8 comments on “2011 Lotus-Renault livery”

  1. Um, so… Which team’s livery is this then?

  2. Judging by the sponsors it’s Renault… Or ‘the team formally known as Renault’ and now Lotus Renault GP.

  3. Hope it faster than b4……….like it!

  4. Why does everyone complain about this design?

    It actually looks damnn classy!

  5. My dad is rich and my mom is good looking…looks like the offspring of a (bad) morning after encounter between a Lotus 72 and a F10.

  6. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    6th January 2011, 16:32

    I like the design, but just a question (maybe silly): Is this the car for Kubica and Petrov, or the one for Trulli and Kovalainen? Answer to me please

  7. Im starting to like it although im gonna miss the lovely livery of the Renaults from last season.

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