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2011 F1 testing

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Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Abu Dhabi, 2010
Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Abu Dhabi, 2010

Daniel Ricciardo didn’t just set the fastest lap of the young drivers’ test at Abu Dhabi today.

The Red Bull driver set eight laps, all of which were faster than anyone else could manage.

Here are all the lap times and speed trap figures for each of the drivers in the test presented in interactive charts.

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The interactive graph above shows all the lap times set by all the drivers in the first young drivers’ test session at Abu Dhabi. It does not include laps in and out of the pits.

As there are a lot of lap times plotted on the graph you may find it easier to view the full-screen version.

On both versions you can click and drag on the chart to zoom in on a particular area. You can then use the slider which appears at the top of the graph to scroll through the times.

And you can use the check boxes at the bottom to show and hide drivers’ lap times.

The chart below showing the drivers’ speeds at the speed trap works in the same way.

Daniel Ricciardo set the fastest time of the session for Red Bull. Like many of the drivers he ran a short stint late in the session when the Yas Marina track was at its best.

Ricciardo set the eight fastest laps of the day and 15 of the 22 fastest laps – the remainder set by Oliver Turvey in the McLaren.

Among the exceptions were Jules Bianchi, driving for Ferrari, who set his best time just two-and-a-half hours into the test.

Paul di Resta (Force India) and Rio Haryanto (Virgin) had their running confined to the morning as they were sharing their cars with other drivers.

The test continues at the track tomorrow.

Fastest times

CarDriverCarBest lapGapOn lapLapsRank (all laps)
133Daniel Ricciardo1’39.61668831
231Oliver Turvey1’40.7251.10984859
357Antonio Felix da Costa1’41.3811.765767723
441Esteban Gutierrez1’41.4321.816848824
535Dean Stoneman1’41.5221.906687027
636Mikhail Aleshin1’42.0732.457555852
738Jean Eric Vergne1’42.4892.873609374
837Paul di Resta1’42.7363.120272895
932Sam Bird1’42.9853.3696067110
1062Jerome d’Ambrosio1’43.5183.9023436148
1140Pastor Maldonado1’43.7504.134107108167
1234Jules Bianchi1’43.8944.2781559177
1339Rodolfo Gonzalez1’44.9245.3087283280
1442Rio Haryanto1’49.4399.8232021552

Speed trap

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DriverCarFastest Speed (kph)
Oliver TurveyMcLaren317.5
Pastor MaldonadoHRT315.7
Antonio Felix da CostaForce India315.7
Dean StonemanWilliams312.9
Sam BirdMercedes312
Daniel RicciardoRed Bull312
Rodolfo GonzalezLotus311.1
Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso310.2
Jules BianchiFerrari309.3
Paul di RestaForce India309.3
Esteban GutierrezSauber309.3
Jerome d’AmbrosioVirgin308.4
Mikhail AleshinRenault307.5
Rio HaryantoVirgin299.8

2011 F1 testing

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39 comments on “Full lap times data: 2011 young drivers test day one”

  1. That’s pretty impressive of him. Sure he was in the RB6, but the cars are always a lot closer to it than that!

    1. The RB6 in the hands of the fastest drivers was regularly 1.0 > 0.6 seconds ahead of the field.

      The only reason that Ferrari and McLaren were able to get close to it at times is because of the quality of the drivers.

      Most particularly, the RB6 has a massive mechanical grip, stability, and downforce advantage over the other cars taking part in the test, all of which have a much more important advantage to rookie and untested drivers than it does to someone like Alonso or Hamilton.

      So well done Ricciardo, but no I’m not all that blown away. Make them all swap cars and then see how they do.

      1. You make a very good point. I bet if they all had a crack in the RB6 there would be little in it. Couple of tenths maybe. Goodjob anyway.

        1. i’d like to see hamilton in an RB6. especially up against vettel.
          even kubica or alonso in the red bull… mmm

          1. I believe that both Hamilton and Alonso would have kicked Vettel’s ass if they where in the RB6. I don’t mean they would have destroyed him or anything but he would have to forget the few tenths of advantage he had over his teammate. He would have been the one looking for them at least half the times.
            As for race day. Well there they would have really kicked his ass.
            They are currently the two strongest drivers.
            Unfortunately we know that no team can have both of them. It’s just too much for the universe to allow. Can’t have two kings running the same kingdom.

          2. Very exciting prospect indeed. If only Alonso had somehow managed to get himself into Red Bull instead of this strategy bungling Ferrari red mist…

            Alonso and the best of Newey’s talent – delicious, barring the engine failures.

      2. we saw in quali for the race that there were tenths between the macca red bull and ferrari cars in the hands of there race drivers…why any different in young drivers, sure daniel will have spent a lot of time in the red bull simulator, but so will the other drivers in their respective cars! Daniel looks a very promising young driver for red bull.

        1. To put it context, Ricciardo time would have been good enough for 3rd on the grid in the Saturdays qualiy.

          On a side not, if this is the next generation of F1 drivers, then we are in for a cracking decade or so of F1.

          1. No he wouldn’t (or a least there is no way you can know or say that) as if quali was yesterday whos to say the top 10 wouldn’t of all be in the 1:38s

      3. I quite agree.
        I doubt he will be that much faster than these other drivers if they were in identical cars.
        We can’t say the other drivers lack the talent.
        Even if we know he, Ricciardo, has more familiarity with his car than most of the other testers, that alone can’t explain the disparity in the lap times.
        Button, Hamilton and Alonso, were doing wonders in those cars trying to keep up with the Redbulls.

  2. You must have spent quite some time to figure out that chart with the lap rankings ;D Thanks for that!

  3. Looks like “The Chosen One” did pretty well also. Surprised Di Resta wasn’t faster in the speed trap. That’s the one place the Force Indias were usually pretty strong this year.

    1. they were probably experimenting a bit with different settings of the wings.

  4. give it another year and lets see how vettel likes being the old team mate getting smashed by the young aussie! :)

    1. Oh please please please please. Let’s have Webber take ’11 then pass the torch. Australia is closer to Austria than Germany anyway ;)

  5. i’m pretty impressed with my fellow countryman Felix in the Force India, great showing

    1. That is true buddy. Being FI fan even i am surprised to see he was quicker than Liuzzi’s lap in qualifying.

      Some people may say rubber laid on track, but first time in f1 car, with this lap time shows he is quick enough.

      1. Looks like he is really pushing to get the most out of the car. Sure, you cannot really compare the times with saturday, as the track is a lot more rubbered in, but pretty good non the less.

  6. Anyone else find it funny how an HRT beat a Ferrari and Ferrari have been complaning about how slow the new teams are?

    1. Ferrari, Williams, Mercedes all 3 teams didn’t pure young drivers test. They used thes days for car development. so they usually didn’t take real flying lap, but collected some data.

    2. and also a mightly performance by Maldonado to do 108 laps in a HRT!

  7. I have the feeling Brendan Hartley will be walking around for the next couple days absolutely gutted

    1. yeah. but i don’t think his career is over, he’ll be back.
      plus F1 needs another kiwi

      1. I certainly hope so. Its just a shame as most teams either have a young driver recruitment systme already implemented or a pay driver.

  8. Wow. If that were qualifying Ricciardo would have been third… ahead of Button, Fernando, and Webber. Amazing.

    1. NO! (rolls eyes again and again)

    2. isn’t he helped by higher rubber levels and clean track?

      1. Most certainly he is helped by that.

    3. track is 1.1 – 1.4 seconds faster

  9. Track conditions is greatly diff from sat. The track rubbered in by the 1000 of laps by the cars over weekend of f1 and gp2

  10. Yes of course Ricciardo has the fastest car so he’s expected to set the fastest times, but he still has to got out and do it.
    da Costa is impressive getting more that di Resta of the FI he’s been driving all year and keep and eye on Vergne who’s impressing in the less quick Toro Rosso.

    1. Your Force India driver comparison must be corrected. As Keith said:

      Like many of the drivers he ran a short stint late in the session when the Yas Marina track was at its best.


      Paul di Resta (Force India) and Rio Haryanto (Virgin) had their running confined to the morning as they were sharing their cars with other drivers.

      And from Autosport:

      Force India reserve Paul di Resta, who ran first thing in the morning to create a baseline for da Costa to work from. However, he did not do a comparable run.


      Force India tester Paul di Resta, who was concentrating on setting benchmark times for team newcomer Antonio Felix da Costa on a heavier fuel load.

      So to conclude, better track conditions and low fuel for da Costa whilst di Resta di just a handful of laps in the morning to set the thing up for him – his high fuel load no doubt contributing to the 6-odd kph speed trap difference and perhaps the engine was on lower revs too… Only the team will know just how good da Costa was I can’t honestly judge that but I hope that helps you!

  11. just putting this out, but maldonaldo doesnt seem to bad on that HRT

  12. Nice! Another Aussie on the way to beat the English! Said in jest of course. With all the comments saying Ricardo is awesome or not, it’s impossible to tell till his first f1 race.

  13. Looking at the Lap times these guys are almost similar to the Team Drivers ….. young blood makes a lot of difference for sure ………..

  14. The real thrill will beginn when race crew and drivers will test the new Pirelli tyres the next days.

  15. Where did you manage to get all the laptime data from,

    Karun Chandhok tweeted he thinks track will be 1.1 to 1.4 secs quicker for YDT.

  16. Quicker still today… Daniel Ricciardo within 0.2 of Vettels pole.. but means little.

  17. Hey :) Is it alright that I go sort of away from the topic? I’m trying to read the blog on my new iPhone although it doesn’t show correctly (some of the areas are pretty much missing), do you have any suggestions? Should I try and find an upgrade for my software or something? Thanks! Sonya x :)

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