F1 Fanatic round-up: 23/10/2010

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At the time of writing there’s just a few hours left for you to make your Korean Grand Prix predictions if you haven’t yet:

Name the Korea top five to win F1 prizes

Here’s today’s round-up:


Racing official gives thumbs up to Austin’s F1 plans (Austin American Statesman)

“The federation will consider a proposal in November to return to the former requirement that new Grand Prix facilities pass inspection at least 90 days before their first race.”

Rosberg to get new engineer (Will Buxton)

“A Mercedes spokesperson told me moments ago that the team would not be confirming names or changes in personnel for the moment but if my sources are correct, and I believe that they are, then it would appear that Rosberg is beginning to stamp his authority at the team and move it, or at the very least move his side of the garage, in a direction which better suits him.”

Korean GP – Conference 2 (FIA)

Martin Whitmarsh: “You should never bet on Formula One. It’s very unpredictable, team orders and those sorts of things, so I wouldn’t put my money anywhere.”

Comment of the day

Lots of positive reaction to the Korean International Circuit yesterday – here’s what Magnificent Geoffrey had to say:

I think Tilke and the Koreans should be commended. Forget everything else, they’ve got the most important factor right, the track. Of course, it’s still very early days and we don’t know what’s going to happen on Sunday but even with no scenery that cars looked absolutely fantastic around the track – especially through that final sequence.

The dust and general lack of grip was encouraging to see as well because it’s always more exciting when the teams are struggling to find the grip. I’m really looking forward to this one!
Magnificent Geoffrey

Happy birthday!

Wishing a happy birthday to manatcna!

On this day in F1

The Japanese Grand Prix was held at Fuji for the second time on this day in 1977.

The race was marred by a huge crash involving Gilles Villeneuve and Ronnie Peterson in which two spectators were killed.

James Hunt won the race and F1 did not return to Japan until a decade later.

Read more: 1977 Japanese Grand Prix flashback

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  1. Happy birthday ‘Man at C&A’!

    1. From me as well. You get an unpredictable F1 qualifying for your Birthday!

      1. Happy birhtday manatcna. :)

    2. Have a great day manatcna!

    1. So that long straight is going to be almost enitrely uphill?


  2. Wonder how long the track will be… it looks very fast

  3. Completely agree with Mag Geoff’s COTD!

    Happy Birthday Manatcna

  4. While watching highlights of FIA GT cats, it came to my attention that Donnington Park has reopened after the fiasco with it’s upgrade for Formula 1, but it’s good to know it’s useable once more, it also made me think, should us Brits have been taking the high ground by doubting the Korean’s ability to get their F1 track finished when we couldn’t get Donnington Park finished in time for F1!

  5. Jacques Villeneuve caused a pile up at the start of Race 1 of the Gold Coast 600 V8 Supercar Race. He was hit from behind at the start, forcing another car into the wall, before later in the lap being hit from behind, spinning and hitting 2 cars. This resulted in the track being all but blocked.



  6. You know, I reckon Korea’s turn 17 is going to be a new addition to that Top Ten … Hermann Tilke Corners article that was posted about a month ago.

    1. Yeh, I’m really liking it too.

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