2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix grid

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix grid

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Row 11. Sebastian Vettel 1’39.394
Red Bull-Renault
2. Lewis Hamilton 1’39.425
Row 23. Fernando Alonso 1’39.792
4. Jenson Button 1’39.823
Row 35. Mark Webber 1’39.925
Red Bull-Renault
6. Felipe Massa 1’40.202
Row 47. Rubens Barrichello 1’40.203
8. Michael Schumacher 1’40.516
Row 59. Nico Rosberg 1’40.589
10. Vitaly Petrov 1’40.901
Row 611. Robert Kubica 1’40.780
12. Kamui Kobayashi 1’40.783
Row 713. Adrian Sutil 1’40.914
Force India-Mercedes
14. Nick Heidfeld 1’41.113
Row 815. Nico Hulkenberg 1’41.418
16. Vitantonio Liuzzi 1’41.642
Force India-Mercedes
Row 917. Jaime Alguersuari 1’41.738
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
18. Sebastien Buemi 1’41.824
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
Row 1019. Jarno Trulli 1’43.516
20. Heikki Kovalainen 1’43.712
Row 1121. Timo Glock 1’44.095
22. Lucas di Grassi 1’44.510
Row 1223. Bruno Senna 1’45.085
24. Christian Klien 1’45.296

2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    36 comments on “2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix grid”

    1. Championship prediction: Vettel will crowned champions on sunday, usurping lewis as youngest f1 world champion; uncle bernie told me so ;)

    2. best result for Fernando. now Red Bulls are far away from each other and, most important of all, WEB is two places behind him.

    3. Damn I think Webber has completely blown his chance…. I don’t think much can stop Alonso now.

      1. HounslowBusGarage
        13th November 2010, 14:10

        How about a first corner tangle between Webber and Alonso? :)

        1. Not likely, considering how slow Webber usually is off the line this year :D

          1. Alonso has not been good off the line either…

            1. But Alonso hasn’t lost 5+ positions on lap 1 like Webber has on three occasions.

            2. Don’t forget Massa. He’s just behind Webber and he is generally great off the line.

            3. Massa to harpoon Webber’s tire at the start?

          2. not likely, considering he won’t allow Vettel to be a champion, like someone said

    4. Webber failed miserably !!!!!
      Can not blame all on the team now, … only the 90% :)
      Everybody soooooo happy in Seb box !!!

    5. Webber not only blew his chances, he blew it for Red Bull to have one of their drivers crowned the Drivers Champion.

      Obviously if he takes ALO out on turn one then it’s game on for Vettel

    6. damn :(!…

      well… we’ll see tomorrow…

    7. My advance congratulations to Fernando Alonso. I am not a fan but soon to be… maybe!

    8. DISASTER for Mark Webber!!! Alonso will be champion tomorrow

    9. what can I say? viva la Vettel once again!!

      1. From here, he just needs a problem for Alonso and he’ll have done it

        1. …and to NOT have a problem himself. He’s got a worse track record for mechanicals than Alonso does this year. Maybe that means Karma’s gonna come around and get Alonso.

    10. Hamilton is in a good position to pick off Vettel on the first lap, Alonso will stay third I think, and alas Button will hold Webber up. If Webber gets fourth, there is a chance of a RBR/Ferrari tangle making Hamilton WDC. That’d be epic.

      1. The McLaren of Button will be a huge threat for Alonso at the first corner. Alonso’s goal will be to get through cleanly, but Button has no goals, so if he crashes into Alonso by mistake, no problem. Button could also overtake Alonso using Mclarens fduct and good pull off (by far the best of the 3 teams). Alonso will be hoping that Button gets a bad start and has to defend against webber, while Lewis is given a 5 place grip penalty.

        That would put Alonso into 2nd to comfortably follow Vettel while Button shouts “I HAVE OVERSTEER!” over the radio.

        1. ‘I’ve got MASSIVE front locking’ seems to be the new issue.

          1. I would love it if Jenson came on the radio saying “I’ve got massive front locking,” followed by a pause, followed by his engineer responding:

            “Okay Jenson, have you tried altering your braking technique?”

      2. Younger Hamilton
        13th November 2010, 14:53

        So that the safety car can come out and Jenson will be right behind Seb with a chance of slingshotting pass him on one of the straights the lap after the safety car comes it so Jenson will hold Seb up for the majoritity of the race and Lewis wins the title by 1 point

    11. Younger Hamilton
      13th November 2010, 14:15

      EPIC QUALIFYING brilliant lap from Lewis despite losing out on 0.031secs and tyre temperature that cost him the likely pole but all credit to the polesitter here.Great Job by Alonso to cancel out Webber in the dying seconds Jenson well its the best he could do although it would have been better for him doing another lap.All set for tomorrow.

      I’ll say Lewis For the Win

      1. As a Ferrari fan, I also say Lewis for the win!

    12. This is way to exciting for tomorrow!! Can’t be this perfect from a entertainment point of view.. Must be rigged!

    13. How i’d love the race to end like this and to witness Alonsos 3rd title. But anything can happen tomorrow…

    14. Don’t remember such tense Qualifying. Best in years.
      Alonso just sneaked to his final lap in which he gained 3rd – unbelievable.
      Reb Bull guys were happy – but for who?, or against who?

      My pity goes to KUB – he looked struggling with his car hardly doing clean lap, and my best congrats go to Petrov – great rythm, and great Q for him.

    15. Wow, so what really happened there? Vettel was superb. If qualifying was everything, he’d be undisputed champion. Alonso and Hamilton impressive. But the real joker in the pack for the race has to be Button. Qualifying 4th, I can see him moving up the field during the race, not down. If the McLarens have good race pace, we could see them both pushing for the lead or taking it from Vettel. Meanwhile Alonso and Webber set for some stormy times off the grid or during the race if everyone holds position at the start.

      So: will the stewards drop Hamilton down behind Massa? And will Ferrari actually want that??

      1. Your second question answered the first :).

    16. Definetly RB will issue team orders, but to Webber, who must crash into ALO in favor of VET

    17. “Ceteris Paribus”
      We got ourselves a race tomorrow

      1. Good to see a litte latin in the blog and we very much do have a race on tomorrow. :)

    18. Well, it looks like Alonso will be WDC again.
      I wonder what strategy Webber will try in the race. At this point, it doesn’t matter if he finishes 4th or 24th, if Alonso is ahead of him, he’s lost it. He literally has nothing to lose.

    19. McLaren could help Fernando if they stay in front of the Red Bulls. They will help the Red Bulls if they stay behind them and in front of Alonso.

    20. Very bad for Webber. He is in that midfield & the thing I am very worried is that that run down to turn 1 is not that long so the driver in front will brake earlier & he runs in a danger of been hit by someone from behind.Before the qualifying I was thinking that no one could win the title on Saturday but can loose it,Webber just did it.

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