Jules Bianchi to test for Ferrari again

2011 F1 testing

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Jules Bianchi, Ferrari F2008, 2010

Ferrari will run Jules Bianchi in the young drivers’ test at Abu Dhabi next week.

The French driver, who is a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy, also participated in last year’s test for the team.

He is currently third in the GP2 championship for ART, eight points behind 2011 Sauber driver Sergio Perez with two races left in Abu Dhabi this weekend.

Bianchi last drove a Ferrari at Fiorano in June.

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11 comments on “Jules Bianchi to test for Ferrari again”

  1. He will probably drive another year with ART in GP2 next year, and will hope to find something to do in 2012, or hope Massa to get dropped the year after (testing would not be really an option I suppose), or hope Ferrari find somewhere to put him in a car if he does not want to end up like all those from the RB or Renault driver programs somewhere in the world.

  2. Is he related to Lucien Bianchi?

      1. LOL!!!

        I was going to ask you how to do that, but I googled “let me google it for you” myself.

        1. good, someone is learning! :D

      2. Ha, that site is awesome, hadn’t seen that before.

    1. Yes, Lucien Bianchi is his Uncle

  3. Well he better be testing on Massa’s car.

  4. r there any one from Ferrari academy who drives in F1 now?

  5. Will he be driving for the two straight days? I think they should have given some chance to some other driver as well.

    Can anyone provide me with the list of all the drivers of Ferrari driving academy?

  6. It is real pleasure to know you blog!

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