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The official 2010 F1 season review DVD will be available to buy from December 6th.

With 19 races to fit in this year’s review now includes five hours of footage including on-board camera laps, previously unseen footage and interviews.

The reviews is spread across two DVDs. As usual it seems this is the only format the review will be available in, with no Blu-Ray or downloadable high definition versions.

The title of the review – always a weakness for these DVDs – has not been published yet, so please make some helpful (or not) suggestions in the comments.

Update: The title of the review has been revealed – it is called “Sebastian’s Coming of Age”.

You can also enter this exclusive F1 Fanatic competition to win one of ten copies of the 2010 F1 season DVD.

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53 comments on “2010 F1 DVD review available to order”

  1. I would like the DVD to be named after some of the quotes the drivers and team principals have made over the season to the press or on the radio.
    Possible titles:
    1. WeltMeister
    2. Fernando is faster than you
    3. Not bad for a number 2 driver
    4. Crash Kid
    5. Fricking terrible idea
    6. No grip! No grip!
    7. Grande! Avanti (Andrea Stella) !! Ha ha ha ha ha (Fernando Alonso)

    1. 8. I don’t want to know

    2. I quite like “Weltmeister”, but no.2 would be perfect if alonso had won. Isnt no.7 a bit long winded :P

    3. How about “Not bad for a number 1 driver”

  2. fastest but not the best
    im a team player, not!
    i overtake by taking them off
    lewis and jenson are better
    the worst driver won

    1. Hahahaa I’ve got some wonderful grapes for you Daniel…

    2. You forgot

      “You can have your front wing back now Mark!”


    3. JENSON!?! HA!!!

    4. ahahaha thats brilliant

  3. I think I might buy this one or hint to somebody as a christmas pressie ;-) I bought the 2008 one which was pretty good. As for the name how about “Luck does come into it” ;-) Well you know what I mean by that.

  4. The Kid Crashes Alonso And Webber’s Party!

    Vettel Wings His Way To The Title

    Sebastian Is Faster Than You

  5. I like the one mentioned above but they should change it to.

    Fernando is not faster than you1

  6. To be honest, “Artwork in Progress” is inevitably going to be better than whatever they manage to come with, they might as well stick with that.

  7. Knowing the genius titles they usually come up with for the review DVD, here are some of my suggestions for 2010:

    “The driver in the blue car won it”
    “A man from Germany”
    “How did he manage it?”
    “Pigeon on the washing line”

  8. I wonder if they’ll have a region 1 DVD for this, I hope they do.

    1. They do. I already pre-ordered it on Amazon. Strangely, the 2009 Season Review for Region 1 will also be released on the same day as the 2010 one.

  9. Just to let the know. The BBC are showing a 2010 season review this Saturday at 1pm on BBC 1. This is just the thing to refresh your memory of this brilliant season and help those withdrawal symptoms. :-)

    1. Suffering From Withdrawal Symptoms
      23rd November 2010, 22:30

      i hate these withdrawal symptoms :(

      doesnt help the beeb played such an emotional song at the end of the coverage :(

  10. Torrero got owned by the bull .. or so .. or not …..

  11. Once again, luck does not come into it: Fantastic Sebastian and co., not in a hurry, made it at last!

    1. I always thought that was an awful title. Luck has everything to do with it, same story in 2008


  13. New on DVD….

    “He amassed the most points over the course of a 19 race season and therefore claimed the drivers title – becoming only the second German driver to do so, because he was born in that said country and Micheal Schumacher was the only german champion before him! – The FIA F1 2010 SEASON REVIEW”

  14. The Russian Cold Wall

  15. How about “Running Of The Bulls”?

  16. I have placed an order already.

    I noticed that it is cheaper to order from here rather than from the official F1 website!

    1. Amazon is always cheaper. ;) Not to mention you help Keith too.

  17. Vettel on fine fettle! :D

  18. Bulls on parade?

    To be honest I’ll be amazed if anyone is anywhere near it considering some of the trollop they’ve come up with in the past. Luck does not come into it? Terrible.


      Whoops, sorry. Rage Against the Machine always makes me do silly things like that.

  19. Bull run!
    You don’t need wings for this
    It’s Sebastian!
    High Five!
    Too fast too often

    Seriously, it could be anything, going by the past few titles, but that’s what I came up with. I was going for a mix of likely and unlikely titles.

  20. F1 2010 – fast cars

    I think that’s inspirational personally. Really gets the message across about the season like the others.

  21. Quite simply they should call it

    “Adrian Newey does it again”

  22. “Vettel – By a Nose!”

    It’s a shame Kubica didn’t win really. :p

    I might buy this one, I’ve never bothered before but it was a great season. Or how about…

    “Vettel – The Hare Wins!”

    Because he was looking to fulfil the story of the tortoise and the hare right until the last race.

  23. it’ll probably be something awful like:

    ‘he made it in the end’
    or ‘finally’

  24. Just ordered! I’ll be on holiday when it arrives though :0(

  25. is it the certain url of the link above that provides you the commission keith?

    1. Either the link or the box is fine, thanks Sato113!

  26. Until they sell the full races – Hopefully in 1080p – I’m not buying.

    As for the name: “Seb is faster than you – 2010 F1 review” seems good enough.

    1. Should be : “Alonso, Seb is faster than you”.

  27. I know it’s crude, but I can’t improve on a simple ‘bs’ on the title for sheer comedy value. $:)

  28. “Pedal to the Vettel”

  29. “Weltmeister”

  30. “Well, it took them long enough…..”

  31. “Not bad for a crash kid”

  32. did the right man win? i dont think so
    Crashed to the title
    stolen from deserved
    even luckier than hamilton

  33. “The First Place Curse”
    “Not Until The End”
    “The Crying Game”

    …okay obviously the last one won’t fly X)

    1. “Sebastian is quicker than you, let him by or he’ll crash into you”

      Okay, maybe a bit long but the point is their.

  34. Well, looks like they have called it “Sebastian’s coming of age”.

    Could have been much worse!

  35. Dubious name…this may make my Christmas list.

  36. what an awful title! how do they manage to come up with these…

  37. The title makes me go Hmmm…

    And not in a good way, either.

  38. Flexible schedule
    Driven: starring sebastian vettel
    Fingers crossed
    How to squander points featuring sebastian Vettel
    Red balls of fire
    Blame it on the Renaults
    Fastest…but not on Sunday
    a NooB champion

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