Dry weekend expected in Korea

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With a new circuit and a greasy track surface to get to grips with, the last thing the drivers needs this weekend is rain. Fortunately for them the weather for the Korean Grand Prix looks likely to remain dry.

The Korean International Circuit is outside Mokpo in the southernmost portion of South Korea. October is a cool month in which temperatures generally range between 10-20C.

This summary of recorded temperatures and rainfall for last October in Mokpo gives a good general impression of the conditions to expect: not too warm, but dry.

The forecasts for the next three days put temperatures in the high teens and low 20s (C). It hasn’t rained in the area for over a week and that doesn’t seem likely to change during the F1 weekend.

Korean International Circuit location

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    18 comments on “Dry weekend expected in Korea”

    1. Small typo – last paragraph:

      It hasn’t rained in the area for over a week and that doesn’t seem likely to chance during the F1 weekend.


      1. Changed, thanks.

    2. Just arrived in Mokpo. Are there any F1fanatics there already and where are they hanging out:)?

      1. I believe some are heading to the race Emilssi – have a look here:

        2010 Korean Grand Prix discussion

    3. Good job it’s not in the north of south Korea, then some journalists might say it’s located to the north of S Korea, and everybody interprets that as N Korea!! :|

    4. But formula1.com says it will rain on sunday! Don’t know how reliable their weather reports are, I know they’ve been wrong before, so you might be right.

    5. According to Lotus, the safety car had a huge moment at Turn 1, got 2 wheels off the track…going to be so slippery.

    6. Not to have any hopes on a raining race but the typhoon is probally ruining people weatherforecast. Proably a dry qualifier but wet race. Lets keep or tumbs crossed

      1. or= our tumbs i wish there was a edit possiblility

        1. or= our thumbs… whats a tumb?
          and you cross your fingers not your thumbs!

          1. It worked! oh sorry seems i was completly dumbed by work ofcourse it’s fingers crossed. What the hell i was thinking about..

    7. According to what the Schumacher Brothers said in Korea on “Autosport” that rain may arrive on race day.Although Michael said that the track is looking very good for their team i.e.,in the dry but if it rains things will be different.

    8. 50/50 might rain and might not.

      Its like 50/50 u maybe see the dinosaur today, and u maybe wont

    9. I’d Love if it rained
      But it wont surely

    10. i think even wiht a dry race we might have some suprises, so let the rain stay away this time.

    11. Been reading that there is a typhoon heading towards china which is why the weather for sunday is not so clear at the moment, so… meh I like a maverick grand prix.

    12. The BBC weatherman suggests there is an increasing, and now a pretty good chance of rain on sunday. At the start of the week he said it would be dry all week. This bloke has been pretty accurate with his forecasting this year, so worth a look: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/weather/ianfergusson/2010/10/formula-one-weather-forecast-k.shtml

    13. Yes, heavy rain the whole sunday! new predictions )

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