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Cast your vote for pass of the year

F1 Fanatic readers made hundreds of nominations for the best overtaking move of 2010.

Now it’s time to vote for the winner from ten passes by Rubens Barrichello, Lewis Hamilton, Kamui Kobayashi, Fernando Alonso and Robert Kubica.

Plus cast your vote for the driver who did the best overtaking in 2010.

Lewis Hamilton on Nico Rosberg

Australian Grand Prix

A terrific pass by Lewis Hamilton with several exciting ingredients: a slippery track and a brave move on the outside of a very quick corner.

Unfortunately yellow flags before the following corner meant we didn’t get to see how Nico Rosberg’s counter-attack would have played out.

Kamui Kobayashi on Jaime Alguersuari

Japanese Grand Prix

Typically robust and gutsy stuff from Kamui Kobayashi. He launched this attack on Jaime Alguersuari from a fair distance back and didn’t back down even as Alguersuari banged wheels with him on the way out of the corner.

Robert Kubica on Adrian Sutil

Singapore Grand Prix

Making his way back through the field after an unscheduled extra pit stop, Robert Kubica picks off Adrian Sutil around the outside of Memorial corner at Singapore.

Fernando Alonso on Felipe Massa

Chinese Grand Prix

There were a few occasions in 2010 when Fernando Alonso needed to stick a move on his team mate. This unorthodox attempt at Shanghai certainly worked.

Rubens Barrichello on Michael Schumacher

Hungarian Grand Prix

The history between Michael Schumacher and former team mate Rubens Barrichello added an extra dimension to this hair-raising moment.

On new tyres, Barrichello had reeled in Schumacher very quickly. After several attempts to get past Schumacher seemed to have left the inside un-defended and Barrichello made his move. Astonishingly, Schumacher almost drove Barrichello into the pit wall in a desperate attempt to keep his rival behind.

Barrichello took the place and the stewards slapped Schumacher with a grid penalty for the following race as a punishment.

Timo Glock on Michael Schumacher

Australian Grand Prix

The ultimate cheeky re-pass?

Schumacher nipped past Timo Glock at Melbourne but went too deep into the corner, allowing Glock to reverse the move in this David and Goliath battle between Mercedes and Virgin.

Lewis Hamilton on Jenson Button

Turkish Grand Prix

The strange case of the McLaren drivers at Istanbul. Not long after being told Jenson Button wouldn’t overtake him, Hamilton lost the lead to his team mate.

But he didn’t waste any time taking the place back.

Kamui Kobayashi on Sebastien Buemi

European Grand Prix

Kobayashi’s charge in the final laps of the European Grand Prix, after leaving his mandatory tyre stop late in the race, saw him pick of Sebastien Buemi at the last corner of the final lap.

Fernando Alonso on Nico Hulkenberg

Brazilian Grand Prix

This one was all about the pressure of the championship. Alonso couldn’t afford to stay stuck behind Nico Hulkenberg – but nor could he afford to tangle with the Williams driver by making a risky move.

He patiently chipped away at Hulkenberg, eventually edging him off-line and completing an important pass.

Robert Kubica on Jenson Button

European Grand Prix

Kubica dived up the inside of Mark Webber on the first lap at Valencia – and kept Button behind too.

Vote for the best overtaking move of 2010

Which of these ten passes was the best of the year? Cast your vote and have your say below.

NB: This poll is being re-run following the changes to the voting system. See here for more information.

Vote for the best F1 pass of 2010

  • Robert Kubica on Jenson Button, Europe (29%)
  • Fernando Alonso on Nico H???lkenberg, Brazil (3%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi on Sebastien Buemi, Europe (7%)
  • Lewis Hamilton on Jenson Button, Turkey (9%)
  • Timo Glock on Michael Schumacher, Australia (2%)
  • Rubens Barrichello on Michael Schumacher, Hungary (17%)
  • Fernando Alonso on Felipe Massa, China (2%)
  • Robert Kubica on Adrian Sutil, Singapore (3%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi on Jaime Alguersuari, Japan (11%)
  • Lewis Hamilton on Nico Rosberg, Australia (16%)

Total Voters: 353

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Other nominations

Here are the other passes which received multiple nominations but didn’t get enough to make it onto the short-list:

Lewis Hamilton: on Alonso in Canada, on Vettel in Turkey, on Vettel and Sutil in China, on Petrov in Malaysia and on Kobayashi in Japan
Jenson Button: on Alonso in Malaysia, on Alonso in Canada, on Massa and Vettel in Belgium and on Hamilton in Turkey
Mark Webber: on Kobayashi in Singapore, on Hulkenberg in Brazil and on Massa in Belgium
Michael Schumacher: on Button in Korea and on Barrichello in Japan
Vitaly Petrov: on Hamilton in Malaysia and on Rosberg in Belgium
Jaime Alguersuari: on Hulkenberg in Malayasia
Kamui Kobayashi: on Alonso in Valencia
Nico Rosberg on Alguersuari in Britain
Vitantonio Liuzzi: on Schumacher in Canada
Robert Kubica: on Kobayashi in Abu Dhabi
Felipe Massa: on Sutil in Canada

Vote for the best overtaker of 2010

Which driver did the best passes of 2010? Again, vote and explain your choice below.

NB: This poll is being re-run following the changes to the voting system. See here for more information.

Which driver did the best overtaking in 2010?

  • Sakon Yamamoto (0%)
  • Pedro de la Rosa (0%)
  • Karun Chandhok (0%)
  • Lucas di Grassi (0%)
  • Timo Glock (0%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi (41%)
  • Nick Heidfeld (0%)
  • Bruno Senna (0%)
  • Christian Klien (0%)
  • Heikki Kovalainen (0%)
  • Jarno Trulli (0%)
  • Jaime Alguersuari (0%)
  • Sebastien Buemi (0%)
  • Vitantonio Liuzzi (0%)
  • Adrian Sutil (1%)
  • Vitaly Petrov (0%)
  • Robert Kubica (16%)
  • Nico H???lkenberg (0%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (1%)
  • Fernando Alonso (3%)
  • Felipe Massa (0%)
  • Mark Webber (1%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (0%)
  • Nico Rosberg (0%)
  • Michael Schumacher (1%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (35%)
  • Jenson Button (1%)

Total Voters: 278

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296 comments on “Vote for the best F1 pass of 2010”

  1. Worst pass of the year definitely goes to Williams for passing up on Hulkenberg.

    1. Comment of the day.

    2. How about a VIP guest pass to the USF1 garage at the Bahrain Grand Prix :o

    3. I’d say the worst actual pass of the year was Hulkenberg on Sutil in Canada. It started with Hulkenberg attempting a pass that everyone could see was never going to stick, and it ended with a bent front wing for him. And then a drive-through for speeding in pit lane when he went in to replace it.

      It’s pretty obvious that Williams are in financial trouble. If they had kept Hulkenberg, there’s a real chance the team would have died. You might think they’re fools for giving up on him, but I think they would have been fools for keeping him. he wasn’t that great, anyway.

      1. Worst pass of the year?

        Anything by Vettel… even in Silverstone he was barging his way through, dirty by anyone’s standards.

        1. But when Kobayashi does it, it’s totally fine.

          1. But he’s Japanese, with his small eyes he can’t see the other cars! :D

            (His words not mine :D)

          2. Well, perhaps the fact that Kobayashi doesn’t take people out while he’s passing them is a clue that it’s not quite the same thing?

          3. Alguersuari was the one who rammed into Kobayashi at a pathetic attempt to overtake. Plus Kobayshis car wasnt 2 seconds a lap quicker…

          4. Agree, Kobayashi can’t get pass of the year, too much contact

          5. But Vettel isn’t known for his overtakes (as the matter of fact, I don’t recall he made any good passes, the best one was on Button when he did us a favor and removed himself form the points, along with Jenson) he is more known for his (???) tactics… He’s not bad, thought, but he’s nothing special…

          6. Magnificent Geoffrey
            9th December 2010, 22:08

            Vettel can’t overtake, Kobayashi can’t qualify.

          7. Kobayashi has never hit anyone when getting past. The incident with Alguersuari was totally Jaime’s fault.

            Vettel is a very talented driver but come on, there is no denying that overtaking is his weakest area. The fact that none of his passes got multiple nominations, even though he does have many admirers, says it all.

          8. If he doesn’t lose his speed, he won’t have to overtake, as there’ll be nobody to pass. Furthermore, he overtook Alonso at China, 2007 very cleanly, he overtook Petrov at Silverstone cleanly, he overtook Massa at Britain cleanly, he overtook Hülkenberg cleanly at Brazil. He’s done many clean overtakes.

          9. This Kamui conversation is getting really silly, For sure he hasn’t hit anyone and for the passes he’s done we praise him as a god amongst men.

            But would you praise him if he had collided?
            His moves are ambitious, with it comes considerable risk.

        2. he usually hasnt have to pass anyone thats why redbull gives him wings

      2. PM you are right.I have recently read Mrs Williams book on Frank before and past his accident.It is an eye opener when you realise what wonderful people these are,they never give up.One thing was obvious they are not rolling in money possibly due in part to Frank needing so much medical help and facilities just to keep alive.They constntly mention the difficulties in finding suitable sponsors.A heart rending and yet uplifting story.If any team deserves to succeed next year it should be Williams.

    4. Really gets it spot on Hamish! COTD?

  2. Was going for Hamilton on Rosberg until I saw the last one of Kubica. How they all got through I don’t know.

    1. Y’know I almost feel like Button deserves more credit on that one for the balls he had trying to thread that needle.

      1. was great inboard footage from JB, good driving – the fact that kubica appears planted at that apex proves how phenomenal that overtake was! for me that’s made me chose that

    2. ConfusedLotusFan
      9th December 2010, 22:45

      kubica’s like a ninja. he’s not there and then BAM he’s in front of you

    3. Had to vote for Glock on Schumi after nominating it in the original article – cheers for including it in the shortlist! (Although I thought it was Di Grassi at the time)

    4. He overtook Webber and Button ion one move, and those three must have been squashed in to fit on the track but neither Kubica nor Button touched themselves or a wall.

    5. how are people voting for Kubica;s pass?!! it was just shuffling around amid lap 1 mayhem. nothing amazing, just opportunistic.

    6. It’s more like Webber botched things up royally and both Button and Kubica went past. Button happened to be on the wrong side and he’s usually more cautious.

    7. please acknowledge that 2010 wasnt the year of mclaren they only made so many overtakes cause the car was really fast on straight line

  3. Good selection but where’s Hamilton’s double pass on Sutil and, I think, Alguersuari? Love the spanish commentary as well!

    1. As explained in the article, the selection were compiled from people’s nominations here:

      Best F1 pass of 2010: make your nominations

  4. Also why does Karun Chandhok have -1% of the votes for best overtaking?

    1. And why does Webber only have 1%. He was one of the most prolific passes of the year.

      1. Going over the top of a Lotus doesn’t count.

        1. Why not PJ ???

          Joke !

        2. Going over the top of a Lotus doesn’t count

          But running into the back of a Ferrari in Monza and the front of a Red Bull in Singapore does for Hamilton. :)

        3. But you must admit it was one of the more memorable ones PJ!

        4. LOL. You had me rolling on that one

  5. Which driver did the best passes of 2010? Again, vote and explain your choice below.

    I didn’t have to think long and hard about this one! Kamui Kobayashi gets my vote.

    1. Best pass for me was Kubica on Webber and Button. Can’t believe he kept that move clean and without any contact, great move.

      Overtaker of the year I said Hamilton, although Kubica was brilliant too.

      1. @TommyB89 I am having a really blank moment! Where was that pass you speak of? (I’ll instantly know it when you say it) :P

        1. The one he’s referring to is the last video shown above, and currently winning in votes.

    2. I agree. The single best overtake was Barrichello on Schumacher for me: but for sheer kamikaze dedication and an utterly bonkers “I am going past you whether you like it or not” approach, Kobayashi is overtaker of the year.

      1. Yeah, I voted the same, Barichello for the pass of the year, and Kobayashi for overall overtaker of the year. The Kubica move on Button and Webber was a close second for me though.

        1. My favourite driver is Robert Kubica. He’s the best in the world. He’s fantastic overtaker and super driver.

    3. Kobayashi on Buemi. He was kilometres away, then Buemi brakes. Kamui doesn’t. He brakes minutes later but doesn’t go wide. Had he been behind Petrov in Abu Dhabi he’d have passed.

      1. Barichello’s pass was nothing speacial, it was just a slip stream move. You would have seen 40 or 50 of these for the year.

        1. I agree. Nothing special in this one..

        2. I picked it because he had the sheer bravery not to back down when he was inches from a huge accident, not because it was a spectacular overtake.

  6. @Jonathan

    better question would be why not ;-)

  7. in light of monza and singapore, i’d definately say that HAM was not the best overtaker of 2010.

    1. But then after Melbourne, Kobayashi cant be considered that great either. That said, my heart rate does increase everytime the camera focuses on Kobayashi as there is a good chance he is about to pull out a beaut of a movie!

      1. Melbourne wasn’t really his fault. If you remember, his front wing fell off, causing the crash. He’d already lost a front wing earlier in practice as well.

        1. According to the team, Kobayashi had several contacts before he lost his front wing.

  8. Hamilton’s passes in the first half of 2010 shouldn’t be considered as the best, because he had F-Duct advantage so it was easier for him to overtake

    1. The F Duct may have given him a speed advantage but it’s not like it gave him the balls to go around the outside of Rosberg. And surely you don’t mean the pass on Button too saying as he had the exact same car?!

      1. To be fair, he was already a whole car length in front of rosberg by the time the corner came up. All he really had to do was turn in. It was close and looked great, but in reality it wasn’t very special at all.

    2. And in fairness, most overtakes in the early season were at Melbourne and China where changeable conditions brings car performance closer together.

      1. The reason Hamilton’s overtake was so good and not simply because of the F-Duct is the fact no-one had done it before. Many people forget how good Hamilton is at Melbourne come race day. Just remember his charge from 15th to 3rd last year (Let’s avoid ‘Lie-gate’ for that)

        1. However he ran wide slightly and Nico was going for the counter, but was stopped by yellows.

          A great overtake should stick through the overtake, not because of a flag immediately afterwards.

          Had Nico retaken the place no one would have considered this a great overtake, and more likely people would have used this as an example of Lewis needed to be more calculated with his overtakes.

    3. But he did give us new hope, that overtaking was actually possible in F1 2010! And many of those passes were really good stuff.

  9. Had to go Kubica on button. Simply for the fact that he drives a transforming car, from red bull to renault in less then 3 seconds :D

    1. couldn’t agree more!

    2. That was an unbelievable shot. I’d love to see a point of view from Kubica’s car, how he managed to get there….

      1. same here, awesome maneuver

        1. Great move, but it was Buttons greater move around the outside that made it, brilliant start never realised until watching it again, Kubica picked up on the opportunity through the distraction of Button around the outside and the Ferrari holding Button back, it was good but not the best IMO.

          1. Webber was staggeringly poor in the start of that race. None of that was shown live, and I remember them coming across the bridge and thinking “how the h*** did Webber fall so far back so quickly?!” If he hadn’t had such a terrible start they probably wouldn’t have pitted him so early to try a risky strategy that put him behind Kovaleinen and caused his epic crash…

          2. Agreed. The thing is now we only see Button’s on-board footage.

    3. If there was SCH instead of KUB, he wouldn`t leave BUT space to manage between the wall and the car for 100%..

  10. Robert Kubica on Jenson Button, Europe! That was tight! Literally.

    I don’t get why people like “Lewis Hamilton on Nico Rosberg, Australia” so much. Lewis had a huge speed overshot and the whole maneover was pretty much about going straight by Nico.

  11. well that confirms who the best driver out there is…once you take away the cars differing performances.

    I cant wait for next season, these new rules are gonna work 4 sure, racings gonna be racing again, decided on the curcit not during quali.

    I think it will blow last year away, the idea of an equivalent 160bhp extra for the car behind using KERS & adjustable wings was one of pure genius

    1. I have great concerns for the potential of disaster under the KERS/adjustable wing situation. Somebody is going to become victum of anothers over doing it. I hope that it is as you say but mistakes could be a PR nightmare for F1.

  12. Hamilton on Button man on man same car who blinks first.
    Great stuff.

    1. I agree.

      Sure, both Kubica and Kobayashi did some fantastic passing this year.
      Kobayashi wins the best overtaker vote for me, Kubica is hyped out of the poll by the polish fanboys now and Hamilton stopped overtaking after the F-duct stopped being the ultimate tool for him.

      Hamilton on Rosberg was amazing. It offered the first show of what the F-duct could do and as it was the first real pass we saw this year, it was an amazing one.
      The passes from Alonso were very significant for the season and the WDC battle. Rubens deserves a big applause for making the move on Schumi, while Glock proved Schumacher was not going to win much this year with his pass.

      But the best was seeing the McLarens dicing for the lead only a few minutes after having the RB duo disintegrate from contetion. And it was also about inner team rivalry. Had Button won that, I suppose Hamilton would have done a lot worse the rest of the year (that would have been 3:0 for Button).
      Great job for fighting that out while still bringing the cars home.

  13. Can’t believe Hamilton’s double overtake on Vettel and Sutil on the final hairpin in China didn’t make it through to the final 10.

    1. As Keith said the article, the selection were compiled from people’s nominations here:

      Best F1 pass of 2010: make your nominations

      1. I know… and I still can’t believe that didn’t make the final top 10.

  14. As for the worst pass of the year… Vettel somehow crashing into Button at Belgium.

    1. Or Webber in Istanbul.

      Is there something about German F1 World Champions and an inability to overtake?

    2. Or Webber taking Red Bull’s wings promotion slightly too literally.

  15. I don’t think we should be allowed to vote on this. Surely it would make more sense to put the question to a panel of 22 people from the FIA and see what they decide.

    Tactical voting and bribery of the panel is officially banned but in reality allowed if its done under the table. I suspect they will choose Robert Kubica because a Polish driver has never won the vote before…

    1. I’m sure you’re referencing something but I’ve no idea what!

    2. I think your confusing the FIA with FIFA…

      1. Or any other major sporting organization which makes its choices based on money and politics…wait, it’s still FIA…

  16. I just cant believe that we dont have Alonso on Massa at Hockenheim in this great list…

    So I was forced to vote in “Button on Lewis and Lewis on Button in Turkey.”

    1. I just cant believe that we dont have Alonso on Massa at Hockenheim in this great list…


  17. I voted for Hamilton in Australia as the single best pass of the year – absolutely determined, utterly courageous, using a non-over taking zone. Total heart in the mouth stuff.

    1. Agree, I nearly had a heart attack, i thought someone was going to die….. (maybe me)

  18. I chose Lewis on Button in Turkey

    He is not my favourite driver (although he does drive for my favourite team) but nobody can the ultimate balls that he displays when taking these manouvres.

    After seeing the two red bulls crash out a few minutes earlier, the two plucky brits go wheel to wheel round the triple hairpin at the end of the lap, and then a gutsy but well-executed move to take it back at turn 1. You don’t need to be a real racing fan to appreciate how skillful – from BOTH drivers – those two moves were, and given what was at stake, the fact they both actually went for it not only demonstrates their worth in F1, but the ultimate sportsman ship that our two british ambassadors have.

    At no point in the season have either Lewis or Jenson said a bad word for one another. There is ultimate respect, and although we all know realistically that Lewis is probably a tad faster than Jenson, they are sufficiently different in style to warrant being considered equal.. this move proves how good both these drivers are, that neither of them felt the need to “block” the other, also shows how confident they were in their moves.

    Sebastien Vettel, just a few laps before, overtook his team-mate, and then basically drove his car across webber’s path to block him. That’s not a decent racing move, that’s saying “ok i’m slightly ahead, let’s make sure that he can’t take it back” ..ultimately costing them BOTH a 1-2 points finish.

    Lewuis and Jenson would never do that.. in fact, only the Red Bulls and Ferrari would do that, all other teams have respect for their team-mates, or let me put it clearly, Vettel and Alonso have NO respect for their team-mates.

    1. I think Hamilton did bit of a dive in turn 1 which Button had to get out of the throttle a lot to avoid a crash which if Hamilton had done it on somebody from another team might of ended up in tears, however it probably worked out for the best because there would of been quite a bit of fallout if Hamilton had not gained the place back.

  19. Has to be Barrichello/Schumacher. To the untrained eye it’s like 2 rookie teenagers going at it, but when you realise that both of these drivers have been on the grid since the era of Senna and Mansell you really appreciate their experience and bravery in the situation.

  20. For me best overtaker of 2010 is between Hamilton and Kobayashi for the sheer entertainment they provided during the year, I think overall I would probably pick Hamilton.

    Does anyone have a link to that site which has how many competitive overtakes each driver completed during the season?

    As for the best individual overtake of 2010, I always find this more difficult, just like it is more difficult to pick your favourite song rather than your favourite album. It is harder to produce a classic album than it is one individual song, and there are plenty of one hit wonders to prove this.

    Also you have to factor in car advantage, the condition of the tyres etc.

    Two from the list that stand out in my memory are Alonso’s move on Massa on the way into the pits in China just for the cheeky opportunism, and Barrichello’s pass on Schumacher in Hungary because Schumacher almost pushed him in the wall. But I don’t think I would rank either as best of the year though.

    At the moment I couldn’t really choose an overtake of the year so I will have to think about it a bit more.

    1. Castrol Ranking calculated the number of competitive overtakes done by each driver during this season.

      Believe it or not, it was Adrian Sutil who won, with 40 competitive overtakes.

      But that’s quantity, if its quality, then Hamilton, Kubica and Kobayashi win it ;)

      1. cliptheapex has Sutil at 47 overtakes even (if I remember correctly). Oddly enough Kobayashi has just about the least overtakes (of the “old” team drivers) with 20.

        Guess aggressively overtaking with lots of contact and attempting lots of failed overtakes counts for more than the actual number of overtakes. It’s the show that matters. Not a good and clean overtake.

  21. voted for kubica on webber and button..
    partly because it was an awesome pass, partly because its cool seeing the redbull transform into a renault half way through the corner..

  22. Who voted for Yamamoto? Come on, there are four of you, own up! ;)

    1. May be people who hate Kobayashi?

      1. How could anyone hate the guy? Sure, some might think he’s overrated (the fools!) but hate? Nah.

  23. I think both the Hamilton/Button duel in Turkey and the Button/Webber/Kubica duel in Valencia were the best.

  24. Gotta be Kubica for me. Overtaking Sutil @ Singapore was good..but to repeat the same thing on another 3/4 drivers in such a short period of time? Not bad!

    Honourable mention for Kobayashi. Unfortunately I missed Suzuka but I hear good things!

    1. You’re missing out on the magic of Kamui Kobayashi ;)

      4 surprise overtakes at the hairpin, a corner that doesn’t normally see overtaking.

      1. Drifting past Alguersuari in the inside, pure Japanese lunacy. ;)
      2. Perfected it against Sutil
      3. Round the outside of Alguersuari
      4. From the furthest distance back against Barrichello.

  25. Rubens Barrichello on Michael Schumacher. But the battel between Hamilton & Button did made many people bite there nails.On the other hand Kubica on Button may be the one that should win as that was too a close call on the bridge.

    1. Best overtaker I votes for Kobayashi but Hamilton also deserve the same reward.

  26. i would pick the lewis over Jenson cos team orders was for Lewis to conserve fuel suddenly Jenson was trying to get the lead this actually showed a bit of favoritism to Jenson but trust the best driver and overtaker in the game he wont allow that!

  27. I’d vote for hamilton as the best overtaker. His pass on Button in Turkey, his double pass.. all are great to watch. The one I cherish the most is his german GP in 2008 (i think so), where Mclaren blew it up when they boxed him in the wrong time – he came out 5th on track and with just over 13 (or was it 17?) laps to go – he took back victory overtaking 5 cars in front

  28. Hamilton’s pass on Rosberg was the most inspiring of the season, truly epic stuff you could only replicate in an F1 car.

    Kobayashi was definitely the overtaking champion of the season for me. When the team called on his skills to overtake he always seemed to be able to.

    Really looking forward to a quick Sauber next season. Better Livery wouldn’t help either. :)

  29. I almost regret picking the Hamilton-Turkey bit after some reflection. It was the only reall pass on the on the track, between equal and competitive cars, and it took total commitment and precision, and the tension of that moment after the whole RBR thing was almost unbearable. But Kubica’s move at Valencia was surgical and precise and opportunistic, all that you want. Kobayashi provided the most entertainent this year, but his passes were usually made with a significant performance advantage.

  30. The best pass of the year was Alonso overtaking Petrov at Abu-Dhabi… atleast thats what the plan was :D

    1. LOL He did eventually – after they crossed the line, with his hands nowhere near the wheel :)

  31. Schumacher on Alonso at Monaco

    1. Yes , im with you on that one.

    2. Yeah I also nominated that one, guess we didn’t have the required mass…

      (as I posted when I nominated: I predicted this move to my girlfriend, now my wife. And Schumi delivered)

      But overall: Kobayashi

    3. As I mentioned in the comments to the nominations article, that can’t be considered a real pass for obvious reasons:

      Isn’t it a bit of an insult to Alonso to call that a real pass?

      1. isn’t Alonso an insult to as all full stop?

        1. I’m with you on that!

  32. I thought Kobayashi was the best. Hamilton’s back to back crashes late in the season hurt him in my opinion.

    I thought Alonso on Hulk was the best pass of those listed. Look how long it took both Alonso and Hamilton to get past him. You could just see Alonso hound Hulk and slowly setting him up for it. It was like a chess match watching him set it up.

    Kobayashi had better overtakes than the those on the Toro Rossos. He torched them all season. If you included his pass on Alonso, then I would have voted for it hands down.

    Rubens on Schumi was only exciting because he almost got put into the walk. I liked Lewis on Nico, just not enough. Bobby on Button just didn’t have a solid view of it. I really don’t like driver cam.

  33. Why Alonso on Massa in Germany?


  34. I thought the angle we got at monza where Webber overtook Kubica was great! T-cam on Kubica’s car and then in the corner of the screen you see an RBR front wing hobble on in ;)

    Also Hamilton’s move on Rosberg at Australia came back around with Nico’s sweet overtake at turn 3 in Korea.. especially considering Lewis was continually saying he just wanted to race and he loses a position straight away lol.

    A few more good ones was when Webber got vettel off the line at silverstone. Hammy on one of the reno’s (Petrov?) at hungary a little before his retirement and basically the whole of Kubica at singapore :)

    1. I don’t really think beating someone off the line counts as an overtake in the strictest sense if they’re starting from the same row.

  35. Kubica on Sutil still gives me goosepimples whenever I watch it!

  36. None of them…

  37. Best overtake of the year without a doubt is Alonso on Petrov at Abu Dhabi. Oh no, wait…

  38. Are people really blind? Kobayashi as “the best overtaker” of the season with only 13 passes on drivers from top 18? He did less overtaking then Sutil, less overtaking then Liuzzi, less overtaking then Alguersuari and almost everytime on fresh supersoft tyres… Just speechless…

    1. ‘The best overtake’ is about quality, not quantity, otherwise this discussion wouldn’t really be happening.

      This article would’ve just said, “Sutil did 40 overtakes, more than anyone else this season. Let the statistics do the talking.”

      Its more fun to talk about the quality of overtaking ;)

      1. And that is what I am writing about! :) I prefer an overtaking with NO advantages (that means NO 2 lap soft tyres against
        35-40 laps hard tyres)… And that was most of the time the case of Kobayashi… He just had an unfair advantage against other competetitors! for example other midfield drivers Sutil, Liuzzi and Alguersuari
        didn t you that strategy and still were able to overtake MORE good cars then Kobayashi with those fresh soft tytes… So, I am laughing at this craziness and overating of “master overtaker Kobayashi”…:) Cause there were drivers, who did the same, being smoother on passes and even without tyre advantages…

        1. I appreciate where you’re coming from with fresher tyres giving an unfair advantage. Its bound to make overtaking easier.

          But its the way Kobayashi overtakes the other drivers, tyre advantage or not, that gets my attention. His overtakes come from really far back and they look really spectacular to watch. Thats why we all love Kobayashi :)

          1. … and he pulls off said overtakes in the most unexpected places, proving that overtaking CAN be executed in places where it’s said to be impossible.

        2. Did you include the times when Kobayashi was doing the overtakes early on? Ie he was on hard tyres overtaking those on soft tyres? :)

  39. Best pass: Barrichello on Schumacher. A lesser man would have backed down or flubbed it.

    Best passer: Kobayashi, hands down. Once he got into the swing of the season, he was knocking ’em down left and right.

  40. As for best overtaking for me it was RK on MW and JB.

    Best overtakers are RK, LH and KK, poll shows it quite nice (despite Kamui got too much votes but whatever)

    Worst ovartaker was without a doubt the “finger” champion.

  41. Rubens for keeping his toe planted on the floor throughout the entire incident. :)

  42. Kubica is great on breaks >)

  43. TassiloStiebe (@)
    9th December 2010, 18:59

    What about Kobayashi vs. Alonso in the last lap of Europe GP?

  44. There WAS a pass in 2010??? Come on, we all no there is NO passing in F1.

  45. Tough call… I think I’ll go with the Hamilton-on-Rosberg pass…

  46. I was going to vote for Kobayashi on Alguersuari. But that was before I’d seen how far back he was on Buemi in Valencia. In the end, I voted Kubica on Webber/Button. That was awesome. I kinda missed big chunks of that race, don’t remember why exactly, but that video is awesome.

    Voted Kobayashi as best overtaker of the year though. Tyre strategies aside, I think his overtakes were generally in less expected places and/or ways than most others we’ve seen this year and his car’s performance was just much closer to the people he was overtaking. Yes Hamilton’s on Rosberg was really ballsy, but the Mercedes wasn’t anywhere near the McLaren this year.

  47. No Schumacher on Alonso?? Come on.. may not have been deemed legal.. but it was a standout moment of overtaking joy :)

    1. I agree. Shame it wans’t included, it took a tremendous amount of skill to do what Schumacher did, ‘legal’ or not!

  48. I see Kubica has streaked ahead in the standings. Which is appropriate, because it’s one of those moments that makes you breathe in sharply. But full props to Jenson Button for his part in not wrapping the car (or Kubica) around the wall.

  49. See all the best moves here:

    Sorry Keith, been a bit late putting this one together this year! :p

  50. Definetly Kubica on Button, where the hell did he come from? What a class driver he is, shame on Ferrari for not seeing that! He’s had a fantastic season IMO and is definetly one of thé drivers to watch. Brilliant move!

  51. Alonso – Kovalainen – Monaco

  52. How do i stop getting emails from all these comments lol

    1. James,

      Just below the submit comment button is the comment “You are subscribed to this entry.” Click the link adjacent to it labeled manage you subscriptions. Should be straight forward from there.

  53. Keith why not a list of defensive drive of the year or simply the drive of the year too?

  54. Best overtaker of the year as voted by these people is Kubica???? Haha, did people even watch races, hell even Kobayashi had a much better than year than he did. Lewis was untouchable this year on overtakes…any unbiased, knowledgeable Formula One fan would know that.

  55. I never actually considered Hamilton around the outside of Rosberg at the high speed chicane in Melbourne a genuine pass. It seemed to me if Vettel hadn’t gone off (thus causing a yellow flag zone at turn… 13, was it?) Rosberg would’ve nailed the place back. He took a very late apex line to repass Hamilton on the exit of 12 and Hamilton, having gone around the outside of 11, had a very early apex into 12 and was slow on the exit.

  56. I got chills after seeing Kubica on Button, best overtake 2010 hands down.

  57. I don’t remember European GP well(it was so boring except Kobayashi’s last run) but I think Kubica’s overtake at there is the best. it’s just incredidle.

  58. for me very suprising is the position of lewis in this voting. he almost got the same amount of votes as kobayashi. but the most I remember is not overtaking monouvres of him but the lack of them, etc. on kubica in australia or on kubica in abu dhabi :)

  59. Kubica rulez
    one by one

  60. others had to be driver is installed but Kubica was born with the F-Duct and KERS!!

    1. You should consider canceling the vote.

      1. Agreed. This has clearly been manipulated by outside sources.

        1. Can anybody think of a time this year when Kubica was passed? Add that to the list and edit in a few thousand votes as a special treat for that site…

          1. It’s not only the site mentioned by Keith, it was posted yesterday on the biggest Polish portals, as well as on Polish eurosport site.

            I’m Polish and I consider this shameful. Kubica’s overtaking should win in my opinion, but not by means of massive vote gathering outside of this blog.

      2. You should consider canceling the vote.

        Either this or ban Kubica’s maneuvres. Sad for those Kubica fans who want to play fairly, but what can we do?

    2. maybe because his action was the best or he made the most of overtaking maneuvers this season. I come from poland and voted for his overtaking on button but for the best man to do this I voted for kobayashi

    3. also try base this voting on more reliable mechanism than cookies. this should be available only for logged-in users

      1. Interesting idea- you should consider it Keith

    4. Do you know what is written there?

  61. Robert Kubica on Button in GP Europe, this movie should be show from other camera outside car it was brilliant

  62. R.Kubica & J.Button – it was unbelievable & perfect overtaking !

  63. You should include Schumachers pass on Alonso in Monaco since you included Alonso on Massa in China.
    I know it had been discuses previously and it has been said that Alonso was not expecting overtaking in Monaco due safety car.
    China was clearly case of team orders and should not either be included.
    If Team was waiting Massa first in they must have had his
    tires ready first, and if those went on Alonso’s car he would be disqualified. And when Alonso squeezed him self in pass Massa normally there would be some chaos while switching to Alonso’s tires, taking tire warmers off and therefore some lost of time for both Alonso and Massa. Witch was not the case because team was waiting ready with Alonso’s tires first!

    1. China was clearly case of team orders and should not either be included.

      Any proof?

      Even if you were right this would be an argument for discounting Alonso’s pass, not including Schumacher’s (non-) pass.

      1. Backing up Keith here: the team were not expecting Alonso in ahead of Massa, they only got Alonso’s tyres in the pit lane in time because Massa shouted down the radio “Fernando passed me!” as soon as it happened.

  64. Why Kubica? Check out Singapore. You don’t need to be Polish to understand. Passing Button in GP Europe is just a confirmation.

  65. Robert Kubica on Jenson ButtonRobert
    “good work, good work”

  66. I don’t see what’s the fuss over Kubica’s pass in Valencia. Button passed Webber on the outside whilst Kubica passed Webber on the inside, got on the racing line and held it. Good close racing on the first lap, when everyone’s bunched up, you can find in every race. Nothing that makes you go “wow!”.

  67. Looks like the Kimi fans found someone else to latch onto.

  68. looks like your poll got gamed KC
    A polish news site wanted Kubica to win,1775,title,Akcja-Kubicy-zostanie-hitem-sezonu,wid,12934054,wiadomosc.html?ticaid=1b64c

    1. Er, see my comment from a few hours ago!

  69. Take off votes for Robert came from PL and for Lewis from GB :-)

  70. Best pass for me was Kubica on Webber and Button, go go Kubica

  71. Kubica over Button is overestimated. Yes it looks spectacular but the level of difficulty wasn’t that hard because the Red Bull completely left the inside line open for him and we know how easy it is at the start when things are a bit messy to take advantage of an open door.

    I’m betwwen Lewis over Rosberg simply because the line Hamilton had was anything but ideal to keep going in that fast corner and Kobyashi over Alguersuari in Japan. Just look at it, a close corner and Alguersuari had the inside, how the hell did Kamui did it? The contact is not his fault ether, he left more than enough space, is just Alguersuari being an ass of not accepting being overtaken.
    Hamilton over Button makes me think too because it was a very gutsy move after what happened and it was amazing not just for the track action but in matters of psychology too. Instead of feeling confused and losing it after Button’s overtake, he instead reacted amazingly.

    I just can’t see why Alonso over Massa is there. A pass on the pit like that is nothing needing great technique or to be proud of, especially when it’s against a team mate like Massa who will never risk of colliding with you in the pits.

    I also want to talk about an overtake that was never completed. Kobayashi over Barichello at Abu Dhabi. Kamui completely left the brakes and went over Rubens from a mile away like he was stationery but unfortunately he didn’t quite pull it threw and lost the corner a little with Rubens taking back the position. If that was successful it would have been the best for me.

  72. I went for Kobayashi on Buemi in Valencia. Can’t see how Lewis on Rosberg in Australia is one of the options, Lewis has pulled that move before.

  73. Kubica is the best!!!

  74. The poll has been gamed…that explains a lot.

    Kubica is definitely a canditate for best overtaker of the season, but his move on Button in Valencia was nothing special. I don’t usually count a first lap pass as a fully legitimate overtaking manoeuvre because the driver being overtaken is often compromised and the offensive vs. defensive driving element tends to be lacking. And in this case we can’t even see what Kubica actually did!

    Hamilton over Rosberg had by far the best combination of skill, daring and uniqueness, and although it is diminished by the yellow flag issue I still gave this one the nod, despite the fact that I’m not a big Lewis fan.

    1. Hamilton was much faster than Rosberg. Was it really so special?

      1. And why he didn’t do the same later on kubica?

  75. I voted for Kubica best overtake because it was intense side by side fight through few corners. Credit goes also to Button ho made possible such fight. I love to see the on-board camera from Kubica.
    As far as for cancelling the pool.I Polish, I gave my vote yesterday and it was 34%Kubica 29%Hamilton and 25% Kobayashi and I think that was true due to “f1 fanatic voting”to be honest I never follow the sites that Keith mentioned because of the lack information, that’s why I am on this blog since a year!and F1 fan since 1994. And the thing about the Kubica I like most he loves to race and do not care about anything else least about some pool that was manipulated by Polish websites who due to lack of informations try to get more visits by urging to vote.

    1. Do you know what is written on this site?

  76. I think the best pass was made by Robert Kubica over Adrian Sutil when Kibica went forward to pitstop :)

  77. Kubica was the best one, remember Singapor???/?

  78. I voted Hamilton on Button. Even if I’m not a Mclaren fan, I was thrilled by that battle. Because it was a battle between team mates and some laps ago a similar battle ended in a tragic way. And it was a battle between two champioship contenders, which was very rare in this season.

  79. Kubica was the best in Singapore

  80. Here’s another article/voting idea: best non-pass (or best defence) of the year. My vote would be Petrov vs Aloso at Abu Dabai. Any others?

    1. schumacher holding back Button in Barcelona another one, also Button holding back Alonso in Monza stands out.

    2. Well given the general difficulty of overtaking at Yas Marina, I doubt that it was impressive defense. My source says there were only 13 overtakes at the circuit (5th lowest).

      If I remember correctly, Sutil had some fantastic work at Silverstone. Correct me if I am wrong but I think it was holding off Schumi, Vettel, and others.

  81. pretty, but where is hamilton vs safety car ??? :DD

  82. I am not a Hamilton fan but his pass on Rosberg on the outside of a high speed corner while slippery was the best display of skill and car control while passing.
    I watched Robert Kubica’s pass on on Jenson Button and Mark Weber the most and thought that although it very well done, I think Button didn’t use full throttle when Kubica surged ahead and made the pass stick. Those Red Bull brakes must have been just awful for Weber to start braking so early as to let two cars pass him.

    If Kobayashi ever gets as good at high speed corner passes as he is at slow ones, he will be as good as Hamilton

  83. ja z demotów, Kubica żądzi !! ;)

  84. ja też :)

    Kubica najlepszy :D

  85. KUBICA 4ever

  86. Definetly Kubica + Button (Valencia)! Kubica the best driver currently in F1. I wont to see him champion of the world! He has this magic “something”

  87. Robert Kubica jest najlepszy !!!!!

  88. Robert is the best! No doubt about it.

  89. I think you should just discount all the votes from yesterday on Keith. This is just nonsense :(

    1. I’d rather we just black flag Kubica. Or the Polish vote. Either option is fine by me.

      1. Yeah I agree democracy is way overated. Screw the vote just announce your favourite instead. Are you from N.Korea or Cuba?

    2. Nonsense? No. You should THANK this polish site. Other way, many people would not know that this blog even exists.
      Of course you can disagree with Polish people opinion of Kubica’s overtaking being the best. I do appreciate critisism, but constructive critisism.

      1. How has Kubica got so many votes they should look into this some polish hackers around

    3. And just to add – you have NO IDEA what is written on this site. “Vote for Robert”? No!

      1. Well I think the results will disagree with you. Judging by the overly skewed results for Kubica, I think that’s a pretty solid conclusion. Otherwise, you’d expect some more spread on the best pass vote too.

        1. Sigh.
          They did NOT write “vote for Kubica”. They’ve just showed “hey, that’s a great article, why don’t you check it out”. There is nothing, NOTHING, about the voting in this article.

          1. Whatever it says made this voting ridiculous.

          2. So in your opinion Poles do not deserve to vote?

          3. They can vote all they want. But considering they don’t really contribute here (I’m not counting posting a ‘Kubica!’ comment – I’m thinking longer term), it’s somewhat irritating. It no longer represents the community opinions and what I was most interested in has become noise.

            Imagine your town is having an election and right before the election, a significant number of people show up and become eligible to vote. They end up voting for an option that has a significant cost to the community – say infrastructure development. Then they all happen to leave and therefore will not help pay for it.

            If they come around and contribute during next season, great! It’s nice to have more opinions. But I highly doubt that will happen and it just ruins the polling. Kubica should have that significant a lead in best overtaker? Please.

          4. I had some doubt about different polls here before – but this one tops them all.

        2. Don’t compare simple internet pool to the elections!

          I noticed you are pro censorship…. Not cool…

        3. Oh look its Kim Jong again! So please tell us what the correct voting percentages should be so that I can vote accordingly. In future to avoid all this confusion please give the voting instructions in advance so that we all know exactly who we are to vote for.

          1. I’m Pole, and it’s kinda shame to see 14-year-olds from here who have never even seen an F1 race (not saying about overtakes from the article) taking part in this poll and leaving stupid comments like ‘Kubica 4ever’ because they’ve seen an advert somewhere… Apologies for them :)

            As for voting itself – I’d say it goes to HAM, KOB and KUB without promoting any of the three, all three have balls of steel and rocket-science-like precision.

  90. Lewis at Australia….breathtaking can only describe his move on Rosberg….passing in a non-overtaking zone as Radiophonique said was jaw dropping.

  91. Keith,
    maybe commenting should be allowed only to registered users.
    I am not a registered user, but I visit your site every day and although I am polish and a big fan of Robert, I think this voting has become a joke.

  92. if there only was another camera view of the Kubica pass on Button in Valencia it would be more awesome than watching Hakkinen pass Schumacher in Spa back in 2000 (I think)! Unfortunatley there are no other angles…. KUBICA RULES in 2011!!!!!

  93. Does anyone have the stats of overtakes for each circuit 2010, i wanna see which circuits have the most?


  94. Guys, sorry for this 84 %. I rly think that Kubica was the best driver in this season, but in Poland we have a stupid custom – when it`s a poll like this on foreign website, on biggest Polish forum`s there`s a big action: ALL VOTE FOR KUBICA!! Sad.

  95. Guys, everyone can vote, if you don’t like that Kubica have this number of votes, provide your websites to publish that voting on their services to show people this action. Kubica fan’s catched this, and vote for him. Bring that action to fan’s of other drivers to make their achievments better. Simple.

  96. At the outset I apologize for poor spelling :-)
    I am Polish and I understand the Polish driver Kubica is the first
    who will represent our country in F1 for that try to understand my fellow countrymen
    For us, it will always be the best
    Remember your delight over Hamilton three years ago ……
    After that Kubica in raids also shows a lion’s claw is seen in the F1 driver
    with high abilities only have a weak car
    and being the “second” driver in the Ferrari and McLaren is wasted time

  97. Keith, looking at the numbers, I’m seeing Robert Kubica has 8000 votes for pass of the year and 6000 for being the best overtaker. I suspect someone has posted a link to this page at a Kubica fan forum or something because these numbers seem way out of proportion.

    1. Nope, there is better explanation: Kubica is that good!

    2. It’s already been mentioned. People from Wirtualna Polska (, one of the biggest Polish web-portals) wrote an article about the poll and fans on the forum of started massive voting.

  98. Im from Poland but i didnt vote for Kubica. :)
    In my opinionthe best (looking) pass of 2010 is Barichello on Shumacher.

  99. You should thank us (Poles) because thanks us you have more page views :)
    BTW. I think Kubica is the best f1 driver and if in the next season he gets good bolid he will become the champion. you will see…

    1. I can give reasons why Keith wouldn’t want your mass voting on this poll every time kubica comes involved. it would annoy other people voting from different nations with all these “group voters” from one country, ruining the whole point. if you wanted a mass vote like euro vision how about Alonso gets linked to marca and Lewis and jenson get linked to the top gear website? Would put the votes you done in the dirt… Since a lot more people watch f1 in both those countries then Poland.

  100. Hamilton Simply great in 2010

  101. I’m surprised the Hamilton in Australia pass got so few votes, I remember from my Geoff Crammond sim days that that corner was sufficiently buttock-clenching all on its own, without taking another car into account!!! I’d give it to Hamilton or Kubica in Singapore, which is a pretty similar deal, overtaking on the outside of a fast corner with precious little grip and little room for error.

    On the other end of the scale for shear brazen cheekiness as well as delivering a hammer blow to your team-mate’s self-confidence, Alonso’s pit-entry overtake was hilarious and effective; Button tried something similar with Hamilton in Turkey (and if he’d succeeded he’d have had 3 wins to 0 over his team-mate), but was immediately slapped down by a ruthless counter-attack.

  102. Wow – Robert Kubica destroys competition in vote. For me he’s the favourite for WDC 2011. Renault were the first to start work on 2011 car last season – and Robert’s amazing consistency – almost zero mistakes coupled with aggresive driving, as shown in above videos, should see them right up there this season. Feel sorry for the rest of the guys – there going to get blown away – just like in the vote!

  103. Hi all,

    I voted for KUBICA just because that’s the best clip ot ouf this which are on this website, simple as that. And I’m not suprised that he is so ahead of others just because this fight is awesome. U guys can stick to polish hacker or whatever u want to make up, but just think for a moment: maybe it really is the best overtaking move published here?


    1. There has been no “hacking”. Kubica is out ahead because a Polish website sent thousands of visitors to this page to vote for him. See earlier comment:

  104. did not sent nobody. did not sent nobody. They voted because they wanted. I’m sure many foreign websites published this vote also. It’s not mine blame that Poles are as well organized.

  105. CLARIFICATION on Kubica voting:

    Ok guys here are the facts:

    1) Kubica was well ahead in both votes prior to publication of the article on the Polish website.

    2)The Polish website did not ask readers to vote for Kubica they simply informed about the existence of the vote. However it is true that they did’nt have to as 90% would have done so anyway.

    3)I’m sure now that an additional 7,000 or so people have visited this great site at least some will return. And it cant be bad for the advertising revenue right – I mean the “ticker” for no. of visitors will have been nicely boosted.

    So basically a win win situation. Best and most popular guy wins. Site increases exposure and we have a little controversy just to spice things up – a bit like the whole of this sesaon really!

    One last thing – lets have a vote for best overall race performance. And the winner is KUBICA – Monaco – simply awsome!

    1. 1) Kubica was well ahead in both votes prior to publication of the article on the Polish website.

      No he wasn’t.

      1. Well he was when i voted for him – he had around double what the next guy had who i think was Hamilton or Koby.

        1. Actually, Kubica on Button move was probably slightly ahead of Hamilton on Rosberg, while in the category of the best overtaking driver Kobayashi was leading, followed by Hamilton.

  106. KUBICA! 2011 World Champion! \o/

  107. Someone should stop Kubica. Before this cheeky Pole become a champion … :)

    STOP democracy, VIVA monarchy!

    1. When/where was he ever cheeky? :/

  108. I voted for rubens barrichello on schumey for the pure balls he needed to pull that move off.

    Its was closely fought though with the mclarens battling in turkey.

  109. Alonso on Massa:

    Can someone please explain to me how this was a legal move?

    I see it like this:
    The white lines mark the edge of the track.
    Alonso clearly crosses the white lines to get past Massa.
    Cutting the track to gain advantage.
    Drive through penalty.
    Thanks for coming.

    1. I think the rule is at least two wheels have to be on track, which is indeed defined by the white lines.

      I thought it was an excellent move. :)

      1. Pause it at 14 seconds. All 4 wheels clearly the other side of the white lines.

        1. Well if you want to analyse it to that degree.

          Massa slowed dangerously prior to entering the pits.
          Alonso took advantage and had the inside line for the corner where he went off the track. And Massa refused to yield.

          So slap a penalty on both, or neither IMO.

          I too think it was an excellent move on a much slower and less talented driver.

          1. Don’t get me wrong, it was skilful. It’s just the first time I saw it I thought he’s cut the track and nothing I’ve seen since suggests I was wrong. In fact it’s just been confirmed for me.

            Schumacher’s move on Alonso at Monaco was also brilliant, but the stewards applied the letter of the rules in a much more ambiguous situation. The same should have applied here, they just didn’t catch it.

            I’m just flabbergasted that it’s on a list of greatest passes of the season when it’s clearly not a legal move. It would be like putting Schumacher’s move on Alonso on the list, or Hamilton’s move on Raikkonnen in 2007.

            If it was ambiguous, a bit 50:50 I’d be ok with it but it’s clear as day he cut he track.

            People say Massa wasn’t expecting it. Of course he wasn’t, he covered the inside line perfectly, why would he expect his team mate (of all people) to cut the track in the pit lane to pass him!? How can we be talking that up as a great move?

          2. In Schumacher’s case he made a pass *after* it was legal to do so track wide. Admittedly the rules were confusing. But once clarified it was clear.

            In the Hamilton / Kimi situation (gosh that is a painful memory!) Hamilton had clearly broken a rule which could be applied; again by reading black and white regs on a piece of paper.

            In this case Alonso and Massa were neck and neck and both legal as they entered the pit lane. That, I think is where you have the best chance of making a call on it.

            After that Alonso had three options. Back out. Force Massa off the track, or go off himself.

            Frankly I think the Stewards probably looked at it, decided no harm, no foul, and privately thought Massa brought it on himself. As a racing driver that is my personal opinion too.

            However, I doubt the Stewards actually noticed Alonso’s transgression. And *if* they did, it may fall into a grey area in the actual pit lane entry. i.e. It’s not the race track (I am theorising here) and so the white line rule may not have occurred to them, or be able to be clearly applied.

            All things being equal. Massa should have entered the pit lane at a proper speed. He didn’t. He actually slowed dangerously on track. He was too cautious. And he lost out because of that. Tough s**t IMO. :)

          3. Actually, I’m with you on Schumacher. The rule didn’t say what the officials thought it meant.

            My point was just that the reason that pass isn’t on Keith’s list can only be that it wasn’t thought to be legal.

          4. People say Massa wasn’t expecting it. Of course he wasn’t, he covered the inside line perfectly

            No he didn’t – Alonso was on the inside of him before they reached the pit lane entrance.

          5. I meant on the corner on which he was actually passed.

        2. btw That clip doesn’t really make it very clear just how much Massa did slow in comparison to Alonso prior to entering the pit lane. I am speaking from memory here. But I do remember being quite shocked how much he slowed down as he and Alonso were bearing down on the Pit Lane entry.

          But then Massa is pants in the wet. So no big surprise there. ;)

          1. Two wrongs don’t make a right. They should both have been penalised if Massa was deemed to have slowed dangerously.

            btw the pit lane isn’t a grey area. Exactly the same rules apply regarding the delineation of the track. I think the Stewards missed it doesn’t mean we should be praising it.

          2. How do you penalise both drivers who are involved in the same incident? All that does is artificially alter the race result massively.

            Also, if Massa was already in the wrong and because of that Alonso had to go off the track then surely only Massa should be penalised?

            The “two wrongs don’t make a right” thing doesn’t work because quite often it’s a chain of events.

          3. You’ve got to react within the rules. Alonso didn’t.

            Still, I’m not convinced Massa broke the rules, as he was ahead he was entitled to drive the line and speed he saw fit. He didn’t break test, and he didn’t weave. Others had gone of track in that pit lane. He may have even been told that by his team. If so Alonso was probably told the same thing, and took it as an opportunity to hoodwink his team mate. Which is beyond irresponsible.

    2. Interesting point. Alonso was certainly on the track when he started the move. Presumably then he was ‘out of bounds’ once he crossed the white line which curved around the outside of the corner.

      But to be honest I’m glad he didn’t get a penalty – what else was he supposed to do? Back off and let Massa through as they went into the pit lane?

      You could also make the case that Alonso didn’t take the position by going off the track – if he’d not swung left and put all four wheels over the line he would still have taken the position, but he’d probably have put Massa in the gravel.

      1. Yes. That’s exactly what he should have done. As it was Massa had to run wide on the corner in the pit lane to avoid being hit.

        1. But then we’ve just got another section of the rules which says drivers can force rivals off the track to stop them overtaking. I don’t want to see that so I’m happy they didn’t punish him for it.

          1. I don’t really want to see less passing either, but I want to see passing on the track not by going off it.

            I’m pretty sure the pit lane is made only one lane wide to discourage overtaking there. In the pit lane there is practically no run off. There is also the greatest danger of there being other people to hit (not just cars). A wheel sent flying at the pit lane entrance is more likely to hit someone than elsewhere on the circuit.

          2. Well, as Keith and I said, the passing move was made on the track.

            At worst they were neck and neck entering the pits.

            Massa was not expecting the move, or even aware it was coming in my mind.

            Alonso made the move, and thought he’d made it stick.

            It was Massa who then accelerated (once in the pit lane) to try and keep the place…..

      2. Yes, exactly.

        And I too am glad it was allowed.

        I think in Alonso’s mind he had made the pass as they entered the pit lane. It was opportunistic. And I feel that it was a fantastic bit of on the edge racing in every possible way. It pushed grip in the wet, and it also pushed the rules (both of decency and as written down in black and white) to the limit

        Being completely impartial and analysing that one aspect alone I think they were actually neck and neck as they entered the Pit Lane.

        Had Massa not been his team mate I would not have been surprised if Alonso would have taken the “put the other driver off” option. :)

        1. Interesting. So you guys are ok with it because it is exciting and a bit of genius let’s say.

          I wonder, would you also vote for Maradonna’s ‘Hand of God’ goal as the best of all time? I see the situation as equivalent.

          1. Personally I hate football. But in any case there is absolutely zero similarity between the two incidents.

            At the risk of labouring the point…

            1) Massa backed off approaching the pits on the race track. That is far more dangerous than Alonso’s move. Alonso legitimately took advantage of Massa’s foolishness, and lack of awareness of what was going on around him,

            2) Nothing was illegal about the move after that up until the point where Alonso put all four wheels off the track. However…

            3) Alonso passed (or at least drew level) with Massa *on the race track*, and continued at the same pace to complete his pass.

            4) After that it enters a grey area. However, Massa re-accelerated in the pit lane to try and prevent Alonso completing the pass. Which is arguably dangerous also. So at that point Massa has done two inconsistent and arguably dangerous things. Alonso has simply made a move and stuck to it.

            After that point Alonso had three options..

            i) Back off and let Massa re-take the lead in the pit lane.
            ii) Hold his *inside* line for the corner they were then approaching in the pit lane and force Massa off.
            iii) Cut the corner to prevent an accident, and keep a position he felt was legitimately his.

            Which do you think he should have done?

          2. Just to clarify my point even further… Whilst Alonso’s overall motives were selfish (in that they benefited him) he actually saved Massa from a *third* mistake which would have put him in the gravel and out of the race.

          3. I disagree with you.

            The way I see it, Massa is in front, he has the racing line. Alonso runs out of track his only choice within the rules is to back off and let Massa hold position. Instead he chose to cut the track.

            The rules are clear. If you can’t make the pass without going off track then you don’t make the pass. Simple. End of story.

            All Massa does on that corner in the pit lane is what any racing driver should do. He holds his line and tries to get there first. He gives as much racing room as the width of the track allows, but in the pit lane there is only room for one car. If he’d backed off and just allowed Alonso through instead of fighting for the corner he wouldn’t be a racing driver, and he’d rightly have been criticised.

          4. OK. So using your own words “if he backed off .. he wouldn’t be a racing driver”. This is exactly what he did on the main straight *prior to entering the pit lane*, which is what let Alonso draw level with him and get the inside line for the next corner whilst still on the racing track. QED.

          5. Read what I said *in context*. If he’d backed off instead of defending his position…

  110. I still think Kubica’s first lap passes aren’t really spectacular exactly because they are first lap passes. It was a great display of driving and overtaking, but the field was still a bunched up mess.

    Kobayashi definitely gets overtaker of the year from me. No matter fresher tyres on a different strategy, he always succeeded in doing so when he had to and usually picked up points doing so. Too bad he had a horribly unreliable car in the start of the season, but he made up for it in great style in the second half.

    Pass of the year was easily Hamilton’s in Australia. Humbling and something that could only be done in an F1 car, but only just.

  111. hi!
    KUB on BUT was my vote and KOB as an overall season overtaking master! (I just loved his guts ;)

    I’d love to see the BUT-KUB battle from RK’s onboard camera!!!!!!

    If you ask me about “lap of the year” it would deffenetly by RK at Monaco Q3… just epic…

  112. btw I think Hamilton’s pass on Rosberg was the best pass on the list. The fact that he timed it so Rosberg couldn’t counter because of the Yellow flag only made it better.

    I actually liked Kobayashi’s Suzuka Spoon passes best of the season though. Not the one on Algersaurior Buemi or whoever it was where they come together a bit on exit, but the couple of clean passes where he came from so far back and his opponents had no answer, that was just supreme.

  113. What did Kobayashi do be the best in overtaking of the year? In few of his movments was “contact” with other car, and ppl like something like that as the best? Yeah he surly done some overtakes but how much? I remember one race it’s not too much. He deserve to be no. 2 in vote but first place is for Kubica as my vote.

  114. To be honest I think the Kubica double pass at Valencia was best – don’t hate me!!!

    Hamilton for best overall passes. ;) Does that make me biased – no because he had the most and made them stick.

  115. There I was clicking on this link thinking that I was going to vote for the Button/Hamilton Istanbul overtake(s) as an example of how to race your teammate.

    Then I saw the video clips of young Kobayashi and changed my mind, then BAM at the last minute I see the video of Kubica in Valencia on Button AND Webber…

    …how could I not vote for that!!

  116. Lewis Hamilton’s pass on Nico Rosberg in the Australian Grand Prix on the outside of a fast corner in the wet took more skill than any other pass this year that I have seen. I really like seeing Kobayashi make his passes but they are usually slow speed corners and the skill and risk required doesn’t match the outside high speed one in the wet.

  117. Had to go for Hamilton for his wall of death routine. Rosberg couldn’t get back at him because of the yellow flags, but to even go around the outside in the first place and make it stick was breathtaking.

    1. But I also have to say, my personal favourite was owning the impatient Alonso in Canada.

    2. We Want Turbos (@)
      23rd December 2010, 23:34

      I was tied between Hamilton on both votes but went for Alonso v Massa at Shanghai the sheer cheek(remember this was before Hockenhiem) won out for me. Then KK stole the overtaking show from mid season on.

  118. I have to say the best overtake was Alonso on Masa in hockenhaim. It’s was simply briliant how easy Alonso made it look and what special victory it was in Germany

  119. I’m just shocked Alonso on Massa in Germany wasn’t nominated.

  120. Wow, Kubica and Kobayashi are winning compared to last time where it was Hamilton with both polls.

    1. Not really. Kubica was up front even before that “vote for Kubica!” action. At least at the time I voted.

  121. For me the overtake of the year was Schumacher on Barrichello in Suzuka. Absolutely stunning!

  122. Well, this time I voted for Rubens. I don’t see why Kubica’s pass on Button has so many votes though… It wasn’t that impressive, was it?

    1. Agree, because Button made the overtake on the outside and got boxed out, it was easy for Kubica, he took it well though. It was Webber get mugged by the pair of them.

  123. My favorite moves of 2010 always seem to come from Kobayashi! He drove a fantastic race in Valencia, it was amazing watching him overtake Alonso.

  124. I cringed when I heard EJ talking.

  125. Passes like Alonso on Massa – ie in the pit lane – ought to be banned. I can see them being very dangerous in the future.

    1. I completely agree. That was an awful move from Alonso, he could have easily caused a terrible accident.

  126. Kobayashi gets my vote for best overtake(r) (not particularly for a specific move), but then he his so obviously out in front compared to others in this respect. But most of these guys are quite capable of pulling off good overataking moves if the opportunity arises. It’s also much easier to do in a faster car than in a slower one.

    Merry Xmas!

  127. Lots of good overtakes this year. We’ve had years where most of the ‘best’ overtakes were actually best starts (overtaking in the first few corners)

    I couldn’t choose a best overtake. Also, some of the best looking ones in this list are based more on tyre differences or drivers getting blocked by others.

    The most entertaining one for me was when Kobayashi went past Alonso in Valencia. Alonso had such a mental breakdown over the Hamilton safety car incident that he was driving like a wet newspaper. Kobayashi humiliating him was a much deserved punishment for dropping the ball. It’s mental collapses like that that have cost him the WDC this year (he had it again in Silverstone and possibly Abu Dhabi)

    Hamilton’s drive in Australia should give him the best overtaker award of the year. Not just one great overtake, but a whole list of them. It’s too bad Webber knocked him round because it looked like he had gotten past Alonso at that time as well.

  128. Barrichello on Schumacher!
    everyone else would have lift off the foot from the throttle, but not Rubens in front of his worst enemy.

    Anyway on this website people is to much Hamilton oriented!

  129. kubica and button – valencia

  130. Kobayashi on Barrichello at Suzuka is my best.
    He braked soooooo late. What a breathtaking pass!

  131. People, are you mad ? Anyone, with no exception, CAN overtake ! Including Glock passing Michael ! If you have a well prepared car and fresh tires you can overtake anybody ….

  132. thanks for this collection…
    i was going to search for all of them individually in youtube, its great u summed all of them in 1 page :)

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