Picture gallery: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix practice

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix practice pictures

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Practice for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has begun at the Yas Marina circuit.

Here’s a collection of pictures from today’s practice session at Abu Dhabi.

A few livery changes are visible on the cars including a new sponsor on the nose of the Ferraris (more pictures of that here).

Also the alcohol advertising restrictions in Abu Dhabi mean some teams have had to alter the branding on their cars.

Renault have replaced their ‘Flagman Vodka’ logos with ones for ‘Bank of Moscow’.

And Force India have changed their ‘Kingfisher’ logos to read ‘Fly Kingfisher’. Team owner Vijay Mallya is chairman of both United breweries, which makes Kingfisher beer, and Kingfisher Airlines, and both have similar logos.

McLaren’s Johnnie Walker logos have been replaced with those of its parent company Diageo.

Virgin also have new sponsorship from QNet on their sidepods.

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    16 comments on “Picture gallery: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix practice”

    1. Wonderful photos. The best are those with a Ferrari ;D

      1. I think the best is Webber in twilight

        1. I think the best is that crazy one of Kobayashi from high up inside the hotel.

        2. and redbull have too a new sponsor on the bargeboard maybe the 3rd or 4th different one on that spot

    2. Doesn’t the whole circuit looks so much better in the day? More spectacular, nicer, less like a neon workers wet dream?

      1. I think it’s best in twilight. It definitely is better in day than full dark though.

    3. How beautiful, it’s amazing.

    4. Some of those shots in the twilight are just fantastic. I especially like the one of Lucas from behind with the red sun going down in the background.

    5. Top shots, I love the look of the william’s cars

    6. haha, that bank of moscow logo on kubica’s renault make it look like it has a moustache. perhaps for movember…

    7. My wallpaper since the last Abu Dhabi GP is from the Abu Dhabi GP. It’s time to renew it now. Stunning pictures!

      1. Wow. I change my wallpaper after every session of every race, then pick the best from the weekend to b my wallpaper until the next race …

    8. That Vrigin is looking a little bare. I suppose it has to do with local laws against gambling. But you’d think that they’d get the Virgin logo on the car a little more often.

    9. The photo of Nico R about to go into the pit lane tunnel looks computer generated at first glance.

      Some awesome photos…definitely updating the wallpaper.

    10. Abu Dhabi has to be worst case of cash in abundance but no taste or ideas.

      If you’ve got the cash, why build a giant flat parking lot around a hotel and make cars race around some silly blue lines? Why not build a real race track and make the rest of the world look silly?

      It just drives me nuts to see all the cars going wide, cutting corners willy nilly and getting away with it.

    11. This does sound sad, however i am only 15 so that may be why, but i agree, on F1 2010 on Xbox 360 i don’t particulary like Abu Dhabi, maybe because it’s point and squirt and too many chicanes.

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