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2011 F1 testing

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Young drivers test, Yas Marina, 2010

Daniel Ricciardo was the man to beat at Yas Marina once again, setting three rapid laps at the end of the young drivers’ session that no-one could beat.

Below you can review detailed data from the test including all the lap times set by every driver and their straight-line speeds.

Lap times

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The interactive graph above shows all the lap times set by all the drivers in the first young drivers’ test session at Abu Dhabi. It does not include laps in and out of the pits.

As there are a lot of lap times plotted on the graph you may find it easier to view the full-screen version.

On both versions you can click and drag on the chart to zoom in on a particular area. You can then use the slider which appears at the top of the graph to scroll through the times.

And you can use the check boxes at the bottom to show and hide drivers’ lap times.

The chart below showing the drivers’ speeds at the speed trap works in the same way.

Ricciardo did three laps in the 1’38.1-1’38.3 range right at the end of the session, all of which were quicker than anyone else could manage. Afterwards he described the RB6 as being close to perfect.

It was cool to do this test and great to get so close to the big boys times from the weekend! It’s very rare to get a perfect car, but I have to say this is very close.

It’s a pleasure to drive it, you brake and you turn and the car does everything as you imagine it would. I think I got most of my nerves out of the way before last year’s test, so I was more relaxed this time, although you are always a little nervous getting into the car on day one.

We did more long runs today (day two), which went well – it’s been a great two days and it would be fantastic to get the chance to drive in Formula One full-time.
Daniel Ricciardo

Of the ten fastest lap times, four were set by Ricciardo, four by Jerome d’Ambrosio and two by Sam Bird.

The track was faster today than it had been yesterday, Paul di Resta reporting the circuit had “improved massively”.

Di Resta handed the car over to Yelmer Buurman for the afternoon but a technical problem on the VJM03 prevented Buurman from getting a planned low-fuel run in.

Interestingly, Sauber revealed some of the steps they took to ensure as consistent a test as possible with new driver Sergio Perez:

As for Esteban yesterday, we kept the same normal fuel level all day long and refrained from using the F-duct.
James Key

The later parts of the session were disrupted by several red flags which is why there are gaps in the clusers of lap times.

Car Driver Car Best lap Gap Lap Laps
1 33 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull-Renault 1’38.102 74 77
2 56 Jerome d’Ambrosio Renault 1’38.802 0.700 82 84
3 32 Sam Bird Mercedes 1’39.220 1.118 75 82
4 51 Gary Paffett McLaren-Mercedes 1’39.760 1.658 82 84
5 34 Jules Bianchi Ferrari 1’39.916 1.814 85 93
6 61 Sergio Perez Sauber-Ferrari 1’40.543 2.441 90 91
7 37 Paul di Resta Force India-Mercedes 1’40.901 2.799 25 27
8 55 Pastor Maldonado Williams-Cosworth 1’40.944 2.842 59 82
9 38 Jean Eric Vergne Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1’40.974 2.872 14 61
10 77 Yelmer Buurman Force India-Mercedes 1’41.178 3.076 48 67
11 80 Davide Valsecchi HRT-Cosworth 1’43.013 4.911 31 32
12 82 Luiz Razia Virgin-Cosworth 1’43.525 5.423 58 70
13 60 Josef Kral HRT-Cosworth 1’44.143 6.041 60 61
14 39 Rodolfo Gonzalez Lotus-Cosworth 1’44.312 6.210 40 41
15 59 Vladimir Arabadzhiev Lotus-Cosworth 1’45.723 7.621 47 49

Speed trap

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Pictures from the test show Renault running Jerome d’Ambrosio running without the main flap of his rear wing. This was possibly done in preparation for the 2011 regulations which allow movable rear wings.

Hoever he didn’t show particularly strong straight-line speed in the speed trap.

In the graph above you can also see Pastor Maldonado doing a series of constant-speed aerodynamic tests in the Williams.

Car Driver Car Speed trap (kph) Gap
1 32 Sam Bird Mercedes 317.52
2 77 Yelmer Buurman Force India-Mercedes 315.66 -1.86
3 51 Gary Paffett McLaren-Mercedes 315.66 -1.86
4 55 Pastor Maldonado Williams-Cosworth 314.74 -2.78
5 80 Davide Valsecchi HRT-Cosworth 313.82 -3.70
6 60 Josef Kral HRT-Cosworth 312.91 -4.61
7 56 Jerome d’Ambrosio Renault 312.91 -4.61
8 37 Paul di Resta Force India-Mercedes 312.91 -4.61
9 34 Jules Bianchi Ferrari 312.91 -4.61
10 38 Jean Eric Vergne Toro Rosso-Ferrari 311.1 -6.42
11 33 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull-Renault 311.1 -6.42
12 82 Luiz Razia Virgin-Cosworth 309.31 -8.21
13 61 Sergio Perez Sauber-Ferrari 307.54 -9.98
14 59 Vladimir Arabadzhiev Lotus-Cosworth 303.21 -14.31
15 39 Rodolfo Gonzalez Lotus-Cosworth 302.36 -15.16

2011 F1 testing

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    Image © BMW Sauber F1 Team

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    30 comments on “Full lap times data: 2011 young drivers test day two”

    1. Bianchi’s top speed is 6kph slower than Alonso’s on race day.

      1. probably got more downforce on.

        1. Or no F-Duct. They’ll be gathering tons of car info from this test, not sure why they arn’t choosing to study the effects of stalling for next year though. Still it won’t be an F-Duct stall so removing the f-duct is a very obvious thing to do.

          1. From the pictures, it looks like Ferrari and Renault are not using their F-ducts in this test.
            Not sure about McLaren and Mercedes, but it seems Red Bull, Williams, FI and Sauber left it on, although Sauber stated they did not use it, the others might have done the same (a tricky device for an unexperienced driver)

            1. Or instead of being tricky, it’s that the cars won’t have it in 2011.

        2. Or probably slower on the upshift.

    2. what is the scale for the speed trap graph. I understand the Y axis is top speed, but there are numbers along the X axis that don’t have a label and don’t seem to correspond to anything i can think of. Lap number (total for all drivers)? pls clarify.. this is the kind of omission that would lose marks on GCSE maths, not labelling your axes!!!

      1. same for laptimes graph too, no labels on the axes.. tsk tsk keith, i expect better hehe ;)

        1. Indeed, graphs without labels…
          I think the X axis represents the time in minutes from the beginning of the session.

        2. Spelling “Axis” wrong would lose marks in an exam too =)

          1. i think you’d be wrong actually…
            the plural of axis is axes.

            1. cheers Sato.. singular axis, plural axes ;)

              i’d like to think my GCSE’s, A levels and degree in further mathematics has some use in this world ;)

      2. Not sure why the labels weren’t appearing before. They should be there now.

    3. Who is Oliver Turvey? He appears on the full screen timing sheet, and sets consistent times at the fast end of the spectrum, but I didn’t see him in the driver summary listings?

      1. He was driving yesterday – perhaps you’re looking at yesterday’s data?

    4. How is Maldonado able to do 201.2 consistently over and over again?

      1. Probably an electronic limiter.

        1. Could possibly be a change in the pit limiter settings if that’s the case, change the limit from 100 to 200.

    5. Any chance of getting the times compared to the race weekend times Keith?

    6. Interesting facts from Sauber and Renault. It shows how much to read into the time differences between these guys. Even though these are young drivers being evaluated, the teams use every single lap to learn something about their cars or new ideas for the future.

      Nice graph with the speeds during the session (second axis being session time elapsed, just like in earlier interactive graphs).
      I suppose that for the teams it is important to see how consisently quick a driver is given a specific setting and fuel leve.

    7. Way to go Yelmer Buurman! I think some drivers showed to be F1 ready.
      To bad I don’t live in Abu Dhabi to be at the circuit the whole week :(

    8. In my opinion, fastest speeds are only significant for overtaking on a track like this, if its greater by more that 15 – 20 km per hour.
      A man walking at a casual pace is doing about 3 – 5Km/hr and a brisk walk is probably say, 7 – 9Km/hr.

      If you imagine how long it takes to cover a car’s length while walking, you will see that the time available between getting a tow, going out of the slip stream, and then covering that distance of the length, of that car you want to over take, all before the car ahead makes the turn, you will find it is virtually impossible.

      The track designers seemed to have spent more time building the amusement park than they did focusing on the race track.

    9. In the final runs many Red Flags!

      Yelmer stopped without fuel on his last laps, so no time attack for him. Wrong fuel calculation on Force India’s part.
      A well this is just a young driver test to get aquinted with intricate F1 machinery!

    10. A quick run-down on Yelmer’s lap times as they went down.:

      Lap 48 1m41.178s

      Lap 27 1m43.482s

      Lap 14 1m45.120s

      Up Holland!!! : )

      1. Yes, I really hope Yelmer (in the future) or maybe this year Guido will make his entrance in F1. Just makes it even more fun to watch here in NL.

        However, if you compare him with Antonio Felix da Costa, who did 1’41.381 yesterday it doesn’t look good. There’s this nice statement of a miscalculation from the team, but who reads that?

        In the time tables it looks like Yelmer just wasn’t fast enough. Given the ‘markerlaps’from DiResta, it is even more annoying.

        I’m afraid it was a nice try from Michiel Mol to give a dutch guy a chance, but in the end, Force India will say: thanks for the money but don’t call us…

        1. ‘this’ year is of course 2011

        2. Sorry for the replies, but after re-reading, I think I have to clarify the point about the time not looking good:
          Yelmer was faster then da Costa, but the track was a lot faster then yesterday and da Costa was third and Yelmer tenth…

          1. yelmer did not do laps on supersoft, so you need to take that into consideration too.

    11. Interesting to note that Tonio’s Q2 time was the slowest when compared to even these rookies who drove VJM03. and Paul’s lap time was better than Sutil’s Q2. Wondering whats keeping FI from confirming Paul di Resta for a race seat???

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