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Toro Rosso launch, 2010

Toro Rosso will launch their 2011 F1 car on the first day of F1 testing at Valencia.

The STR6 will be revealed on the 1st of February.

Sauber are the only other team to have announced the launch of their 2011 car so far.

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    16 comments on “Toro Rosso announce 2011 car launch date”

    1. They will be launching their current cars adjusted to the new regulations

      1. In most years, isn’t that what teams do? I would think RBR, Williams, Sauber, Virgin, Force India, Renault and possibly Ferrari will do?
        I suppose only Lotus will have a largely new car, due to the engine change and Red Bull rear end, Mercedes will start from scratch (or from BGP001?) to get a working balance, and McLaren might do something new to get it right with the setup window.

        And HRT would have completely different car, if they actually appear.

      2. Does anyone know a site where we can get guesses at what the cars will look like in 2011? I would love to see how we viewers think it would look like and see if we get it right.

    2. In other words, they wont be spending money on a launch event. You will see it when it hits the track.

      1. Good. Those things are a waste of money for a smaller team like Toro Rosso.

    3. I’m not expecting anything radical from them. They’ll most likely use whatever works best for them, which means it’s going to look a lot like the Red Bull RB6.

      1. I found it strange how, especially in 2009, with Red Bull and Toro Rosso practically identical, Toro Rosso under-performed.

        1. Torro Rosso have the basic chassis from RB but RB get far more development muscle during the season and first dibs on all the parts. So while TR should never perform at the same level as the mother team, they should have done better than they did.

    4. Teams at the back of the field won’t spend any money to their launch party,they will just raise the curtain & start the test session.

    5. STRFerrari4Ever
      17th December 2010, 14:49

      Early launch again by STR shows they’re getting the cars out nice and early. I’m very downbeat however as to the capabilities of the STR6. Unless they have employed new individuals with radical ideas to push the team forward the STR6 will be promising in testing like the STR5 but when the season gets underway it’ll be woeful.

      1. I think the trouble they have is more that they can’t keep up in the development race – in the past couple of seasons they’ve been the last to get things like the double diffuser and the F-duct, which has meant that their performance has tended to tail off towards the end of the season.

    6. It would be funny if STR swapped their nose cone colours with RedBull Racing so the lead RedBull team could wear the gold as champions!!

      1. I hope not. I vastly prefer the RBR livery to the Torro Rosso. The RBRs really pop with that bright yellow, even in a distant or blurred shot. The STRs can end up just looking like another dark liveried car.

    7. Not a huge amount to look forward to next year with the design, I imagine the moving rear wing will look largely the same.

      Unless someone comes up with another F-duct/double diffuser that is.

      1. I am curious, weather they will have a try at incorporating Ferrari KERS into their package.

    8. how can that be a launch date?

      surely that’s an announcement there not having a launch…just gonna invite a few peps to the first test and wing it…save on some cash

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