Adrian Newey’s Red Bull X1 gets built

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Red Bull X1

A British design team has transformed the Red Bull X1 – Adrian Newey’s ‘F1 car without rules’ – into a real life model.


Red Bull fantasy racer made real (Autocar)

“Industrial Design Consultancy (IDC) has produced this life-size model of the concept race car that was designed by Red Bull Racing’s technical boss Adrian Newey.”

La voz de makiko 1 (Youtube)

Keep your eyes peeled for a surprise cameo appearance by Jenson Button 90 seconds in:

Olympic concern over Russian Grand Prix (ESPN)

Bit of a “well he would say that, wouldn’t he?” quote here: “It will be ‘impossible’ for Russia to host its first Formula One Grand Prix and the Winter Olympics in 2014, according to International Olympic Committee (IOC) spokesman Andrew Mitchell.”

Charles Sale (Daily Mail)

“BBC Formula One chiefs have done nothing to dampen speculation that commentator Jonathan Legard, whose two-year contract is up for renewal, will be replaced next season. It is known that his influential co-commentator Martin Brundle, who has one more year left on his deal, believes there is not enough chemistry between them. The Beeb say they take Brundle’s views on board, but he will not be involved in the final decision.”

Comment of the day

Ed24f1’s been keeping an eye on political developments in Australia:

John Brumby is no longer Premier of Victoria, which could have implications for the Australian GP in years ahead.

The new premier, Ted Baillieu, seems to support the event, but obviously wants it to improve: “I’d like it to stay, because it’s a part of our events calendar, however it needs to dramatically improve its performance.” (From last week)

From the forum

Great to see The Official F1Fanatic PS3 World Championship – who will win The Collantine Cup? (Guys, this is not good for my ego!)

Happy birthday!

We need four helpings of cake today – it’s a quadruple-whammy of birthdays. Best wishes to Mark Stevenson, Journeyer, Anirudh and Daniel!

On this day in F1

And happy 44th birthday to former Ferrari driver Mika Salo!

Salo, of course, should have won the 1999 German Grand Prix, but had to hand the win the team mate Eddie Irvine.

Rather like Felipe Massa with Fernando Alonso this year, Salo gave up his chance of winning a race in the aid of a team mate who ultimately failed to win the championship. But unlike Massa, Salo never won a race in F1 at all.

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51 comments on “Adrian Newey’s Red Bull X1 gets built”

  1. Happy birthday Journeyer! And Mark, Anidruh and Daniel too.

    ‘Popular Legard’… do they mean amongst the BBC execs or us fans?! I’ve already made my feelings about Legard clear so I won’t go into too much detail, but suffice to say I think he needs replacing for 2011.

    1. ditto, happy birthday guys!

    2. And I do enjoy Charlie Cox’s commentary on the MotoGP as well… he’s a bit of a nutter but he’s funny :P

      1. I would prefer Ben Edwards

      2. Is he the Australian? If so, his voice annoys me more than the Legard mistakes…..

    3. Have a nice day today to all of you. A lot of cake being dished out today.

  2. haha what the hell was that, jenson? my guess is it’s a subtle bit of promotion from the honda days.

    if there’s a pc edition of the collantine cup, i’m all over it :)

    1. He commented on twitter, he had no idea he was in that and at first had denied it was him based on a screen shot. Then he saw the clip and realized that his trainer Phil was next to him. He said it was probably from the airport during winter testing at Jerez or Valencia:!/The_Real_JB

      1. nice work, detective

        1. I put a pic of that sometime back but nobody seems to realize or cared about it! If that was from Jerez or Valencia then why will the film crew who seems to be from Japan or China be there?

          1. maybe they shot it guerrilla style and just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

          2. The crew was from Japan.
            The Chinese language is different from Japanese as much as English is different from Russian.

      2. photobomb of the day..

      3. I think Jenson is lying!
        The film obviously has links to F1,
        at 40 seconds in there a picture of Bernie!

    2. I have the game on pc and would be up for the pc edition of the cup.

      1. Is that Eddie Jordan walking behind the doors at 1:53?

        1. Do you know, I think it is. 1:53-1:56ish, beige jacket.

  3. Happy b-day all b-day peeps.

    Too bad the Red Bull X1 is only being built as a model, it would be amazing if RBR could actually build a functioning model, so we could see if its speed in simulation carries over in reality.

    What business is it of the IOC if there’s a grand prix in Sochi? That kind of arrogance from the IOC is what really turns me off to the Olympics. They should worry about their own event and let the FIA worry about theirs.

    1. Given its capabilities I don’t think any human could withstand the forces.

      1. The X1, or the IOC? :-)

        Seriously though, they could put Vettel in one of those fighter pilot G-force bodysuits and send him out in it…

        From the Wikipedia article on G-suits:

        The resting G-tolerance of a typical person is anywhere from 3-5 G’s depending on the person. A G-suit will typically add 1 G of tolerance to that limit. Pilots still need to practice the ‘G-straining maneuver’ that consists of tensing the abdominal muscles in order to tighten blood vessels so as to reduce blood pooling in the lower body. High G is not comfortable, even with a G-suit. In older fighter aircraft, 6 Gs was considered a high level, but with modern fighters nine or more Gs can be sustained structurally making the pilot the critical factor in maintaining high maneuverability in close aerial combat.

        1. The X1 appeared at the GT5 launch in Madrid too. Alguersuari unveiled it on Twitter.

        2. Also the type of vertical G that jet fighter pilots experience is more severe than the lateral G an F1 driver is most commonly exposed to.

  4. keith that legard article is from september, and you’ve already mentioned it in a previous f1f roundup! lol

    1. Hmm, so it is. Thought it seemed familiar!

    2. Sorry have put the correct link in.

  5. hi keith, just seen James Allens top five drivers of the season. I hope you will put a bit more thought and analysis of the whole season in to yours then it appears he did.

  6. Popular Legard….Bwahahahaha, just bust a gut.

  7. Do they mean this Charlie Cox?

    If so I say keep Legard.

  8. That Adrian Newey car design reminds me of a show I saw when I was a kid over here, called Cyber Formula. It was a well put together anime about, basically, formula 1 in the future. It was a well put together show, and it was definitely made by an F1 fan. Funny thing is that show also introduced, int the late 80’ies, to a character named Schumacher, in a time when the Schumacher we know was rising the ladder in motorsports, probably f3 or karting by then.

    Probably, Formula 1 in the future will head to the direction of this design. However, as a person that makes a living shooting motorsport events, I’m not sure of the idea of the closed cockpit design. One of the highlights of formula racing is the helmet livery of the pilots and also whe, as spectators, to be able to see the expressions of the drivers, may it be their hand movements, the G force effect in their heads, etc. It gives an extra element of challenge on the man vs machine aspect that is ever present in formula driving, and makes it respected as a sport.

    However, I have to say that car looks fantastic, and would probably more easily pay for a drive in that that on a ticket on Virgin Atlantic!

    1. You’re thinkng of Future GPX Cyber Formula:

  9. In that video you can also see Eddie Jordan. That was at the airport where the drivers were going for testing at Jerez. Wasn’t really a cameo, just a coincidence.

  10. The new premier, Ted Baillieu, seems to support the event, but obviously wants it to improve: “I’d like it to stay, because it’s a part of our events calendar, however it needs to dramatically improve its performance.” (From last week)

    And that staement right there is why he won my vote. Who says polatics is complcated.

    1. The statment “I’d like it to stay, because it’s a part of our events calendar, however it needs to dramatically improve its performance”, is very open ended.

      Baillieu didn’t state what the performance criteria that it the Grand Prix needs to dramatically improve is. So even if it starts making a profit (which is what everyone assumes is the only criteria), there are still a multitude of other criteria the government of the day could use to justify not renewing the contract when the time comes.

      I think it’ll all depend on the situation when the contract is up for renewal. If the government is delivering huge surpluses (which is the modern measure of sucess for governments), and everything is sailing along smoothly then they’ll probably renew the contract. If things aren’t so rosy though there’ll be huge amounts of pressure for the government to cut the Grand Prix.

      1. Im sure a few extra speed cameras here & there could easily make up the short fall in revenue.

      2. Yes, you’re right, it is very open ended but it’s a hell of a lot more promising than what Brumby was planning to deliver.

  11. damn you did well to spot eddie jordan but yeah he’s there, just as she calls for a cab, he walks past in the background, blurred, but definitely eddie.

  12. WOW!! Love the X1, amazing looking car, will we ever see a working version one day?

    1. Actually could a human actually handle the G-Force?

      1. here’s a cool video, the speed is unreal !

    2. I was wondering a bit about the closed cockpit.
      Sure it is faster aearodynamically, but aren’t closed cockpit cars allowed some extra power compared to the open cars, to make up for the enormous effort of airconditioning, to prevent the driver from cooking in there?

      What would that mean for a real life version of the X1?

    3. It looks amazing. Fan assisted ground effect with wheel covers and side skirts and a diffuser the size of a cathedral. 1479bhp twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 sounds incredible. With all that power and down force it would be a monster. Still no F-Duct ;)

  13. It should be interesting to see if F1 develops in Adrian Neweys concept direction. Motorspports and the car and motorcycle industries are going for Green technologies. I’ve seen a Lexus hybrid japan super GT car and the Seat Leon TDI’s of the World Touring Car Championship, both alternatives to traditional gasoline engines, showing incredible performance, with incredible acceleration and relatively silent engine operation. But this is also the problem of this new technology, yes, it doesn’t polute as much, provides a leap in performance, but takes out something from the show. Its an interesting discussion about what makes motorsport such a thing of passion. Is it only about the technology? I still find fascinating those on board footages of Senna driving in Monaco, seeing his helmet bouncing like crazy by the imperfections of the street track, listening to that amazing engine sound in the background. That’s absolutely breathtaking!

  14. The Collantine Cup?, HAHA marvelous!.

    I’ve been reading the thread about the race and may I suggest that the “host” for the games rotate?, so next week its Ned and the week after its someone else.

    Unfortunately the network code on modern games isn’t too good and the host normally gets an advantage when the game sync’s up, hence the “start line bug” where one user gets to start a split second prior to everyone else.

    1. sounds like a good idea.. post it on the forums!

    2. Not a bad idea. I certainly don’t want to be accidentally giving myself an unfair advantage through being the host.

  15. Am I the only one who doesn’t really like the X1 that much? It definitely wasn’t designed for aesthetics.

    1. I don’t think it’s fantastic, though I do prefer it over current F1 cars. Newey’s an engineer though, so “beauty is as beauty does”.

      I used to think the A-10 was an ugly aircraft, but I’ve had to study it’s design for class the past week and now I quite like it, perhaps I’m just fickle? Ha.

  16. Legard has no chemistry with us, the viewer, either!

    But its really the incessant chatter, lack of pitch control when he sees an HRT skid off vs when he sees a Red Bull do the same. I think his knowledge isnt deep enough and he makes too many errors.

    Murray made errors but he had 50 yrs of experience (plus that voice) behind him and James Allen doesnt maybe have a great voice for commentating ( GOOOOOO! at the start, was particulary excruciating) but he knows his stuff and more importantly he knew when to defer to Brundle.

    I appreciate that not all Fanatic readers are from Britain but as you probably are already aware, we believe/know the world revolves around us ;)

    Legard out, JA in.

    1. Legard needs to stop spitting gossip and try concentrating on the race in front of him. Cutting off Brundle to tell us whose going to supply Lotus engines next year? P45 time

    2. Although it’d be a shame to split up the Croft / Davidson partnership on 5 Live, surely it’s time to let Crofty have a go at the BBC One commentary?

  17. I like the X1, and I think that BBC’s Top Gear should find out what the top speed of it is.

    Also why does Button have number 3 and Hamilton 4? Surely based on 2010 championship it should be the other way round?

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