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It’s a bumper round-up today so I’ll shut up and let you get on with reading it:


RBR hopeful Vettel can avoid ninth V8 (ITV-F1)

Christian Horner: “Hopefully he’s got enough engine mileage to be able to run unaffected to the end of the year. He was a bit tight already on engine mileage this weekend, which is why you saw him do fairly few laps.”

F1 2010 Patch News (Codemasters Forum)

“The patch is now in submission with Microsoft and Sony for all three platforms, and once this process has been successfully completed the patch will be released, ready for you to download.”

Korea’s Lesson For Austin (Speed)

“A repeat of the Korean track delays should not and must not occur in America, and neither can the small problems we experienced over the weekend. Abu Dhabi has now set the bar for F1 tracks so high that we may never see a circuit of the quality of Yas Marina again, particularly not ones which are privately run rather than state financed. But while Austin/India/Russia may not be able to match Abu Dhabi, they have got to be right, and Austin in particular has got to be right first time.”

Di Resta deserves his shot at glory with award of a Formula One seat (The Herald)

“In most other spheres of sporting endeavour, this redoubtable character already would have earned elevation to the Premiership. But, sadly from Di Resta’s perspective, F1 marches to its own drumbeat, which explains why it isn’t necessarily the best drivers who command a starting berth in Bernie Ecclestone’s empire.”

Button: ‘I won’t be asked to support Lewis’ (The Independent)

“I won’t be asked to support Lewis. But if I can’t mathematically win I’d do whatever I needed to, to help the team. My championship, if the other guys don’t have non-scores, is pretty much over. But you don’t win championships by sitting back and saying, ‘I can’t win it any more’. You have to keep on fighting. Seeing what’s happened to the Red Bulls here proves it can turn around easily. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, it’s a very small chance but that’s all I need to keep pushing.”

Whitmarsh praises Todt for not using F1 ‘for his own promotion’ (Adam Cooper)

“I’ve got to say that Jean Todt has I think played a good role. I think he’s busily and quietly reforming the FIA in the background, which I know has probably caused some discomfort within that organisation. I think he hasn’t used F1 as a personal platform for his own promotion, and I think that’s very, very positive.”

Drivers positive over future rules (Autosport)

Rubens Barrichello: “All we want is for the GPDA to be closer on the future of the sport, so that whenever they create a new wing or a new circuit or whatever we should have a vote. This is quite good. He has been very receptive.”

F1 Exposure Korean Grand Prix (Daily Telegraph)

“New circuits always present a new challenge to the F1 photographer, however if it’s designed by Hermann Tilke as they all are these days then it generally means disappointment and this circuit is just that with giant fences and very few holes cut in them it’s not good.”

Volkswagen Supports Women In Motor Sport (FIA)

“In keeping with its philosophy of supporting aspiring young drivers, Volkswagen Motorsport will assess the ability of a group of talented female racers nominated by their ASNs on 2nd November at the Oschersleben circuit in Germany. This will not only include an assessment of their racing potential, but also classroom theory.”

Comment of the day

Icthyes, who is currently our most prolific commenter, compares the McLaren drivers’ race results. I’m working on something similar to go in the driver form guides:

Overall it’s 10-7 to Hamilton.

If you discount the races where either retired or had car problems, it’s a massive 8-2.

Crucially, if you look at what the drivers’ positions were before ill befell them, it’s an even more staggering 14-3. Button has only beaten his team-mate on track three times. I didn’t think it would be that low.

From the forum

Here’s a great thread from VettelS – Questions we all want answered.

Site updates

Regular commenters will spot the long-overdue return of the HTML tag buttons allowing you to style your comments with a quick click.

Happy birthday!

Today we’re wishing very happy birthdays to CRM and Gwen!

On this day in F1

Just three years on, already the strange coda to the 2007 world championship is largely forgotten. It’s hardly surprising given the many other dramatic events of that turbulent season.

Six days after the Brazilian Grand Prix, which Kimi Raikkonen had won to claim the world championship, the FIA said there would be a 20-day wait for the outcome of an appeal by McLaren against several other cars for using fuel that was at the wrong temperature.

Read more: 20 day wait for Raikkonen’s title confirmation

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  1. Glad the patch us on the way! My copy is currently shelved! It was doing my can in!

  2. yes thank goodness for the


  3. I concur. :) comment too short

  4. It’s not looking good for Button and I’m sure if you supplied the same criteria to Massa and Alonso it would look equally bleak for Massa too.

    1. And by “supplied” i mean “applied” of course.

    2. Its a bit more difficult for Ferrari because both drivers have had one missed qualifying (Monaco and Singapore)

      Well Massa has beaten Alonso in Australia, Malaysia, Monaco, Turkey and Spa.

      So its 12-5 overall.

      But I’d change it to 10-6 on the adjusted criteria as Massa didn’t get a chance to beat Alonso in Singapore (whereas Monaco was Alonso’s fault) and I’d give Massa Hockenheim as well (was ahead before “ill befell him”)

  5. I cannot decide if what VW are doing is either very clever or very silly:
    Yes, more promotion is needed of women in motorsport – as much to attract more in as to help those already there.
    BUT, shouldn’t the possiblities of racing be on equal terms with all the male drivers out there too? One driver shouldn’t be given an advantage over another for any reason. It should be down to talent, ability and whether they can work with a team or not.
    As an aside from this, it would be interesting to know how many F1 teams have female engineers or pit crew this year, if any…….

  6. This happened at the Australian F3 round at Sandown on the weekend.

    Note the camera man and just how lucky he is.


    1. Yikes. Hight time we got rid of those high kerbs.

      At first I thought the commentator said ‘It’s Mark Webber’ and thought “how unlucky can that guy be, it happened to him before!”.

  7. I guess Button was well and “trulli” (sorry couldnt help it) beaten by Hamilton this year (more so in the second half of the year) however looking at Mercedes, he was right to leave them as both Rosberg and Schumacher have not exactly been chasing down the pack.

    Looking forward to next year however as I am sure Button will improve after providing input into the 2011 car (something he had no control of this time last year).

    1. Mercedes’ development has been poor this year, since they think they can leap ahead next year. Not sure if that’ll work though.

  8. Are we taking into account driver error though? Lewis had race ending incidents at Monza and Singapore whereas Jenson hasn’t had any, which in my book would make it 8-4.

    1. It does take into account driver error.

      Button was already ahead in Monza. Singapore was a racing accident. Done.

      1. I just realised what you meant. It was Hamilton’s fault, so it should indeed be 8-3. I count Singapore as an accident obviously.

    2. I think it should be as you say, a driver error is very much part of how good (or not) they are.
      Still, 8-4 does not sound very good, does it?

  9. ” Abu Dhabi has now set the bar for F1 tracks so high that we may never see a circuit of the quality of Yas Marina again”

    Well yes, in some respects, but I suppose it depends on what you call quality. Even in its present state, I’d bet that most fans (and some drivers, I seem to remember reading) would agree that the Korean circuit was more interesting than Yas Marina. And while YM looks every bit the F1 circus that Bernie salivates over (even including its own Ferrari big top), I for one would rather see designs approaching the circuits of old that everyone looks forward to than a multi coloured hotel.

  10. Icthyes, who is currently our most prolific commenter


    Thanks for the COTD though!

    1. I felt a bit embarresed about being there before (it fell as i was away for a few days now).

      Nice COTD, it does put things into perspective. I am curious how this will pan out until the end of the year and even more for next year, as Jenson will be completely integrated in the team and in development and should notch up a step.
      Still, i feared he would do worst at the start of the year

  11. I am not a big Ferrari fan

    Note the stress on not… I love itallics! :)

    1. I like your avatar, Ned.

      And these buttons are very good.

  12. apparently schumachers 1994 benneton is up for sale, anyone found a link? not that i can aford it lol

    1. Oddly enough, these turn up pretty regularly on auction sites. Either that or it’s the same one that no-one wants, a bit like that horrible smelling soap and bubble-bath set that comes in a wicker basket with fake straw that someone donates into a raffle and it then is repeatedly donated by the subsequent winners as they do not want it either :-)

  13. I think nobody saw this so:


    It was done by Mike Vlcek, Paulo Teixeira (portuguese blogger) and Bruno Rafael (portuguese cartoon designer).

    1. xDDD People are imaginative ;)

  14. I find it very interesting that Vettel is a director of the GPDA. It’s not usually the kind of thing that young up-and-coming racers do – and contrasts with his public persona as “the fun guy”.

    Of course, the original Schumi was involved with the GPDA so perhaps Baby Schumi has been advised to get on the panel…

  15. 79 posts and just at the bottom of that list!

    I’m gonna have to raise my game :P!

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