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The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a terrific event which brings together classic and contemporary racing cars along with their drivers in a summer tea party setting. I look forward to it every year.

But the DVD review, though packed with great footage of the cars and lots of interviews, is a slightly odd proposition.

Motor sport DVDs usually tell the story of a racing season. This disc, which contains footage from this year’s four-day Goodwood Festival of Speed, hasn’t got a story to tell as such.

It doesn’t help matters that the main programme appears to have been transferred straight from the television broadcast.

Presenter Matt Dawson (a oddly-cast former rugby player) introduces the programme by telling us we’ve all “overdosed on football” – a reference that might have made sense when the World Cup was on but not four months later.

Co-presenter Holly Samos (of BBC’s F1 coverage) seems far more at home. I’d have paired her with someone like Tony Jardine, who does superb interviews with drivers during the Festival.

There are some excellent mini-features – particularly the one on Jim Clark’s Indianapolis 500-winning Lotus 35, a real star of this year’s show.

I would like to have seen more material like this: interviews with stars of the past and the stories behind the oodles of great cars on show. Too many of the interviews follow the same “ooh-what-a-lovely-day-isn’t-it-nice-to-see-the-fans” script.

The main programme is bolstered by an extensive collection of extras including footage of all the cars heading up the hill complete with the original live commentary. This is some of the best material on the disc.

There’s nothing particularly bad about the review – excluding perhaps the cliche-ridden commentary on the timed hill runs. On the whole it suffers from being a tricky event to commit to film.

Sky’s live coverage of the event this year was very good and it’s a shame more of the content from that hasn’t made its way onto the DVD.

At times it feels like an extended advert for the event itself. Given the choice of spending my money on the DVD review or buying a ticket for next year’s Festival, I’d plump for the latter every time.

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9 comments on “Win the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2010 DVD”

  1. I went to Goodwood with my father this year, we were there on all 3 days and it was a great show. I’d love to go again, it was for both me and my father our first time to visit the FOS and we thought it was excellent. We even met Jackie Stewart and saw many of the sport’s great drivers, would recommend anyone who loves cars (and bikes too) to go to Goodwood :D

  2. This would be great to win. I was able to find a website that streamed the festival live this year so I was able to watch a lot of it over here in Australia.

    The festival is defiantly on my bucket list and I will get there one day.

  3. Macca, you should definitely go if you get a chance. I went to a few GPs and then to the FOS, and I tell you, it is really hard to say which was better. A GP is a race, so obviously you don’t get the excitement of the cars racing at the FOS, but then at the FOS you stand less than one metre away from the cars in the paddock and you get to talk to the drivers and mechanics etc., so it offers you much more than a GP does, everyone was really friendly, and ofcourse seeing those beautiful machines coming past at speed was amazing :) Recommended!!

  4. I went this year for my second time, highly recommended again!! The Rally Stage and seeing Lewis up close and personal was the highlight for me! The paddock walks are great, very rare to get close to some of the most iconic Historic F1 racing cars – For the price the event cant be beaten!

  5. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
    27th October 2010, 11:46

    Not sure if i really want a copy after that review!

    1. I think its way better than u think :)

  6. I think you made a mistake… Jim Clark’s Lotus is the type 38 not 35

  7. I would love to go to Goodwood Im really gonna have to try for it next year.

    I am however sickened, but not surprised, that the dvd should have a rugby player as a narrator. Typical. Why do they keep handing these important jobs to **** that wouldn’t know a cam shaft from a calm day! Does my head in. Wont be buying it. Love the event though, long may it continue. So important to carry on using these amazing cars.

  8. is there a minimum age for this competition?

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