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Over the past four days F1 Fanatic has ranked the drivers of 2010.

Now it’s your turn to vote for the best driver of this year.

Which driver did the best job throughout the whole of 2010? Cast your vote below and explain who you voted for and why in the comments.

Who was the best F1 driver of 2010?

  • Sakon Yamamoto (0%)
  • Pedro de la Rosa (0%)
  • Karun Chandhok (0%)
  • Lucas di Grassi (0%)
  • Timo Glock (0%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi (3%)
  • Nick Heidfeld (0%)
  • Bruno Senna (0%)
  • Christian Klien (0%)
  • Heikki Kovalainen (1%)
  • Jarno Trulli (0%)
  • Jaime Alguersuari (0%)
  • Sebastien Buemi (0%)
  • Vitantonio Liuzzi (0%)
  • Adrian Sutil (1%)
  • Vitaly Petrov (0%)
  • Robert Kubica (20%)
  • Nico H?�??lkenberg (0%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (21%)
  • Felipe Massa (0%)
  • Mark Webber (6%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (11%)
  • Nico Rosberg (3%)
  • Michael Schumacher (1%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (31%)
  • Jenson Button (2%)

Total Voters: 518

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2010 F1 season review

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143 comments on “Vote for the best F1 driver of 2010”

  1. I’m contractually-obligated to vote for Jenson Button.

    1. LOL, i voted for Hamilton after Keith convinced me.

    2. That makes two of us…..

      1. In voting for Jenson that is…… ;-)

        1. Three for Jenson

    3. No way, he wasn’t even the best driver in his team no matter which way you look at it. This is a poll on the best driver, not your favourite

      1. Don’t know how on earth anyone can vote for Jenson. Agree with Ned, if he didn’t even beat his team mate how can he be best driver.

        So hard to pick between the three guys, Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso.

        1. Yeah, it’s definitely down to those three. I think Keith’s right that Vettel is probably number three, but while I like Hamilton better as a person, my head says Alonso did the better job this year. When it really counted he kept his head cool (as did Vettel). Hamilton cracked under pressure and made some costly errors much like Webber in the late season. Vettel and Alonso both had their share of errors as well, but I think it has to count for something that they both really came from behind in the standings and performed flawlessly when they had to. So as much as it pains me I voted for Alonso.

          1. Actually he made less mistakes than Alonso in total threw the year. And i wouldn’t call Singapore a mistake.

        2. So hard to pick between the three guys, Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso.

          Well I’ve gone for someone completely different! Not Webber, not Button, not Kobayashi, but Robert Kubica.

          I think Kubica was the most impressive driver this year by a long way. It was such a shame he made that error in the pits at Spa (one of his only errors all year, as it happens) as it would have almost certainly have been a 2nd place finish. Good luck for next year Mr. Kubica!

    4. Here we go again another british biased opinion what did he exactly do to make him driver of the year???


      1. ‘another British biased opinion’

        He only has 4 votes (at this point) so there’s no need to go on about British bias. It may well be their favourite driver- still not the point of the vote but not necessarily national bias which a lot of people seem to be desperate for.

        You could easily say the same about people voting for Schumacher.

        1. Look mate it happens everywhere Media, Fans, Jenson Button is spoken about like he is a King or something he is over-rated and arrogant yes he has driven some great races.
          All I heard from him this year was oooh I’m WC ooh no grip ooh I was blocked………..
          Need I Say more.

          1. No, you really shouldn’t.

          2. it’s funny cause he’s australian. no british bias here. haha

      2. Faraz, to save you further embarrassment, i’ll point out that Prisoner Monkeys is Australian.

        1. And vice versa.
          Why don’t we put all the drivers on an identical track with no traffic in identical cars and see who’s really best?
          Because that would be boring.

          1. That has nothing to do with what I said.

      3. ‘Nothing’

        If you’re going to cry bias, then at least back it up with more than one word!

      4. William Wilgus
        29th December 2010, 9:11

        Exactly! Hamilton has his moments of greatness, but lacks the consistency to make him a truly great driver.

    5. Im sorry but that is the most pathetic vote ever oh he is British I will vote for him.

      Might as well put Susan Boyle in the car.

      1. Faraz,

        this is a poll based on OPINION. So if they want to vote Button then vote. I voted for him for his early season form.

        Get over this its a British site and there for bias.

    6. I’m voting for Button.

    7. We Want Turbos (@)
      22nd December 2010, 22:37

      LOL @ Yamamoto on -1%

    8. You can’t be serious Keith? According to your own criteria it would be Kubica, he had fantastic results despite being handicapped by Renault. Hamilton(who handicapped himself on numerous occasions), according to your analysis had nothing but excuses for a “6 out of 10” season as he put it. I had never bought into the “British bias” posts claims on this website before, but after this, I am not so sure.

  2. Kubica for me. I loved to watch his driving throughout the season, especially Monaco.

    1. some great passing in Singapore also… he just lifted the car higher than it should have been all year.

      got my vote, hard, being an Aussie with Mark having such a good season!

      1. People say that, but how do we know?

        For all we know Kubica was actually driving the car to exactly where it should have been.

        Anyway, I voted Rosberg because he kept his head and soundly beat Michael Schumacher – I don’t care what anyone says, that’s still an achievement!!

        1. Oh, and I’m British and my 2 favourite drivers are Hamilton and Button…because they’re British.

    2. Kubica was brilliant even more so at the start of the year. My favourite race from him has to be Singapore.

      1. I think Suzuka would’ve been his best race if the team hadn’t screwed him over. I can imagine him getting past Webber and taking 2nd there.

        1. Think he got past Weber, but what about Vettle?

    3. Same. Faultless, always apart Abu Dhabi in Q3, where he beat Petrov anyway.

  3. I love the fact that Sakon Yamamoto is on -1%.

    1. Well he was a second ago, until another vote came in and it recalculated the percentages. Ah well.

      1. Back to -1%. :)

        1. The irony!

    2. He was in -2% a while ago :D

    3. McLaren Fan 17
      23rd December 2010, 11:18

      Now on 3% but still with no votes!

  4. I would be disinherited If I voted someone else than Kubica.

  5. Haha, Kubica has the early lead even without the Polish websites’ help! :)

    1. It’s normal, because what he did in this season was better what Vettel and other drivers done in fasters cars. His performance was one of the best, and few extremly passing on Button or on Sutil in Singapore and more more others.

  6. I voted for Kubica. But I’d say top three for me were Kubica, Hamilton, Alonso and any of them could be chosen No. 1.

  7. Schumacher.
    To make this return and stick with it… then to me you’re the best.
    And at times, like with his overtaking Alonso in Monaco, we saw the old fox again.
    I just hope the Pirellis suit him (and Massa) better.

  8. I really am struggling to select a single driver as the best…

    You could make such good arguements for lots of drivers…

    Hamilton – for driving out of his skin.
    Button – for keeping up with Hamilton when everyone said he wouldn’t.
    Webber – “not bad for a number two driver”!
    Vettel – WDC despite horrendous misfortune (made mistakes too).
    Alonso – one of his best seasons.
    Kobayashi – would overtake in a residential area given the chance.
    Kubica – Scored about 10x the points of his (granted, rookie) team-mate.
    Rosberg – outdrove the Baron.
    Schumacher – stuck at his return when many said he’d quit.
    Kovalainen – best of the “new team” boys!

    The list really goes on and you could argue for anyone, but I think i’m going to plump for Hamilton!

    1. Ham, Kub, and Alo were all my top three. But I ended up going with Alonso. I think once their car found its form, they were fantastic.

  9. Kubica. He was a beast this year. Can’t wait to see him in a race-winning car.

    1. Agree 100% – and voted the same as well!

    2. My problem with voting for Kubica is his team mate. While theres no doubt that Kubica is highly skilled and drove well all season a lot of people are saying he out drove his car. The problem with that is because Petrov is a rookie you dont really know if Kubica was exceeding the cars potential or just reaching it. With the likes of Hamilton, Alonso etc, they have proven world class team mates and to beat them is a worthy achievement.

      Dont get me wrong I think Kubica had a great season but I dont think theres enough evidence to say he was the best driver on the grid

    3. Haha! I voted for Robert too, Magnificent Geoffrey. Spa and Melbourne were majestic drives. (Apart from the pit-stop error in Spa, that is)

  10. Rosberg was the best driver of the season for me. I think his great season went largely unnoticed. He has only made one or two major errors, and Spain was his only bad race. Even when Schumacher was on the pace, Rosberg would still end up ahead of him.

    1. He got my vote too. What does the guy have to do convince people he’s a good driver? Win a race perhaps, but he’s only had one or two chance in his career so far, he’s still waiting for a top level car

      1. I do think he’d have won Korea had Webber not mistaken him for Hamilton.

  11. I hesitated between Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel and Kubica. But I then I rememberd that Kubica wasn’t always on top form and I rememberd him doing a few mistakes (Spa, Hungary, Abu Dhabi qualifying). Despite being the quickest man of the year, Vettel doesn’t deserve to be named the best driver, he did 2 big mistakes which won’t be forgotten that soon. Then I was left with a very difficult choice : Alonso and Hamilton. But finally I chose Alonso, because from Germany, he did an almost perfect series of races (if you don’t count Spa and Abu Dhabi), and he managed to beat the Red Bulls twice in qualifying, without an underweight car. I might hate hate the character, but I truly respect Alonso as a driver.

  12. I want to vote for Wolfgang von Tripps, but he isn’t on the list. He was the only driver who didn’t make a mistake all season.

    1. LOL, you make a valid point.

      For making me laugh you win two tickets to see Kurt Cobain live in concert next year.

      1. Cool. I’m going to ask Marie Currie to be my date.

  13. A tough choice. Having read some rankings, not only Keith’s but for example Joe Saward’s, and having gone through my memories of this season I ended up in a four-way tie: ALO HAM KUB VET in alphabetical order ;-) WEB would have been a contender but for his Korean meltdown.

    But there was only option for 1 vote :-) and time to take a totally subjective decision as all of us do :-)
    So… I tend to think that ALO is the most complete driver on the grid today. And his fightback in the second half of the season was remarkable, although the German race left a bad taste in my subjective mouth. So not him although as I said I rate him very highly.
    VET is the champion and should have wrapped it up earlier but for the fragility of his machinery. He would have got my vote if he did not make this stupid move in Turkey… So not him either :-)
    So I was left with HAM and KUB. Both are hard racers and can be a joy to watch when they are on song. And they were on song more often than not this year. KUB’s drives in Monaco & Spa, HAM’s in Canada, and both of them overdriving their cars to get the best result. So finally I went with my heart and voted KUB.

    And a general remark re everybody questioning Keith’s choice – everyone is entitled to their opinion, the ranking are Keith’s opinion and he clearly states that – this is his blog, after all! So if someone cannot agree with his opinion, just present your own view and agree to disagree in a gentlemanly fashion. (btw the standard of discussion here for the last 2 years that I’ve been following this place has always been unimaginably high by internet standards :-)

  14. It hurts me to say it, but Alonso takes it for me. Consistency, class, overtaking, bringing the car home, getting the job done.

    This is racing and therefore no points are docked for being a short irritating man with half the regulation number of eyebrows, much as I’d love to.

    Hamilton, Vettel, Kubica and Rosberg making up the rest of my top 5…

    1. Wow!! Class and consistency mentioned about Alonso!?

      Class, seriously….moaning on radio in Australia? Valencia? radio moaning and aftermath of Germany? Last lap reaction to Petrov in Abu Dhabi?

      I dont even think he was very consistent. Australia, was it China jump start, Monaco crash, Spa crash, 8th in Valencia, 14th in Silverstone.

      1. 8th in valencia? i think charlie has that one for not using his eyes.

        when did he moan in australia? he had good reason being taken out at turn 1. but he said nothing and drove a great race.

        what did he do wrong in germany? it was ferrari and massa’s doing. what was he to do? stop?

        as for monaco crash, not helpful but lewis did the same in germany and suzuka and those 2 crashes lost him the title too. without them he would of not damaged new parts and qualyed higher and been champion.

        so they all made similar mistakes.

        keep to reality dude

        1. He was moaning about massa being in front of him, watch the race again. He was all over the place saying on the radio “LET ME PASS HIM!!” (maybe because he couldnt)

        2. In Valencia, his race was going to be ruined by the safety car regardless of what happened. And he got so preoccupied with moaning about Hamilton that he got passed by Kobayashi.

          And you obviously didn’t hear all his whining in Germany.

  15. Lewis Hamilton for those hard races. He was the only one who was ready to do racing in the Korean GP when they were behind the SC,as many title contender complained about the dangerous situation he was ready.I think he is sometimes overaggressive which cost him in Singapore & Italy but for sure he is one of the bravest out there.

    I do too think that Kubica equally deserve the award just give him a good car.

    1. EXACTLY!

  16. Dont get me wrong, im a big LH fan and was supporting him all season but –

    He wasnt the best driver of the year!! Are you forgetting the 2 consecutive mistakes he made at Monza and Singapore that pretty much wrote him out of the championship race?

    IMO i would go for Kubica for being there or there abouts all season in a non championship winning car.

  17. Finding it hard to chose between Vettel and Fernando as #1.

  18. Decisions, decisions. Couldnt really decide between Hamilton, Alonso, Rosberg, and Kubica but went for the last one although I dont know if im 100% happy with the decision.

  19. My pick is Vettel. Fernando Alonso was very impressive in the second half of the season but the events of Hockenheim sullied his achievements. He was the only contender with a ‘passive’ team mate, where as the others were pushed hard by their team mates. Vettel at times had his moments of madness, and at Hungary resembled a child that had had his sweets swiped from him, but the statistics speak for themselves. No one came close to the number of pole positions Vettel achieved this year.
    His mistakes in Turkey and Belgium were big talking points, as was the breakdown in his relationship with Mark Webber, but the others were just as vunerable. Alonso made boo boo’s at Monaco and Spa, Hamilton screwed the pooch at Monza and crossed paths with Webber at Australia and Singapore. Mark Webber had a whole host of snafu’s, the biggest and most scary being his 170mph launch over Kovalainen’s Lotus at Valencia.
    So Vettel does it for me.

  20. Archimedas (@)
    22nd December 2010, 14:15

    Sakon Yamamoto (-1%, 0 Votes) :D

  21. For some reason I cant vote for my Driver of the Year? Using IE8, but doesnt work at all in either standard mode or compatibility view?

    1. Are you logged in?

  22. KUBICA – no question. He deserves a world title now more than anyone.

    Mind you, if I could vote twice, Webber would have got my other one

    1. he deserves a decent, race winning, car.
      than he can show if he can win a title (and I’m sure he can deliver).

  23. hmm…looking at overall season i think Alo. cos he made less mistakes then any other driver. he was clearly in slower car then red bull drivers and he was constantly throught season faster then felipe, about 0.2 0.3 seconds!only dark spot was germany but he was clearly “faster” then felipe there just ask R.Smedley:)

    1. Were you watching the first half of the season???

  24. I don’t know between Fernando, Lewis and Rosberg. Fernando’s second half was just supreme, Hamilton’s first half was msotly tremendous and Rosberg although hard to judge his actual pace didn’t make many -if any- mistakes in a car that really didn’t suit him.

  25. Typical UK bias. What has Hamilton done that out classes everybody else?

    1. Leading the World Championship two thirds of the way through the season in the second best car. It’s pretty annoying having to read through page after page of UK bias. Time to use some Rob Smedley like plain English:
      “This poll may contain people whose opinions are different to you. Can you confirm that you have understood?”

      1. …page after page of claims of UK bias…

    2. Im not from the UK, Im not even english speaking… yet I voted for Hamilton, so stop the ridiculous “british bias” claim.

  26. How on earth is Sakon down with -4%….some sort of hack that be?

    1. Intelligent and quite F1-scient polling system

  27. Vettel won more races and a lot more polls than anyone else, out performed his teammate and won the world championship. What more do you need?

  28. Hamilton was clearly in the mix, but just as clearly was not a standout. English bias is, on the other hand, clearly evident here.

    1. This is getting a bit ridiculous now. You’re looking at three paragraphs and a list of poll options and calling that ‘bias’? Please.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I think Lewis is a great driver. I am a fan. But to say he had a better year than Vettel or Alonso, or maybe a couple of others is a stretch. Voting for the home town boy is understandable and happens everywhere, but an objective review does not put Lewis at the top of the heap. Not this year.

        1. Well… ask autosport about that, they ranked him No. 1 too, but let me ask you 1 question… if this is “british bias” then why isnt Button in 2nd place?

          or why wasnt David Coulthard never in the 1st spot in the years before?

  29. I voted for Kamui. It was a tough choice between him and Kubica. This is disregarding the car in the equation, which obviously tends to skew views easily on how well someone is driving. Kamui manhandled that thing around a lot of people this season. Considering passing seems to be a skill that shows up less and less in the field (save for guys like Hamilton), I give a lot of props to Koby for bringing the art back to life.

  30. Alonso. And I say that as a Hamilton fan who can’t stand Ferrari and what they did this year.

  31. Kubica. Can’t wait for him in competitive car :)

  32. its got to be lewis…i would have said alonso but with that bad attitude and his big fat head he talked himself out of the running

  33. I decided between Rosberg and Kubica. And my vote went to Kubica :)
    Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel, Webber – all had at least one crash this year. Robert and Nico made the best of their equipment almost without faults in the whole season.

  34. hard to pick one, so i went for the one with the most faultless season i could think of. Kubica. He has been brilliant and made very few mistakes. But he also had a very bad team mate, which i think made him look better.

  35. Lewis makes races EXCITING, even when he has qualified poorly. You can count on him to charge through the field, passing competitors one after the other. He passes more than any other driver. The battle he had with Kimi at Spa in 2008 is still one of the best races of all time.

  36. Alonso…
    I’m British, a vettel fan and a Mercedes car lover, so on a rating of 1 to 10 how “biased” am I ?

    Just vote who you think is the best and stop giving Keith and other people grief for the love of Zeus.

  37. I’m going to plump for Vettel I think.

    He did have a few silly mistakes the odd reliabilty problem but, to be fair, 10 pole positions, 5 wins, 3 fastest laps and the most points, he did a fine job.

    Well done to him.

  38. i voted for nico rosberg – without a doubt, THE driver of the 2010 season for me. it’s almost criminal he’s only received five votes so far – mine included.

    1. Rosberg gets my vote too. I was tempted to go for Kubica, but felt that Rosberg did just as well in a similarly paced car, but with the presence of The Uber Champion and all that comes with that.

      Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel and Webber all made serious – even stupid – mistakes during the year, but Rosberg and Kubica kept it on the road – except for when the wheels fell off, literally. Rosberg is (in my opinion) the most underrated driver in F1. Long may it continue! :D

      Nice job with the login-only poll, Keith. Very sad you have to do it, but poll-stacking ruins the whole exercise….

  39. I voted for Rosberg. Like Kubica, he punched above his weight, often mixing it with the title contenders in an upper-midfield car. Like Kubica, he very rarely made a mistake. Like Kubica, he nailed his team-mate over the season pretty comprehensively.

    But that team-mate being Michael Schumacher makes Rosberg’s season stand out for me above everybody elses.

  40. I’d vote for alonso without blinking, but him being stuck behind petrov in the last race has stopped me. I’m off for a drink, so I’ll leave this important decision until tomorrow.

    1. I overlooked it because Hamilton had just as much trouble getting past Kubica. I think a lot more of that has to do with the track than anything else.

  41. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    22nd December 2010, 18:25

    Vettel, even thogh the obvious mistake of Turkey, he climbed for the cahmpionship and deserves it. Alonso did a really good second half too, however, he had to deal with part of the German issue.

  42. I voted for Raikkonen.

    1. Lol! He was by far the best and has been since the championship began in 1950.

  43. Can I take back my vote? I misclicked ;)

    I want to vote for Vettel. I see that he’s very unpopular, but he really deserved the title.

  44. Too hard to login… put a link at the bottom of the poll..

    1. Excellent – see how well the new system is working?

  45. I voted for Robert. He did not make so many mistakes, he was on podiums a little times despite the fact his car was not so good like leading cars. And of course his overtaings was simply brilliant (Singapur – he overtook Sutil with one hand ;) Valencia, Abu Dhabi). Great driver and WDC in the future.

  46. Is this the very first F1 Fanatic members-only vote? Good to see Nick Heidfeld’s mum has signed up!


  47. Lewis by a longshot. He is the reason I continue to watch this sport because of his heart and determination that translate into raw talent on the track. Single handedly passing more than anyone else on track puts him at the forefront of the driver lineup for making ‘the show’ exciting to watch. I don’t much care if its because he qualified poorly, or any other reason, but put him behind others and he will drive his heart out to make the pass.

    Stick most any other driver at the back and I can almost guarantee that they will end up pretty close to where they started, especially Vettel. Put Lewis there and watch him climb back up the grid as he picks them off one by one. Combine that with the fact that he pretty much kept his nose out of trouble this year and you have my #1 pick.

    1. I’m with you 100% No one else charges through the pack better!

  48. For me title of best driver of 2010 was between Lewis and Alonso but i voted for Lewis Hamilton because he made less mistakes than Alonso, his superior raw pace and unlike Alonso who was undoubtedly the Number 1 at Ferrari, Lewis was given equal chances and no extra support by Mclaren except in the last 2 races.

    One more thing all 5 title rivals can be argued to have performed below what the car was capable of at various stages and almost lost the championship because of their mistakes but not Lewis (except on one occasion). He always got 100% performance out of the car.

    Hamilton only made error at Monza.
    Webber at many stages
    Alonso at many stages
    Vettel at many stages

    Unfortunately Mclaren was just third fastest car and their innovative idea and advantage of F-duct was quickly copied by other teams and around the Belgium mark many teams had as good F duct if not better especially Renault and Mercedes. On the other hand Mclaren was slow to get on top of EBD and revised F duct.

    So if it is best Driver-Car combo of 2010 than
    3. Lewis-Mclaren
    2. Vettel-Rebull
    1. Alonso-Ferrari

    If purely best driver of 2010 than
    3. Vettel
    2. Alonso
    1. Hamilton

  49. Ha ha. Looking at the voting…..Alonso is stuck behind a Renault all over again. 6 votes behind Kubica!!

    No doubt he is on the radio in vain and waving his arms in some ridiculous attempt to insult Kubica as I write this!

  50. Vettel of course. Youngest wdc winner ever. Qually master. Fast as hell.

    1. I’m really bored of this “youngest ever” rubbish. Why does “youngest” mean a thing? So what?

      1. You might as well ask why does anything mean anything? We assume that winning the WDC takes a certain set of skills and we know skills take time to develop. So if Vettel is the youngest WDC logically this means he developed his skills quicker than anyone else and that’s something worth mentioning. I’ll bet you anything that sports psychologists, for example, are lining up to pick around his background and mindset to see what they can get out of it.

  51. Hamilton? No.

    I vote Webber.

  52. Keith,

    I would be really interested to see the break down of there the votes came from. Is that possible?

    From one of your previous posts about 33% of readers of this site are British, which I think was about 3 times or more as many as from any other country with a driver in the Championship. People naturally tend to favour their countrymen.

    Now, I’m not saying Hamilton is ahead because he is British, but I want to see how much affect the distribution of voters has. In other words is Hamilton universally acclaimed as the best driver of the year?

    1. I think the tell-tale thing is if Hamilton wins there will be the usual rubbish about this being a British site, but tell them that their view of Hamilton is swayed by anti-British sentiment and they will deny it.

      1. I’m not looking to start anything. I just want to quantify the effect of Nationalism.

        1. If you want to quantify the effect of nationalism then it’s extremely relevant to consider the issue of patriotism v xenophobia. Do Brits only like their own, or do a lot of countries hate Brits? I understand that you’re not looking to prove anything by seeing how widespread the Hamilton vote is, but the question of why immediately begs asking if it’s heavily based in Britain.

          Then of course you have to consider that domains don’t mean anything. I might have been voting from Canada, or Cyprus in a not-too alternate universe.

    2. Hey hey! I’m an American, and I voted for Hamilton for the raw excitement factor!

  53. Even though I am a die hard Mclaren fan, I still voted for Alonso. His Grand Schlem (sp?) at Singapore, and how he clawed back the 47 point deficit in the latter half of the season justifies it IMO.

    1. Grand Chelem I believe sid90 :)

    2. 47

      19 in old money. I hate how the new system blows everything out of proportion. Let’s not also forget the deficit was to someone who wasn’t the eventual champion either.

  54. It’s no surprise to see Hamilton way out front, for every considered vote he recieved there’ll be a fanboy vote with zip all consideration.

    If Hamilton is more than twice as far ahead of the second place then I’ll consider it a win for the boy from Stevenage otherwise, for me, the winner will be the highest after Lewis.

    1. So in your view of Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton is the only driver who has any fans? I don’t need to point out how ridiculous that sounds.

      Incidentally, on two notable occasions thousands of fans of particular drivers have been directed to articles on this site in order to increase the vote for those drivers. On neither occasion was the driver in question Lewis Hamilton.

      1. Thanks for your response Keith, ooh I feel all privileged and special, lol! ;-)

        Of course I am not implying Lewis is the only driver with fans.

        At the risk of a major flaming, reading comments here and in previous articles and on the forum, Lewis has brought a load of new fans to the sport (which is awesome, don’t get me wrong) that only see Lewis and think he can do no wrong… hopefully in time they will still love Lewis, but at least be able to see the whole picture.

        With regards to your final point about the Kubica overload (can’t remember who the other driver was, but the same applies). I think in both cases it was obvious what had happened, and the same comments were applied there. It just confirms my point. Blinded by the love. :-)

    2. Wow. You’d have been popular in the US both times when Bush was getting elected.

    3. I cannot agree more DougieCow, as this is a British site, Hamilton will be on top, even if he didn’t compete in half of the season.

      All these votes and rankings are meaningless.

      1. Sorry, I thought you said this site was a joke. Why are you still here then?

        C’mon guys it’s nearly Christmas and all you can do is this?

  55. Ok it has to be Yamamoto. All of you are blind or what?
    Seriously I vote for Vettel cause he did best job when pressure was higher on the season and Alonso and Webber were ahead in points. Then for me, it´s Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, Kubica, Button, Webber, Kobayashi, Rosberg, Schumacher, Hulkenberg (cause the pole), Barrichello, Alguersuari, Petrov, Sutil, Liuzzi, Massa, Buemi, KOva, de la Rosa, Heidfeld, Glock, Trulli , Chandock, Klien, Senna, di Grassi, Yamamoto.
    It would put Sutil upper but God, what did he took for breakfast in Korea? Anphetamines? But it was very funny to see on TV, perhaps not that funny being side by side with him.

    1. I know, usually there are many errors on my responses, i write fast and once you click you can´t correct it XD. And I´m spanish too

  56. Surprisingly few votes for Vettel as of yet.

  57. Many drivers in the pack could win WDC in winning car as no doubt Redbull was. I still think that Vettel is not complete driver compared to the trio I noticed most – Alonso, Hamilton, Kubica. Would be good to have ability assigning points for at least 3 drivers – maybe outcome of the vote could be different..

  58. first I thought: Vettel because he is the champion, then I thought: but he made some serious mistakes but after all. Vettel has not become the world champion because he was lucky in my opinion.

    Plus he led the championship only once and at the right moment!

  59. I voted for Hamilton in the end. It was close between him and Alonso, but I sat yesterday and remembered watching the races in the first half of the season, and Hamilton was really racing very well. His mistakes were for a large part not being cautious enough with overtaking and ending his race (not that of anyone else). Alonso instead seemed to suffer being too strained in getting good results in several of those races.

    Apart from Australia when he found out why Button was champion in ’09 as he found him ahead on the road, Hamilton didn’t moan, but got on with the job as best he could.

    Looking forward to seeing these two drivers fight it out in competitive cars for quite a few seasons more. Hamilton and his team would do well to work on fast in-/out-laps to get those pitstops brushed up, as Alonso and Ferrari seem far ahead in that.

  60. Hamilton is trully a driver in a class of his own…he dominated button(who ws busy whining)and really didnt have a car as quick as th bulls…but yet ws always up there

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