Barrichello to stay at Williams in 2011

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Rubens Barrichello, Williams, 2010

Williams have confirmed Rubens Barrichello will remain at the team in 2011.

Frank Williams said:

We recruited Rubens to Williams knowing that he would bring technical expertise, experience and passion.

He has delivered everything we could have hoped for this season and we are delighted to confirm that he will drive for us again in 2011.
Frank Williams

It will be Barrichello’s 19th season in Formula 1, breaking Graham Hill’s record for most active seasons in Formula 1.

Barrichello broke the record for most race starts in 2008. He became the first driver to start 300 races this year.

He also confirmed that Nico Hulkenberg will not be driving for the team in 2011 but indicated he would be happy to have the driver in his team again:

I would like to thank Nico for his hard work this year, and before that in preparing himself for Formula One. We are very proud to have supported him as he secured the Formula 3 and GP2 titles and during his debut in Formula One.

At Williams we have for many years tried to bring new talent into the sport, and we are convinced that Nico will go on to great things. We wish him well and hope that our paths will cross again in the future.
Frank Williams

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23 comments on “Barrichello to stay at Williams in 2011”

  1. The only way nico & williams paths can cross each other is 1)Either williams is in top 3-4 or 2)Nico fails to shine & settle as mid filed driver in future. Both are diff to happen on current potential

    1. I would love to see that first one happening in the next 2 years though!

  2. It’s beginning to sound like Hülkenberg has better prospects for 2011. Renault, perhaps?

    1. Stupid decision by Williams.. but I think Hulk can secure a Renault drive

      1. To me it sounds like it was rather Huelkenbergs management not going for the deal instead of Williams.

        I can get the point of Weber not wanting a 5 year Williams deal where the Hulk would be loaned to HRT next year, although such a deal might make sense for Williams. They would be able to bring him back with team leader experience after Rubens calls it quits.
        But for the driver, he might have better options than a HRT drive for next year, or gets that drive even without having to be obliged to Williams for another 5 years.

        1. Bit different trying to pass some one at Interlagos compared to Abu Dahbi!

    2. After Petrov’s drive in Abu Dhabi, I don’t think Hulkenberg would be a serious prospect for Renault. Petrov might be a little crash-happy, but let’s ask Fernando Alonso who he’d rather try and pass. Hulkenberg folded after eight laps in Brazil. Petrov endured about forty in Abu Dhabi.

      1. You can’t compare Brazil and Abu Dhabi. The circuit in Brazil is far easier to pass on.

        1. It’s also much easier to make mistakes on…

  3. Williams one of the oldest team do need technical expertise, experience and passion of Barrichello I am happy to see both of them pair together for another season.

  4. Barrichello needs to leave the sport. Williams isn’t going anywhere with him as a driver.

    1. Sixth place in the WDC doesn’t count as “anywhere”?

      1. Barrichello came tenth.

        1. I think he was talking about the Constructor’s Championship. Also, Barrichello is the (by far) the best available option for Williams, so it would be stupid if they had not retain him.

          1. Williams has half of the drivers equation. Rubens plays one part, now they need someone with big attachments who can get more from the car than it is possible to get. Who is in line?? What is the name of the guy with all the loot? Father McDonaldo or something….and Williams needs the money. I guess money is the answer.

  5. Williams are looking for a Vettel or Hamilton ,at the moment Nico seems to be a little slower than Rubins after a season in F1. Rubins proved himself a match for Button last season which tells us he’s 3-6 tenths slower than Hamilton per lap,carry on searching Williams.

    1. I don’t know if you can call him a match with button last season. Don’t get me wrong, rubens is my fav. driver but it’s in black and white 6-2 wins and the wdc. Maybe if rubens was younger it would have been opposite, but timing is everything. I still think he has some left in the tank, but you do only get slower not faster as time goes on.

      1. In the middle part of the season, Rubens was outperforming Jenson.

        It’s all about who the car suits.
        If the car had suited Rubens at the start of the season instead of Jenson. I think Brazil would have had another world champion.

    2. I thought Webber would leave to join Williams but that’s not happening.

  6. Thrilled. The grid wouldn’t be the same without this guy. And there were way too many knee-jerk reactions after Hulk got his pole that Rubens was on his way out. He’s still one of the most solid and useful drivers to have on the grid – didn’t expect Williams to drop Hulkenberg though, looks like Maldonado is on his way in…

  7. I feel bad for the Hulk… but I’m just too happy for Maldonado who will finally have a chance at F1 =D
    I’m sure Nico will get a drive elsewhere

  8. huh huh huh Give me a drive!!! :(

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