Contact delays drivers (Lotus race review)

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Hydraulic problems delayed Jarno Trulli in Korea and both drivers made costly contact with rivals during the race.

Jarno TrulliHeikki Kovalainen
Qualifying position1821
Qualifying time comparison (Q1)1’40.521 (-1.247)1’41.768
Race position13
Pit stops22

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Jarno Trulli

Missed a lot of running on Friday with a gearbox problem but nonetheless qualified best of the new teams’ drivers.

Fell behind most of them when he spun off at the start, then a few laps later lost his front wing in a collision with Bruno Senna. Was sidelined by the usual Lotus hydraulic problems shortly after that:

I felt that there was a possible hydraulics problem when we were behind the safety car as the power steering was starting to feel very heavy. I really struggled to turn in at the first corner and had a spin, and despite the team trying to get me back out it was all over.
Jarno Trulli

Compare Jarno Trulli’s form against his team mate in 2010

Heikki Kovalainen

Was knocked off the track by Sebastien Buemi on lap 29, having just been passed for 14th place by Vitaly Petrov.

Made two pit stops on his way to 13th place which tightens Lotus’s grasp on the valuable tenth place in the constructors’ championship.

Compare Heikki Kovalainen’s form against his team mate in 2010

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    1. I wonder how they will go in exactly a year with their own wind tunnel. Hopefully racing against the Toro Rossos, Saubers, etc.

    2. UneedAFinn2Win
      25th October 2010, 11:48

      Next year, mechanically, they will have what is this years Red Bull. So definitely mid-fielders, because no-one is on par with Newey.

      1. i think they use a 2011 spec redbull gearbox with lotus made casing.

    3. I think we have to be careful to assume they will become mid fielders… Hopefully they will. But that is a very large step to take indeed.

      1. I think they can do it. It wouldn’t be a big stretch to ask to leapfrog Torro Rosso at this point.

        1. Hmmm… I think you are being a little optimistic, but I do hope I’m wrong.

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