Klien finishes after fuel problem

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Another double finish for HRT but once again they brought up the rear in qualifying and the race.

Christian Klien Bruno Senna
Qualifying position 23 24
Qualifying time comparison (Q1) 1’23.083 (-0.713) 1’23.796
Race position 22 21
Laps 65/71 69/71
Pit stops 2 1

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Christian Klien

Returned to take Sakon Yamamoto’s place for a second race, and is likely to be in the cockpit again at Abu Dhabi.

Fuel pressure problems before the start of the race meant he lost four laps but he completed enough to be classified, albeit six laps down:

Unfortunately, the car stopped on the way to the grid due to fuel pressure problems. But the mechanics did a very good job and managed to fix the car so that we could go in the race after four laps.

The race was a test for us in order to gain some race kilometers. The lap times were good and we could keep up with the pace of the other new teams. Due to the problems I had at the beginning, I had more fuel in the car but I could finish the race with constant lap times.
Christian Klien

Compare Christian Klien’s form against his team mate in 2010

Bruno Senna

Qualified last but revealed afterwards that the team hadn’t given him a fresh second set of intermediates in Q1, with which he might have been able to better his time.

Had a quiet race, slipping back from the faster new teams’ cars but ended up ahead of them when they pitted. Even then he was powerless to keep them behind.

Compare Bruno Senna’s form against his team mate in 2010

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