Alguersuari denied a point again

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Jaime Alguersuari finished 11th for the third race in a row while Sebastien Buemi had an eventful race from 20th on the grid.

Sebastien BuemiJaime Alguersuari
Qualifying position2014
Qualifying time comparison (Q2)1’19.847 (+0.266)1’19.581
Race position1311
Pit stops11

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Sebastien Buemi

Seventh-quickest in wet practice on Saturday morning but was out-qualified by his team mate for the fourth race in a row:

I am very disappointed with the way this qualifying went, especially after I had been quick in the morning session.

I think that maybe we made the switch to Intermediates a bit too early in Q2 as the track was drying out. By the time the track had dried more, my tyres were no longer in the best condition, so I could not exploit the dry track.
Sebastien Buemi

His penalty from Korea dropped him to 20th on the grid and he was fortunate to avoid a second penalty for holding up Nico Rosberg in Q2.

Buemi was up to 15th by the end of lap one and then passed Kamui Kobayashi for 14th.

Kobayashi came back past him on lap 55 but when Felipe Massa tried to do the same he and Buemi banged wheels, tipping the Ferrari into a spin.

Adrian Sutil muscled his way around the outside of the Toro Rosso six laps later, leaving Buemi 13th at the flag.

Compare Sebastien Buemi’s form against his team mate in 2010

Jaime Alguersuari

For the third race in a row Alguersuari finished one place outside of the points in 11th.

And, just as in Korea two weeks ago, he lost tenth place late in the race, when he was passed by Kobayashi.

Aside from that he had a far less eventful race than his team mate.

Compare Jaime Alguersuari’s form against his team mate in 2010

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    16 comments on “Alguersuari denied a point again”

    1. I was a bit annoyed with Alg for not letting Alonso passed ok, I was very annoyed and thought he should have received a reprimand. He’s been quite over aggressive at times this year. Strangely, Sutil also appeared to defend from Alonso at the restart.

      1. You took it from my mouth. Maybe Algy is color-blind and can’t see a blue flag?

        Conspiracy theorists are saying that he was delaying Alonso on orders from RBR. I find it ridiculous, but maybe he thought that red car was Felipe Massa’s.

        1. Yep, possibly but Massa has a bright yellow helmet and Alg ahd blue flags waved at him and his team radio if there was any confusion :P

    2. buemi has been very aggressive he too can blame of bad luck anyway neither deservs to stay on f1

    3. Kobayashi s attack was a matter of time as he was fighting with fresh 3 laps old super soft tyres against 36 lap old hard tyres of Alguersuari… The most important thing is the pace of Jaime is there and from Belgium (except Monza) he was always there in the fight for points… Everything is going according to plan – pace improvements on super soft tyres, position improvements in qualifying and also team mate beating… Pity about technical issues in Singapore (water leak) and Korea (pneumatic gun), which cost him about 8 points…

    4. Both STR drivers deserve a seat in F1, but I was far from impressed with them all weekend.

      Buemi blocked Rosberg in qualifying, and drove into Massa after being given miles of room. Alguersuari drove into Schumacher in practice when the Merc was on a hot lap, and ridiculously blocked cars like Alonso and Hamilton lapping him. No penalty given, despite Heidfeld being given one.

      So i’m glad that they saw the points slip away thanks to a Sauber this weekend. Try again in Abu Dhabi.

    5. Alguersuari had already 2 penalties… Hulkenberg was much unfair in Monza, but he didn t received any… Btw. ALL drivers in “the train” was fighting for their positions… The world isn t turning only around Hamilton or Alonso… There are 22 other drivers on the grid and it doesn t matter for what they are fighting for…

      1. Alguersuari had already 2 penalties…

        In past races. So what?

        Hulkenberg was much unfair in Monza, but he didn t received any… Btw.

        Perhaps he was. But that was for a different crime. Irrelevant.

        The world isn t turning only around Hamilton or Alonso…

        I didn’t say it did. But Alguersuari’s driving suggested it revolves around Webber and Vettel.

        There are 22 other drivers on the grid and it doesn t matter for what they are fighting for…

        Yes it does matter. When you have someone coming up to lap you, you don’t move across the track to block, like Alguersuari did on numerous occassions.

    6. On which numerous occasions? Are you seriously following him to say it really properly? I doubt about it…

      1. I watched the race live, and noticed several occasions where Alguersuari shouould have pulled over but didn’t. And he certainly did move across the track to prevent cars going by.

        His block on Alonso was picked up by Brundle, too. So point stands, he was too eager to block cars he wasn’t racing.

        1. Do you seriously think, that Alonso was any kind of danger to any of Red Bulls? There were much faster then Ferrari…

          1. How does that make it right to deliberately hold him up?

            Answer: It doesn’t.

            1. So then you should write a letter to FIA…:)

            2. So then you shouldn’t pretend as if Alguersuari didn’t do anything wrong.

          2. Not true. Alonso (and Hamilton too but he was much farther away) was doing faster laps than the RBR’s and closing on WEB near the ned of the race, a few more laps and he would have been right on his six and there’s no telling what could have have happened. ALG’s moves when he was lapped by ALO and HAM with blue flags waving were downright dangerous on top of illegal and he should have got quite a serious penalty.

    7. Mixed opinions. These guys have shown flashes of brilliance and moments of blundering incompetence all season. This weekend seemed more the latter in my opinion.

      I agree with David though that they each deserve a seat though. Maybe another year or two with Toro Rosso though to see if they continue to mature.

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