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F1 Fanatic Live Twitter app

F1 Fanatic has launched a new Live Twitter app which allows you to follow F1 teams and drivers in real time without needing a Twitter account.

Give it a try now here: F1 Fanatic Live Twitter app.


The F1 Fanatic Live Twitter app is designed to make it as easy as possible to get up-to-date with the latest F1 news, gossip and chatter from Twitter. You do not need a Twitter account to use it.

Head to the F1 Fanatic Live Twitter app page (you can also follow the Twitter link in the top menu) to start using it.

Use the Config menu to select which Twitter accounts you wish to follow from these options:

  • F1 teams – Current F1 teams and their drivers including Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Mark Webber, Rubens Barrichello and more
  • Journalists – A selection of F1 journalists and photographers
  • Other – The official Formula 1 game, the producers of the movie “Senna” and other accounts of interest
  • Former F1 drivers – From Eliseo Salazar to Nico Hulkenberg

You can also choose individual accounts to follow and save and load your configuration to use again later (requires cookies).

For more details click the information button on the app to launch a brief tutorial.

Inevitably at this time of year there isn’t much going on in the way of news. But this tool should prove especially useful in the new year to follow pre-season testing, race weekends, developments in the driver market and more.

More on the Live Twitter app

The app was created by Jamie Atkinson for F1 Fanatic. Thanks very much to him for developing the idea into a working application.

I’ve already been using it myself to keep an eye on the F1 chatter online. Please post any feedback you have on the app in the comments.

If you notice a problem with it please describe what happened in as much detail as possible and let us know which browser and version you were using.

To suggest an F1 account for addition to the app post a comment on the F1 Twitter directory.

Give it a try now here: F1 Fanatic Live Twitter app.

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17 comments on “Follow F1 in real-time with F1 Fanatic’s new Live Twitter app”

  1. Ugh Jake Humphrey spamming BBC F1 with useless crap about his life.

    Anyway this seems like a good thing to use, very cool idea.

    1. Yeah that’s why I have an F1 Fanatic account:

      And a personal one:

      And the F1F followers outnumber the others by 50 to 1!

      1. Yeah Jake should do the same, although he never says anything F1 related so…

        And I never added F1 Fanatic to my twitter, what have I done!!

  2. Great early Christmas present, thanks guys!
    Nico Hulkenberg a “former driver” though – that’s just wrong…

    1. I know. Hopefully he can go in a new category in the new year.

    2. You beat me to it.

      Gutted all over again.

  3. Nice idea, makes it easy to follow what little is going on. Thanks Jamie and Keith.

  4. Great stuff! Thanks Jamie and Keith. I don’t have a twitter account, so this is a great thing.

  5. Awesome innovation. Now peeps like me who never made a Twitter account can keep up to date too…

  6. Iam F1fans FoReVer
    20th December 2010, 14:12

    This is a great Christmas present that i ever had!!

  7. This site just keeps getting better. Thanks again Keith.

  8. I find this very useful, especially with the configurator for which accounts you want to see and the real-time updates. Really interesting to see how many participants and close followers of the sport use this microblogging stuff to talk with fans, or at least sound off like that.

  9. This. Is. Brilliant.

  10. This is absolutely genuis! Even though I already have a twitter account and follow most F1 ppl, I still miss out on some major tweets, with this it’ll be much easier to follow!

    Thank you so much Keith and Jamie Atkinson for such a useful app!

  11. reminds me of the jaf1 on twitter webpage :-) which they failed to get going again after twitter moved to oauth authentication :)

    this looks somewhat more complex though, good job

  12. Ooooh, an application that does what the twitter application does… but less!

    1. Of course it doesn’t offer every single Twitter account – F1 fans aren’t necessarily going to want to follow Lady Gaga.

      But if they want to see, for example, what all the members of different teams are saying over Twitter, without going through the hassle of setting up an account and searching for all the real F1 accounts (minus all the fake ones) then this is much quicker.

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