Williams to supply gearboxes to HRT in 2011

2011 F1 season

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Sakon Yamamoto, HRT, Korea, 2010

Williams have announced they will supply gearboxes to HRT in 2011.

Both teams use Cosworth engines and Williams say the deal will “extend for the lifecycle of the current Cosworth engine technology”.

HRT have been using Xtrac transmissions this year. In June technical director Geoff Willis blamed them for a spate of reliability problems with the team’s F110:

Most of our problems have been related to transmission hydraulics, which is a complicated part of the car. It is the first time that Xtrac has been involved as a supplier of the whole system.
Geoff Willis

Team principal Colin Kolles said:

This technical partnership is a significant step forward for Hispania Racing HRT F1 Team to improve its performance. We are very happy to do this with an engineering company and race team like Williams F1 which has an impressive track record and astonishing heritage.
Colin Kolles

Williams F1 CEO Alex Burns added:

This is a logical partnership given Williams and Hispania’s mutual relationship with Cosworth. Our gearbox technology has consistently proven itself as both competitive and reliable, and hence this agreement will be a positive development for both organisations.
Alex Burns

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37 comments on “Williams to supply gearboxes to HRT in 2011”

  1. CarsVsChildren
    2nd November 2010, 9:14

    An interesting story.

    A more interesting story would be on how on earth Hispania are planning to pay for these.

    And it could explain where Hulkenburg will be going next year…

    1. Exactly my thoughts. Dallara wouldn’t release the car because they hadn’t been paid, that’s one of the reasons they missed testing. They haven’t made a single update to the car all year. They haven’t announced new funding, and they’ve been silent on new plans and hiring apart from speculative rumours about mergers. They’ve played musical chairs with the drivers based on sponsorship money.

      I can’t see HRT lasting to next year, so I doubt Williams will get paid.

      1. I think the HRT finances are better than we might expect, I doubt Williams would enter into an agreement that is going to backfire in their face. In fact, I think we can take it as a sign that Sakon’s money just may get this team through to next year. :D

  2. That’s the second new team to dump X-trac.

    Good news for both teams involved. Williams will get a bit of cash and HRT a little improvement.

    1. It might also offer the option of getting a Williams KERS solution in the future, good step from them.

    2. if KERS returns in 2011, All using Cosworth teams should worry of KERS because Cosworth does not offer KERS options. KERS must be integrated into gearbox and Cosworth doesn’t make gearbox. I think Williams and Cosworth have to make a deal about KERS and supply Willams’s KERS to other teams.

      1. and gearbox! not good suggestion for Xtrac.

      2. williams had developed a flywheel based KERS system so I imagine it will plug into the gearbox assembly

  3. This sounds good. It makes the Williams/Cosworth package a good alternative for teams (as all involved agree, that the engine is good and still improving).

    So Lotus went with a new engine supplier to get to couple that with the RB technology built drivetrain and Hydraulics. Virgin/Wirth made some noises about building their own completely, after using X-track interior solution for the gearbox and now HRT has found a solid solution as well.

    I suppose this means no Toyota deal is in sight for HRT at the moment, not too suprising, as it was a great deal of money to get that done.
    Kolles will have taken on quite a bit of people from Cologne by now and has the option of running in their windtunnel or maybe Williams windtunnels to get the car done.
    I am now starting to get curious, what this team is able to bring to the tables to build a halfway competative car for next year and who they will find to drive it.

    1. Well, they’ll be last, that I don’t doubt. Still, at least with got Minardi back, now they need to become lovable.

      An maybe have some updates? Prehaps?

    2. Or will Virgin maybe get the Toyota deal?

  4. what a shame on Xtrac. I always love them as an engineer but there’s too many failure this year. Williams is the only team not suffered from gearbox failure while using Cosworth engines because they made their own gearbox. now only Virgin is left.

    it’s interesting that there are some rumors that HRT will colaborate with Toyota, but they made the deal with Williams. maybe Toyota support rumor is not true? or only for aerodynamics?

    1. Could be good news for virgin though. I suspect Xtrac are still working on improving the gearbox and now it’ll be custom made for one team ;)

  5. Will the cosworth engine next year be improved at all?

    1. Many people in F1 said Cosworth improved their engine significantly through the season. I don’t know they could go more futher but if you look Williams and Force India, engine difference is not big issue for them anymore. of course I’m still in doubt that they could win.

      1. Eh, they could probably win in the right situation, engine performance is a bit of a Red Herring in F1 at the moment, the regs mean there isn’t really that much in it anyway.

  6. Toyota gearbox internals were made by Williams through 2007 to 2009. The casings were made by TMG.

    If HRT wants to use Toyota TF110, it can still be an option.

  7. Anyone have any idea where HRT plan to build their car for next year (provided they have the $$$)? Dallara built the car for them this year, so I’m assuming they must have purchased/agreed to use a facility somewhere, but I have not heard anything about it.

    If they haven’t started on that by this stage, then they have 0 hope of improivng next year, which, love them or hate them, is bad for the sport.

    1. HRT terminated the deal with Dallara and announced they will develop their own chaissis. but I don’t think they have enough time or resource or technology, so they have to contact Toyota.

    2. According to this Hispania has bought ex Toyota F1 Team: http://www.thef1.com/noticias/noticias-2010/octubre-2010/confirmado-hispania-compra-el-ex-equipo-toyota-f1
      If all this is confirmed HRT could be racing for real in 2011 :)

      1. If they do buy the old Toyota chassis, it is now, both a year old and has a year less development than the current chassis we see running on track, I’d be surprise if it is better than mildly competitive.

        1. Well anything is better than what they have now… I’m still gambling that Hyundai gets involved so there’s no name changing.

          1. Yeah, it will be a step up on this year, if a step down on the next. It’s when they get development started that it all kicks off.

      2. I don’t think we can give that confirmation much credit, it’s a translated quote from another motorsport site. Were it to be true it would suggest that Hispania are on their way to becoming a ‘real’ F1 team, quite how that might translate into on track performance would be pure speculation. Can they have both performance and reliability? And a decent driver? One step at a time I guess.

  8. If they want to improve then they should hire some good people in the aerodynamic department instead of paying money to other team.On the other hand this should help the Williams teams get some funding.

    1. So williams could keep Barichello besides Maldonado…

      1. I’m 99% sure that it is the Hulk and not Rubens who’s seat is in danger.

  9. Are they really called Hispania Racing HRT F1 Team? That sounds just as stupid as BMW-Sauber-Ferrari…

    1. I don’t know that they are, that would mean they have there own hilarious acronym, within the name the acronym comes from.

      1. Hispania Racing H(ispania)R(acing)T(eam) F1 Team?

        That’s like Saying ATM Machine (automatic teller machine machine) or PIN Number (personal identification number number). The Bureau of Repetative Redundencies Office will have something to say about that.

        1. Holy Radically Terminology Batman! Love HRT. I think the gearboxes next year will look wonderful, all polished up and on the shelf. Can’t think what else they will do with them.. :D

          Actually, I hope they come back with a vengeance! Prove Bernie and everyone else wrong. It’s worth sponsoring a phoenix from the flames.

        2. I think it’s actually 1 of two things.. An infinite loop acronym :

          Hispania Racing H(H(H(RT(etc..))RT)RT)RT) RT F1 Racing Team


          It’s HRT’s attempt to add customisation to their team name, for fans and non-fans a like :

          Hispania Racing HRT (Custom Acronym goes here) F1 Racing Team..

          So you can insert your own custom HRT acronym ie :

          Hispania Racing H(istoric) R(acing) T(echonology) F1 Racing Team
          Hispania Racing H(ere) R(ots) T(alent) F1 Racing Team – (RedAndy)
          Hispania Racing H(opefully) R(uns) T(oday ) F1 Racing Team – (Todford)
          Hispania Racing H(aven’t) R(ear) T(raction) F1 Racing Team- (bigredbears10)
          Hispania Racing H(ome:) R(ow) T(welve) F1 Racing Team

          …and so forth, invent your own! :)

    2. ???

      Hispania Racing F1 Team
      H R T

  10. This is the first we’ve heard about HRT’s plans for next year’s car, so that has to be a positive sign, and buying in components from a more experienced team can’t be a bad thing. Now all they need is a chassis to put their lovely new gearboxes in …

  11. maybe the price is 10 million…so what if hrt gets maldonado – the guy with backing of the somewhat controversial country of venezuela… Williams gets the maldonado money for the gearbox, but keeps their current line up. So no pay drives at williams, which is probably better for their overall image… Win win?

    1. I seriously doubt the gearbox would cost 10 mil, … And something tells me Maldonado might not even want to go to HRT.

      1. A good point, who’s going to want to pay to sit on the back of the grid?

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