Drivers’ and teams’ end-of-season photographs

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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After a failed first attempt the 24 F1 drivers of the 2010 season finale finally assembled for the traditional end-of-year ‘class photo’. Here are the pictures.

Several of the teams also marked the end of their 2010 campaigns with group photos of their own which you can see below.

2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    Images © Ferrari spa, Renault/LAT, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Lotus F1, Virgin Racing

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    33 comments on “Drivers’ and teams’ end-of-season photographs”

    1. Off tropic but can anyone shed some light on the drivers line up for the next two days of tyre testing in Abu Dhabi?

      1. Will be on the site later today.

    2. Ah, now this is more like it! We don’t need Bernie or the resident sheik in these pictures, just the drivers.

      1. Yeah, it’s definitely better without all the big heads in the front.

    3. Kieth, could we please get a HD sized photo? 1920×1080. pretty please!

    4. Interesting that Yamamoto wasn’t in Hispania’s picture that included Chandhok… have relations soured?

      1. Interesting that Chandhok isnt in the car though! :P

        1. Why has Chandhok returned to HRT? Wasn’t he at RBR?

      2. He wasn’t in Abu Dhabi, certainly, he was back in Tokyo.

        1. That is true, I had heard that, thanks for confirming Keith!

    5. Why do only Dietritch (I hope I got the spelling right) and Helmut allowed to wear casual clothes?

      1. Because they’re the big cheeses :-)

      2. Dietritch can do what he likes. he’s a legend!

      3. IMO, the ‘big cheese’ of Red Bull – and perhaps of F1 – at the moment is Adrian Newey. Without Newey, Red Bull would have been nowhere. The Red Bull – although champions – are still a one-man show.

        And yeah, what about the predictions championship? I am hoping to finish in the top 50.

        1. But he’s an employee.

        2. Jarred Walmsley
          18th November 2010, 18:35

          Yes, however as there would be no Red Bull let alone RBR without Dietritch I think he deserves the title of big cheese.

    6. Ha I do like the seating heirarchy in relation to seating rows.

    7. I like the colour in the overalls this season! There’s orange, green, red and yellow mixed in with the usual darks and whites. We could do with more (lighter) blues and fewer whites next season though.

      Also, am I right in thinking that the Virgin drivers started the season with black overalls and then switched to whites? And perhaps the same for Hispania?

      1. I think Virgin’s changed when their new sidepod sponsors came on board for this race.

        1. And also because black absorbs heat whilst white reflects it. I can’t imagine it would have been too comfortable to sit in the Virgin in black overalls in places like Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia and Australia.

          1. They are in racing suits…the colour won’t make much of a difference, it’s still unbearably hot.

    8. The cheek of HRT to put Chandolk in such a central position for their team snap!

      Surely Mateschitz can wear whatever he likes for the Redbull photo – I certainly wouldn’t have a go at my employer who was pumping £200m+* of his own cash into the team. :P

      *Redbull had biggest budget overall

      1. Chandhok did more races for HRT than Yamamoto and Klien.

    9. any mclaren or ferrari team photos from 2010?

    10. If only Raikonnen was there, we would have the whole era of 2000-2010 Champions covered. We are only missing the 2007 champion.

    11. Iam F1fans FoReVer
      18th November 2010, 13:03

      Ah~ what a brilliant season!

    12. definitely one of the best seasons in F1 history in the books. Im already anxious for 2011 needs to get here fasterr

    13. Jonathan Wallcroft
      18th November 2010, 16:45

      Where’s Sakon in HRTs Pic

      1. Read the comments further up the page.

      1. haha what a lad!

    14. Great end of season picture showing nicely the 3 tiers of the teams. Top Runners, Mid Runners and the back pack.

    15. Its good to see Nick Fry again.. He has been awfully quiet since last year..

      Loving the facial hair though!

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