t…

        1. Petrov, as most of the recent rookies, has been woeful. It’s only sponsorship money that’s giving him a sniff of a Renault seat next season. Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to see Kobayashi going wheel to wheel with Hamilton and Alonso (he could also show the RBs how to overtake properly) but what’s more probable is him regularly qualifying in Q2 and trailing his team mate by a second a lap.

          1. He might start out like that, but so long as he improves he’d be a good choice as a number 2.

      3. Kobayashi isn’t even slow. If he was slow, then he wouldn’t have been able to finish 7th. There are some drivers out there who just have better race pace, than qualifying pace.

      4. Well.. It doesnt matters what you think, in the end Koba finished ahead of Heidfeld and was awarded more points, thats what counts.

    18. Kamui Kobayashi & I don’t have a reason for that!!!!!!

    19. I voted for Vettel, but I thought Schumacher and Kubica were hugely impressive as well.

      Re: Kobayashi’s qualifying, I believe he was well on course to get into the top 10 from his first two sector timings, but made a bad mistake at the last chicane and lost a second. Doesn’t excuse the fact that he didn’t qualify well, but just pointing it out.

      He was awesome in the race (Unfortunately I only watched replays), but over the entire weekend, Vettel just about edges it over the race pace of Schumacher and qualifying of Kubica.

    20. I think Kamui totally deserves that vote! Its fair enough to reward fernando and seb week after week for solid drives, but I don’t think anyone can doubt that such a drive as the one we saw out of the Sauber is what F1 needs! Almost as if he read the F1 in Japan article on here aye Keith? :P

    21. Kobayashi. Sure he screwed up his Q2 lap but generally he’s been very strong and put in an extremely good race. I think he and Hamilton are the most entertaining drivers on the grid right now, pulling gutsy moves and doing lots of overtaking.

    22. Let’s face facts. Over the weekend Koby was not the best. But who can maintain that analytical cool head when Koby raced from his heart, not his head, for himself, his Country and for ALL THE FANS. That’s why I and so many others voted for Koby. All these votes should be compulsory reading for the other 23 F1 drivers and the team managers.

    23. Banzai Kobayashi gets my vote for an entertaining race.
      Great overtaking.

      1. Finally, someone who knows how to spell BANZAI correctly!!!!! LOL!

    24. Andy from Beaverton
      12th October 2010, 7:08

      I didn’t see Leeroy Jenkin’s name in the list?

    25. Have to give it to Vettel for best driver of the weekend – Kobayashi was best driver of the race though.

    26. It has to be Kobayashi. Vettel was great but it was Kobayashi who showed us how racing should be.

    27. someone needs to track down kamui’s email address and send this too him

    28. Well, for some reason I can’t vote, but if I could it’d be for Koby. What a drive ! And before anyone says it that its driver of the weekend – all I generally see is qualy & the race. And the race is where it counts.

    29. Straight away I voted for Kobayashi, although thinking about it more logically Alonso and Vettel technically had better weekends.

      Then again, voting with my head never was a strong point of mine…

    30. Just curious, because I cant find it in any articles. Did Kobi use softs on the front wheels and hards on the rears? If yes, is it legal?

      1. I believe that would not be legal. Article 25.2 of F1 Sporting Regulations says: “A set of tyres will be deemed to comprise two front and two rear tyres all of which must be of the same specification.”

      2. I saw that too and did a double-take. When Koby had his touch with Alguersuari’s STR the green stripe got worn off so it looks like he’s got hards on the back.

    31. Kobayashi overtook a lot, but at the end, he only finished in front of Heidfield.

      1. Funny I thought he was 7th

    32. Kamui “World Champions’s Horror” Kobayashi!! The best of the best!

    33. I found it a bit difficult to decide:

      Kubica had a great qualifying and start, but unfortunately couldn’t show anything in the race, so that makes it difficult to judge how he would have done. Probably as good as he usually can in a competitive car, but we just don’t know.

      Kobayashi was absolutely great in the race, making me wonder how far he could have gone had he done the same in quali, but he didn’t (couldn’t with his car?) really deliver there.

      Alonso was in a way a bit anonymous, but undoubtedly got the maximum he could this weekend. But so did Vettel, and he had pole and the win, with a faster car – good work from both, but I can’t really say Alonso did better. And Vettel again only won a race from pole without overtaking.

      Hamilton, well, he drove a great race (pity he couldn’t take Button at the start), and had a superb qualifying. But his earlier mistake cost him, so not the driver of the weekend.

      Schumacher actually did really well, even if he couldn’t get past Rosberg, with a better strategy he could have been 4th, but, well, he didn’t.

      In the end the enjoyment I had from Kobayashi in the race, on his home grand prix, made me choose him as driver of the weekend – he definitely showed that he has a future in formula 1. Even my – not so very into F1 – newspaper had a reasonable size article about him: he made some impact this weekend, again.

    34. Voted Kamui (he was like this hero who save the day in last scene of some action movie), but I would vote for Kubica after what he gain and how he start but you know what happend…

    35. I voted Vettel, of course.
      He dominated the whole weekend (FP1, FP2, Q1, Q2, Q3, race).
      Kobayashi had a great race, Kubica was really fast in qualifying, Shumacher surprised me in the race and Hamilton was impressive in qualifying and in the race, but the accident in FP1 was a mistake that costed him a lot.

    36. My vote goes to Vettel. Kobayashi can do what he wants but Vettel qualified 1st, driven with no mistakes and finished 1st. its impossible to be better :)

      1. wrong – Webber got fastest lap :-)

        1. I think when u r fighting so close to every single point u really dont care about fastest laps. Its just statistics…

          1. Actually, Vettel DOES care about fastest laps, and Mark knows it.

        2. Younger Hamilton
          16th October 2010, 13:16

          Webber had to steal from Jenson at the last lap again Webber screwing up McLaren if he’s paid to do this as well as drive brilliantly for RBR then he’s doing a terrific job.

    37. I voted with the heart again and not with the head…I voted for Fernando because as Keith said 3rd was the best on offer and he took it. However even tho Im an Alonso fan Im kinda regretting it cause I should have voted for Kamui Kobayashi..what an excellent drive in a below par Sauber.
      Kobayashi—excellent drive with plenty of gr8 overtakes
      Alonso—no mistakes from start to finish, gr8 drive
      Kubica—extremely unlucky but looked pacy all weekend
      Hamilton—looked decent and didnt crash for once, but to be fair was unlucky with his new gearbox

    38. It would have been Liuzzi had he had the chence to race; he didn’t and I had to go for Vettel. No errors, a perfect drive, and a deserved win.

    39. There is many MS fan,but was he that good?

      Nico changed his tires @ lap2.
      when MS tires was soft his laptime was almost same as herd tires Nico’s.
      And after Nico out,his time is same.
      @ end of race,Nico’s tires almost finished ,so…

      1. Real mature choice of username…

        But yes, he was faster than Nico Rosberg (for once), and had a good race.

    40. I’ll give it to Kobayashi. To be fair, the Fuji feed focussed primarily on him, so he got the spotlight.

      I also must mention Kovalainen. 12th in the Lotus. I was very unhappy about his form at McLaren, but now, seeing Button’s similar raw pace lag to Hamilton, and Kovalainen’s excellent work in the Lotus, I think Heikki deserves a top tier ride, and this race he can put at the top of his resume.

    41. Christian Horner: Jenson as sacrificial lamb??
      How soon before we see a Jenson Mutton Unlap t-shirt?

      Kobash gets my vote. Superb drive from him in an era where everyone bemoans lack of passing and boring F1… After Will Buxton’s excellent piece on Speed about the decline of F1 in Japan.. I am worried about his future without sponsorship from a Japanese Manufacturer… that would be a shame

      1. “How soon before we see a Jenson Mutton Unlap t-shirt?” Ha! You should tell Luke that and he’d probably make it. :)

      2. Isn’t he getting Panasonic? They don’t have as much money as Mr. Slim but that might keep him from getting bounced in favor of some anonymous Mexican GP2 driver.

        1. The sri lankan
          13th October 2010, 5:21

          i hope the Panasonic deals for real….then again it all depends on sauber and their ability to produce a good car. not that Panasonic ever sponsored a race winning team, if kobayashis snapped by another team it might be a PR disaster for the sponsors

    42. wong chin kong
      13th October 2010, 11:02

      Kobayashi, best driver and best rookie. He consistently qualified outside the top ten but on actual race day, he extracted maximum performance from his Sauber car and able to race with the middle runners and perform daring overtaking moves. Given a better car, he should be at the podium.

    43. Younger Hamilton
      16th October 2010, 12:58

      Voted Hamii as always

    44. Younger Hamilton
      16th October 2010, 13:19

      Kamui Kobayashi, the master of bravery and Overtaking after Lewis Hamilton,Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso.Surely the next Takuma Sato and BETTER!!

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