Vettel’s path to the title in 100 pictures

2010 F1 season review

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Sebastian Vettel’s racing career is littered with impressive landmarks.

He won 18 of 20 starts in Formula BMW in 2004, won on his debut in the World Series by Renault, and stormed F1 to become the youngest point scorer, pole sitter, race winner and world champion.

This collection of 100 pictures looks back on his achievements so far.

2010 F1 season review

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17 comments on “Vettel’s path to the title in 100 pictures”

  1. Brilliant collection!
    Thank you, Keith.

    1. Agreed, Great photos Keith and thanks for sharing.

      I love how different he looked in 2004 and then in 2005 he looks exactly how he does now.

      1. He must have been one of the youngest drivers in each category he ever participated in! And thanks for sharing these photos Keith. :)

  2. The finger didn’t come till his pole position in Monza. His celebrations before that seem very awkward.

    1. Look at the first photo

      1. Ohh!! I saw the 2004 Formula BMW picture first.

  3. I love the 2008 STR.

    1. They had a lot better livery than Red Bull at the time.

  4. The first picture is an absolute classic! I want to blow it up and take it with me to Spa next year :)

  5. Excellent photos. Although in the 3rd and 4th pictures it’s difficult to tell who he is, as most drivers have a plain Red Bull checkers logo on their helmet.

  6. That “spin in qualifying at Fuji” actually happened during the race when Vettel collided with Alonso.

  7. Vettel’s early carting experience in this video on the Red Bull site.

  8. Is it worrying that Vettel and Hamilton look exactly the same as they did in that photo? :D

    Nice to see that old Toro Rosso again, I long for the days when you could tell them apart from Red Bull…

    1. If they adopt the sugar-free livery it will be incredibly easy, so come on STR do it.

  9. Brilliant collection, thanks Keith.

  10. Nice to see that people like Kubica Hamilton Vettel & many others have fought between then in various series between them in the past & they again fight in F1.

  11. Thank you Keith. Many funny photos;-) I like your blog very much!

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