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Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button, Abu Dhabi, 2010

Jimfaekillie has won the 2010 F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship.

He claims the grand prize of two tickets to the 2011 British Grand Prix weekend, with seats opposite new pit and paddock complex, overlooking the new start grid.

Details of all 12 championship prize winners plus the two race prize winners and the final championship standings can be found below.

Jimfaekillie is our Grand Prize winner having amassed a total of 194 points.

After becoming one of the few people to achieve a maximum points score in the Suzuka round, he staved off a late rally by J-Canada, who took 32 points off him in the last two races to end up four points adrift.

Congratulations to Jimfaekillie, who will be watching all three days of next year’s British Grand Prix at the Silverstone track with a friend.

2010 F1 Fanatic Predictions
Championship top 25

Player Points
1 jimfaekillie 194
2 J-Canada 190
3 Arpi_ 176
3 chiliching 176
5 kmk 173
6 flyingcave 170
6 S-D 170
8 Chris Pratt 169
9 KeirdreF1 167
10 Carina Gascoine 166
10 scunnyman 166
12 nicko029 164
12 LucaBadoerFan 164
12 rascalb 164
15 CyclopsPL 163
15 Tom Hitchings 163
17 Bullfrog 162
18 Romain from Grenoble 160
19 Biggles209 159
19 Owen G 159
21 als 156
22 PJA 154
22 Scalextric 154

The second place prize goes to J-Canada who wins an F1 painting supplied by Rob Ijbema.

He can pick an F1 driver for a portrait or select a painting of his choice from Rob’s site Car-a-day.

The runners-up prize go to the next ten highest points-scorers. They have all won copies of the new 2010-2011 edition Autocourse, which will be sent to them once it has been published.

And with three players tied for 12th place the Abu Dhabi pole position time tie-breaker had to be used to pick who came out on top. Commiserations to LucaBadoerFan and rascalb who narrowly missed out on a prize.

The ten “Autocourse” winners are: Arpi_, Chiliching, KMK, Flyingcave, S-D, Chris Pratt, KeirdreF1, Carina Gascoine, scunnyman and nicko029.

And we have two winners for this weekend’s round as usual. The best prediction for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was made by F1WithMySon, who wins a Lotus DVD boxset supplied by Duke Video.

The race runner-up was Matt Clinch, who wins two F1 T-shirts supplied by Unlap. The pole position tie-breaker had to be used again hear, and Matt clinched it (sorry) by just 0.01s over J-Canada.

Thanks for playing!

Over 3,600 people played in the 2010 F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship. Thank you all for joining in, do let us know how your season went in the comments below.

And thanks again to Silverstone, Rob Ijbema, Icon Publishing, Duke Video and Unlap for supplying the biggest and best ever selection of prizes for the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship.

View the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship standings in full

F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship race-by-race statistics

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55 comments on “Jimfaekillie wins the 2010 Predictions Championship”

  1. my championship fell apart mid season with poor unreliability! 80th out of a couple of thousands aint too bad tho.

  2. 298th with 99 points, disappointed. Those couple of no scores really cost me!

    Thanks to Keith and all involved for running this and congrats to the winners. I’ll try and come back stronger next year!

    1. Out of 3866 isn’t bad though!

      1. I was a few place above you Dan! But I missed two rounds which was very foolish of me. Does anyone know how the scoring works?

        Thanks for this fun little competition Keith! :)

  3. wooooo! t-shirts! thanks keith, great championship run throughout the year. thanks for all your effort and the prizes.

  4. Congrats to Jimfaekillie… luck so and so!

    I was 224th… I really got into this towards the end of the season, but inexplicably forgetting to make my predictions for the Brazilian GP cost me badly. With the Big 5 drivers locking the top 5 positions in the race, it’s safe to assume I missed out on some big points there

    1. The same with me, I let my wishes dictate my predictions to much, instead of cold bloudedly choosing Vettel for pole at each track and getting the usual suspects for the podium.
      Highest score was 11 points in a single race, so i must improve there for next year.

    2. I am indeed a very lucky so and so!!!!!

      As others have said, many thanks to Keith for running the competition and for doing such a great job with the site all year. Also for arranging an absolutely fantastic prize – I can’t wait!

      1. Big time congratulations to you! Bravo! and, yeah giant kudos to Keith for the competition. Also, I’m sparing a thought for J-Canada. 4 points – ouch. I only ended up two little, measly perfect scores behind you so, you know, like watch out next year. Seriously – congrats.

      2. Congrats Jim, Great predictions.

        Whats your secret? ;-) I’m very jealous of you. If your stuck for somebody to go with, I might be available :-) I live near to you in the next town, if you still live there.
        Congrats to the other winners too, well done. Hopefully I do better myself next year.

        A note to Keith, any chance of making it a little easier for everyone by having us predict only the podium positions and using the same points system as F1, as once your behind after few races you have no chance of catching up.

    3. first half of the season went well for me on quallyfying terms i would have made a better job but so would evrybody make anyway 24th for the SPECTATOR aka miguelpereira

  5. I was late starting and felt I was already out when I only entered 1 out of the first 5 races.

  6. Joint 22nd this year considering the number of people who took part I am pleased with that, although it is down on my place of fifth last year.

    Thanks to Keith for running the Championship and congratulations to all the winners.

  7. Congrats to the winners!

    I’m 45th with 144 points, which means I’m awesome. I missed one round. My highest position was 28th.
    I love this game! It adds a whole new dimention to watching races and a spices it up a whole lot!

    One stat that we need, would be to asses the predictability of each race, as is shown by the mean point score in each race.
    The races where the mean scores where the highest were the most predictable ones, and the most unpredictable races were those with the lowest scores. This comparison would be very interesting!

    [The calculation would have to only include, say, 100 highest scores of each race, as to eliminate the influence of “Opts” scores, varying number of participants and varying number of joke predictions (which also typically lead to 0pt scores). This would also make the calculation a lot easier.]

    1. Nice Idea Damon;

      I am also a stat freak, so I have some numbers that might interest you. Let´s suppose that someone could predict exactly the grid (as some players, myself included, had done sometimes in this championship) and use this as a race prediction. How many points he/she would get?:

      01) Bah: 16
      02) Mel: 5
      03) Sep: 7
      04) Sha: 5
      05) Bar: 13
      06) Mon: 24
      07) Ist: 7
      08) Mtl: 13
      09) Val: 6
      10) Sil: 5
      11) Hoc: 9
      12) Hun: 9
      13) Spa: 7
      14) Mon: 19
      15) Sin: 21
      16) Suz: 13
      17) Koe: 4
      18) Int: 5
      19) Yas: 11
      Total: 199

      Boring races implies in race result equals the starting grid. Or, in other words, high scores (50). We can conclude, therefore, that, apart Monaco (24, big surprise), we had a very not predictable championship.

      1. That’s also interesting, but you don’t need prediction scores for that stat. ;)

  8. I want to thank Keith once again for the prize! Cheers mate!

  9. Congratulation to the top 3.It was fun.

  10. very bad results due to the late start, and as long as i am mercedes fan, i did the same as my team, start concentrating on the new season early.
    Now i am waiting the new season to see how i will perform.

  11. if only i hadn’t made a name mistake a few rounds ago then i would have finished 5th, but i am still proud of finishing 10th out of the thousands that took place, and scoring points in every round.

    And congrats to Jimfaekillie who managed to win from down the pack unlike Alonso.

    Looking forward to next season now

  12. Just missed the top 25!
    I guess there is no shame in finishing 26th out of more than 3000 players though! If only I hadn’t registered with the wrong username in Spa, I’d have finished 20th!

    Thanks again Keith, I’ll be looking forward to improve next year!

    1. Should have a username system in place for next year to put an end to that. I’m sorry it wasn’t possible to do it during this year but there simply wasn’t time.

      1. I like it as it is. You cannot babysit everybody in all domains of life, if someone can’t take care of their own business then it’s their problem.
        That’s life.

        It’s better not making people used to all things being done for them.

        1. harsh Damon, harsh!

  13. Congratulations to the winners!

    Failed to finish in the Top 100 but inconsistency cost me dear.

    1. Just beat you by two points icth, would have been well in the top 100 if I hadn’t missed two races :(

  14. Points in every race :D
    Not high points though… :(

    Oh well, congratz to the winners!

    1. hello fellow 100th place finnisher

      ps, I pretty much cried when I realised I missed the deadline for suzuka!

  15. Shame that I missed out on the Autocourse book by that little.

    Keith, do you have a spare piece of paper with F1 written on it that I can use for my prize?

    But anyway, thanks for running the championship again this year. Hopefully I can pick even better next year and actually make the cut.

  16. 15th… If I hadn’t missed those two GP’s… well, too bad. Congratz to the winners :)

  17. Well played Jim, enjoy your trip south next July. And thanks for running it Keith – great fun and it definitely adds something to each Grand Prix. Felt amazing when I predicted everything right at Suzuka – but I suspect that was a once-in-a-lifetime thing…

  18. Craig Woollard
    18th November 2010, 16:14

    579th ain’t bad :)

  19. Since it’s my first full year doing this,270th ain’t that bad.But i’ll try for next year to get into top 100.

  20. Congrats Jimfaekillie, unlike Alonso, you sealed the deal!
    Although I’m a bit gutted about missing first, I’m looking forward to my painting! Now which one to get?

    Thanks Keith for setting up the contest and running such a great site.

    1. Said this on the first page, but: big bravos for your effort. Maybe you’ll get to attend a GP next year nonetheless… Montreal?

      1. Thanks Maciek! I hope to get to the Monteal GP next year. I went a few years ago and had a great time. Really a very fun city.

        1. Yeah, I’ve lived in Montreal for a good while now and I do really love the city, so I won’t argue there. Been to the GP a couple of times – first time was ’85 when we could still sit on the grass like a 100 ft from the track at the old start/finish line- I’ll never forget the literally ground shaking noise of the engines revving up at the start – I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

    2. Thanks, J-Canada – I was lucky, you ran me very close with some great scoring at the end!

  21. 50th with 143 pts, in only I had gone with what I thought in the last round instead of what I wanted to happen I’d of be 10 places higher.

    Good fun

  22. I didn’t participate as I thought winners would be getting Medals from Bernie or something. Now that I know the stakes I will be game next season. Till then Congrats to all the winners

  23. I’m so happy to break my string of 3 point results… Thanks Keith!

  24. i’ve really enjoyed this competition – it’s added an element of excitement to the races for me, so, firstly, thank you keith for setting it all up.

    well done to the ten prize winners. i was running as high as third, then i fell further down the grid from there. probably would of cracked the top ten, had i not missed the silverstone round (ironic, eh? :p)

    bring on next year! :D

  25. Wow, that was fun! I scraped into the top 25 list by matching the highest points score in the last race. That made my day, and many thanks for the year long fun, Keith!

    Congratulations to the prize winners!

    1. Oops. I mean equal second highest for Abu Dhabi after F1withmyson and probably much wider of the mark with the pole prediction than all others on 19 pts. Still chuffed though!

  26. Cornelius Michael
    18th November 2010, 21:06

    Congratulation to Jimfaekillie ! I’ve got 148th wt 118 points. Not bad since this is my 1st time plus i missed 2 prediction.

    Had good fun. Thanks Keith for the competition.

    Next year target to get top 100th.

    Cheers to all!

  27. José Baudaier
    18th November 2010, 22:12

    154th place. Need to improve next year. Ohh well, maybe Pirelli’s tires can suit my prediction style better.

    1. Wonder if that will work for me?

  28. Pleased with my joint 131st placing, hoping to build for next year.

  29. enjoyed the predictions cship but it was a difficult year to predict, 29th place 154 points always
    next year

  30. Gotta feel for Luca Badoer, even his #1 fan just barely misses finishing in a prize winning position

  31. Congratulations to the prize winners! It was very hard this year.

  32. Well done to the winners! I finished joint 29th which is better than I thought I would. Especially as I forgot to enter one round, could’ve been in the prize-winning places! Roll on next year!

  33. So 555 it is…
    With improvements in both the entry system on the site and the remember to enter-system in my head, I should be able to avoid the zeroes next year.

    But then… how to stop the heart from interfering???

    All those times I added Schumacher against better judgement, even when it was clear that nothing could be expected from him, all those times I didn’t include alonso in the prediction, because I would rather have it that way, or choosing an all German line up at Hockenheim (or English at Silverstone)…

    I should be able to do better next year. Last night I agreed with my wife that she will make predictions also for next year. Although she isn’t bothered by knowledge, she will probably do better then me and hopefully secure those tickets!

  34. Congrats to winners… Many thanks to Keith and all for a thrilling F1 – 2010 predictions championship. I can’t wait until 2011 season to start. Sorry to have missed 2 races, but amazing to get close to being on the podium. Limmat – kmk 5th place @173 pts.

  35. i only predicted for 3 races so i didnt do too well but well done to the winner

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