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Jarno Trulli, Toyota, Abu Dhabi, 2009

The island on which the Yas Marina circuit sits may be man-made but it’s still at the mercy of the natural elements. However they tend to be rather more predictable than those at recent stops on the F1 calendar.

Temperatures in the region at this time of the year are typically around 30C and that’s what’s forecast for all three days of this weekend.

The run of consecutive race weekends affected by rain – Singapore, Japan, Korea and Brazil – is likely to come to an end here. As you’d expect there’s little to no sign of rain – some forecasts are calling for a small chance of light rain on Saturday, but that’s it.

Of course the defining feature of racing at Abu Dhabi is the transition between evening and night which means track temperatures will fall during the race. But that didn’t present much of a problem for the drivers last year.

If you’re going to the race this weekend or live near the track please share any updates on the weather in the comments below and don’t forget to join in the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix discussion.

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    15 comments on “No surprises in Abu Dhabi weather forecast”

    1. The beeb are suggesting heavy rain shower for saturday and light rain shower for sunday. I doubt either will be significant anyway as the rain will evaporate as quickly as it hits the track

      Link to Beeb’s forecast:

      1. That’s odd. I don’t find any forecasts like that anywhere else. I certainly wouldn’t complain if it did happen though.

        1. The telegraph also has a headline on possible rain for the weekend.

          Apparently it was raining there on Weds.

      2. Well.. We did have “heavy” rain 2 days ago and 3 or 4 days ago in Bahrain. The first time was pretty strong some streets were flooded. These days the sky is pretty overcast, but the rain didn’t really last long.. We had thunder, lightening, and even hail in some areas (imagine a hail storm during an F1 race – now that would be something!) but I don’t think it would be wet enough, it might wet the circuit..

        1. We had light rain 3 days ago in Dubai…but its back to normal now…

          1. What do the weather forecasts say locally? Bound to be more reliable.

      3. Well I’m travelling out to Abu Dhabi tomorrow for the GP and to stay with my brother.

        I’ve been in touch with him in the last hour by text message and he tells me he is sunning himself on the golf course and the biggest weather risk that he can foresee is a sandstorm !! :)

        1. Sounds like a hard life! haha

    2. I find that forecast funny as the weather in Abu Dhabi is forecast to be fine with the exception of a 20% chance of rain on Saturday.

      Chance of Rain. Scattered Clouds. High: 87 °F . Wind WNW 8 mph . 20% chance of precipitation (trace amounts).

    3. BBC are predicting heavy rain on Sunday.

      Think I’ll believe them.

    4. I want a dry race and a RB 1-2, Mark winning. Yes it has potential to lead to a boring race but I’d hate it if Alonso or Vettel won the WDC.

    5. I can confirm (Brit working in Dubai) that it has been a bit stormy this week. The local rag has noted there could be rain over the next two days.

      I will be there on Sunday but not expecting it to rain.

    6. Can’t they have a permanent wet race? where it will even rain the pit garage?

    7. Just looked at the BBC weather page, Sun 09:00 GMT, and they are saying rain at 16:00 Yas Marina time. That’s only 1 hr before the race.

    8. If you could message me with some hints about how you made this blog site look this awesome, I would be thankful.

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