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You may have noticed a new button that has appeared at the bottom of F1 Fanatic articles recently – a Facebook ‘Like’ button.

Twitter users have already got the Retweet button to share articles instantly on Twitter. But as I’ve had many requests for more Facebook features I thought a Like button was well overdue.

The Like button for Facebook is becoming a fixture everywhere online and now you can use it on F1 Fanatic to share any part of the site with your friends – whether it’s a popular picture, the championship calculator or just the latest article.

You can also ‘Like’ F1 Fanatic using the new box on the Community page.

Here are the most popular pages on F1 Fanatic as recommended by Facebook users. You can find this on the Community page too:

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10 comments on “Liked it? Share it”

  1. I would, but … of the 370-odd friends I have on Facebook, I’m the only Formula 1 fan.

    1. Well then, get preaching :-)

      1. I don’t think for some reason there are more F1 fans in Twitter then Facebook.

    2. I only have two other friends that are interested in it, but I post about it anyway. I figure if friends are allowed to post about football, basketball and baseball all the time, I’m allowed to post about sports I’m interested in.

    3. Same here PM, but they might eventually take notice. I’ll keep “liking” F1 Fanatic and F1 in general until someone does finally take notce! :D

      1. Haha PM – same here!

  2. I would also like to like the site (hang on a minute, I DO like the site!), I just don’t like Facebook. My wife and kids are all on it, I’m the only one not on it.

    1. You could spraypaint the URL on a wall somewhere…

      Only joking, of course, don’t do that :-)

  3. You can change your facebook addres going to

    for example

  4. Killer news, got one of my mates to watch Brazil and he reported back overall it was boring cause nobody took risks, but they were very impressed with the pit stops and the shredded tyre!

    I white lied that Brazil was a one off and that Abu Dhabi will be much better. ;)

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