Glock: “I am definitely driving for Virgin” in 2011

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Timo Glock says there is no doubt he will be staying with Virgin for 2011 despite rumours he might switch teams.

In an interview on the teams’ website he said:

I’m excited. And yes I am definitely driving for Virgin Racing. There has been a lot of speculation about me wanting to leave the team, but it is not about leaving a team, it is about wanting to do better and keep moving forward. It is not just 99.9% certain that I will stay, as has been reported – it is 100% certain that I am staying.

Since the beginning I have had a long-term contract with the team and I said then that I was doing this to help build a team for the future. It would not be possible to do that in one year from nothing.

Plus I think with everything we have learned this year we can take a very good step up next season. This is a great team of people who have given blood, sweat and tears to our first season. Some people haven’t seen that with their own eyes, like I have, so it’s easy to criticise or be cynical.
Timo Glock

He also indicated the identity of the team’s second driver could be confirmed soon:

I understand that the team wants to announce the line-up together when the second seat is confirmed. I think it is right to take our time and make sure we have the best combination of youth and experience, plus make sure we have the best information going back into the team at testing and races to ensure we can develop as quickly as we want to and keep moving forward.

I don’t think we will have to wait too much longer for that news – hopefully before Christmas.
Timo Glock

Glock was the only one of Virgin’s 2010 drivers to run in the post-season Pirelli test. Lucas di Grassi has not driven the car since the final round at Abu Dhabi.

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18 comments on “Glock: “I am definitely driving for Virgin” in 2011”

  1. Go Guido!
    (just dreaming)

    1. But there is no refueling anymore! And gravel traps are also almost extinct:P.

  2. Nice to hear Glock stating intentions here. I agree with him, that Virging should be able to take a big step up next season.

    First of all they have all the data (track data, technical understanding, and not to forget fuel consumption data), the teams operations are now established, and a most of the reliability problems from manufacturing mistakes and suppliers should be out of the system by now.
    So with relevant imput, their CFD should give greatly improved results.

    1. And they now know the ideal fuel tank size!

  3. The Argentinean goverment is supporting Esteban Guerrieri’s bid to become the 2nd driver at Virgin.

    Virgin themselves contacted Esteban earlier this year, so he only need the money (5 million dollars)… apparently!

  4. With, as has been mentioned before, the data and experience gained this season and the money from Russia I believe Virgin have a good base from which they can improve next year. Glock has the experience to help them forward and, while he doesn’t set the world on fire with his performances he is definatly not the most unreliable driver out there. Good luck to him, the team and whoever joins as the second driver. It’s for the good of F1 that they succeed in fighting with the mid-field teams.

  5. I wonder which new team will get points first.
    I find it funny that the Virgin is yet to score. :P

    1. That is a worthy COTD .. If not sure was funny almost sprayed coffee on my laptop.

    2. Definitely COTD. Why didn’t we think of this before!! Ha ha ha…

    3. I’m sure the puns will fly willy-nilly the first time they get a point

    4. I just can’t wait until the team final does score points, the headline will be great “Virgin Scores.”

    5. Haha! I see what you did there! COTD!

  6. He should be driving for Renault.

    1. He should be driving for Renault.


  7. poor old old lucas di grassi, a promising young driver chewed up and spat out of the f1 machine.

    1. …and from most insider accounts he’s one of the best test/development drivers out there. If that’s true I’m sure someone will sign him as test driver if for no other reason than to utilize his skills in their simulator.

  8. Glock needs to stay with the team & with new partnership in 2011 they should move forward.I think Hulkenberg will be a good choice for the other seat as he have the talent which the many teams need.

  9. If he’ll take the title in a Virgin (not 2011, but anytime) he’ll be one of the truly greatest drivers in history. Ferrari had big resources when Schumacher made them winning (again), to set up a new team and spend the whole carreer on building it up to win a title, now that’s something completely different (not that it’s likely to ever happen).

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