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Lewis Hamilton lines Fernando Alonso up for a pass in Montreal

What was the best overtaking move of 2010?

I’ve picked ten of the best passes for position this year and your nominations are needed to complete the shortlist.

Make your nominations and the most popular suggestions will be voted on to select the best F1 pass of the year.

Lewis Hamilton, Australia – It’s not often you see cars passing around the outside of the high-speed turn 11 but Hamilton made the move stick on Nico Rosberg.

Lewis Hamilton, China – Double pass on Adrian Sutil and Sebastian Vettel at the hairpin.

Fernando Alonso, China – Controversial but quick-thinking pass on team mate Felipe Massa on their way into the pits.

Adrian Sutil, Valencia – Squeezed around the outside of Sebastien Buemi on a track usually regarded as an overtaking-free zone.

Nico Rosberg, Silverstone – Passed Jaime Alguersuari around the outside at Brooklands.

Sebastian Vettel, Silverstone – Barged his way past Adrian Sutil in an unsubtle, arms-and-elbows fashion.

Rubens Barrichello, Hungary – Braved some excessively tough defensive driving from Michael Schumacher to thread his Williams through an impossibly narrow gap.

Kamui Kobayashi, Japan – Launched his Sauber at Jaime Alguersuari at the hairpin and scrabbled past.

Fernando Alonso, Brazil – Patiently prised third place out of Nico Hulkenberg’s hands – and with the championship hanging in the balance he had to take care passing the Williams.

Robert Kubica, Abu Dhabi – In a race that was short on passing Kubica proved it could be done with a well-judged move on the outside of Kobayashi.

What do you think were the best passes of the year?

List the passes you think should be in the shortlist below and we’ll vote for the best pass of the year in two weeks’ time.

F1 Fanatic pass of the year: Previous winners

2009: Kamui Kobayashi on Jenson Button at Yas Marina
2008: Felipe Massa on Heikki Kovalainen and Rubens Barrichello at Montreal

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229 comments on “Best F1 pass of 2010: make your nominations”

  1. No Kubica on Sutil in Singapore?

    1. Or Kobayashi on Alonso in Valencia?

      1. I’m not saying neither of these belong on the list. Rather than attempt to put every single pass that happened during the season I’ve made a few suggestions and will use your nominations to draw up a shortlist.

        1. Ahh, yup, I am going for Kobayashi on Alonso if it comes up. It just simply made me laugh because Alonso was really having a bad day and then that happened near the end.

          1. It was only good from the point of view it was a mid runner against a front runner.
            When you take into account the circumstances new tyres against totally knackered it no as good as it first appears. Although it was very good.

          2. And that’s why Barrichello’s Hungary move shouldn’t be number 1- he was on fresh rubber, running 3 seconds a lap faster than his rival.

          3. Clearly Lewis on the Safety Car had the most impact of any pass this year.

        2. I understand that, but I do think Kobi should have more than one on the list… and probably deserves an award for the simple amount of great overtakes he has made this season.

          1. He could have 4 just from the hairpin at Suzuka (which is not supposed to be a passing spot!). In fact the one Keith actually mentioned wasn’t as good as at least 2 of the others IMO.

        3. Hamilton on alonso in Montreal.

          Hamilton around Rosberg in Melbourne.

          Button around alonso in malaysia…

          1. Hamilton on SC. The best of the year.

    2. sutil pit early and his tyres were in bad condition
      and kubica pit twice and tyres were much faster and also renault is much faster car than FI

      1. I am definatly not Lewis Hamilton’s number one fan, far from it in fact, but that move he made on Nico Rosberg around the outside of turn 11 at Melbournewas incredible. Sitting in the stands, everyone around including us just said “WOW that was amazing.

        1. Heart was in my mouth on that one. I thought it was going to end in tears, it was scary, one of the bravest of the year for sure.

          1. Mine too. Brilliant.

    3. Alguersuari on Hulkenberg in Malaysia.

      Good run into the hairpin.
      Switch back in the hairpin.
      Round the outside into the quick left hander. Beauty!

      I actually prefered Vettel’s move on Schumacher, almost being pushed onto the grass.

      Hamilton on Nico Rosberg was also brilliant.

      1. My pick would be Barrichello on Schumacher, it is definitely the one that will keep showing in 2010 season montages.
        Kobayashi on Alonso (and on Alguersuari in last corner of that very last lap) was also great.

    4. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
      what about alonso on massa at hockenheim?

      1. Glock or DiGrassi on Schumacher in Australia. Suprised no other votes for this.

    5. I was just about to put this…

      All of his overtaking at singapour

  2. Barrichello on Schumacher definitely.

    1. Agreed. By far the ballsiest move of the year by Barrichello on Schumacher. Put against the wall, then put on the grass, but still got the job done. The Rosberg on Alguersuari move at Silverstone was probably my second fave.

      What about the worst move, Keith? Webber on Kovalainen at Valencia? Or Vettel on Webber in Turkey? Nope, neither. It must go to Alonso and Massa in Germany. :P

      1. Worst goes to that pile up at monaco between the Lotus and HRT :D

      2. Vettel and Webber move wasn’t bad, it was great! Sorry, just still can’t get over it.

        1. Vitali Petrov on Nico Hulkenberg, Japan lap one

    2. Second best will go to Petrov on Rosberg at Spa lap 11

    3. Yep… Barrichello on Schumacher at #1
      Lewis on Rosberg at #2
      Fernando on Hulkenberg at #3

  3. Schumacher on Alonso in monaco.

    1. Given that Alonso was under the impression that Schumacher wasn’t allowed to pass him at that point (and as it turned out Alonso was correct), it wouldn’t be fair to include that one.

      Had it been the case that both drivers had been racing for position going into the corner it would definitely make my top ten.

      1. No matter what the team ordered blabber after the race was: every single one of these drivers put the hammer down for the last corner and run to the finish line. Otherwise the redBulls could have cruised home for example, but no, they all went for it. Alonso did too, that was why his car (on the very old tyres) was sliding a bit and allowed Schumacher to have a go at him and make it wor.

        I’m not saying that this should be considered for the list, I just want to mention that none of the drivers were sure what was going on.

        1. I just want to mention that none of the drivers were sure what was going on.

          On the contrary, Alonso was told (correctly) that drivers were not allowed to pass after the safety car line and Schumacher was told (incorrectly) that drivers were allowed to pass after the safety car line.

          The Monaco race edit is still up on, you can hear the messages in it:

      2. Massa had no idea he wasn’t safe from Alonso when he got passed in the pits. It isn’t all that different.

        1. Why would Massa have thought Alonso couldn’t pass him there?

          1. because there is only a car’s width within those white lines, which are theoretically not to be crossed

  4. Hmmm…. not much to choose from, but if u take all in count maybe not best overtake but most risky definetly, Alonso on Hulk brazil my vote. Shame we didnt saw Alonso vs Petrov pass, and then Alonso vs Rosberg. That two would def got my vote :)

    1. Shame we didnt saw Alonso vs Petrov pass

      Well, it did happen in Istanbul.

  5. What about Alonso on Massa @ Hockenheim????

    1. Lewis on the saftey car in Valencia?

      1. Of course, that’s the one. Where’s the black flag when we need it?

        An honorable mention for Hamilton’s attempts on Massa in Monza and on Webber in Singapore. Got a perfect DNF on both. Awesome.

        The attempt on Alonso in Melbourne with Webber’s assistance was also pretty good, looked like a DNF for a moment but only a position was lost.

    2. yes this one ;)

  6. Lewis on Vettel in turkey. First lap, turn 3, round the outside.

    JB round Alonso in Malaysia.

    Both of these are particularly impressive as they are both round the outside and both on cars of similar or better performance.

    can’t say I thought Vettels pass on Sutil at Silverstone was very good, clear car advantage yet nearly mucked it up.

    1. Agree, Vettels overtake at Silverstone was awful, such a meal of it.

    2. With the Vettel vs. Sutil you have to remember that Vettel’s tires was from lap one. The others had at least 20 laps less on their tires, and Vettel had driven aggressively to overtake people, which also wears your tires.

  7. Button on Hamilton, then Hamilton on Button in Turkey. My body shivered when that happened!!

    1. Definately the best battle of the season. Don’t think you can count Jenson’s as a good move considering Lewis was under the impression there was no way Jenson would try and pass, but Lewis’ reply was pretty impressive.

    2. Oh yeah! That was heart stopping, specially after seeing the RBRs crashing! And they were heading for a 1-2.. It was too stressful to watch though as a McLaren fan… So for me I’d rather nominate Lewis passing Schumacher in China, that was exciting to see :)

  8. Oh wow that’s actually a pretty good selection. Reminds me what a great season 2010 was.

    Off the top of my head my Top 3 is this:

    1. Alonso on Massa at Shanghai
    2. Barrichello on Schumi at Budapest
    3. Hamilton on Rosberg at Melbourne

    Oh, and I daresay perhaps the Vettel move on Sutil was just a token mention for the champion, given that everyone says he can’t pass? It was a good move but he did have a huge car advantage that day, and he still made a bit of a meal of it

  9. I think you selected most of the good overtaking moves this season Keith. I’d just add Kobayashi move on Buemi on the last corner at Valencia. Of course he was on much better tyres, but he way he launched himself on that corner, which is by no means an overtaking spot, was awesome.

  10. Schumacher on Alonso – Monaco.

    Schumacher on Barrichello – Suzuka.

    Kobayashi on Alonso – Valencia.

    Kubica on Button and everyone else – Valencia.

    Take a look for yourselves:

    1. Regarding the link, great minds indeed think alike!

    2. That Kubica vs Button fight was amazing. Especially considering there was Webber there in the mix but they didn’t seem to bother much.

      Also, Kubica’s Singapore 7 overtakings (was that 7? i think so) late rush was spectacular.

      1. Yes! Kubica in Singapore was fantastic! That and Kobayashi in Japan. To me that was one of the most inspired drives of the year.

        Lewis on Nico in Australia definitely makes the list for me as well.

    3. Schumacher on Alonso?!? Expect Schumi fans to be proud of an overtaking move when the driver in front wasn’t even aware that they were racing.

    4. If Schumacher-Alonso think would be considered as an overtaking maneouvre to be listed, then it should be regarded as Mercedes-Ferrari battle as it occured due to different team instructions, not racing lines or breaking points.

      1. Yes, Alonso wasn’t racing, he was only for fun pressing the throttle so hard that the backend came to him and Schumacher got his chance.

        (again I don’t think it belongs on the list, i’m just saying…)

        1. He slided because he jumped the throttle hard when he unexpectedly got attacked by Schumi.

          1. Yes, Alonso choked …ooopsie

    5. Gurpz thanks for finding it! Brilliant. Robert overtook both!

  11. Vettel on Webber in Turkey! Definitely the most spectacular.

    To be honest though, it’s not far off from Vettel on Sutil. I fail to see why that is nominated – he almost took out another driver.

    Also, if Alonso on Massa is nominated, why isn’t Hamilton on Vettel at the same spot? I also liked Hamilton on Schumacher on the long straight in that race. I don’t understand why Kubica on Sutil in Singapore or Kobayashi on Alonso in Valencia is not nominated, considering that Hamilton also had new rubber in Australia.

    All in all it is difficult to say if I am honest. I can narrow down the above to four.

    4) Barrichello on Schumacher was spectacular, but it was rather Schumacher’s defence than Barrichello’s attack that I remember.

    3) Despite Hamilton on Vettel and Sutil being fantastic, it was down to opportunity rather than great skill – Sutil outbraked himself, blocked Vettel and Hamilton slipped past.

    2) Kobayashi on Alguersuari was great, but I for some reason I cannot label it as the best overtake of the season. I loved that his rear kicked out and he did it on opposite lock, but somehow I just don’t see it as the best overtake.

    1) Hamilton on Rosberg in Australia around the outside was brilliant. Best overtake at the best race of the season gets my vote I think. Reminded me a bit of Alonso on Schumacher at 130R – despite the fact turn 11 is much slower, he did at a time when everything but the racing line was damp. Fantastic.

    1. If I think about it, this might be the best ‘overtake’ of the season:

      1. that was brilliant-what happened to Webber?

        1. weird…webber goes behind and kubica pops up. only a second or two later. A lot happens in F1.

        2. While Button overtook him on the outside, Kubica overtook him on the inside.

        3. webber got hit by someone if you watch the race review on you will see he cops a big hit to the right rear of the car probably form kubica.

  12. Lewis on Fernando in Canada. Opportunism at it’s best.

    1. Yes, I was about to mention this one.

      Strange that none of Keith’s nominations are from Canadian GP, which was the best race of the season.

      1. Me too, especially as that’s the picture for this article.

  13. Kobayashi > Alguersuari
    Barrichello > Schumacher

    1. I vote for all 4 from Kobayashi in Suzuka:

      1. yep, kobayashi takes the eel cake!

  14. Lewis Vs Jenson in Turkey, great overtaking by both.

    1. Honorable mention to Webber @ Monza, ballsy overtakes when almost no one else was able to make them stick with a WDC lead on the line.

  15. The only reason Hamilton’s pass on Rosberg stuck was because there were yellow flags into turn 13 where Vettel went off. Rosberg had track position and probably would have taken him back. Credit to Hamilton though, it was ballsy stuff.

    My vote probably be for Button passing both Massa and Vettel into turn 1 on lap 2 at Spa after he was the only on to make an effort to get back on the track after they all ran wide at the last corner.

    1. +1 on the Hamilton thing, whilst it was an amazing overtake it certainly didn’t set him up for the next corner well… Rosberg would have had him back into turn 13 had yellows not been out.

    2. Maybe this is giving too much credit to him, but maybe he knew that Rosberg can’t get him back there because of the yellows, and that’s why he made that pass a few turns before, to take advantage of the yellows restriction so he’d stay ahead… That would mean the overtake is even more genius.

  16. Barrichello on Schumi, for sure.

    That move took the kind of balls even young Kobayashi doesn’t possess. Incredible.

  17. Pretty damning of the sport that we can a season of 19 races down to a dozen or so actual memorable passes.
    Yet, I still watch every race ;)

    1. Yeah me too,I watched every race with as much adrenaline as the Canadian GP.

  18. Pretty damning of the sport that we can distil a season of 19 races down to a dozen or so actual memorable passes.
    Yet, I still watch every race ;)

    1. Oops, sorry for the extra post.
      Rubens on Schumi for me by the way

  19. Rubens Barrichello, Hungary – Braved some excessively tough defensive driving from Michael Schumacher to thread his Williams through an impossibly narrow gap.

  20. For me the Barichello’s pass on Schumacher (Hungaroring) doesn;t require extra trick other than get the better traction out of the last corner on the fresher tyres, it looks good because he got pushed so close to the wall and he just kept his foot down and so make it stick. Again, nothing special about the trick and calculation combo. I prefer Kubica moves on Kobayashi in Abu Dhabi and Alonso takes on Hulkenberg in Brazil. Those moves required judgement, calculation, and obviously skill to make the moves a success. My humble opinion

    1. To add more, i remember in 1997, Hungarian GP, Jacques Villeneuve overtook somebody (if i’m not mistaken it’s Damon Hill on Arrows) on the last lap and he did that move literally from the outside of the track! yes, he passed Damon by driving outside the race track. it looks great, but i’m sorry theres no extra skill for me on that move. it happened only because the huge difference in terms of pace.

      1. Villeneuve overtook Hill because Hill had a technical failure and was driving veeeeery slow!!!
        Villeneuve just drove by, it wasn’t an overtaking maneover really.

  21. My favs that best stuck in my memory:
    – Kobayashi on Alguersuari in Suzuka – on the outside of the hairpin! – something virtually impossible. The best of daring overtakings. Thou Barrichello on Schumacher in Hungary was pretty close behind :)

    – Kubica on Kobayashi in Adu Dhabi – elaborated and highly precise manouver started in the hairpin and finished 3 corners later. Kubica has no advantage of tyres and Koba is not easy guy to pass – he made no mistake to help Kubica. Masterpiece of elaborated overtakings.
    I also liked Kubica passes on Sutil in Singapore and on Button in Valencia, but this one is on top.

    – Alonso on Button in Monza – this is also a masterpiece though throu pitstop. Alonso pitted one lap later than Button and when leaving pits was on the inside of the straight – that was decisive tactical advantage that ultimately helped him pass Button because they were approaching a chicane wheel to wheel. Again, this pass wasn’t throu opponent’s mistake, so it’s most appreciable.

  22. Alonso & good overtaking moves? LOL!

    Lewis & Kamui will in be this list for years to come. I expect good moves from the Hulk & Petrov in the future.

    Lewis fan here but I really really enjoyed Kobayashi’s Suzuka passes. Don’t see that many passes in Suzuka nowadays. So hats off to Kamui & the victims who left the inside open! :D

  23. Barrichello on Schumacher was the best & the most nerve racking was Hamilton on Roseberg.

  24. The ones that first came to my mind was Alonso making a couple of passes in the chicane in Monaco as he was desperately trying to work his way up from the back of the field.

  25. Alonso passes Hamilton and Hulkenberg, Brazil 2010.

  26. I liked Kubica on Button in Valencia. It gave me a good laugh when Kubica just kept appearing when I would think he is behind. But from the list my vote goes to Alonso on Hulk, that moment really struck me at how calm, and precise he really is.

  27. I think the best would have to go to Hamilton on Rosberg in Aus. To do that, at that speed, on that part of the track requires some serious cojones and skill, and I think it was at that point that people started to think this season isn’t going to be the procession that bahrain was promising.

    Second would have to Kobayashi on whoever he felt like! He just pointed the car and didn’t care whatso-ever about who it was he was trying to get past.

    I also think you would have to give an honourable mention to Petrov on Rosberg, purely because he didnt put the car in the wall (any wall for that matter) in doing it. For him, thats a massive effort.

    The BAR vs Schumi pass was ballsy as hell, but i don’t think it was impressive, just cotroversial.

  28. Unlike last year, Kobayashi actually deserves to win it – in 2009, he took Jenson Button on Button’s out-lap when the Brawn was heavy with fuel and on green tyres. I could have done that in a Suzuki Swift. This year, Kobayashi actually did pass legitimately.

    But I’m going to give it to Barrichello in Hungary.

    1. Presumably you mean he deserves it for Suzuka.

      1. Prisoner Monkeys
        26th November 2010, 7:52

        He’s only got the one nomination thus far.

  29. BAR on SCH …. all the rest pale in comparison… and if you are not voting for that then you don’t love the sport… you just love your favorite drivers…

    1. Perhaps people vote for passes made when you aren’t 3 seconds per lap faster on fresh tyres?

  30. Barichello on Schumacher was definitely the most memorable of the season, but for all the wrong reasons. I think Alonso on Massa at Shanghai was the best, an overtaking opportunity that presented itself, and Alonso seized it with both hands.

  31. One for webber on button in canada. i thought that was pretty good.

  32. I have to say Alonso vs Massa in the pit entry, I don’t think i’ve seen a move like that before, very gutsy.

    1. Indeed, nice bit of opportunism. He must have got sick of staring at the slower Ferrari (like he did in Australia) :P

  33. Kobayashi on Alonso and Buemi, in Valencia. Buemi on the last corner was simply masterful!

    1. Completely forgot about Koba on Buemi on the last corner of the race. That was pretty spectacular..

    2. My vote, exactly.

  34. Kamui Kobayashi, Japan

  35. Lewis passing Button after Button got him on different engine settings after the RBR cars crashed either other in the same circumstance. (sorry, I can’t recall the race) That was a very tense and very exciting moment.

    At that point, LH said to JB – OH NO YOU DON’T!

    Everything Kobayashi does passing is great! Vettel might be fast but he simply isn’t a racer. LH, FA are both great racers. SV, JB, MW are good drivers.

  36. Barrichello on Schumacher in Hungary. For him to be pushed into the wall and still make it past Schumacher in the dust was pretty spectacular.

    1. But that one is not in 2010! Very notable, but more of a bloopers one to me.

      1. I know but just to remind to people how good is hamilton in overtaking ( he sucks)

  37. Hamilton and Button in Turkey. What was it, side by side for 4 corners or something? Sure there may not have been a net change of position bu seeing those those guys overtake and then overtake back was excellent.

    And I think Webber and someone else had a great multi-corner battle in one race, Schumacher maybe?

  38. Definitely has to be Lewis taking Jenson at Turkey…

  39. As brave as Hamilton’s move on Rosberg was in Melbourne, it was only really cemented by the fact Rosberg couldn’t retake his place on the following straight because of yellow flags, so for that reason it’s not my top move of the season. That honour has to go to Rubens for his move on MSC in Hungary. Just for the fact that he had the guts to keep his right foot planted as MSC squeezed him closer and closer to the pit wall, most others would have backed off.

  40. Felipe Massa on Sutil in Canada for sure.

  41. Mark Webber – Spa
    overtaking Felipe Massa on the outside of Rivage, was mighty

  42. Many great passes here, but for me Hamilton’s pass on Rosberg at Melbourne. I saw it in real life and no one expected him to even dream about the pass, but he pulled it off superbly.
    So its Hamilton on Rosberg in Melbourne

    1. and my parents reckon Hamilton on Sutil and Vettel in Shangai

  43. I would like to say Hamilton on Rosberg in Melbourne, but because Ozzy tv is so rubbish they chose to go for a commercial break just as he was lining it up. You can tell when there’s going to be an ad break on Ozzy TV because they cut from the BBC commentary and play heavy metal for about 2 minutes while 2 local idiots talk over the top about the colour of Webbers underpants, they then do the same thing after the break, before going back to Brundle and Foghorn Leghorn, I mean Leggard.

  44. My suggestions are Barrichello on Schumacher or Alonso on Massa.

  45. Kubica’s string of passes in Singapore, pleeaaase :)

  46. Kubica in Singapore!

  47. Any one of Kobayashi’s moves in Japan and Valencia does it ;) The new master of late-braking overtakes.

    There was one particular overtake that I liked thas not on the list. Liuzzi did one on Schumacher in Montreal on the last lap. At turn 6, a corner that doesn’t see overtaking, and with no aid of backmarkers, forced his way up the inside of someone who was likely to take you off the road that race, and made it stick. Well done Tonio.

    1. Thanks for reminding that move by Tonio. One of the few moments we could really cheer him this year.

  48. Maybe more best duel than best overtake as such – but Petrov retaking (albeit temporarily) Hamilton in Sepang was something we see very, very rarely in modern F1. Here’s a great link with Russian commentary – even if you don’t understand, it’s great to hear their excitement. At one point the commentator calls him “the Vyborg Rocket” (Petrov’s birthplace). Pretty funny. But also a reminder of what Petrov is capable of at his best.

    1. To me that was one of the moments where i got the feeling Petrov deserves to be in F1. His car was definitely slower on the straights, but he kept the duel going for several laps and he was close to retaking Hamilton again if not for Lewis “breaking the tow” on the straight.

  49. Kubica passing Sutil in Singapore anyone?

  50. Webber on Kovi Valencia.

    Oh no, wait, I’ve not got the hang of this have I.

    1. Hm, High flight, not really Highlight apart from the fact everyone learned a lot about the RBR and Webber was able to walk away on his own legs.

  51. One that never even got a mention by the commentry team or many people at all was Hamilton around the outside of Webber in turn 3 (I think) Turkey. Check the highlights.
    A perfectly judged move on full tanks at a vital stage of the race. No weather, tyre or f-duct advantage involved.

  52. Webber on Hamilton in OZ.
    Vettel on Button Spa.

    I think a worst attempt list would be good.

    Most places would be taken by the RBR drivers, maybe is was the car ;-)
    Of course Hamilton in Monza effectively lost him the title, it would be easy to argue that one as no.1

  53. Hamilton on Rosberg in Oz for me.

  54. webber’s pass on hulkenberg in brazil was much more filigrane than alonso’s on the same driver taking 5 laps or smth.
    mind you, webber could have easily ended up sitting the same amount of time behing hulkenberg had he not created and then taken his opportuniy without hesitation.

  55. Lewis’s pass around the outside of Rosberg probably stuck with me the most this season as nobody would have thought they’d see that before the race.

    Worst has to be Trulli spearing Chandhok at Monaco or one of Massa’s torpedoes.

  56. Where are great Alguersuari s overtakings on Hulkenberg and Petrov in Malaysia???

    1. Where are great Alguersuari s overtakings on Hulkenberg and Petrov in Malaysia???

      I didn’t say it was an exhaustive list:

      I’ve picked ten of the best passes for position this year and your nominations are needed to complete the shortlist.

  57. Of the available choices, probably Hamilton on Rosberg in Melbourne.

    1. You don’t have to pick from “available choices”:

      I’ve picked ten of the best passes for position this year and your nominations are needed to complete the shortlist.

  58. Definitely Button on Lewis, Lewis on Button in Turkey, was high up in the stand at the 1st corner so saw the whole thing, it was amazing battle and was very heart in the mouth stuff after Vettel and Webber had shown them how it’s done :)

  59. In no order:

    Massa on the FI at Canada.

    Petrov on Rosberg at Spa.

    Alo and Mas pit lane.

    Rubens at Hungary.

    Webber on Kobayashi at Singapore.

    Others that weren’t quite as good for me: Kobayashi at Japan on Jaime but full marks for bravery when the STR driver had a fit of rage it seemed, Alo on a wild di Grassi at Monaco and Vettel at Silverstone which was a pass I thought had barely any class but he got the job done and I admried that from someone who gets a lot of stick for seemingly not being able to overtake.

  60. i vote for vettel on webber at turkey..

    but my actualy vote would be on barrichello on shuey @ hungary.
    He had the tenacity to keep trying, and the balls to pull it off

  61. It looks like most of the good’uns have been covered, but Di Grassi for Virgin Racing passing Schumacher to take his place back in Australia is a favourite for comedy reasons. I could hardly believe my eyes and I got very excited for a while until I realised it happened because of a mistake by MSC.

    1. It was Glock repassing Schumacher (Definitely remember a red T-cam). The commentators got it wrong.

  62. Easily Webber on Kovalainen at Valencia.

  63. Barrichello on Schuey, seriously impressive of him to keep his foot in and showed excellent car placement not to end up in the wall or Schumacher, Shows that there’s some life left in the old dog yet!

  64. This is a pretty poor list to sum up overtaking in 2010, especially the Vettel on Sutil overtake, he bascially just barged him out of the way after ten laps of trying to do it cleanly in a car about 2 secs quicker. There has been loads of overtakes much better than any on the list this season.

    1. Such as?

  65. Hamilton vs. Rosberg – Australia

    Hamilton vs. Petrov – Malaysia

    Hamilton vs. Schumacher – China

    Hamilton vs. Sutil/Vettel – China

    Hamilton vs. Vettel – Spain

    Hamilton vs. Webber – Germany

    Hamilton vs. Kobayashi – Japan

    Di Grassi vs. Schumacher – Australia

    Vettel vs. Webber – China

    Button vs. Rosberg – China

    Rosberg vs. Alguersuari – Silverstone

    Schumacher vs. Button – Brazil

    Schumacher vs. Button – Korea

    1. Button/Hamilton duel-Turkey
      Kubica/Button first lap duel-Valencia
      Kubica on everyone in Singapore
      Button on Kobayashi-Interlagos
      Webber on The Hulk-Interlagos
      Roseberg on Hamilton-Korea
      Button on Alonso- Montreal

  66. Hamilton in Australia – sensational and brave

  67. Hamilton on Kobayashi at Suzuka.

  68. Button on Hamilton in Turkey.

  69. Hamilton on Button on Hamilton in Turkey? That was a pretty great duel!

  70. The best pass is Alonso on Petrov. Hahahaha!

    1. In Turkey, you mean?

  71. Schumacher on Alonso in the last corner at Monaco.

    1. It’s been suggested earlier in the comments but like I said earlier let’s not kid ourselves this was a real passing move:

  72. The pass I’d like to nominate is Schumacher on Kubica in Korea. Not the most spectacular but here’s my reasoning… Under the safety car Schumacher was testing the grip off the line lap after lap so that when the safety car came in he was ready to pounce. Martin Brundle pointed this out in the commentary.

  73. What about schumacher on Alonso in Monaco and schumi on Button in Barcelona – those passes were surely surprising and quite entertaining, because they were risky passes between champions ;)

  74. Keith, again such a great job ;)
    but if you write the articles like this
    please include video too, thanks :)

    1. … or, no offense, you could go look for them yourself? It’s not like we’re owed a comprehensive service here.

  75. Schumi/Barrichello was the most intense.
    Hamilton’s one at China was nice, but then you look at Massa’s Canada 2008 one and see how much cheekier it could have been :)

  76. Alonso’s pass in Brazil wasn’t that great. Hulkenburg just fell off the road. I agree with the other nominations though and would add the one pictured if it weren’t for diluting the list with too many Hamilton ones.

  77. Kobayashi in Japan, he was overtaking people even though he never looked close enough to even have a half look.

    Also a mention for the Button/Kubica battle at the start of the European GP.

  78. How come no one remembers this?

    No, it’s not a PS3 gameplay video.

    And no, I don’t remember anyone else overtaking in the Malaysia esses either.

    And yes, I’m a spaniard and I’m a little biased LOL

  79. Kamui Kobayasi his overtakes were incredible.
    Particulary in Japan. A combo of overtake at hairpin not only on Alguersuari were amazing. But i have to highlight most of his overtake were done with better tyre condition. Kamui on Alonso in Valencia was too.

  80. Barrichello on schumacher. Ballsy’est move for many a year

  81. Kobayashi on Alonso in Valencia or the hairpin-overtakes in Japan. Loved his comment on how he’s japanse with small eyes and therefore don’t see the others, made my day that one;D

  82. Adrian Sutil, Valencia

    It was impressive!!

  83. I know the worst “pass” was definitely the Red Bull drivers in Turkey ;)

    And the guy who got held up most by slower cars was probably Fernando (Monaco and Abu Dhabi); Michael’s time with Alguersuari in Australia didn’t beat it.

    But personally the best passer was either Hamilton or Kobayashi, because they had most of the stand out ones.

  84. Lewis Hamilton, Australia – took some balls

  85. Webber on kovalainen in Valencia! Seriously though, Kobayashi has impressed me with his passing this year – especially in Japan. Nice to see him carry on where he left off in 2009.

  86. vettel on button at spa.

    i’m being ironic.

  87. Kobayashi on Alguersuari

  88. Alguersuari’s on Hulkenberg round the outside at Sepang’s turn 5.

    It was a great move between two rookies.

  89. I must say I enjoyed the Kobayashi move a lot,but to be fair I think this crown should also be handed to Vettel.
    He had been trying to overtake Sutil left, right and center for 10 laps ,with some great offensive and defensive moves by both racers ,and finally managed to jump Adrian surprisingly on the inside of the corner in the last lap of the race.
    And this was actually his last pass of the race.Before that, he had been fighting himself back up the field from 24th position ,collecting an impressive string of scalps in the process: Massa,Alguersuari,Petrov(went wide),Hulkenberg and Schumacher hanging amongst them!Here he scored 6 hardfought and well deserved points that came in handy at the end of the season.
    What is also interesting to mention :while,for me, Silverstone was a race where he should easily have silenced the criticism of his overtaking abilities ,it was also Alonso’s absolutely worst race of the season.
    In the first laps he moved over on Massa,who was trying to pass him,handing him a punctured tyre.
    He then got stuck behind Rosberg,and never managed to pass him,and later behind Kubica,whom he only overtook by cutting the corner.
    After a drive through for not handing back position to Kubica,he came back on track and passed Buemi and then got stuck behind Liuzzi,while Vettel was passing one car after the other.
    He finally made a passing move on Vitantonio and punctured his tyre.
    The result was a 12th poziisjon and not such a great showcasing of his passing abilities.

  90. Can’t believe you’ve missed di Grassi vs Schumi at Melbourne (I think) Keith! It was hilarious! Out of the list above though, I’d have to say Rosberg on Alguersuari, very nice move!

    1. Oh GOD that was great to watch :P I vote for that one also!

  91. schumacher on alonso monte carlo

  92. Younger Hamilton
    25th November 2010, 17:44

    My top 5 out of the List

    1st.Lewis on Nico-Australia
    2nd.Fernando on Nico[Hulkenburg]-Brazil
    3rd.Rubens on Michael-Hungary
    4th.Nico on Jaime-Silverstone
    5th.Lewis on Adrian and Seb-China

    Was very Difficult to put in order of best but Keith this Article shouldnt have been written,there was so many brilliant and classy overtakes and BETTER than those chosen.

    1. there was so many brilliant and classy overtakes and BETTER than those chosen.

      Did you not read this?:

      your nominations are needed to complete the shortlist.

      Make your nominations and the most popular suggestions will be voted on to select the best F1 pass of the year.

  93. Alguersuari on Hulken burg at Malaysia
    Petrov on Alonso as he was coming out of the pits at Abu Dhabi
    Hamilton on Rosberg at Melbourne
    My top 3 :)

  94. Alonso on Massa, Germany ;)

    Nah, I think Alonso on Massa in China was quite a gutsy move though. Very few drivers would have been able to pull it off. Had it been between Sutil and Liuzzi, it would most likely have resulted in one or both of the drivers crashing. It was probably the defining moment of the year for Ferrari, and it stated Alonso’s intent and hunger.

  95. Rubens Barrichello, Hungary

  96. any of Kubica’s moves around the outside (singapore or abu dhabi) and against unpredictable oponents (kobaybashi and sutil)

  97. 1. Rubens on Michael, Hungary– BIGTIME BALLSY, epic, historically significant, poetic.
    2. Hamilton Button battle, unbelievable in the context of Vettel Webber
    3. Kamui on Alguesari, Suzuka–pure entertainment, I love the way he drives. I’d like to see what he and Kubica could accomplish in top cars.
    4. Alonzo’s postrace pass on Petrov, Abu Dhabi gotta love it.

    Can you come up with a list of top overtaking maneuvers by the world champion, Vettel?

  98. My Top 3 Favourites
    1.Hamilton on Rosberg-just sensational
    2.Rosberg on Alguersuari-terrific move
    3.Kobayqshi on Buemi Valencia-brilliant overtake

  99. Kamui Kobayashi gets my vote. He has initiated and completed some of the biggest balls-out passes all year. Even when retaliated against by a well done pass on Jaime Alguersuari he maintained his cool and motored on. This rookie is driving exceptionally well even with his “small eyes”. It’s nice to see a F1 driver with a sense of humor.

  100. No no no… Schumacher and Petrov on Rosberg in Belgium. (Does anyone remember it!) Lap 11, check it out if you can’t remember.

  101. Kubica on Sutil, Sutil clearly has talent and is not the easiest person to pass, and Schumacher and Hamilton failed to pull off moves at that corner earlier in the race, Kubica did, in style, one of the all-time great moves

  102. Kubica on Sutil in Singapore!

  103. barrichello on schumacher.
    Because of all the past they have together. A shame rubens didn’t sut up, and started blaming the kaiser. A lot of unfinished staff between those two. More on the brazilian side.

  104. Hamilton on Rosberg.. reminded me a tiny bit of Mansells ballsy outside pass on his first race for Ferrari. Parabolica? Can’t remember who he passed though..Berger perhaps?

    But, for the very best one for not being intimidated, driving millimetre perfect and having a pair of Grande Steel Cojones – Rubens on Der Macherschu.

  105. Quite a few impressive passes around the outside of the driver ahead this season. What I enjoyed specifically were some of Kobayashi’s moves. For how aggressively he attacked some of his opponents there, I was rather surprised there weren’t more collisions. A bit of an indication that you can pull of those kinds of “daring” maneuvers with some attention between the drivers.

  106. Webber on the outside of Massa in spa Rivage was mighty considering the wet conditions.

  107. Alonso on Mass @ Hockenheim. Most skillful pass evar.

    Im a big fan of Alonso after the German GP.

    1. Sweet, you’ve got a good eye to spot that one!

  108. EDIT: Massa

    Sorry for ze typo :|

  109. Prisoner Monkeys
    26th November 2010, 7:54

    I’m going to nominate Hamilton passing Petrov in Malaysia, largely because Petrov didn’t simply roll over and die, but rather made Hamilton work for it.

  110. Eduardo Fonseca
    26th November 2010, 11:11

    Barrichello over Schumacher, sure!

  111. Schumacher on Alonso in the last lap of Monaco.

    I predicted it to my wife and it happened!

  112. I´ll go with Barrichello in Hungary because both drivers were sticking with their plans, it was a matter of pride for both, overtake and not be overtaken no matter what.

  113. Barrichello on Schumacher at Hungry. There was a bit of history and point to prove in this overtake. Barrichello showing that he has ‘balls’ and doesn’t need to be wary of Schumacher any more.

  114. Hamilton around Rosberg in Australia.
    In 2009 Hamilton performed a similar manoeuver on Glock at the same corner, but it happened mostly on the straight with the help of the KERS for McLaren. This time they charged the corner almost wheel to wheel, Hamilton having just so much confidence, which is something that makes him a very special driver.
    It’s very uncommon to see an overtake around the outside in a high speed corner, and when it comes I love it.

  115. best overtake was Hamilton on safety car in Valencia :D:D

  116. 1) Lewis Hamilton on Rosberg at Australia
    2) Kubica on Sutil at Singapore
    3) Kobayashi on Alguersuari at Japan
    4) Webber on Kobayashi at Singapore
    5) Hamilton on Vettel/Sutil at China
    6) Petrov on Hamilton at Malaysia
    7) Kubica on Hulkenberg at Singapore
    8) Alguersuari on Hulkenberg at Malaysia
    9) Kobayashi on Buemi at Valencia
    10) Shumacher on Button at Korea

  117. barrichello on schumacher, hungary.

    1. also the canadian GP had great moves, both mclarens on alonso especially.

  118. To me ALO on HAM and HUL in Brazil

  119. Lewis Hamilton in Australia overtaking Nico Rosberg around the outside of turn 11

    That overtake was brilliant theres neve overtaking there and lewis is the only one who can

    no one can overtake like lewis, jenson aint bad at overtakin either

  120. Schumi on Barichello – Suzuka

  121. Kamui on Rubens at Suzuka. Just beautiful.

  122. Di Grassi on Schumacher – Australia :)

  123. Alonso on Massa in China !

  124. My favourite was Hamilton on Rosberg in Melbourne. It was a shame the director cut away to Vettel beached in the gravel though!

  125. Definitely Schumacher on Alonso in Monaco, you could see it coming…pure opportunism, brilliant.

    1. I was just about to say that I had a late nomination for the exact same thing!

      People disagreed over whether it was legal or not, but just about everyone agreed that it was good nonetheless.

  126. Kubica in Singapore + Kobayashi in Japan

  127. How about a mention for Button in Spa on lap 2. He overtook both Massa and Vettel into La source despite being the only one of the top few to actually attempt to take the Bus Stop after they’d all gone in too deep. Then of course he went on to get Kubica coming out of Radillion.

    1. i completely agree with you on that one.

      id forgoteen bout that coz i remember thinkin at the time it happened that button was the only one who took the chicane properly, and then fort they wud get a penalty but he got straight past agen.

      infact they shudve got a penalty, maybe not lewis coz he was in the lead and was far enough ahead that he wudnt have been overtaken anyway but kubica and vettel shudve got a penalty, and then maybe wudnt have taken button out 16 laps later.

  128. Attakorn Saiyasombat
    3rd December 2010, 2:51

    Hamilton on Rosberg at Australia!
    JB and Hamilton at Turkey was awesome too.

  129. Hamilton only passed Rosberg because of the yellow flags which meant Rosberg had to back off. If it weren’t for the yellows than Rosberg could and would regained his position. Still I’m sure this move will get the most votes, sigh.

    Best imo Barrichello on Schumacher – heart-stopping bravery!!!

  130. Vinicius Antunes
    7th December 2010, 18:34

    What about the HAM/BUT battle in Turkey? Isn’t that eligible as BUT regained the position? I remember that moment as being maybe the finest of this season.

  131. Barrichello on Schumacher in Hungary. Inferior car on a track that’s nearly impossible to overtake.

  132. Hamilton on Rosberg at Turn 12, Albert Park. Sublime!

  133. for me the best was Kubica on Button. Robert had a car as you now in 2010.If he had a car close to first three teams , he would fight fo Champion. He is one of the best drivers. It is not problem to fight with the best car, problem is to fight with the worse one. Sorry Vettel shows this year in the best car his mistakes.
    Luck that he is Champion, Ferrari”s mistake

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