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Looking for F1 gift ideas?

With the festive season fast approaching F1 Fanatic’s got dozens of present suggestions for the Formula 1 fan in your life.

From games to DVDs to books and more you’ll find loads of ideas below.

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F1 2010 season review DVD: “Sebastian’s Coming of Age”

The official 2010 F1 season review DVD is five hours long and spread across two discs.

But the 2010 F1 season DVD review

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2010

Not quite as much fun as being there but the Goodwood Festival of Speed review is packed with footage from the event.

Read the review | Buy the 2010 Goodwood Festival Of Speed DVD review

The DVD review of this year’s Goodwood Revival has also been released:

Buy the 2010 Goodwood Revival DVD

British GP 1964

A new video published by Duke which contains some brilliant footage of the 1964 British Grand Prix. A terrific historic piece, it may be on the short side but the quality of the material is excellent.

Buy the British GP 1964 DVD

Other motor sport DVDs

For those with tastes beyond Formula 1, seek out the season reviews for other top categories such as these.

Buy the 2010 World Rally Championship Review DVD
Buy the Le Mans 2010 Review DVD
By the British Toung Car Championship Review 2010 DVD

More F1 season review DVDs

Fill the gaps in your collection:

Not enough for you? Here’s some more F1 video gift ideas.


F1 2010 – The official Formula 1 game

After a long wait the first official F1 game for major formats finally arrived this year.

Loads of F1 Fanatic readers have bought it already and have been sharing their progress on the forum.

Buy F1 2010 for Playstation 3

Buy F1 2010 for Xbox 360

Buy F1 2010 for PC DVD

F1 2009

Read the review | Buy F1 2009 for Nintendo Wii
Read the review | Buy F1 2009 for Sony PSP


F1 Fanatic T-shirts

Official F1 Fanatic wear is now available in a range of three styles:


And you can get the same styles in mug forum too:



One F1 Fanatic reader has already a copy of this fascinating collection of material from Jackie Stewart’s career.

At ??295 it’s not cheap but you can get free delivery when you buy it directly from the publishers. Simply enter the voucher code F1FANATIC when you buy the book from Genesis.

The Battle for the British Grand Prix

Alan Henry on the decades of dispute over the future of the British Grand Prix.

Buy The Battle for the British Grand Prix

Jochen Rindt: Uncrowned King

This year saw the 40th anniversary of the death of Jochen Rindt. He won the championship after he was killed, making him the sport’s only posthumous champion.

This new book by David Tremayne tells the story of his life.

Buy Jochen Rindt: Uncrowned King

Grand Prix Showdown!

An update of a book first published almost 20 years ago, re-telling every championship-deciding race from 1950 to 2008.

Buy Grand Prix Showdown!

The Science of Formula 1 Design

Reviewed hear earlier this year, several copies have already been bought by F1 Fanatic readers interested in learning more about modern F1 car design.

Read the review | Buy The Science of Formula 1 Design

The Golden Age of Formula 1

Several F1 Fanatic readers went to the exhibition of photographs by Rainer Schlegelmilch in London earlier this. This book brings together a selection of pictures from his decades in the sport.

The Golden Age of Formula 1

Overdrive: Formula 1 in the zone

Explores the psychology of driving a Formula 1 car at the limit.

Buy Overdrive: Formula 1 in the Zone

Buy Burning Rubber

Charles Jennings re-tells F1 history dating back to before the creation of the modern world championship.

Buy Burning Rubber

The Art of the Formula One Race Car

Stuart Codling’s brilliantly researched and fabulously photographed pick of 18 significant F1 cars from teams like Ferrari, McLaren, Brabham and Lotus.

Read the review | Buy Art of the Formula One Race Car

Grand Prix Battlegrounds

A book on all the tracks used for F1 races.

Buy Grand Prix Battlegrounds

Grand Prix Yesterday and Today

An updated version of this book, which juxtaposes photographs of Formula 1 scenes at different stages in its history.

Buy Grand Prix Yesterday and Today

Other F1 books

Some of the popular F1 titles released last year:

“My championship year” by Jenson Button – Read the review | Buy Jenson Button: My championship year
“Williams” by Maurice Hamilton – Read the review | Buy Williams
“Senna versus Prost” by Malcolm Foley” – Read the review | Buy Senna versus Prost
“Stirling Moss: All my races” – Read the review | Buy Stirling Moss: All my races
“The Toleman Story” by Christopher Hilton – Buy “The Toleman Story”

F1 annuals

Autocourse 2010-2011

Ten F1 Fanatic readers won copies of the latest Autocourse annual in this year’s Predictions Championship. If you weren’t among the lucky few, make sure you don’t miss out on a copy of the latest edition of the definitive Grand Prix annual.

Buy Autocourse 2010-2011

Autocourse: 60 years of world championship Grand Prix motor racing

An extra edition published this year to mark the first 60 seasons of the world championship.

Buy Autocourse: 60 Years of Grand Prix Motor Racing

Other F1 annuals

Though great, Autocourse is a pricey purchase and there are less expensive annuals available:

Nout found the F1 book you’re looking for? Find more in the F1 books section.


Car-a-day by Rob Ijbema

Rob Ijbema paints a range of racing car pictures and supplied one for the winner of the 2010 F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship.

Darren Heath

F1 photographer Darren Heath’s pictures are available to buy as prints.


You can get cars for all the different drivers and teams – here’s a small selection of the most popular choices.

Red Bull

The driver – and car – of the season.

Sebastian Vettel World Champion presentation (1:18 scale)
Sebastian Vettel Red Bull RB6 (1:43)
Mark Webber Red Bull RB6 (1:43)


A rare pairing of two British world champions.

Lewis Hamilton McLaren MP4-25 (1:43)
Jenson Button McLaren MP4-25 – Australian Grand Prix (1:43)


Fernando Alonso’s first year in red.

Fernando Alonso Ferrari F10 (1:43)


Michael Schumacher in silver.

Michael Schumacher Mercedes W01 (1:43)


Nico Hulkenberg gave Williams their first pole position in 100 races.

Nico Hulkenberg Williams FW32 (1:43)

Race tickets

Race tickets make a great present for an F1 fan.

Whichever race you choose to go to you can find useful advice on where to buy tickets from and which ones to go to in the 2011 race discussion pages:


A simple ‘stocking-filler’ idea:

Other stuff

Brooklands banking

You can buy a section of the Brooklands oval to help preserve the historic circuit. More details below.

Ferrari Opus

Ferrari fan? Money no object? Direct your attention to the 852-page, 37kg, ??2,000 Ferrari Opus:

Are you buying or hoping to receive any F1 gifts this year? Name your perfect present – and suggest any good ones I’ve missed – in the comments.

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22 comments on “The complete F1 Fanatic gifts guide 2010”

  1. I pre-ordered 2 copies of James Allen’s 2010 Season review for me and my father. His writing is always good.

  2. Some great ideas for christmas and birthday presents, it makes it hard to choose. I will put the task to my wife to make a pick for me.

    Thanks for the tips, Keith.

  3. F1 2010 season review DVD: “Sebastian’s Coming of Age”

    I’d call it: “How Crashkid became The Man”

    1. haha.. or “how fingerboy became a man”

  4. Cheers Keith, ive told my family i want the Rainer Schlegelmilch book, if its anything like the ‘F1 in Camera ‘series (that used his pictures), it should be awesome. I can recommend the Tremayne book on Jochen Rindt, its just brilliant.

    Didnt realise you can “buy” into the Brooklands Banking, not sure how this hasnt gotten as much attention by people considering how important Brooklands was to the British racing. I know you can buy an acre on the moon, but since the moon isnt an hour around the M25 for me, i think i know which id rather buy into ;)

  5. # 2009 F1 season review DVD – “Sebastian’s Coming of Age”

    Wasn’t its name supposed to be “Not in a Hurry”? :P

    1. It was, thanks! Changed it.

  6. Is the f1 season review not only two disks? Thats what the picture linked to amazon says on the cover.

  7. I have the Christopher Hilton Book “Grand Prix Battlegrounds”


    Every track every used.
    First person perspectives from people like John Watson.
    A blurb on every Race ever run.
    Tons of great photos (including three from yours truly at Albert Park!!!)

    I haven’t been able to put it down.

    Highly Recommended (And would still be h.recommended even if my photos weren’t in it!)

    1. Me and my boyfriend have pictures and a bit of writing in that book too :) it really is an amazing book. We have it on our coffee table and it’s great to pick up and read for a bit.

      Not sure if you’ve heard the sad news but Christopher Hilton has died over the weekend :( very sad news indeed.

      1. That is indeed Sad news Katy. First Leslie Neilsen and now Chris Hilton, all these talented folk slowly being recalled back upstairs. Sigh..

        What page are you on?? I’m the bottom of 31.

  8. Season review DVD is released Dec 14th in the US (staring actors Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso it says…).

    Any chance of a US link yet, Keith?

  9. I had Murray Walker’s Formula One Heroes many years back and I really enjoyed it. Obviously it’s a little dated but most of the people you’d expect to be there are in it.

    I also loved this video of his when I got it way back in 1997. Obviously it’s VHS but if you know anyone with a VHS-DVD you could copy it to save it from the ravages of age.

  10. The Ferrari Opus is also available as a limited Enzo edition with signatures from all living Ferrari world champions, all for the princely sum of 20k GBP! You could buy a used Ferrari (perhaps a 412 or a Mondial?) for the price of that book.

  11. This article has given me a few more books to add to my list of ones to look out for
    I will defiantly be getting myself the Autocourse Annual sometime, but does anyone know if the Formula 1 Yearbook series has stopped?

    The latest one I have seen on Amazon was for the 2008 season. I know it had been going from at least the 1992 season as I have one for Mansell’s championship year, and I had quite a few since then as you could often get them cheap in discount book stores about a year later.

    What I would really love to see sometime are DVD releases of old season reviews with loads of extras.

  12. Hey Keith, are you going to review the season review? It’s become one of the highlights of my holiday season reading you and the forum ripping at the title of these things, and the ill-worded ‘Sebastien’s coming of age’ is, in my opinion, the worst since 2006.

    1. So far I’ve not been able to get in touch with the publishers, we’ll see.

  13. James Scantlebury
    28th November 2010, 13:44

    Keith, are you sure that this is right????

    The official 2010 F1 season review DVD is five hours long and spread across five discs.

    1. Oops, sorry, no – it’s two. Have changed it.

      1. I wish it was 20 hours over 5 discs!

    2. Why not watch the Korean Grand Prix again? That took about five hours.

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