P?�?�rez to drive Sauber at Yas Marina test

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Sergio P?�?�rez has visited the Sauber factory ahead of his first test with the team next month.

He said:

I came here to meet my future team and also to find out where I am going to live here. I want to be very close to the factory and to spend as much time as possible with them in my first season. I’m looking forward to having this experience and succeeding with the Sauber team. I think they’re a great bunch of people; they received me very, very well, and I am really happy. I did quite a lot of work with the engineers as it is good to get to know each other. All in all it was a very nice experience.

It is a great factory, it is really huge. It seems that here you’ve got all the environment and resources which are needed to build a competitive Formula One car and to succeed. I hope everything goes well with preparations for the next season, and then we should have a good car.
Sergio P?�?�rez

He will drive for the team in the post-season test day for young drivers at Yas Marina:

[It] will be in Abu Dhabi on November 17th. Wednesday right after my final GP2 race I will do one day and then we will see what comes next.
Sergio P?�?�rez

P?�?�rez joins Kamui Kobayashi at the team in 2011. The pair raced against each other in GP2 in 2009, P?�?�rez scoring 22 points to Kobayashi’s 13:

I know him a little from GP2 where we were both racing in 2009. I think he is a great driver, I rate him highly. He has also done some really impressive racing in Formula One, so I think he will be a very good benchmark for me. We have to work together and develop the car in order to achieve the best possible results.
Sergio P?�?�rez

Speaking about his F1 debut he said:

It is a dream come true. I started racing at the age of six and always pushed myself to make it into Formula One. I had a very difficult time when going alone to Europe – to Germany actually – at the age of 15. It was hard but I took my chances. Now I’m looking forward to succeeding in Formula One.

I love to compete – every single day. Not only in driving, also on the physical and mental side.

Sergio P?�?�rez at Sauber

Sauber sign Sergio Perez for 2011

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8 comments on “P?�?�rez to drive Sauber at Yas Marina test”

  1. I like his looking when they explain the steering wheel. I suppose there is enough to learn for a whole month of visting the factory.

    1. Yeah, just imagine how thick the driver’s manual for an F1 car would be if they had one.

      Well, Adrian Newey had one when they gave him his RB5 anyway. :)

      1. …and that’s for the guy that designed it. They must have steering manual homework in the preseason to get up to speed on all the knobs, buttons, and twiddly widgets.

  2. Is that the monstrosity that was the BMW F1.09 he’s sitting in?

    1. Sure looks like the F1.09 in this season’s livery, simple box-like endplates and all.

      1. May be working with his seat fitting.

  3. Foolong Baloney
    14th October 2010, 15:41

    It would be wonderful if Sauber could have two consistently top ten performers next year.

  4. ….yes that would be the 09 car as the current cars will be making their way (in pieces) across to Korea from Japan. They use the previous seasons cars for show runs etc hence making it look like the 2010 car with the current branding

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