Red Bull poke fun at Ferrari in Christmas card

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Red Bull's 2010 Christmas card

Red Bull’s Christmas card features Sebastian Vettel being told “Santa is faster than you”.


Ex-F1 man Caffi ready for Monte debut (Crash)

“I understand it will be very difficult but for my first grand prix I went in a turbo car with 1500bhp with no testing and finished the race. If I did something like that then I know I can do this. I don’t fear anything.”

Coulthard will not take top Mercedes (Autosport)

“Coulthard has always stated that he does not want to move up to a front-line car when there are other drivers in the team more deserving of the chance.”

Comment of the day

Thanks to Anatoly Nachaev for this:

According to Petrov’s manager, there’s no money clauses in his contract.

Those interviews are in Russian, so use google translate.

From the forum

Which F1 drivers would you most like to meet?

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Michael S!

On this day in F1

And happy birthday also to Red Bull technical director Adrian Newey who is 52 today.

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74 comments on “Red Bull poke fun at Ferrari in Christmas card”

  1. Haha! Bravo red bull.

  2. Most ‘like’ to meet surely?

    1. Changed, thanks.

    2. Probably, but don’t call me Shirley! :D

      1. roger, roger

        1. What’s our vector, Victor?

          1. Keith was made aware of the mistake and Bob’s your uncle, he fixed it. Gordon Bennett!

          2. Bennett?
            Now what does Schwarzenegger have to do with this?
            (Hint: Commando)

          3. I picked a bad day to quit drinking.

        2. Let off some steam, Bennett…

      2. LoL. Nice.

  3. I hope that Red Bull send a copy of that to Maranello.

    Happy Birthday Adrian Newey hope 2011 be a better season for you & the team.

    1. Just wait and see Alonso next year.

      1. You mean, just wait and see Ferrari car next year? Alonso is not a driver to fight all the way to the top in an underdog car. If the car is top-notch that’s a different case, he’ll shine. If the car doesn’t perform, I doubt that he will refrain from blaming it.

        1. You have been watching the 2010 F1 season, right?

          1. You have to remember the 2009 season though :P

    2. @wasiF1,

      can it get any better for Newey and RBR?

      just wondering

      1. hopefully not…it really is embarassing to see th likes of Macca n ferrari gettin licked by adrian

      2. With Newey, it always can get better. However, his creative streak that keeps RBR on the edge, means that he could also put the car at risk of not being competitive for a while (maybe the entire season).
        But when he gets it figured out, watch out. The man is a genius!!

      3. @ Ronman
        May be not.

        @ Gucha
        I don’t like Alonso as a person but he is probably the best driver out there in 2010 next to Hamilton & Kubica, according to me all three of them have the capability to pull out the best of a bad car.

  4. HO HO HO…. good one

    1. Finally something cheeky and interesting from Red Bull again.
      Now bring on the nice special movie liveries again and throw in some extra fun to celebrate that title!

  5. Ha ha ha … I love it!

  6. Ha ha, that got me laughing!

  7. Younger Hamilton
    26th December 2010, 9:15

    i Heard Legard is getting At last HAHAHA its good to see F1 doing something about the commentators as well.Maybe bring avk james Allen or i heard DC is in talks about the job but the problem is with that is that both Brundle and DC are the same type of commentators and its better to have someone like James Allen.

  8. Younger Hamilton
    26th December 2010, 9:17

    I also heard Raikkonen’s Dad passed away so sad all sympathy and thoughts are with Kimi’s Family.


  9. Two front wings only one updated Santa Claus dropped down the chimneys. Please, confirm Mark you understand this message.

    1. Good point… but the media didn’t cry about that as much as the Ferrari one, so it doesn’t count… ;)

      1. ” Rudolph has been around long enough to know that difficult decisions have to be made. We found ourselves in a situation with one red nose, that we wanted to run. Whichever side of the stable it was going to go to, one side was going to be unhappy.” – Santa Horner

  10. Interesting to hear legard is looking like he is getting the chop but not too sure DC is the man for it when there is an obvious choice on the BBC’s book *cough* Crofty *Cough*

    1. jimscreechy (@)
      26th December 2010, 11:37

      I hate Croft, I rather Davidson, or even Chandok if he doesn’t get an offer for a drive.

      1. Non of those are JOURNALISTS!!

  11. I hate Red Bull.

    1. come on, lighten up. It’s Christmas and it’s a joke

  12. How is it relevant wether Petrov has it literally written in his contract that he brings in sponsors?

    It’s the other way around. The sponsoring contract will state that Petrov gets a drive.

    Petrov was the worst rookie of 2011 by far. If Renault hired him again without financial incentive it … well … they would look rather daft.

    1. Agreed. Petrov’s performances definately did not warrant him a two year deal.

      1. jimscreechy (@)
        26th December 2010, 15:29

        I disagree. Not every driver takes to the car, the team, or the class like Hamilton in his rookie year. Drivers have different strengths weaknesses and periods of time it takes them to adapt.

        I think Petrov is certainly no worse than many of the rookies we’ve seen in recent times, and a lot better than a fair few. He’s crashed a few cars which has been unfortunate, but I think it’s a credit to his determination that he has been pushing for results and track times.

        At least he’s not chilling out in the car waiting for things to come to him. He’s actively fighting for his space and certainly the second half of the season shows great promise as he’s come to grips with things at Renault.

        Some here are harping on about their favourite drivers, but if I remember rightly Philippe Massa was a lost cause at the begining of his carreer, and if not for the particularly nurturing ‘under wing nestling’ he recieved from the likes of Michael Schumacher, he would be pusing trolleys at Tesco’s today. He is but one driver who had more than a fair chance at F1 when he really could have been left by the wayside from the performance indicators.

        One of the unfortunate attitudes of F1 is that a driver can be immediately discounted as a serious talent/prospect if he brings sponsorship as he is consequently classed as a “pay per drive” individual regardless of his worth… which is quite frankly a ridiculous conclusion to make.

        We don’t fully know what the situation was at Renault in 2010 anyway as we don’t tend to get too much information on what they do internally. It was only subsequent to Piquet’s departure did it become common knowledge that his car was not always on par with Alonso – who always had the latest and more refind upgrades, the same was true with Kovalainen when he was at Renault.

        All I can say (well, clearly not all) is give the man a chance. How long has Heidfeld being in F1 figting for a spot? How much longer do you want to give him? I’m not saying he isn’t at ‘hard done by’ talent as in truth he is pretty good and fairly uncredited for his efforts, but the truth is that is the case for half the ‘fly by night’ drivers in F1.

        One season is sometimes all a driver gets, but I think Petrove deserves a second. For crying out loud, I could name half a dozen drivers that deserve less of a slot on the grid than him, and Michael Shcumacher (my one time favourite I might add) would be the first to get cut.

        1. Petrov’s determination is admirable, but he only had four or five good races this year. I never expected him to be the next Lewis Hamilton, but he should have been closer to Kubica. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that Petrov should have done better, considering that he is in the top tier of motorsport.

          I’m all for second chances, but a two year deal is ridiculous. If Renault seriously gave him a two year deal based on his perfomances, then they are idiots.

          1. You can’t really compare him to Lewis Hamilton though, he had a ton of testing before jumping into the race seat. Something which drivers now don’t have the privilege of having.

          2. But it didn’t stop Kobayashi from impressing, or Hulkenberg doing respectably.

        2. Phillipe Massa

          Is that Felipe’s brother, who drove badly for Ferrari?

          1. Boullier: “Drivers like Hülkenberg and Kobayashi completed lots of testing miles in previous seasons, whereas Vitaly only drove an F1 car for the first time in February this year.”

            Indeed Nico and Kamui were testers earlier unlike Petrov.

          2. jimscreechy (@)
            27th December 2010, 5:19

            Hmm I wasn’t so much comparing him to Hamilton as merely making the point that some drivers, can take to F1 like a duck to water, and not all people can do that.

            Hulkenberg didn’t really impress me, though I fully admit he did a decent job much like Heidfeld has always done. Kobyhashi- what can I say about him? Another duck. clearly deserves his spot. A great talent with bags of steel, talent, and fairly caculating mind… jumped in the Yota after Glock’s exit and showed Jarno Trulli (another one who I don’t think deserves a seat) how it’s done. Definately the exception rather than the norm though wouldn’t you say?

          3. Well, Petrov proved he isn’t ready for F1. He should spend time as a tester (and the moronic testing ban should be lifted) rather than hog a very good seat that could be occupied by better drivers.

    2. Okay, he had some really scruffy races, but then again his get aways from the grid have been very interesting and got him to the front (in some cases “to the front wing change”). And his battles with Lewis Hamilton and Alonso were pretty good as well.

  13. I think the jokes with “…is faster than you” are getting really boring now. It was funny at first, but how long can it last? 2009 Xmas wishes from Red Bull (with each of the drivers giving wishes pretending to be the other one) was funny and witty. This one doesn’t have the freshness and creativity.
    And in the light of Webber’s accusations that the team was favouring Vettel, it’s quite brave of them to make fun of Ferrari ;-). All in all – I don’t like it – I think it’s “old”, I was expecting something more witty, smart and “new” from Red Bull.

    1. Hehe, I was thinking of those Xmas videos Red Bull did last year the other day. I doubt either driver was willing to do the same this year!

      I’m not keen on that card either, though I seem to be in the minority. I find it too smug for my liking, not to mention rather self-righteous from a team who weren’t exactly squeaky clean on that front this year either.

      1. and to clarify, I’m no Ferrari fan either.

      2. Giving over a front wing when one driver runs out isn’t as bad as fixing a race result.

        1. You’re right, but I never said it was ;-). I only pointed out to the sole fact (and not its size), that if a driver claims that he hadn’t been treated fairly by his team (compared to his team mate), then maybe the team shouldn’t make fun of others in this aspect.
          P.S. I don’t want to open the can of warms again and the thing I dislike most about this card is that the joke is way too old and (for me) isn’t funny anymore. Red Bull could simply make much better, wittier and fresher card.

      3. We’re both in the minority, I guess. I thought they’d do something smarter. “…is faster than you” joke was already old in October.
        And the last year’s videos were so cool :).

        1. have to agree I make no bones about the fact I am very much not a fan of Ferrari and i thought it was about six months too late. Those gags were only funny for about a week.

    2. I couldn’t agree more…those laurels…

  14. I very much doubt Vettel recieved one of them from Webber.

  15. Looks like Santa’s Sleigh is Flexing, not only that but I’m pretty sure he’s using ground effects to get that altitude.

    Santa, I and the rest of the F1 community is very disappointed with you.

    At least he’s sticking to the rules by having a mandatory mince pie with each stop.

  16. HAHAHA this is so funny i cant stop laughing :D

  17. Nice! I couldn’t stop laughing.

    But in today’s boring corporate-sponsorship-word-perfect environment, RedBull might get a 10,000 dollar fine and a 10-place grid penalty for the next race!

  18. Hahaha, ok now Ferrari has been seriously owned by RBR :)

  19. When it’s overcooked it becomes CHEAP.

  20. I believe that the real sense of humour is revealed when we make fun of ourselfs, not when we make fun of the others.

    Why red bull don’t make a christmas card with Santa giving a new front wing to Webber? or something like that?

    1. Haha that would be fine too :) Maybe with Christian Horner dressed as the Grinch instead of Santa ;)

  21. I think that Christmas card is kinda tacky, only because they won. Why are they so hung up on that race? Especially with all of the controversy within their own team. Not a classy thing to do, especially at Christmas time. RBR just went down a notch in my book….

    1. It’s obviously just a bit of fun. Ferrari could have easily done one with instructions on how to overtake without crashing into your teammate, or Jenson Button.

      1. yea, I don’t really care, but it shows you where their heads are….I don’t see McLaren or Williams doing something like that. I’d like to say that I don’t see Ferrari doing something like that, but I can totally see Monty doing it….back in the Enzo days – never.

      2. They could do that, although that would be a swing at Vettel a.k.a. The Crash Kid, and not at his team.

        Almost fell off my chair laughing when I saw the card.

        1. And instructions on overtaking without flying over a Lotus in Spain, or hitting Lewis Hamilton in your home race, too :P

  22. did they sent it to ferrari or to weber?

    1. Who knows. The fat guy that dishes out presents probably could have driven the RB6 faster than Webber did at Bahrain, Valencia, Germany or Abu Dhabi.

  23. Wow! so funny, lol. Nice joke!!

  24. ferraris card:

    santa wins; “not bad for number 2 driver”

  25. “This is ridiculous!” Santa was heard to say.

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