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The Korean Grand Prix was a destruction derby of a race with several drivers crashing out in difficult conditions.

Former championship leader Mark Webber’s Red Bull (pictured) was the most high-profile wreck of the day.

See below for more pictures from the rain-hit Korean Grand Prix.

2010 Korean Grand Prix

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    Images © Bridgestone/Ercole Colombo, KAVO, www.mclaren.com, Getty Images/Red Bull

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    41 comments on “Korean Grand Prix in pictures”

    1. Looks like Vitali Petrov lost control while trying out Renault’s new 6-wheel F1 car…

      1. The double front wheels upset the balance of the car, which caused him to oversteer off the track.

    2. Some great pictures here Keith! Thanks!

      1. Great Pictures and a great race,this race sorted out the men from the boys..There were 4 winners in this race.
        3 of the 4 were World Champions,and that is why to become a World Champion you need skill,determination and the ability to rise above all adversity.
        Well done to Alonso and Massa and the Ferrari team.
        Special praise for the greatest of all World Champions ,Michael SChumacher,the Grand Old Man of Formua one who can still “Dance in the Rain”.Fabulous.

        1. Forgot to mention “Todays HAPPY SMILING BOY!” LEWIS HAMILTON ,well done Lewis,lady Luck is back on board.:)

    3. Hamilton looks like someone having a good dream at that podium pic :D

      1. Thinking of what Nicole will do to him when he gets home perhaps :P

        1. and what she’s probably done to the 500 guys she’s been with before him!

    4. Did I miss somthing…..I did not realise there was a mountain stage in this GP. The cars were a mess.

      I did like the fact that before the restart Ferrari seemed to be more concerned about constantly polishing their car with a leather than anything else.

      1. I loved the look of the muddy cars, it made the atmosphere of the race different to the norm, along with the darkness, they looked rough and manly, like a pack of animals emerging from a war of survival.

    5. I can’t recall seeing an F1 car covered in so much mud.
      Almost looks like Webber’s car was part of the construction project.

    6. Webbers car looks more like Sebastian Loeb’s Citroen after a rally stage.
      almost all the cars became dirty today. do you have pic of the parc ferme atfer the race?
      Cool race,cool pictures!

    7. For a while I thought it was Kimi’s Rally RedBull car ;-).

      The podium ceremony with all those camera flashes reminds me of Brazil 2008 podium. Strangely, 3 out 4 people are the same in both races.

      1. For a while I thought it was Kimi’s Rally RedBull car

        Well, it was crashed…

    8. it’s not in the pics, but has anyone else noticed how bad Massa is at parking in parc ferme? he can never get it straight.

    9. The picture of Webber’s muddied Red Bull reveals two vertical fins underside the nose aft of the front wing mounts. I never noticed these before. Do any of the other cars have similar fins and what are their purpose?

      1. Well, they obviously don’t prevent the car from going around on you when you put a wheel up on the curb…

    10. webbers stricken red bull is my favourite f1 picture this year..its just not monaco is it!

    11. Great pics as usual Keith!

    12. Nobody can be as happy about a “gifted” victory like Alonso. This man has no soul. Ever since he raised his arms like a winner after Michael Schumacher’s engine exploded in Suzuka 2006 I feel sick when he wins a race.

      And this time yet again the vitory should have gone to someone else.

      What a shame for Vettel!

      1. boo hoo. To finish first first you have to finish. Red Bull didn’t deserve the win because they didn’t bring a car capable of finishing the race, that motor racing.

      2. The victory wasn’t gifted to Alonso any more than any other.

        Unless there’s cheating (as there was in Singapore with Piquet), or race fixing, the guy who wins deserved to win, by definition. Racing is a test to find out who crosses the line first, not to find out who’s the most honorable, who’s the most likable, who put the most effort in, or even who’s the most skilled.

        As a driver, you have to train well, pick the right team to drive for, not throw it off the road, and be faster than anyone else. Alonso did all of those things. And this time, Webber and Vettel did all but one…

        1. Your definition is off. Alonso wasn’t fastest. He wasn’t in Bahrain, nor in Korea, and he wasn’t fast enough in Hockenheim. He yet again won a race due to a technical malfunction of an opponent.

          Whatever way you like to see it (I want to see the best winning, not the luckiest), this wasn’t my point. My point was, that I can’t stand his way of celebrating those so called victories.

          Not to mention the constant whining when he’s behind someone and can’t pass, or whenever something’s not working in his favour.

          He is a quick driver, no doubt. But a sportsman he is not.

          1. as Ads21 said above, boo hoo.

    13. The mud with a sprinkling of Sauber is Kobayashi not Heidfeld, right?

    14. I’m loving the pic of Webbers RB… The angle of the shot… the dark sky…. the carnage….but it’s the mud that’s the icing on the cake! I’ve never seen an F1 car look like that. Brilliant

      1. Gives F1 a new meaning, as you do get fed up of looking at gleaming cars and sleekly dressed drivers :).
        Today the drivers emerged looking like old warriors,the victorious gladiators after the battle.Their poor old horses looked a bit battle worn though :).

    15. what was the real reason to take F1 to Korea. At least they could’ve built a better circuit with a more interesting and safer design. The race was a complete mess.

    16. Webber’s RB6 looks like a rally car and not a formula one.

    17. Call me crazy, but I would really like it if pictures of more drivers are published. I mean. hrt is a horrible car, Buemi is a freaky driver, so is sutil, Senna is funny looking.. but all of them too were in the korean GP. There should have been more pictures of them.(and the entire mid/back row) Yes, obviously there should be more pictures of title leaders and race winners. But dont ignore the midfield and the backenders. It makes it… unprofessional.

    18. Fantastic pictures, THX!!!!!!!

    19. that picture with Nick’s Sauber and the kerb…

      honestly… it was good the race went on and everything… but is that good enough standards for F1?

      I mean, look at it!! it’s just mud!! what kind of run off area is that?

      1. I complain about antiseptic tracks, so I’m sure as hell not going to complain about this one!

    20. The funny thing is that Webber’s filthy, shredded, stricken, wrecked hulk of a car is still worth more than anything most of us have ever and will ever own, including our houses!

      1. Yes, but I’m murdering him in the sq. footage department!

        1. If you consider the entire area his car was spread over after the accident, then maybe not… ;)

      1. ROFL, wells there’s a congratulatory pat a bit below the belt

      2. lmao awesome picture

    21. MS was the Man of the Race.

      Superb take overs on Kubica and Button.

      Well done, old man!

      1. Yeah, I was happy to see that. The more I get to being closer in age to Schu than to the rest of the field, the more I find myself rooting for him…

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