Sutil penalised for Kobayashi crash

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Adrian Sutil has been handed a five-place grid penalty for causing an avoidable accident during the Korean Grand Prix.

Sutil collided with Kamui Kobayashi while trying to pass the Sauber driver at turn four.

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    30 comments on “Sutil penalised for Kobayashi crash”

    1. Good. Sutil was driving like a loon today. He might be quick in the wet but it also appears his brain is very water-soluble…

      1. Seconded. He was a mobile accident waiting to happen today.

        1. Thirded. I think every accident he had today was avoidable but good decision by the stewards. I don’t know what was wrong with Adrian today but he completely lost his head which is a shame give he was looking a lot more consistent this year.

          1. He had so many incidents, makes me wonder why the stewards didn’t give him drive through during the race. At least it would have spared his colleagues the damage that Sutil inflicted on them.

            1. thatz exactly how i drive. On my PC. with a keyboard! :P

      2. Fifthed / Sixthed..

        Sutil was very weird today. Did he think he was in the simulator and there would be no damage whatsoever?

    2. I haven’t seen such ragid driving from anyone since the days of Juan Pablo Montoya.

      1. Absolutely! Haha…

    3. Sutil drove like a clown today. Full marks for effort but he has to learn controlled aggression.

    4. Both Force Indias were driving recklessly today. No need for it at all!

    5. This accident is very much like one Vettel crash into Button. Did Vettel get any penalty that time? I can’t remember.

      1. yes, why yes he did. drive through

    6. Media on twitter are also reporting a $10,000 fine for continuing to race knowing he had brake problems. (Probably not knowing how to use them.)

      1. “Brake problem”? Isn’t that called a wet track?

    7. Sutil just blew it today. But why are stewards handing out penalties for every racing incident. Dont remember so much interference from the stewards in any previous season.

      1. To be fair, Sutil deserved it, he was downright dangerous at times

        1. A debatable penalty.

          Inconsistent application of penalties. You could say Kobayashi displayed similar aggression in Suzuka (which I thoroughly enjoy and support btw.)
          The only difference being Kobayashi got lucky on several occasions – maybe because it was dry..?

          1. It’s only inconsistent because you don’t understand the rules.

            Sutil was coming from far behind (ie he doesn’t have the right of the line) and then resulted in flying off track. That’s clearly an avoidable accident.

            1. Kobayashi didn’t plow anyone of the track in Suzuka either.

    8. well after all he did today… no surprise xD

    9. Sutil has, in a way, done his team mate a favour by taking the spotlight away from his run of poor races. Still be interesting to find out who’s driving the Force Indias newt year.

    10. I don’t know what GHOST was over his shoulder today, he was overtaking then going out again, very entertaining.

    11. To bad he got a penaulty, ofcourse he deserve it because he hit Kobo. But atleast he was racing as fast possible which can’t be said of a lot of drivers.

      He was a bit too agressive if he just took time after each overtake he would be in the top 10.

      1. if racing was only abt driving fast then why not fit jet engines on the car? :P

    12. Good… he was all over the place all the race long.

      He kept going off and off and off…

    13. trying to impress the Renault bosses, was he?

      1. That’s no way to impress. If they want an overly agressive driver who crashes out they’ll just resign Petrov. My guess is they’re trying to find someone who doesn’t do that. Still crossing my fingers for Glock or Hülkenberg at Renault.

        1. Megawatt_Herring
          24th October 2010, 20:14

          I think this was Sutil’s worst race of the season, he just seemed like a different driver today. Force India is one of the harder teams to estimate their drivers for next season. I would like to see Di Resta given a seat as he is their current reserve driver and he has participated in some practice sessions this year.

    14. Armchair Driver
      24th October 2010, 22:39

      Sutil was more than aggressive or reckless. He was amateurish. Coming hard on the inside to T3, overcooking it under braking in the wet and plowing through a string of 4 cars to end up in the run off? I expect to see this stuff at a wet track day or autocross with novices in Corvettes. I don’t expect to see it in F1.

      Watching him was like watching a pachinko ball. Five grid spots is not enough of penalty. You didn’t see Shumacher or other great rain drivers doing this.

    15. Adrian ‘Suicidal’ Sutil… as he became known in the pub I was watching it all from..

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