2010 Brazilian Grand Prix grid

Brazilian Grand Prix grid

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Row 1 1. Nico Hulkenberg 1’14.470
2. Sebastian Vettel 1’15.519
Red Bull-Renault
Row 2 3. Mark Webber 1’15.637
Red Bull-Renault
4. Lewis Hamilton 1’15.747
Row 3 5. Fernando Alonso 1’15.989
6. Rubens Barrichello 1’16.203
Row 4 7. Robert Kubica 1’16.552
8. Michael Schumacher 1’16.925
Row 5 9. Felipe Massa 1’17.101
10. Vitaly Petrov 1’17.656
Row 6 11. Jenson Button 1’19.288
12. Kamui Kobayashi 1’19.385
Row 7 13. Nico Rosberg 1’19.486
14. Jaime Alguersuari 1’19.581
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
Row 8 15. Nick Heidfeld 1’19.899
16. Vitantonio Liuzzi 1’20.357
Force India-Mercedes
Row 9 17. Timo Glock 1’22.130
18. Jarno Trulli 1’22.250
Row 10 19. Heikki Kovalainen 1’22.378
20. Sebastien Buemi* 1’19.847
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
Row 11 21. Lucas di Grassi 1’22.810
22. Adrian Sutil* 1’20.830
Force India-Mercedes
Row 12 23. Christian Klien 1’23.083
24. Bruno Senna** 1’23.796

*Five-place penalty for causing an avoidable accident in the Korean Grand Prix.
**Gearbox change penalty

2010 Brazilian Grand Prix

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    114 comments on “2010 Brazilian Grand Prix grid”

    1. Fan-******’-tastic! Are we seeing Williams’ 2011 potential?

      1. I’m thinking that too. But they’ll need both Barichello and Hulkenberg.

        1. I totally agree! Current line-up should be retained.

      2. Don’t be mistaken, the Williams is not a second faster than the remainder of the field :) Combination of circumstances today but still a fantastic result.

        This will completely re-define Hulk’s career – he will have agents, media and sponsors throwing themselves at him which will change everything. I have always had faith in his abilities, I hope he finds a good race seat next year (I don’t think it will be at Williams).

        1. If Webber does indeed leave RBR could we see an all German line up? Honestly I think he’ll stay at Williams and try to build the team around himself for the future.

          1. I love it – half an hour and people are already linking him to RBR.

          2. no chance and little chance

            Red Bull have a conga line of young drivers and Williams have no cash

            1. None of Red Bull’s current Young Drivers have ever shown the potential Nico has. With Williams short of cash they might offer a buyout.

              Not that I think it will happen.

            2. ye but that would involve Dr Marko and RBR admitting that their program sucks and that they just jump onto whoever is the new hot thing and fork out the $$

              a bit like Manchester City

        2. I expect Weber to use this well, he always knew how to make the deals for Schumi and did pretty well for Ralf as well.

          1. @nik – If you were still thinking of setting up that UK proxy thing so we can watch the BBC website, can we erect a forum topic maybe?

            1. ahh yes, I will post in the forum tomorrow – sorry forgot about it (I actually couldn’t use it tonight, not sure why)

      3. They are fighting to survive so i dont believe on 2011.this last 2 years with rosberg werent the best but williams could have won a couple races bad luck bad 2nd drivers and engines made williams the team that it is now but the chassis is still one of the best good luck Williams and good drive and set up for hulk we could see another shock like the 08 italian gp with Vet

        1. I hadn’t even thought about that until now, but with Rosberg’s bad qualifying result today and Hülkenberg taking pole with his previous team, Rosberg must be feeling a bit extra low today.

    2. That was unbelievable. He and the team really nailed that – And not just pole, but a crushing pole. Fantastic.

    3. Well; who predicted that?! What a session! :D

      1. No one. That’s who.

      2. wont stop 80% of motorsport media from claiming that they knew this was going to happen, it was ‘expected’ yadda yadda yadda

        what sucks is that the journos are going to drag the hulk story out between now and abu dhabi with all sorts of nonsense.

        1. Why not drag it out? Have you seen anything more exciting happen in the last six months?

        2. hmmm…interesting, but you never know!

          1. DAMN! So pleased for Hulkenberg taking pole. However he’s messed up my predictions so I am still pretty annoyed. Great pole time though. Over a second faster than Baby Schumi

    4. Fantastic qualifying. Vettel in front of Webber, Hamilton in front of Alonso, HULKENBERG on pole. Loved it.

    5. cosworth?………..

      1. I believe their first pole since France 1999. Might have missed something though. Oddly enough that was taken by Rubens!

        1. Technically that was under the Ford name though, must be early 80’s since a Cosworth branded engine last plonked it on pole.

          1. I think I’ve got it down to either the first or the last race of 1983…. I think…. :-S

          2. Rosberg at the 1982 British Grand Prix at Brands Hatch is the closest I can find. Even when they had Cosworth in the name they were still called Ford-Cosworth, it just started being badged as Ford-only when they came back to winning ways with Benetton.

      2. Interesting, when was their last pole? Anybody know?

      3. being a new supplier today, with engine-equilazation, is very different to the old days

        cosworth entering f1 was ‘build an engine that produces x horsepower’ rather than ‘use x specs to build the most powerful engine you can

        big diff

        1. It is still use x specs to build the most powerful engine you can (well maybe its more best engine, since torque curve and fuel economy come into it), its just that the specs are incredibly limiting

      4. I’ve been thinking Lotus’s rush to the Renault engine may not be the best idea, but it’s hard to know what’s car and what’s engine.

        Newey panned the Cosworth engine saying since they weren’t allowed Mercedes engines, and Ferrari would never let them win, he had no choice but Renault.

        But I think that either that Cosworth unit is pretty good, or it’s rubbish and Williams have a fantastic car. They’ve been out-performing Force India who have the Merc power-house. Probably 50/50

      5. It might even be the first time ever that all engine manufacturers got a pole position during the season.

        Looked as far as 1971 at which point I gave up with the teams changing engine supplier in the middle of the season.

    6. Happy for Williams after long six difficult years with nothing.

    7. That was brilliant to watch… what a show :-)

      1. Every now and again, Formula one reminds me while I’ll never be able to give it up. Hulkenburg…. incredible…. Imagine what Murry Walker would say!

        1. You know it’s hardly been a bad season for F1 but my god thats so true. And i nearly had to skip this quali session.

          What a fantastic result.

    8. Awesome. Just awesome. Really looking forward to tomorrow.

      1. I want Hulkenberg to win :)

    9. Nico was 0:01.049s faster then Vettel :) WOW!

    10. So if the drivers end up in the same place . Alonso will still lead the championship points right?

      1. Yes. He’ll be a good margin ahead still.

      2. Younger Hamilton
        6th November 2010, 17:37

        This is not about Alonso today its about THE HULK SMASH in qualifying so lets not talk about that for now.

        1. No.
          Too Short.

      3. ALO 241
        WEB 235
        VET 224
        HAM 222

        Which would leave Webber able to win the championship on his own, if he wins the race.

        1. Hamilton and Vettel must drive very aggresive tomorrow; otherwise they will have no real chances to win the Championship in the last race if Alonso ends 5th or better

          1. Yep. This is the last chance for both of them. I think we could see them both on the podium tomorrow too.

        2. We would go into the last race with 19 points separating the top four drivers. That’s approximately 8 points under the old system.


    11. WOW..what a fantastic qualifying session.. Way to go nico.. The race tomorrow will be amazing

    12. Can anyone remind me how Hulkenberg’s starts were this season? Does he get off the line good or he might loose the place down to turn 1?

      1. They’re generally better than Rubens’ starts, but aren’t much above average unfortunately.

        1. Still he’s got a good start of leading into the first corner, Vettle isn’t the greatest starter either.

          1. Neither’s Webber particularly, remember Spa?
            I think the start should be quite exciting tomorrow…

      2. If he isn’t taken out by Petrov his starts are usually fine I think. Good thing Petrov’s back in 10th.

        1. But it might come to something like that, Petrov was up about 5 places last time round before crashing. Now it might be Webber or crashkids Hamilton and Vettel.

          I hope he holds on to the lead at least until the stops though. I would like to see what defending skills he has to offer.

    13. Sooooo who predicted Hulkenberg on pole for the predictions championship?

      1. Me. Called it!

        I wonder if even one single persons made this call.

        1. I seriously doubt it. Stranger things have happened though.

        2. If you are the ONLY one, I hope Keith gives you some special prize.. or at the very least a mention in the article.

        3. Scribe. I really do not know how you saw that coming, or was it posted by mistake? ;)

          I could have bet on a Button Q2 exit though. Jenson never disappoints.

          1. Yeah. Pushed out by Felipe Massa too.

    14. reddevilandy10
      6th November 2010, 17:12

      I honestly cannot believe this. What an epic qualifying. Fastest by a second? Are we sure that’s not Montoya in a 2004 Williams???

    15. Faster more than a second, great pole for Nico! Good luck for him tomorrow, and of course for Webber as well! :D

    16. That’s a sad day for me…the first time that the guy on pole is younger than me ;)

      But what a fantastic lap. I’m pretty sure no one has been a second faster than the Red Bulls in Qualifying this year.

      1. welcome to my world…

    17. I think Williams’ last pole was Montoya’s Brazil 2004.

      1. Heidfeld took pole at the Nurburgring in 2005.

      2. And Montoya wasn’t on pole.

    18. Fantastic work from Hulkenberg, he nailed it in those conditions.

      Sadly, it’ll be all backwards from there. In a dry race he simply won’t have the car.

      It’ll be interesting to see how he and Lewis affect the Championship battle as they are in the mix.

    19. this is new track for nico rite?what a show!awesome!

    20. Hülkenberg takes SUBERB pole position.

      Say what you want about weather conditions, it is heart warming to see Williams F1 at the front once again! :)

    21. OMG..that was amazing. QUALI performance of the DECADE is it?..huh!! True talent…1 sec faster than the fastest car in damp tricky condition by a rookie.. R U KIDDIN ME?? NO HE HAS HULK’N ME..

    22. i am so shocked wow great for williams

    23. Jonathan Wallcroft
      6th November 2010, 17:17

      Pastor Maldonado watching that from Caracas is saying

      “Damn there goes my chances for next year”

      1. Haha. So true. His heart must have dropped.

      2. Brilliant comment! :)
        I was thinking exactly the same thing! lol :)

    24. When I saw that Williams getting the pole, I falled from the chair. And that’s it.

    25. Younger Hamilton
      6th November 2010, 17:18

      Over a second ahead of the Two Red Bulls. thats destruction

    26. Guilherme Teixeira
      6th November 2010, 17:19

      Highlight of the year.

      We don’t even need a pool for this category…

      1. 100% agreed!…………….

        1. Megawatt Herring
          6th November 2010, 17:24

          Agreed, I am so happy for Williams and not just a close pole but by over 1 second!

    27. I feel so happy for Williams! The current line-up should be retained. There’s a serious progress here, you don’t need to change your drivers at this point. Rubens & Nico for the next season!

      1. Yeah, they need them both. Rubens is a great tester/developer/guinea pig for Nico. His call to switch to slicks was what got Nico pole, and Nico wasn’t comfortable with the switch at first according to Head.

    28. STRFerrari4Ever
      6th November 2010, 17:21

      Wow that was just amazing 1.1 seconds faster than a Red Bull & he kept his cool banging in quick sector times and ultimately quick lap times, truly deserved that pole position.

    29. It’s just unbeliveable!
      The guy sure must have used KERS!!!!

      1. I’m thinking in jet engine.

    30. fantastic, just fantastic.. for a minute i believe hamilton will be in the front row but the red bulls…

    31. It should never be forgotten too that he put in *2* pole-qualifying laps so this wasn’t some fluke – he is running a fresh engine I believe but he deserves serious attention from the big teams after that.

      Hulk for Ferrari! :)

      1. Yeah, that’s true, he already had provisional pole a lap earlier. I think that’s been ignored a bit…

    32. I think i’ve fallen for this guy.First time this year a performance that gave me chills. Once fernando retires i’ll be rooting for you Hulk. Bring it on Vettel..

      1. I know that he’s young and blond, but that’s a bit far isn’t it :-P

    33. both Williams delivered, but Hulk did a real magic. Maybe they did setup for wet, while all others for dry race?

    34. I really think, that the only logical explanation of this is that Williams have installed the Kers on the car. Altough no one has it this year, it’s not forbidden to use it, so Hulkenberg wouldn’t have a penalty. And one thing I heard at the beginning of the season is that Williams keeps the developping the system this year. Putting the system this race could have been the perfect way to test it…

      1. It’s not illegal under FIA regulations, but all the teams have an agreement under FOTA not to use it this year, so if they did run it they’d be going against that agreement and likely have some explaining to do to the fellow teams.

      2. Of course Williams keep developing their KERS. It’s planned to come back next year, and they make a business of it. It would be stupid to stop.

    35. What a pole lap.. Crushing the Red Bull’s by over a second! How is that possible? He totally destroyed everyone, in a car that is clearly not in the same league as the others. I don’t get what happened there. How can he be so much faster with the same tires as the others? Eddie said something about timing, but his first pole lap would easily have been enough to give him pole, and it was after that, that Vettel and Webber crossed the line. So they must have had better conditions then Hulkenberg. And then he just sealed it in the end. I just hope that he can hang on tomorrow and maybe salvage a podium, because i don’t think he will stand a chance if it is a all dry race.

    36. If the race develops in this order (Vettel,Webber, both ahead of Alonso) Redbull will face a difficult decision.
      I mean letting webber go ahead or probably losing driver’s championship to Alonso

    37. A session where driving made a diff and Massa and Button where nowhere

      their performances, just wow..

      Button had a bad session but Massa is just nowhere and in a really bad slump. He really needs a good result tomorrow and in Abu Dhabi – the last thing he wants is to head into the offseason having finished the season with these types of results

    38. Alonso 241
      Webber 235
      Hamilton 222

      If they finish as they start. Shaping up nicely for Abu Dhabi.

    39. Hmm I doubt so, we should see tomorrows race before making prediction because it is highly likely hulk was on a full wet set up? Which all the other championship contenders did not take, because it’s too much of a risk tomorrow,

    40. First Cosworth-powered Williams pole position since Keke Rosberg at the 1982 British Grand Prix.

    41. Isnt it wonderful for once so many including myself have left out our personal bias and bashing and unite to celebrate a truly awesome performance. Truely,nothing more uniting than underdog victory. F1 rocks..

      That said tommorow alonso will be wiping hamilton’s floor. He he

    42. I have a feeling that the ‘Hulk’s’ hero status may soon turn to zero status, as far as some of us are concerned, depending on what happens in the first few corners of tomorrows race.

      Sometimes you have the combination of just the right amount of power, water, downforce and grip to throw up an anomoly. Which is exactly what has happened here.

      1. I think it’s more about setup – I guess they gambled as Nico said before they were worried not to enter to Q3. In more stable conditions such a gap is not possible.
        Nico wasn’t visible only until that moment when track conditions started to change at very fast pace, with every lap literraly. So I am more impressed by Williams’ setup than time gap to redbulls. So if tomorrow will be dry his shine will fade away quickly.

        Still, it was impressive drive and fully deserved pole.

    43. Well Done Williams and the Hulk.
      The gap is almost unbelievable, I hope there’s no hidden reason for this ie low fuel, for the publicity, but not expecting a finish, just a thought ?

      1. Cars get fueled after quali. So everyone is about the same (low) weight.

      2. Jarred Walmsley
        6th November 2010, 19:12

        Possibly KERS as Dan suggested earlier. And it isn’t banned in the regs there’s just a ‘gentlemans aggreement’ not to use it

        1. As a williams fan part of me hopes thats the case. Lets face it, it means it works a treat!

    44. So….. if this was next year then TEN cars would have been out of the race with the 107% rule applied!

      1. They wouldn’t apply the rule by comparing Q1 times with Q3 times…

      2. ignoring the wet qualy part of the rule…

    45. amazing! I’ m still keeping fingers crossed for the aussie tomorrow, though

    46. Incredible! A serious ‘what the f…’ moment but that was outstanding.

    47. I was at college while quali was on but I didn’t want to know who won, so when I got home I went straight to the TV and watch it like real time. Boy, am I glad I did :D

    48. this was a fluke for Williams and i dont see these resuakt as a sign for 2011 car!!!they(Williams will have a very tough year in 2011,because many of the sponsors will leave this year,RBS,Phillips and they will struggle to have to funds for next year!!

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