“Nico was better than all of us” – Vettel

Brazilian Grand Prix

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Brazilian Grand Prix pole sitter Nico Hulkenberg says he’s “enjoying the moment” after putting his Williams on pole position for the first time in his career.

Speaking in the press conference after qualifying he said:

It’s amazing, I still can’t believe that I’ve done it. A big, big thank you to the team, they got a good car together for qualifying.

To go on slicks was obviously the right decision. My engineer told me on my last lap I was good in the rankings already and I was just squeezing everything out of my car I could, trying to do a very smooth lap and not get on any wet parts and make a mistake.

A very nice surprise for us it’s great to be on pole. I’m very, very happy obviously and just enjoying the moment.
Nico Hulkenberg

Sebastian Vettel, who shares the front row with the Williams driver, said:

At first I thought I’d missed pole by a tenth but then I saw the other digit was a four instead of a five so it was one second!

Congratulations to Nico, it was very tricky in these conditions, very easy to do a mistake. Obviously we were targeting for pole but Nico was better than all of us today.
Sebastian Vettel

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    30 comments on ““Nico was better than all of us” – Vettel”

    1. Button must start on hard tyres, only by controlling the middle part of the race can he help Lewis now I think.

      1. I agree that Jenson and McLaren need to work out a strategy that will put him in the way during the mid part of the race to help Lewis. I guess it would all depend on the start though and how many places he can make up.

      2. Hadn’t thought of that, but that’s probably what’ll happen.

      3. who cares, this article is about the pole sitter THE HULK, not your favoured driver.

        If you’d said “Vettel needs a clean getaway” then I’d have excepted it, but Button?.

        You should respect what The Hulk has acheived today instead of lamenting a driver not even in the pole position shoot out.

          1. No he’s right, Lets not talk about the slow drivers, Lets talk about the fast guys.

            1. I was making a pun on his name. I’m not saying anything that detracts from Nico’s Pole lap.

              However since everyone is trying to make something out of nothing what article is the “appropriate” article to write something about how I anticipate tactics in the race panning out after qualifying.

              Here are the titles of the articles posted on the site after qualifying.
              # How Hülkenberg snatched pole position
              # Brazil qualifying in pictures
              # “Nico was better than all of us” – Vettel
              # Hülkenberg ends Williams’ five-year pole drought
              # Hülkenberg takes shock pole position

              They’re all about Hülkenberg, so clearly none are appropriate to post my comment.

              Please stop your flaming, it’s what really gets on my nerves about this site.

            2. Its quite sad that when people disagree its instantly called flaming or trolling.

              Although sorry if I offended you Ady, look on the bright side, now you have an article about Buttons getaway! :D


    2. well done to Nico, he is rising to the challenge with the talent ive seen he show in GP2. i would love for him to drive for ferrari and win a championship. i hope he wins the race!

      1. Nico H made his pole on wet settings.
        How many laps will he stay in front of dry weather setup cars?

        1. If he did it on wet settings why did he top the times as the circuit was drying?

          1. ok, not WET as in full wet, but his settings are not for the expected full dry of tomorrow, are for today’s mixed weather.
            It’s my bet, we’ll see.

            1. STRFerrari4Ever
              6th November 2010, 19:09

              andrewbensonf1 Andrew Benson
              Nico Hulkenberg’s race engineer says the German was on a fully dry set-up. “He gave us all a driving lesson there,” said Webber

              It seems that you’re mistaken.

    3. Keith, I couldnt watch the quali session, but it seemed fab!
      Is there a plausible reason why hulkenberg was a sec faster or was it purely skill?

      1. set up for pole, not for race

      2. On the BBC forum someone suggested cool fuel, but its unlikely as it looks like he’s a bitter Hamilton fan angry about 07 :)

      3. True skill.
        The track had a narrow dry line and I guess the drivers that are in the title fight were more cautious. Rubens too as he went off track in his first lap.
        Besides that Hulk had an extra lap than everyone else as he crossed the line with 4 seconds to the end of qualifying (note that he would have got pole anyway, only it would’ve been by tenths, not a full second).

      4. Is there a plausible reason why hulkenberg was a sec faster or was it purely skill?

        That’s F1 today for you, pure skill can’t be a plausible reason!

      5. He just went fabulously on the slippery track where the likes of Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel, Webber and Kubica struggled with grip.

        His first lap on slicks was fastest, then it got beaten, but his second lap was faster than Vettels best lap, it would have given him pole. And then he did another lap almost a complete second faster.
        It was 9 purple sectors strung together in a row. A fabulous sight for all of us watching, expect to see it in the highlights. And I do hope the FOM take his lap for the race videos.

    4. Jeffrey Powell
      6th November 2010, 19:10

      A great performance from a very possible future WDC. ‘CAUTION TO THE WIND’comes to mind ,there are many technical variables that we might throw into the mix that are obviuosly relevant,but for me Nico had very little to lose and found grip were the others perhaps feared the end of their Championship challenge off the road.

    5. US Williams Fan
      6th November 2010, 19:49

      I have never seen my favorite team on pole! Let’s hope the Hulk remains incredible!

      One of my favorite tracks and one of my favorite drivers on pole. Certainly looking forward to Brazil.

      1. YHeah, what a day! Hope this is williams comeback :)
        So what happens next year?
        Maldonado-Barichello? XD

    6. Congratulations to Nico for that brilliant pole – it was great fun to watch and the most enjoyable quali session of the year. Also kudos to Vettel for his fulsome praise of his rival’s performance in the press conference Honourary mention to Hamilton, Schumacher, Webber and Petrov for congratulating Nico via their press releases. Well, F1 is becoming a really nice place for successful underdogs :)

    7. Watch as tomorrow all the championship contenders get tangled together trying to get past Nico off the line.

      I just hope the surprise element of him being there does not lead to a mess at the beginning….unless….unless…Alonso and Vettel get caught up….then maybe…:)

    8. Name not required
      6th November 2010, 21:59

      Until today, Hulkenberg to me was the corner-cutter of F1. Now, I am not really sure about the moaning Brazilian’s chances of driving for Williams in ’11.
      Still I think Hulk took a gamble with his setups and with little to lose brought the Saturday jackpot home thus helping Williams gain the attention of future sponsors. Anyway, well done, Nico!

    9. But for the championship’s sake, please let it be Webber and Alonso, putting Vettel and Hamilton up there with them for a truly insane finale.

      And after all, for all the praise Webber is rightfully getting for his driving, he doesn’t get enough for his ability to knock people out of the race. :D

      1. (This was actually a reply to Mach1’s post, after hitting back when I had forgotten to fill in my name and email, it put the reply back as a general one.)

        1. good point – but i don’t know if I could handle that much pressure and excitement for the final race.

    10. I guess a new rookie of the year poll would definitely look a little different now. Actually I still think Kamui has been the most impressive this year.. followed by the Hulk… with Vitaly down there with Yamamoto.

      1. My bad Yamamoto isn’t a rookie. OK.. down there with Chandhok.

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