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As of today, F1 Fanatic polls are only available to registered users.

Registering on F1 Fanatic

The first thing to know is if you have registered on the F1 Fanatic Forum you do not need to register again. Your log-in will work on all parts of the site.

If you wish to register an account you can do so via the ‘Log in’ link at the top right of the page:

Register your F1 Fanatic account now

You can also do so via the registration page on the forum.

Which way you register, your account will work the same and allow you to comment on the forum and vote in polls.

You do not need an account to comment on the blog.

Your email address and other details will not be passed on to any third parties.

At present third-party log-in options (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, OpenID) are not supported but if you’re keen to see this – or have any questions – do let me know in the comments.

The change is to help ensure that polls reflect the opinions of regular readers of F1 Fanatic.

There have been a few instances in the past 12 months of large groups of users from other sites voting en masse to manipulate poll results. This happened most recently with the “Pass of the year” vote.

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47 comments on “Get an F1 Fanatic account to vote in polls”

  1. Hi Keith:

    Thanks for your work on this site. It became a “must read” on my day to day (my home page actually).

    Is there any way to change the password of the account to an easier to remember one set by me? Best chance I’ll forget this one in less than one day!!

    Thanks again and best wishes to you and all readers!

    1. Yep, go here and click ‘Edit’:

      You’ll find the change password option there.

      1. Thanks for the link. That’s fine and dandy, but how do I get there from the website. I mean, where do I have to click to get to that point?

        Also, how can I change my avatar from this generic white silhouette to something more colorful?

        1. Nevermind, I finally figured it out ;)

      2. and Keith, where would I set up a pretty profile picture like Icthyes?

  2. I think this is a good idea Keith, helps keep the polls representative.

  3. Good move Keith.

    Highlighted by the farce of the poll for best overtake…

    1. I concur. Let’s not forget last year’s “Driver of the Year” which was manipulated by fan club forums getting wind of them and hijacking the vote (most notably Raikkonen and Hamilton/McLaren forums, I seem to remember).

      1. Oh and I disagree with opening the feature to Twitter/Facebook accoints because that leaves us back at Square One.

          1. I moderate a site where if a registered user uses twitter or facebook to vote then they get tripple points, it stops “forced clicked throughs” from people who don’t visit the site normally and are just here to manipulate the votes.

        1. I agree, doing that is basically the same as not doing it at all, which makes the whole thing rather pointless. A feature that would be a good idea though, is some way of distinguishing who is registered and who is not in regards to posts made etc…

    2. What had happened with that poll?

      1. Never mind, it’s written a few posts below.

  4. Great :)

    It appears I was previously registered as ‘LewisC’ but no idea what the password was; so I’m now known as the above.

    Which matches my Twitting account.

  5. How ironic, I only just registered on the Forum a few days ago!!

  6. This is a sad day for the people of Poland

    1. Warwick likes this post.

    2. For your information, some of us actually read the blog on regular basis…

      1. True. You and Polishboy808 who is the first one that comes to mind.

      2. I know you do, I’ve seen the visitor statistics, I was joking

    3. Not really. All they have to do is register. But I’m glad it happened. Now voting requires a little bit of effort.

      And guys (or gals) like Cyclops are always cool. I really don’t care who you pull for as long as you contribute to the discussion. It’s really just a little bit of work for fanboys.

    4. Two things. First, I’m also Polish, and I don’t feel sad! Two, can someone fill me in: what happened on the pass of the year poll (I must’ve slept through that one)?

      1. Two Kubica passes were easily on top. One on Webber/Button on lap 1 of Valencia and one on Sutil in Singapore (I have to say I liked that one a lot, but voted for Kobayashi on Alg in Suzuka hairpin)

      2. The article was posted on a Polish forum and suddenly the polls went pro-Kubica. I thought he was definitely a contender for overtaker of the year but the numbers were skewed significantly.

        Original results were Ham, Kub, and Kob in top three around the same margin. Best overtake, I can’t remember.

      3. Right, never mind, I just found it. I guess I never went back to it at the time so I missed the brouhaha. To be fair, the one Polish site mentioned in the comments in the original thread presented the F1F poll objectively, though I imagine there must have been other fan sites that didn’t. Anyhoo, certainly a good move by Keith, though I’m afraid that people who are zealous enough to vote en masse because they think proves something are probably zealous enough to register so they can do it. Hopefully the extra time and effort will be enough of a deterrent.

  7. Ha, good timeing as i only registered (properly) yesterday, and without knowing about this. Perhaps i should use this power of forsight and get a job with one of the teams ay? ;)

    Seriously Keith, good job on making this site even better then what it was. Keep up the good work.

  8. Good move keith :)

  9. I’d like to point out that I like that you can comment with your forum login.

    Been a reader of the site for most of this year, but only registered just now (same name as all my previous comments here).

    Now just debating as to if I want to have an avatar… hmmm… questions…

  10. Registered :) Unfortunately e-mail with password didn’t get through to my polish mailbox, so I had to add the _PL to my nickname and register again with gmail. Small inconvenience. Still as I and many others said – good idea, hopefully it will eradicate rigged votes.

  11. Good idea. Should have had put poll under the article saying “Did you register? Yes/No”. I want to vote on something!!! lol

  12. Nice one Keith. I think the only way you’re going to prevent the site being flooded with registrations though, is to actually require a minimum of say 10 posts on the forum before you are allowed to vote though. And I say that quite probably excluding myself from voting unless I start posting on the forum more often.

  13. To prevent hijacking of polls by Poles (and others :) you could also require fo the voting Fanatic to be registered by at least 24 hours.
    Greetings from another Polish regular reader.

  14. Anyway I can change my login to match my usual name Keith? I did set one up but the password never appeared in my e-mail so had to add 87 at the end, which I really don’t like!

  15. So, with the votes being stacked in favour of Kubica in the pass of the year poll, who won?

    Or is that for another article?

    1. There’ll be a re-vote later.

  16. Nice work Keith. I think you should also allow people to have an account when they post a comment as you many people unknown to us out of nowhere comes & write while they are drunk.

  17. Ive tried to register but i never get the e-mail containing my password.

    It says my email address is in use.

    1. If you use the “forgotten password” option you can have the password for the account sent to the email address.

  18. How can I change my username? I want to stick with the one I used in the Championship Predictions.

    Anyway, this is a definitely a good move.

    1. Keith, I would also like to ask the same question. I used this name from a long time ago, but would like to change it to either czhihong.

      Also, a direct FB connect log-in would be cool :)

  19. Accidental Mick
    22nd December 2010, 11:45

    Keith, Sorry to put this here but I don’t think that your “contact me” link is working – or at least not for me. (There are several other things that don’t work as they used to, is it beause I am still using Windows XP?)

    I have asked half a dozen times for my password to be reset as it has got screwed somehow. Please would you reset it for me.

  20. I’ve tried the lost password link but still no email. Perhaps you’ve found your way onto a blacklist somewhere?

    If you can try from another domain to the email I used for this post…

  21. It’s been two days now and I still haven’t received e-mail with a password. I suppose I could register another account and type in another address but my nickname is “taken” now and I wouldn’t like to change it. Is there something that could be done?

  22. F1Fanatic from PL
    24th December 2010, 10:05

    Very good movement. Shame it is because of idiots from my country, hope it will scare them out of this great blog.

  23. Tyres or tires, the winner of a F1 race should NOT be based on who laid back while others raced and then won by having the tyres to hang on and win… Thanks, R & R

  24. My vote is for Perez
    Perez did a good job
    As in the last few races it has done

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