Vettel wins world title in final round

Championship points after Abu Dhabi

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Drivers’ championship

1Sebastian Vettel256
2Fernando Alonso252
3Mark Webber242
4Lewis Hamilton240
5Jenson Button214
6Felipe Massa144
7Nico Rosberg142
8Robert Kubica136
9Michael Schumacher72
10Rubens Barrichello47
11Adrian Sutil47
12Kamui Kobayashi32
13Vitaly Petrov27
14Nico Hulkenberg22
15Vitantonio Liuzzi21
16Sebastien Buemi8
17Pedro de la Rosa6
18Nick Heidfeld6
19Jaime Alguersuari5
20Heikki Kovalainen0
21Jarno Trulli0
22Karun Chandhok0
23Bruno Senna0
24Lucas di Grassi0
25Timo Glock0
26Sakon Yamamoto0
27Christian Klien0

Constructors’ championship

1Red Bull498
7Force India68
9Toro Rosso13

2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    41 comments on “Vettel wins world title in final round”

    1. Congratulations to Vettel, a very very worthy champion.

      1. Agreed. I was routing for Alonso, but I’m still glad Vettel won it over Lewis and Webber.

        1. As an Alonso fan, I am devastated. Nonetheless, Vettel definitely deserved the championship this year, and he was my second favorite for title. So hats off to him… he just made up 25 points in 2 races.

          1. Congrats Vettel…. well deserved Championship

            Incidentally for Alonso the very team with whom he had won 2 WDC did him in this time stopping him from the 3rd Title….. Ironic

            1. you know I did not remeber that but you are right and good on them to fight on.

      2. Agree congratulations to Vettel and the team. Imagine if they had team ordered in Brazil? Then Vettel would lost the championship with 2 points. The best team won that let their drivers race.

        On another note. Bah what a boring podium celebration? That sparkling grape juice didn’t create any spray at all.

        Further wonder how many team members will end up in drunken trouble? It’s not legal to be intoxicated in public. Hope all the teams have bar clubs at their hotels so they don’t have to be out in public. Can celebrate at the bar then stagger to the room to crash..

        1. I think it’s safe to assume most of the teams have some champagne hidden away in a closet at the paddock.

    2. Nice to see HRT ahead of virgin :)
      Richard Branson In A Skirt…
      Force India Could’nt get to williams :(

      1. Can’t wait to see Branson in a flight attendant outfit as much as it actually makes me a little queazy just at the thought.

    3. no one won a race while leading the championship and this is the first time Sebastien’s leading the standings this year!


      1. Funny statistic, isn’t it. And it has been going on for more than a whole season now.

        But there goes the series of Australia winniers taking the title as well as winners of the first race taking the title.

      2. Interesting Statistics….

    4. 9th change in the standings. 6th different person to lead the standings!! What a season, what. a. season. Bring on 2011!!

    5. Sir Frank will be happy with taking sixth place by one point. Here’s to next year..

    6. Ha-ha, Chandhok finished higher than all the other HRT drivers! If he doesn’t get a drive he should join the BBC commentary team full time.

    7. Boring race, except for the championship-standings. Red Bull clearly used Webber in order to lure Alonso in a bad pitstop-strategy. Great teamwork. ;)

      1. You’re right. I actually saw that coming. I was hoping that they would Felipe on a similar pit stop strategy to Webber, and Alonso should have just kept on pushing and racing Button. Ferrari threw it away on strategy, and Alonso wasn’t himself this race.

        1. Possibly Alonso saw it coming as well and felt even more gutted as he knew there could have been more in it for him.

      2. After Webber was stuck behind Alonso (and in no position to win anything) it was a clever thing to do to maximise Vettels chances.

        At first I was gutted at them sacrificing Webber like that, but when you think about it it was their first time killer strategy to win. And it worked nicely to trick Ferrari as well.

        1. I honestly don’t think they sacrificed Webber here. Webber has been struggling with his pace and with his tyres at the start of the race, got stuck behind Alguersuari for a little while there. The Ferrari-team made a rash decision to pull Massa and Alonso in. They would have been better of if they let them push for a little bit while Webber got stuck behind Petrov. That was not a good decision! Great drive from Petrov though, nice work defending Alonso like that!

          Good for Vettel! I think he’s a terrific driver and a deserving champion. Had a lot of bad luck this year in terms of reliability, someone calculated that had cost him over 100 points which is a lot! And he shouldn’t have crashed into Webber in that one race. Other than that, great season for him!! He seems like a nice guy as well.

    8. Leave Massa on those tyres to keep up Webber?
      Make Massa pit on the first lap to keep maybe Vettel behind?
      Whichever choice would have been better than pitting in a moment where top teams were running away and Ferrari didn’t have a gap great enough to stay in front of the other teams. Webber was going to have traffic, why not let Alonso go on to avoid him having a similar fate???

    9. Congratulations Sebastian! I’m not a fan of you or the way you win, but you won (and vindicated my prediction that the driver who won 5 races would be the champion!), nothing can ever take that away from you.

    10. Looks like Alonso greeted Petrov with the his middle finger after the race ^^

      1. haha it was brilliant ^^ Nice to see some emotions coming from a driver.

        1. I cant believe I missed that. Gotta youtube that clip soon. Fernando should have got past Petrov.. I cant believe he didn’t mount a solid attack on Petrov all race.

          1. He simply couldn’t! It’s hard to overtake here apparently. Same thing happened to Hamilton. He couldn’t get past Kubica either and that McClaren was quicker than the Ferrari on this circuit. That renault was pretty quick as well, especially on the main straight. Petrov didn’t make a mistake and done really well. I do think he could have taken more risks now and then but I doubt it would have helped, he just couldn’t catch him!

          2. He actually made one attempt and went wide, I was sure Webber was going to pass him then but that’s penalty-free run-offs for you.

    11. Great race from Vettel. I’m a big fan of Alonso though, he deserves the title. Perfect driving, perfect car, perfect situation.

    12. yeah i really didnt understand alonso having a tantrum at petrov after the race, alonso is the double world champ with the faster car and petrov is the rookie… theres no excuse, petrov drove well not to give alonso a real chance of overtaking

    13. After all that, Petrov was only 5 points off Kobayashi and ahead of Hulkenberg!

    14. Vettel really deserved it.. I love Alonso, but I was hoping Vettel would win this year. I am so happy that Hamilton didn’t make it. :P Good job

      1. couldn’t disagree more..

      2. Boy, Lewis hasnt even come close to Shumi’s titles, yet he’s almost as despised, and probably more despised than the German.
        Will never know why, but hey, there’s a chance in 2011 to shut the haters up!

        Congrats to Sebastian, brilliant driving.

    15. vettel drove his heart out & deserved to win the race as well a s the championship. To watch him win live from the grand-stands was unique.

    16. anti-climax….

    17. Hopefully Mclaren will pull their socks up next year. Vettel, a good champion…? never.. all that finger waving at Webber & his ramming of Button in Spa show he lucked in this year.

    18. Get ready for a shock, because I’m going to defend Alonso.

      So he was angry at Petrov. These guys are human. They will lie, place blame, be angry, sulk. They might be superhuman in their talent, but not their humanity. They make mistakes. Comparing their personality “flaws” is meaningless.

    19. Poor Jenson Button, Vettel carrying on bout Lewis at the interview. N

    20. Remember all his technical failures….

      And I rather see a torpedo Vettel in Button than a weak Hockenheim Alonso getting past Massa.

    21. Heidfeld beat Algoooshhhwarri… tut tut for ALG…

    22. Hope next season is as good, if not better!!!

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